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n.5 June 2012 Luca Montersino: Gluttonous sins Green Smoothies Light! Tasty recipes to get in shape for beach days! OpenKitchen - n June 2012 Summary 04 | Contacts | S p r i n g p i n k v e lv e t r o u l a d e 12 | Luca Montersino: Gluttonous sins | Milkshakes, Smoothies and Juices: the differences! 22 | Green Smoothies 30 | Fruit: what a passion! 32 | Bright Atmospheres: Lanterns 34 | The Enhancement of Simplicity: “Frisella” | Ta s t e a n d T r a d i t i o n : A s p a r a g u s 42 | Cheers! 44 | Whole-wheat focaccia: A Healthy Delicacy | Va l e n c i a n P a e l l a 51 | Cheers! 52 | In the garden barbecue! 60 | Fruity Snack! 62 | Add a caterpillar to the table! | “A tasty suntan!” 6 | Light! Tasty recipes to get in shape for beach days! 76 | Cinema and Cooking: Ratatouille | Food allergies: Pistachio and Hazelnuts Semifreddo 82 | Editorial team 84 | Contributors n June 2012 - OpenKitchen | n.5 June 2012 Coordination & creativity CLAUDIA ANNIE CARONE Coordination & revision MONICA ZACCHIA Coordination & translation NICOLETTA PALMAS Graphic and layout ELENA MARIANI Photography DONATELLA SIMEONE ADVERTISING: Do you want to advertise a product, event or a company? Please send an email to: creativita@openkitchenmagazine​.com Write in the email object “ advert” We will be happy to talk to you!!! READERS: You love cooking and you would like to see your original recipes published on OPEN KITCHEN MAGAZINE? Send your recipe to: creativita@openkitchenmagazine​.com write in the email object “Candidature”: From today open kitchen will give you the chance to see your new recipes and pictures(without signature) published in our new website OpenKitchen - n June 2012 Dear friends, Although summer made us wait, it now seems to have finally arrived For this glorious season in which we crave the delights of nature and some long-anticipated sunshine, we have prepared several light and delicious recipes for you—a tutorial to create a magical atmosphere for a romantic dinner in the garden You will also find recipes for colourful shakes and smoothies made with luscious summer fruits and vegetables, an incredible paella, and wine suggestions from our sommelier The pride of this issue is a conversation with Luca Montersino, who is very generous with his tips and funny stories; this interview is a true milestone and a great example of mastery and sharing for all enthusiasts and professionals interested in the art of patisserie Our thoughts, however, naturally turn to all those who have suffered heavy losses in the recent traumatic events that have affected Italy The terrorist attack in Brindisi and the earthquake in Emilia, which are still greatly affecting the areas’ inhabitants, have shocked the entire world with the enormity of their scale Although living peacefully and without worry is the ideal, life often presents us with an alternative reality, obliterating the dreams and sacrifices of a lifetime In these moments, we also discover the true value of life and the solidarity that unites us as Italians We offer our sympathy to the victims and to those who have lost their homes and their daily means of existence In these situations, we yearn for the much-maligned routine and that which matters most to us: our loved ones, homes and work The Editorial Team n June 2012 - OpenKitchen Dolcemente Spring pink velvet roulade Edited by Antonella Cennamo Even if it is almost summer, and we can start to feel the heat, we can’t say no to a nice cake That’s why I want to give you the recipe of something delicious and light, very much in theme with this season What’s more, with a few simple decorations, you will make a fantastic cake for your next picnic with friends or a dinner with your family Here what you need: OpenKitchen - n June 2012 Difficulty: easy Preparation time: 30 minutes Baking time: 15 minutes Serves Ingredients: Cake: eggs 150g caster sugar tablespoon oil tablespoons buttermilk teaspoon cider vinegar or tablespoons Alchermes liqueur or drop pink food colouring 120g f lour teaspoon baking powder Filling: Whipped cream Strawberries Sugar Lemon n June 2012 - OpenKitchen Method: Cake: Preheat the oven at 180ºC Beat eggs with a hand mixer until pale and thick With the mixer still running add the sugar and oil to the eggs Slowly continue beating and add the remaining liquid ingredients, the sieved flour and baking powder Mix until well combined Pour batter into a parchment lined tray and bake for approximately 15 minutes Filling: Wash the strawberries, chop them and season with sugar and lemon Let rest in the fridge You can prepare the strawberries in advance so to use the sauce to moisten the cake Whip cream, remember it should be very cold! When the cake is ready let cool down for a few minutes Moist the cake with the strawberries juice, spread all over the surface the cream and sprinkle with the strawberries Roll cake tightly and once completely cold dust with icing sugar 10 OpenKitchen - n June 2012 Cinema and Cooking Rata touille Edited by Stefania Pala Recipe by Monica Zacchia 84 OpenKitchen - n June 2012 There are movies that remain in your heart for poetry and simplicity, and Ratatouille, the animated movie produced by Pixar, is one of those A traditional narrative from a classic fable, but able of almost “revolutionary” touches, Ratatouille sends a message of hope and democracy: Everyone can cook, even a rat! The movie tells about Remy, a rat