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Ngày đăng: 05/11/2019, 22:44

CAU HOI TRAC NGHlJ!;M MON TlENG ANH TUI CONG CHl;C HANU CUiNH 2014 I Choose the best option to fill in the blank to complete the given sentence(s): Ask him Is he(Capable"\ doing such a hard job? Do you remember the place I',,{looking I can't price of petrol there is anything wrong with him we visited years ago? raised has raised that what which for in with where at which which be heard be hearing v • , take up my mind come up So would I Neither I A: I would love togo to Australia D rose ifv' hearing from you soon forward to' v has risen considerably C B A Given sentence No I ( (Lver the last few mon~he v' of V v :' in which hear up makeupv' So I Neither would I B: All of us won't go camping II 12 He(made 13 There is someone at the door I 15 I am not sure 17 18 19 20 new it color the coat is my bed in the morning being an open-minded He has a reputation father dW~uld you miiiih 21 She looks much better when she There -are-"soiriany 'similariHcs" ' 23 We'll talk about her make-up -tfteir pets"analities,""_~u me!:¥esterday 24 I went to the library to borrow some books but found 25 Ifhe less, he ';;,.:',.;;';C there much more money But I don't think he.ever will excited so v but doing astonished V' astonish astonishing did doing to anger angry angered am answering answer v' v to V astonishment answered will answer who whom who's which lying doing putting making at of in relaxed relaxing at which for which v' towhich me the book you have just bought? 22 if tired I was invited last week, was extremely enjoyable The party, v' keen happy did for It helps me forget all my stress Yoga is very angrily at her naughty child The mother looked I hate something it all again Jill" 14 16 unless the weather stays fine Some people just want to~'end their time> /news I have just been told some 10 v' interested \ inlfishing Mike's V- V V v t!ri~g by which v lend to lend lent lending gets on tries on takes on puts on v' at""'- to~ in"v~'- on' :';; which where whose everyone anyone no one smokes/will save will smoke/will save - whomv' v smoked/would someone 'I', save would smoke/saved v ~~-_._ ._ ~ -~ ~ -_ ~ _- 26 27 28 29 30 31 IhereJ;s1 AugUSt, worked harder, h~ould Ifhe badly well hadv' would have Yes, I has Yes, I'd like have passed)he Yes, I like Yes, please exams ? It rained all day yeslerday, isn't it doesn't it didn'l il V il didn'l home at o'clock so that he can be in his office al leave left leaves already just yet V still excited excite excitement excitingV with by\? m at a lift V- a lifting for a lift many much left have left many luggages much luggajle V will have A: Would you like a coke? My father usually nicely good tome This dinner looks B: have been wenl" had been were A: Have you ever been to Eance? B: Yes, I D C B A Given sentence No v v leaving o'clock 32 I don't know where he is, he hasn't arrived Our team scored in the last minute 33 The match was really, car yesterday 34 Their parents came horne 35 He agreed to give us time He can't go to see her tonight He hasn't got 36 my key in the house 37 As soon as J shut the front door I realised that I 38 He hasn'l gOI hard by his parents 39 40 41 42 He was made 43 I don't speak Japanese, but Jenny 44 45 By the lime the police arrived, the thieves 46 ,47, a letter When Ihe lelephone rang, she books on this shelf were written by Charles Dickens for five hours She said she The more he travels, _ ' If you hurry, you will be in Burton Don'tdrink the stolen money so muehteabe~ause midnight it's ba,d your stom~eh you to have helped us 48 It's so nice 49 We wenl by car and the children went 50 51 52 53 54 If it nice tomorrow, we'll go to the zoo She walked H~is used tOJ Smoking is a bad the road without looking to bed lale of yours He doesn't like colnpanies He always works foot a 101 hadleft v a lot ofluggagcs 10 lift v' some was left V:- COrte°;;l"", iF) a great number of luggage studying to be studied to study V study wrote is wriling was writing All Theall was working had worked speaks does were hidden will have hidden had hidden he loves his country the mosl he loves his ~reheloves morc country his eounlry while on until byV to at of for for to with ofV'" with by under on V isv will be would be will through over at across be going usage going lonely v v V v has been writing Every All the V has been working worked v is speaking v were hiding he loves his country v the most v having gone go habit V' practice custom once alone v only ~, ._ _ _ - Given sentence No with the BBC I've got a very good from London to Edinburgh take? How long does the train My uncle arrived whlJe I dinner They to the theatre"twic9 so far this month When Mr Jones? Don't be late your music lesson I can't wait I'm a hurry 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 He won't be late, he? to get to London? 