Global business ethics model question paper

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MODEL QUESTION PAPER MBA Second Year Sub: Global Business Ethics Time: hours Total Marks: 100 Direction: There are total eight questions, each carrying 20 marks You have to attempt any five questions What is Business Ethics? Why ethics is important in business? Is Ethical performance encouraged in INDIAN Service Industries? Discuss with examples What is Corporate Social Responsibility? How it is done and why? Explain corporate responsibility towards Environment “Ethical values can be taught in schools and colleges” Explain with justification Short Answer questions (each carries marks) a) What is Exploitation of Women in Advertising? b) What you mean by Consumer rights? c) Explain some limitations in marketing d) Why there is more bribery in Government offices? e) What are Accounting Frauds? Give in brief HRM Functions and the unethical issues related to them What are various discriminations? How we overcome these? Explain methods to prevent the depletion of natural resources and the environment List out various advantages due to corporate Governance Discuss some of the unethical practices in MNCs Indians have traditionally displayed habit of shying away from taxations Bring out the various unethical practices in Indian business and Government 117 Model Test Paper
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