who, unlike his peers, doesn’t consider rummaging through the garbage a source of delicious delicacies He has highly developed senses of smell and taste, like those of a true connoisseur Remy also has a great admiration for one of the most famous French chefs, Gustave Gusteau, whose restaurant teeters on the edge of bankruptcy after his death and a negative review from the fearsome restaurant critic Anton Ego In the Parisian restaurant, Remy meets Linguini, the garbage boy who doesn’t understand anything about cooking However, thanks to Remy’s creative verve and helpful tips, he returns the restaurant to its glory Dreams are the soul in the Pixar movies, which for years have given us stories of funny characters who have suspended our disbelief and filled us with wonder Remy is a rat who dreams of becoming a chef, thus demonstrating hope and trust and a world without prejudice In the climax of the film, Anton Ego enjoys the ratatouille, which, as it turns out, is his Proustian madeleine and triggers his childhood memories The return to childhood and newfound taste he had lost, forever change his cold heart When his face turns into an explosion of colours, it is sublime and universal Ratatouille wisely and intelligently mocks the snooty critics who are coldly analytical and unable to love the spirit of childhood because of their mindless pleasures of the game So, dive into the tasty flavour and sweet memories of Ratatouille n June 2012 - OpenKitchen 85 Ratatouille The Recipe This stewed vegetable dish originated in Nice, and the French consider it a vegetable ragout Originally, the vegetables were cooked separately, but nowadays they are cooked in the same pan and in sequence depending on cooking time Difficulty: easy Preparation time: hour Serves Ingredients 1/2 glass of extra virgin olive oil small aubergines sweet peppers peeled large tomatoes courgettes (sliced) garlic cloves Fresh herbs ( thyme, bay leafs, parsley and basil) chilli pepper (optional) 86 OpenKitchen - n June 2012 Method: Slice the aubergines and cook them in a large pan with extra virgin olive oil Cook them about 15 minutes then add the sliced courgettes, peppers, the peeled, deseeded tomatoes and cut in big chunks and garlic Season with salt and pepper and allow to cook for 30 minutes with the lid Add a few tablespoons of olive oil and continue cooking until all vegetables are soft n June 2012 - OpenKitchen 87 Food Allergies Pistachio semifreddo and hazelnuts semifreddo Edited by Sonia Mancuso 88 OpenKitchen - n June 2012 PISTACHIO SEMIFREDDO AND HAZELNUTS SEMIFREDDO The base for semifreddo is the same for both versions Difficulty: medium Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooling time: hours Serves Ingredients 175g sugar 75g water 200g egg yokes 27g dextrose 450g whipped cream Pistachio version: 125g pistachio paste tablespoons pistachio f lour Hazelnuts version: 100g hazelnuts paste tablespoons praline Method: Preparate Put sugar in a small saucepan to prepare the syrup Stir the water into sugar and bring mixture to a 121ºC temperature over low heat Beat egg yokes and sieved dextrose with an electric whisker Pour a little at the time the sugar syrup and continue beating until the mixture is lukewarm and frothy Divide the semifreddo base into two equal parts Add pistachios paste and grounded pistachios to one and hazelnuts paste and praline to the other one Whip cream and fold in half to the pistachio semifreddo and half to the hazelnuts one Distribute semifreddo into moulds and keep in the freezer for approximately hours n June 2012 - OpenKitchen 89 Editorial CLAUDIA A N N I E CARONE M O N I CA Z AC C H I A I was born in the “Salento” region I breathed for a long time the “home made” fragrances until I was tall enough to spy the art on tiptoe through the table, making sure no one could see me I’m a singer-songwriter and I’m currently studying music at university My passion is the culinary art In Open Kitchen I’m the creative manager, I try to transform the ideas into reality Food-blogger, food-writer, pastry chef for passion I love everything that talks about chocolate, baking and bread making In Open Kitchen I’m a coordinator and I revise the drafts Coordination and revision coordination, creative & marketing N ICOLETT PALMAS Coordination and tra my-breadandb I was born in Sard used to live in Lon where I still work attendant for a Ja At the moment I l and I’m always on between London a Italian food but al In Open Kitchen I’ and the translator version Team TA anslation D O NAT E L L A SIMEONE photographer E L E NA MARIANI Graphic and Layout dinia Island, I ndon for years, k as a cabin apanese airline live nearby Rome n the move and Tokyo I love lso ethnic food ’m a coordinator r of the English I’m from Salerno but I moved in Re gio Emilia years ago I love cooking since I was very young I prefer desserts and simple dishes but prepared with care, passion and tradition One of my passions is also photographing food and much more In Open Kitchen I’m respons ble for the photography I was born and I live in Brianza (in the Lombardy region) in a big and noisy family The kitchen is for us a very important place where we stay all together, we talk, we cook, we argue and lough I love cooking and try thousands of recipes; I love to cook for my friends I’m a professional graphic and a blogger for passion In Open Kitchen I’m responsible for the graphic and layout of the magazine n June 2012 - OpenKitchen 91 ontributors 