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Nadia's parents were slaves. They worked for Mr. Flinch who had made it clear that Nadia must not be near their children. Every morning, she would hear the children ta[r] (1)English Examination for selecting good students, Grade I 2, school year 201 -201 sd crao DUC vA DAo rao rHAr NGUyEN - MON THI: TIENG ANH LAP D KYrHrcHqNHocsINHGr6ILdp12cApriNH Ngi,ythi:14 ll0l 2013 NAM Hgc 2ot3 z0t4 Thdi gian ldm bdi: 180 phfit (Khdng kA thdi gian giao di) of cHiNu rHuc (Thf sinh lirm bii trgc ti6p vio bii thi theo hutfmg din ducri m6i ceul Di thi nd.y gdm trang duo c ddnh sd tir I - 8, Thi sinh kidm tra sd trang trudc khi ldm bdi SECTION A: LISTENING (rs POINTS) Part I You will hear a student and an advisor talking about the facilities at the college Listen carefully and answer questions from 1 to You will hear the information twice (5 pts) l If the student has to get medicines, there's a prescription charge of _. A f 6.1s B f 6.50 C f s.l6 D f s.60 2 Where is the student living at the moment? A at a hotel B at a hostel C in the Sport Centre D at his own apartment Counseling service is on the A North Campus B Central Campus C South Campus D West Centre If the student wants to make a note, the number is _. A 09100625913 B 90100625913 C.09100762s93 D 0900762s913 The fee you have to pay to get a pass is _. A t t2 B t.22 C t 32 D f.42 Part II You will hear part of a lecture on Wildlife Listen carefully and answer questions from 1 to 10 Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS and/or A NUMBER for each answer You will hear the information twice (10 pts) The European Starling. Length: (1) _ Colour: black or grey, white spots, Nesting sites: (2) Diet: (3) -. Natural ronge: British Isles, Finland Population: British Isles, Finland: in decline USA: (4) birds Some of the problems crested by large numbers of starlings On wildlifer They compete with other species for (5) places onagriculture:Theyfeedon(6)cropS.Theycause(7)-. Ei€m Gi6m kh6o sO I (ho t6n, chir k:i) Gi6m khio s6 fto t6n chfr k,i) 56 ph6ch (do chir tich Hgi ddng thi) BEng sd BEne cht (2)On human life: They may cause (8) Possible solutions There are (9) approaches in theory The best one, ofcourse, is (10) SECTION B: GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY (25 POINTS) I Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences by circling A, B, C or D (10 pts) L Preparing for a job interview can be _, particularly when you are called for the first interview A stressful B tired C convenient D suitable 2 The Red List - a global list of endangered and vulnerable animal species - has been introduced to people's awareness of conservation needs A rise B raise C draw D arise 3 As the human population grew and weapons became more advanced, elephants were greater threat A in 4 In the future, office will A electric B of C beyond 5 Let's the place; it looks so gloomy and unpleasant A miss 6 Mary's mother D under go _ with the result that paper will almost completely disappear B electricity C electronic D electrify B abandon C depart D disappear her against taking too much luggage on her trip. B recommended C encouraged D reprimanded B as or better than that D as or better than those 7 The context you learn something can affect how well you remember it A which B in which C on which D that 8 The Chinese widen their eyes to politely express anger, the Europeans regard this expression as a sign of astonishment A though B however C where D whereas 9 The curriculum at the public school is as good of any private school A wamed A or better than C as or better that 10 Some people don't agree with _ very young and pretty criminals A committing B enforcing C imprisoning D offending II Supply the correct form of the words in brackets (l0pts) Most of us want to be healthy all our lives is better than cure, so they advise us to avoid Doctors say that to achieve this, (1 prevent) 1 J 5. 6 10 (3)English Examination for selecting good students, Grade I 2, school year 201 -201 drinking or taking certain substances such as d{ugs, to eat (4 sense) _, to take plenty of regular and demanding exercise, and, of course, to live in clean, hygienic conditions (5 fortunate) -, many of us have difficulty following this very good advice Exercise, for example, can be boring, time-consuming and (6 convenience) Even worse, some of our favorite foods like beef - burgers, (7 can) drinks, ice-creams and uisps are the (8 health) ones, and some things that young people often really enjoy,like bungee jumping, car racing and (9 parach,ute) are among the most (10 excite) _ things we can do, though, of course, they can be dangerous What's better, live now urd pay lut.r or play it safe? III Each of the sentences below contains ONE mistake Underline the mistakes and them (5 pts) correct The rhinoceros is known for its distinctively horns, which continues to grow throughout the animal's lifetime + Thanks to timely actions, some elephant populations, especially that in southem Africa, have recovered over the last decade I have bought a present for my mother, and now I need some wrapped paper Joel giving up smoking has caused him to gain weight and become irritable with his acquaintances If you choose to