63 How long does it to town tomorrow, will you some shopping for me? 64 If you I met lao;;t Saturday? 65 D~you know what he asked 66 He would be very happy if you after typing this long reporL 67 I feel 68 Please speak a little more \.(9) I decided to go no gas explosions here 70 Sio~ 1964,there 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 They dictionaries the table for supper I I must go before the shops are e1osed to the next village? He rell her over a year ago he had met her I asked him She was madc the letter n A task voyage had cooked have been v work you meet have you met with at in in ~ won't make go V 'ourney v cooked have gone terribiy tiredly slowlier for a walking have been v haven't got any V Iycd to shop How faris it Vinto love for so to type V- take arc going have none haven't no lain lied for shop How is it far in love with V- to shopping HOWlS far in love for what did terribly tired slower fora walk is wal~ has been haven't some laid v shopping V How far is into love with if V found typing did V- cleaned clean be cleaned in atv so ill on wei! v so much aq no as much as told to burn message gave wished v be burning cheque bum losing v to be typed as much that v V that whom will terrible tired slowly V- some him good luck when he decided to emigrate We all It's cold here Please keep the fire Sam read the thicfs nole In this sentence, "note" means She has been looking for the key ror hours V- V- V that type any V mel you went whom by terrible the airport late on Monday am cooking have been going want The plane arrived Varn is sick but Chalee is There isn't food in the hou,e you likc You can eat tour need will go that done terrible tiredly slow to walk was did find v v for~ on will v A: Who found that flower in the garden? B: I This house needs immediately cleaning D 'ob at with doesn't shaH with whom C profession travel was cooking V had been did you meet V lost v coin lose none V- too much as said burning V money loss No A at Cars at high speed drivino cry if who arc careful Given sentence yourselves B with Driving cars at high I'~ed /" lack otherwise V who needs money D C among v under Cars driving at high At high speed car drivin •• •~ed regret miss V but unless under a doctor's who can wait a long time care V 88 89 You must settle the matter is extremely dangerous 90 91 92 her MyoId cat died last year, and I still I'd have missed the train I had to get up early, 93 94 95 to go on the trip, would you have gone? If Jake An operation is usually performed by a It is the first man-powered aircraft haifa mile doesn't agree scientist which flies ever v wouldn't agree surgeon Vdentist which has ever flown that ever flies V 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 He told me to shut up and go out In this sentence, "shut up" means buy ti,at house He recommended that I stand up stop talking should Vto informizc over V- would to informatize A patient is someone ' A verb from "information" is a log When he was running, he fell twins They are Tom very much Betty is lonely and she to the town, there is a beautiful wood On the He understood It's high time you I don't know what like he to go her housework English a day Nam often spends two hours He iL~,.,._ of the dark SOhe never goes out late at night he speaks English He speaks French How often you play sports?the table? • 112 - Have you finished'" 113 Tom didn't know that word Ben III a good journey! 114 It's raining very heavily Come 115 116 A: Where's my loggage? for to learn at doubtful careful beller than Usual , set.~ , didn't, either my umbrella, Go under Bolivia for the first time, it's a very beautiful country v Its is here visiting v v didn't, tOO Take for They are here visit go away clear, up may to inform V off similarly learning alTaid v nurse who has ever flown might to inforrnate down similar as recalls street lastly study should he should go with V- learned best than Very well selling ,~ B:Oh! 117 I remember as remembers entrance at least to study to V should be gone studying can He wondered where My mother is busy v into v reminds direction at the finish harder didn't agree hadn't agreed misses V way Vin the end studied will v V v v should he go about for learning v separated more better than Twice a week 17 gooder than to set.