Cisco press IP telephony unveiled(2004)

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Understand how IP telephony can change your businessThis book explains four key points to help you successfully implement your IP telephony strategy:IP telephony works today. This is not new, unproven technology. Thousands of customers have implemented IP telephony successfully. So can you.Expect to save money. IP telephony may well cost your organization money-initially. But the business impact and post-installation process improvements give you a significant and rapid return on your investment.It's more than voice over IP. You'll understand the difference between voice over IP (VoIP) and IP telephony and what that means for your business. This is critical. They are not the same. It's more than a dial tone. There are potential business-impacting applications within your own organization. IP Telephony Unveiled helps you recognize these applications.The emerging IP telephony market is fraught with misunderstandings and misinformation. IP telephony can impact a company's business model in tremendous ways. It can open new revenue streams, enhance profitability, drive new levels of customer and employee satisfaction, and be a key enabler in a company's strategy to differentiate itself competitively-but only if you're aware of these benefits.IP Telephony Unveiled is written for all those responsible for corporate strategies for revenue generation, cost containment, and customer satisfaction. IP Telephony Unveiled uncovers the value behind this technology, which helps you see past what might appear to be only a new telephone system, to understand the strategic enabler laying dormant in many companies' networks. Through this book, you will understand the real benefits of an IP telephony strategy and get assistance in developing this strategy inside your organization.This volume is in the Network Business Series offered by Cisco Press. Books in this series provide IT executives, decision makers, and networking professionals with pertinent information on today's most important technologies and business strategies. [...]... shown in Figure 1-4, IP telephony allows phones to be directly connected to the IP network A new type of phone, called an phone, is IP designed to interface directly to the Ethernet switch on the IP network, much like any other IP device, such as a PC, a laptop computer, or a network printer Figure 1-4 IP Phones Connect Directly to the IP Network So, for the purpose of this book, VoIP is defined as technology... VoIP means placing voice traffic onto the IP network for transport purposes only Many people in the industry today who adopt this view of VoIP refer to the IP network as "plumbing"; i.e., the network is the plumbing (pipes) used to carry information (in this case, voice) Figure 1-3 shows an example of VoIP, according to this basic definition Figure 1-3 VoIP: Users from Two PBXs "Talk" Across the IP. .. places voice traffic onto the IP network, whereas IP telephony is technology that places voice clients and voice applications as well as voice traffic onto the IP network Each technology has a different goal, or desired state The value proposition provided by IPT is very different than what was described previously for VoIP, primarily because the desired state for IP telephony is different The question... system, and by depressing the "Details" soft button, they were given details on how to use the new system, thus eliminating expensive training program requirements This is an example of new-world IPT applications in action, impacting business processes Figure 1-5 IP Telephony Application Reminds Users of a New Voice-Mail System NOTE The true test of IP telephony is this: How has IP telephony changed... in recent years) Equally, the telecom manager has been known to resist IP telephony for fear of the abrupt end to a career After all, it will mean IP clients and IP applications running on an IP network, obeying the rules of the IP network, managed by IP management platforms What is overlooked here is that although these are indeed IP clients and applications, they are also voice clients and applications... Thanks < Day Day Up > Introduction To some, IP telephony (IPT) is the next step in the evolution of voice technologies In reality, it is far more than that IP telephony redefines the role voice plays in the enterprise business environment Placing voice on the IP network goes beyond placing phone calls—although that is important However, at the desktop level, IPT means new clients, new applications, and... designed to interface and interact with an IP network, obeying the rules of the IP network, utilizing its protocols, managed by its resources, and most importantly, accessing the myriad of applications that (can) exist on the network NOTE Whereas VoIP places voice traffic on the IP network, IP telephony places voice clients, applications, and traffic on the IP network, thereby providing a different... other traditional IP clients A true IP phone uses established IP network protocols for communication sessions, and interfaces with the network cabling plan using an RJ-45 connection Figure 2-3 IP Phone Connectivity into the IP Network This document was created by an unregistered ChmMagic, please go to to register it Thanks Figure 2-3 shows how the IP phone and the IP workstation... standards-based nature of IP enables organizations to quickly develop and deploy these business-impacting solutions IP telephony is designed to take advantage of IP, and networks (internal and external) that use IP as a foundation This means that applications in an IPT environment are developed quickly and supported with the same resources that organizations and software developers use for their other IP applications... senior management, and IP telephony, when properly understood and implemented, becomes a key enabler for their key business initiatives The challenge is that IP telephony, as a component of a convergence strategy, is one of the fastest emerging markets in the telecommunications space, and yet it is also filled with misunderstandings and misinformation When one person talks about IP telephony, he or she
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