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INTRODUCTION TO TUNG'S ACUPUNCTURE INTRODUCTION TO TUNG'S ACUPUNCTURE Dr Chuan-Min Wang, D.C., L.Ac Edited by Steven Vasilakis, L.Ac CHINESE TUNG ACUPUNCTURE INSTITUTE LOMBARD, ILLINOIS, USA Chinese Tung Acupuncture Institute Publications 25065 Hampton Lane Lombard, IL 60148 www.acup-chiro.com All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher Copyright© 2013 by Chuan-Min Wang First Edition Printed in the United States of America Cover design and book layout by Steven Vasilakis Master Tung Ching-Chang (May 23, 1916 Nov 7, 1975) - CONTENTS Forward by Hui-Yan Cai, MD, PhD, LAc The Way to Tung's Acupuncture 11 Preface 17 l Area : Points on the Fingers 29 Area 2: Points on the Hand 51 Area 3: Points on the Forearm 61 Area 4: Points on the Upper Arm 75 Area 5: Points on the Plantar Foot 91 Area 6: Points on the Dorsal Foot 99 Area 7: Points on the Lower Leg 15 Area 8: Points on the Thigh 143 Area 9: Points on the Ear 169 10 Area 10: Points on the Head and Face 77 1 Area VT+DT: Points on the Dorsal and Ventral Trunk 197 12 Addendum 221 13 Master Tung' s Special Needle Techniques 225 14 Diagnosis and Treatment Strategy 229 15 Bloodletting Areas of the Leg 247 16 Master Tung' s Therapeutic Index 253 17 Altemate lndications of the Points on the 14 Channels 299 18 Tung's Unique Point Index 311 References 321 Forward Introduction to Tung's Acupuncture comprises the most comprehensive study of Master Tung's acupuncture points to date It is most exciting that Dr Chuan-Min Wang has written this book as he has a deep understanding of patient care using Master Tung' s methods Having come from Taiwan and studying Master Tung's Acupuncture at an early age, he later graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1999 He is cur­ rently both a chiropractic physician and acupuncturist in USA Dr Wang studied Master Tung's methods for several years and mastered this technique Applying these practices successfully to clinical practice, he not only formed a rich basis of theory but also exten­ sive clinical application He has lectured with the Asian American Acupuncture Associa­ tion (AAAA) and has taught numerous classes Being a fellow lecturer at the AAAA and after attending several lectures, began to use Master Tung' s basis am so appreciative that gynecology and reproductive endocrinolo­ gy found Master Tung's methods to be invaluable in my clinic using only a few needles for great effects Master Tung is seen to be one of the most important acupuncturists in modem history His methods became famous for using only a few needles with miraculous results His points were often referred to as "magic" because they had instant and long lasting effects Being so quick in their delivery and effect, it allows the acupuncturist to see numerous patients in a short time After 39 years since Master Tung's passing away, his method can be said to have gained popularity worldwide having spread to China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and America The spreading of his methodology, however, has been through his disciples lectures and teaching with little literature to follow This book offers the public a deep study of both the applications and indications of Master Tung' s points as well as offering theoretical basis am so appreciative that Dr Chuan- Min Wang has published this comprehensive book that will enable the tradition of Master Tung to con­ tinue and flourish As Master Tung would often say to his students when asked questions, "Observe for yourself, then think about it." hope that all who read this book can use these techniques carefully in their practice and think deeply Hui-Yan Cai, MD, PhD, LAc Professor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, National University of Health Sciences 10 ... Layers ( 1 1 4), Finger Kidney ( 1 1 5), Fire Knee ( 1 1 6), Wood ( 1 7), Spleen Swelling ( 1 1 8), Heart Normal (1 1 1 9), Wood Blaze ( 1 2 0), Recovery ( 1 2 1) and Eye Yellow ( 1 2 3) to his 1972... vaginal blood: (R) Gynecology ( 11.2 4), (L) Retum to Nest (1 0 6), & (R) Three Layers group (7 7.05-77.0 7) 37 Introduction to Tung's Acupuncture 11.07 Finger Four Horses (Zhi Si Ma) 111!115� Location:... Horses ( 1 0 7), Finger Five Metal and Finger Thousand Metal ( 1 0 8), Heart Knee ( 1 0 9), Wood Fire (1 1 0), Lung Heart ( 1 1 ), Two Comer Bright ( 1 1 2), Gallbladder ( 1 3), Finger Three Layers (
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