work in Nepal, you will find a well - establishing programme, especially in the capital Kathmandu + SECTION C: READING (32 POINTS) I Fill in each numbered space with ONE appropriate word (10 pts) Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez died from respiratory problems, (l) _ 58 He had been seriously ill with cancer for over a year (2) _had been much speculation over whether or not he would regain his health to resume his presidential duties Venezuelan vice-president Nicolas Maduro informed the nation on Tuesday evening, (3) _ Venezuelans that Mr Chavezhad died, "after battling a tough (4) _ for nearly two years." Maduro speculated that Chavez's cancer was started by foul play He said: "We have (5) doubt that Commandant Chavez was attacked with this illness We don't have a single doubt The established enemies of our land specifically tried to (6) _ the health of our leader." Hugo Chavez was a highly popular leader in his country (7) continually championed the causes and rights of the poor He redirected significant sums from the country's considerable oil revenues into social welfare programmes He became famous for his fiery speeches, (8) those attacking the USA He (9) several controversial attacks on the president George W Bush, whom he labeled a devil Mr Maduro led a call for Venezuelans to celebrate Chavez, saying: t. 4 7 (4)"'We're going to grow, we're going to get past this Have a lot of courage Stay strong, be strong Let his name rise up Let's praise Hugo Chavez.i'He added: "Those who die (10) _ life can't be called dead." II Read the passage below and then choose the correct answer A, B, C or D (10 pts) BOOKS FROM PLANTS It is easy in these days for a boy or a girl to have a book to enjoy Today books are light and (1) - Try to imagine a time when there were no books There was (2) a time When man first began to draw, he used the walls of his caves; later he made marks on (3) other objects such as large pieces of stone and bricks of clay (4) _ time, man thought of using the smooth sides of animal hides to write on You see, paper did not yet exist Without paper, books (s) we know them could not be made Paper was first produced by the Egyptian many hundreds of years ago At that time there grew in the valley of the Nile River in Egypt a reedy plant (6) the papyrus In endeavoring to find material suitable (7) _ writing, the Egyptian found a (8) _ to use this plant The stem of the plant, especially its center or pith, was cut up and laid out in layers which were processed by soaking, pounding, and drying into thin, flexible, writing (9) _ A wonderful development of great importance to mankind had been (10) l A portable A in fact 3 A endless A Without A as 6 A called 7 A with 8 A method A plates 10 A made B transferable B really B variety B With B like B calling B for B way B sheets B reached C moveable C such C numerate C In C which C known C of C technique C blocks C done D transportable D indeed D numerous D On D that D addressed D in D manner D patches D realized I a 6 10 III Read the passage below and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D (5 pts) Children across the street were celebrating the fall of the first snowflake This was what Nadia longed for but she was not like them She was not allowed to play in the snow Nadia's parents were slaves They worked for Mr and Mrs Flinch who had made it clear that Nadia must not be near their children She longed to leam to read and write Every morning, she would hear the children talking excitedly about school They dressed well unlike Nadia She (5)English Examination for selecting good students, Grade I 2, school year 201 -201 Nadia heard the key tuming in the lock She Tumped up in anticipation of what her parents would have Their employers were kinder during winter and Nadia would sometimes be lavished with the children's old clothes and food Nadia saw her parents' faces as they entered They were beaming with delight Almost falling out of their hands was a whole turkey! Nadia could not believe her eyes The turkey would last for days Slre would not have to scrimp on the leftovers that she usually had The snow couldn't wait All she wanted to was taste the succulent turkey 1 Nadia wished that she could A look at snow B talk to ttre ctritaren C touch the snow D play with the children 2 It was easy to tell that Nadia was not in the upper class because A she had long hair B she did not know where the school was C her clothes were dirty D her parents were afraid of Mr and Mrs Flinch 3 Nadia wanted to go to school so as to A talk to the children B meet the teachers C be able to get out of the house D be literate 4 Nadia'Jumped up" as she _. A was very hungry B knew that her parents would have something for her C needed new clothes for winter D wanted to ask her parents if she could go to school 5 The first thing that Nadia thought of when she saw what her parents had brought home was _. A how long the turkey would last B how kind Mr and Mrs Flinch were C the type of leftovers she had been eating D her parents had not let her down IV Choose the most appropriate heading from the list A - G for each part (l- 1) of the article There is one extra heading which you not need to use The first has been done as an