• to,besek Not bad did, so Spend did, neither Have v to Here they are Here it is to visit to have visited into v Given sentence ISO He lighted the candle he might read the note lSI for a cup of tea The man who lives opposite us sometimes comes we all crowded There was a smal t room into had time to catch the train We were so late We 152 153 154 ISS 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 the light there is anything special that Tell me $500 This is Mrs White whose invention hundreds of deaf people already By the time we we don't go to school wonderfully up to noJlk"1 , c- for her when it grew dark They stopped the old man spoke very slowly and clearly, I couldn't understand him at making in making V will help helping has helped get arrive go 10 with , on V to walk or' so as V as long as V- added by which on which behaved has behaved v V- v scientist where I are where lis of at V- The v V- The more/the more v The more/the most H as me! he never Never he met like if what haveyou" haven't you - V- be Ipoking looking v Although v /' v V V - for V help reach V v for walked so long as as far as subtracted multiplied at which is behaving science which I are which behaves scientifically which I is in by An A more/more The most/the most - Has he never met V He has never met were liked lhat about will-you' don't you' look to be looking himself themselves one another V me my mine Despite Because Since sociable shy V all 181 She is quite in public She doesn't want to talk much mean v although walk likes has liked I Betry is my friend She is a friend of to make with each other Dick and Joan greeted that once Any - perhaps what by scientific want whether which while This book is Sunday is the day unless V- off almost at divided 167 168 My brother is fond of doing( e>JV./ research we are working in bad shape 169 The building doing almost everything you The computer is capable 170 young have future in their hands 171 you learn you travel, 172 ~ such a lovely girl 173 football 174 Either Nam or his friends the result was 175 We haven't heard ~ ;" ? , 176" You nave been here;' 177 178 179 180 V has walked Thebahy as long as v so far II'" purpose ) am sure she didn't it on the moon Neil Armstrong was the first man you are sober when you come home You can go to the party tonight (intolfour chapters by far hardly a.f.kr v the resort, I think the rain will have stopped which simply or making this book where nearly that v' over they had finished their exam They left the room and what if would like to everyone laugh It was a gr.e_atsuccess He succeeded I paid yOU so as up V- - so that incase she gets lost Give her a telephone number to ring turnoff turndown , D tum on v tum up because into so long this year Your work has been very good C B A No 149 The room is so dark Please v generous v' r No 212 A It's without camping Given sentence "No camping" means " _ " all the cars and trucks for the lost painting 213 The police home early 214 The boss suggested out for dinner 215 James suggested to be dead 216 Some animals sometimes fool their enemies a villa in France He has a big farm and a modem car 217 the bell three times before he answered the door 218 She These swallows are famous _ to the same nests in California every spring 219 how to dance 220 There are two people in this room the door before going to school 221 Don't forget yesterday 222 My house expensive that he couldn't buy it 223 The house was ! 224 What ! 225 How a hOl day that everyone went to the beach 226 [t was enough for you to buy that preseut 227 Two hundred dollars 228 229 230 231 won't bite! not always happy The rich 232 being 100 tired, she went to bed early , madam ' Thanks, I will pay hy cheque Here's the ;~ 'most acute Most animals' sense of sIllell 233 234 It wa'\ so cold that my fingers were quite Jane was a little disappointed In this sentence, "a little" means 236 237 238 239 240 241 Allen ha.0',-0 :.;.:':";;;;' :;;; Because the store seils only turtles and doves V Y 05 They once No They spent their Yes They once owned an ant fann time visiting zoos all owned such a store in Santa Rosa over the-country store and it was a great success 1/ I Yes They had made their mends' store Animal House a success They were tired and They wanted to visit They wanted to find c
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