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••• Cambridge Young Learners English Tests Second edition For distribution in Vietnam by: urJrnrJ~rJ Test Listening Part - questtens - Listen and draw lines There is one exampLe Jill Sally Jane Peter Bill Paul Jim listening Part - questlens - Listen and write Th.ere is one exampLe Brother's name: How old: Where he works: How man~ da~s he works: Mark What he does at - weekends: What sport he pla~s: Test , Part - questions - What did Vicky last week? Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture There is one example Monday Tuesday I Wednesday I I Th.ursday I Friday Saturday Sunday listening Part - questions - Listen and tick (aI) the box There is one exampLe did Peter ~esterda~? • • AD cD did Jill h.ave for lunch.? AD B[2] BO cD BO cD Wh.ere does Bill live? AD Test I What did Jim's grandmother give him for his btrthdnq? & AD BD cD BD cD Which is Dnisq's new pet? AD cD Where is Mar~ qolnq? AD BD Listening Part - questlens - Listen and colour and draw Th.ere is one example TeSt£ Reading and Writing Part - questions - look and read Choose the correct words and write them on the lines There is one exampLe 10 stairs a basement a lift a library a cinema a balcony Reading and Writing ExampLe place a lot of mone~ in it a banK Questions can take ~ou to th.e top floor quicklq room is under a h.ouse You can walk up or down th.ese You can go and see a film h.ere You can read books in place, but ~ou can't bu~ th.em You can go and see a lot of animals h.ere 11 Test I Part - questtons - look and read Write yes or no 11=\ ExampLes There are two children in the picture The bo~ is eatin.g 12 yes no Reading and Writing Example birthday ride drew parrots hid idea drove lake kangaroos (7) Now choose the best name for the stor~ Ti.clt one box A picnic in the countruside M~ picture of the zoo A da~ at Animal World D D D 57 Test Part - 10 questions - Look at the pictures and read the story Write words to complete the sentences about the story You can use or words J My Rainbow Monster! M~ name's Tom and I have a friend who's called Rainbow Monster He waits for me in the cupboard when it rains I open the cupboard and there he is! He's a big and hnppq monster who is all the colours of the rainbow I laugh at him and jump on his buck He sa~s, 'Where ~ou want to go todnq, Tom?' and I clwnqs sa~ 'You choose!' Examples .RQjn9.Q.~.MQn$.t~L is Tom's friend Tom f·m d s hiLSf·nen d iLn t h e Cllhh()Qrrl 'f;d !x H when it rains Questions 58 The monster is rainbow The monster carries Tom on his and the colours of the Reading and Writing Last week, we flew to a beautiful island The weather was not and sunn~ We went swimming with pink dolphins, we ate moon fruit, and in the evening we danced on the bench under the stars Then we went nome because I was tired and hunqn] 'Here!' Rainbow Monster said, when I went to bed, 'Take this box I found it on the island Don't open it now Open it in the morning.' Tom and his monster friend to the island Tne~ swam in tne sea there with some That Then Tom was Before Tom went to sleep, the monster gave him a , tne~ danced on the sand and tne~ went nome 59 Test In th.e morning, I th.ough.t about m~ Rainbow Monster and th.e box It was under m~ bed I looked inside and found a moon fruit tree! It was a ver~ small one I carried it ccrejullu outside and put it in m~ garden Wh.en I'm sad, I alwa~s look at th.e moon fruit tree and th.en start smiling again! 60 Th.e box was under Tom's q Inside the box was a 10 Tom goes to look at th.e tree wh.en he's th.en h.e is hnppq again and Test Part - questions Read the text Choose the right words and write them on the Lines Bats Many ExampLe kinds of bats .0.~~~ of them live in sleep They always cannot the jungle eat fruit or fish You not often see bats they d~ferent fly at in the day night to find food Many people think that bats ' but fruit bats have very good eyes They can find fruit on trees at night Fruit bats only have The mother carries baby for eight weeks, and then it learns to fly 62 baby Reading and Writing Example Arty Most More or why because their they're there look watch see one a the their her his 111~1Ill/Ill 63863207558 206 63 Find the difference ~ ~ en CJ1 Test I Speaking • :n o +J V) 66 Test I Speaking • III QI C o +" C • QI ~ ~ ~ r -~ ~ QI s:: , -e c • LI 67 Find the difference ~ )~ v" r J en co ••• ~ r ~ y' # Test Speaking 70 Find the different ones -t /D VI r+ , I-J -e /D 1\1 .J :: = DQ Test Speaking w u C w ••w ~ -a w ' 01 ~-a r -, r:. -~ ~~ •c L& 73 Test Speaking 74 Test Speaking III C» C o ~ C» ~ ~L- • _ -a C» ~ , -e c L& 75 ... food Th.ere are no animals and no people 22 Reading Example in with at the~ it she doesn't aren't can't a the this 4- because and onl~ an~ no one and Writing 23 Test Listening Part - q,u.estions... What did Fred see ~esterda~? AD 27 Test What does Jim have for breakfast? • , 0' AD BO cD What pets has Peter got? i & &i & AD cD BO cD Where does Jill live? AD 28 BO Listening Part - questions... was (1) went swimrnlnq and h.ot and we In th.e sea In th.e afternoons, because It often (2) In th.e we did sornethinq d~ferent, th.en One afternoon, we went up th.e river to th.e jungle
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