example (7 pts) List of Headings A Stay calm B Be organized C Vary the way you revise D Don't waste any time E Remembering the difficult bits F Get some sleep G Write down the main points H Reward yourself L Set yourselftargets HOT TIPS FOR STAYING COOL AT EXAM TIME 0 _I_ It's always good to know what you're aiming for, so that you know if and when you get there By having an aim for each week, or even each day, it will help you check your progress and show you ifyou need to change your plans l._ Rather than have to work through masses of notes every time you revise something, try noting down the things you want to remember on a piece of paper It doesn't seem as much to learn that way, but it makes sure you don't miss out anything important Once you've leamt the main points, rewrite them on another piece of paper without looking at your notes 2._ "If you don't know it by now, you'll never leam it for tomorrow" Everyone says it, but it's probably true Don't stay up all night studying You'd be better going to bed at a reasonable time, so that you can wake up fresh and alert on exam day 3 (6)There is nothing worse than being disorganized If you have a plan and stick to it, you won't end up cramming all your revision into the last few hours! Make a list of your exams and what you need to learn beforehand, and then drew up a timetable covering all the topics You can then work out what you need to on a weekly basis and when you are going to it 4._ When you reach each of your targets, give yotnself a treat * you deserve it! It could be a drink, a short break to watch your favorite TV programme, a phone call to a friend- anything you enjoy Test your self, from time to time, on a topic and if you well, give yourself a special treat based on how well you have done 5 By now you'll probably have discovered the method of revision which suits you best But now and then it might be helpful to try a different method You could try working with a group of friends, or using a different book which covers things from a new angle Whatever it is, just firy something different occasionally Some things are almost impossible to remember, so you may need to something unusual to help you remember Try writing them down in large letters and bright colors and sticking them on the fridge, on a miror or on the bathroom door Try recording them onto a cassette and keep playing it back to yourself- on a personal stereo if you have got one ! Not too many people like exams and most of us get nervous But if you've followed your plan and put the effort into revising, than there is no need to worry or panic Hopefully these tips will have helped you Give it your best shot- that's all that anyone can expct of you SECTION Dr WRITING (28 POINTS) I Ftnish the second sentence so that it means the same as the lirst one (10 pts) l The alarm went offjust as they came out of the building + Scarcely 2 The only way you can become a good football player is by training hard every day + Only by 3 I'd prefer him not to have said all those embarrassing things about me * ['d rather 4 I shall never lend Robert any money, no matter what happens 4 Under no 5 It seems that no one predicted the conect result c) No one 6 Mr Wilson says he's sorry he didn't attend the meeting yesterday moming cN Mr Wilson sends : 7 (7)English Examinationfor selecting good students, Grade 12, school year 2013 -2014 7 Even though it was raining heavily, the explorers decided to continue their journey. S The heavy rain 8 The lesson was so boring that she fell asleep +It 9 Paul smashed a window and damaged the television too O Not only 10 Provided your handwriting is legible, the examiner will accept your answer c) So long II Use the word given to write the second sentence in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence Do not change the form of the word given (Spts) l Teams of experts are examining the damage to the building (examined) + 2 I used my calculator; otherwise, it would have taken longer (lfl + 3 You didn't think carefully enough before you decided (ought) E) 4 My advice to you is to change the car immediately (were) + 5 o'Please don't take my money, it's all I have." said the old woman to the intruder Qtleaded) + III Complete the following sentences, using the words given (5 pts) l That/ English/ have/most speakers/ world/ wrong + 2 Looking I after / children I call I great lpatience / love / them + 3 Only amateur athletes/ allod participate/ Olympic Games tr) 4 There/ be/ gradual/ decrease/ number/ people/ out of work/ so far E) 5 By/ time/ they/ anivelstadium/ all the tickets/ match/ alreadylsell out (8)IV The table below shows the number of medals won by the top ten countries in the London 2012 Olympic Games Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant You should write at least 120 words (8 pts) London 2012 Olympic Games Medal Table Rank by Gold 1 2 10 Country re United ffi States t china Hl& Great Britain I Russia iri South Korea E Germany I I r'"n"" I t ttaty I.-r Hungary ffi Austratia Gold Silver Bronze Total 46 29 29 104 38 27 23 88 29 17 19 65 24 26 32 82 138728 11 19 14 44 11 11 12 34 891128 84517 716123s Source : http ://www london20 2.com/medals/nredal-count/
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