92 OpenKitchen - n Giugno 2012 AG N E S E GAMBINI ANTONELLA CENNAMO ANTONELLA MARCONI I’m from Marche region and I moved in Rome seven years ago I have a remote past of a quiet life in a small village and a recent past of an hectic life in the city with scenography studies, internal architecture and interior designer A present with a quiet life in the city with photography studies and a passion for food I’m from Naples but I live in Brussels “Basta un soffio di vento” is a mixture of my passions: good food, photography, my travels and my daughter My blog is just like me restless, often ironic, greedy and always curious, sometimes creative and often a bit lazy I really hope in my creations and words you will find inspiration, ideas and, why not, even a smile! I’ve graduated from a music school I love reading, writing cooking, travelling, taking photographs and going to museums and concerts In my food blog I write about what I create with passion A N NA F R ANCA L U CA R E L LI ALESSANDRA SCOLLO CINZIA DONADINI I’m From Sicily but I live in Veneto with my husband from Campania region I’m 34 and I have children I used to have a restaurant and at the moment I’m the owner of a take away pizzeria I love my children, cooking, singing, writing and taking pictures This new experience will give me the chance to improve my passions and to share them with you In my everyday life I’m an interior designer, a wife and a mother of two but they don’t like too much eating I’ve always loved cooking and I wanted to make cooking my profession But I choose another path and today I live with pencils and colours between the aromas and flavours of what I talk about in my blog My name is Anna Franca, I’m 32 years old and I live in Brindisi I love cooking since ever I’m studying Economy at university My family produces baking products for over 25 years, so I love baking and kneading since I was a child n Giugno 2012 - OpenKitchen 93 T E RESA BARBERA RITA L O C C I S A N O PAT R I Z I A D E A NGELIS Sicilian, I love the flavours of the past but I’m always looking for the innovative ones I love confectionery and everything I prepare is for the people I love, and that’s why I gave this name to my blog I live in Modena with my two children aged 15 and 16 My passion for aesthetics and presentation of the dishes led me to create the VisualFood ®, good looking and good to eat food My ideas are posted on my website L AURA CUCCATO F E D E R I CA C H R I S T I N E A N NA M A R I A V I LLANI MARZOLI From Turin to Milan, from architect to web designer, from omnivorous to Raw food eater Live food, intense colours, new flavours, mysterious ingredients, Unknown techniques and unexpected textures, for cooking that I love and deserves to be known 94 OpenKitchen - n Giugno 2012 I’ve started making wine with my grandfather, who had a vineyard near Rome I studied and worked in Ireland, where I learned how to make must and beer I’ve worked in many pubs and wineries in Dublin, until I’ve decided to come back in Italy where I got my Sommelier diploma I now work with different wineries and bars I have always had a passion for cooking, I like to experiment with new recipes to please the palate of my family, as well as mine The blog was created for fun and now it has become my personal corner where I store everything that I cook with love I was born in the Gargano region (Puglia) but I’ve been living in Rome for a few years now I love reading, novels and recipes books The small kitchen in my apartment is full of appliances and cooking moulds of every size Baking and patisserie are my real passion There is no recipe, even the most difficult one, that scares me and I would eat all kind of desserts S T E FA N I A PALA SANJEETA KK Passionate reader, Big lover of movies and buffalo mozzarella I love traveling, even only with the imagination I live in Rome but without the sea I’m lost I love my Southern Italy, soul escape VA L E N T I NA SERENTHÀ Half from Brianza and half from Romagna region, with a passion for good food and good wine in the blood I am volcanic and creative I’ve got thousands of interests but not much time to follow them I love travelling, I love design, I’m learning to take photographs, I try to paint and draw, but most of all I cook and experiment Sanjeeta kk is the author of food blog ‘Lite Bite’ which features vegetarian recipes Her quest for egg free baking and healthy cooking is extensively shared though all her recipes She likes to share stories behind the origin of her recipes which are easy and accessible Homemade, unprocessed and healthy food is what she strives for each day She defines food as nostalgic, comforting and an important factor to connect with people and make community DONATELLA SCATAMACC H I A ciboperlamente Journalist, globetrotter and good food lover! The result??? A precarious life, but very happy! I don’t live in the same city for more than three months, but I don’t go anywhere without my net book and my set of knifes CAROLINA NOVELLO NANA CEA - Nana Cea A little girl grew up with her passion for cooking Today mum of two children who are actively involved in baking cakes and cooking A childhood spent in the land of windmills has left me in the heart the love for tulips Clerck for survival, Cook for passion I live in Milan In my life I realized that “the recipe for happiness” is to follow our own passions So even if I’m a Psychologist and a manager I spent lots of time cooking I love cooking! I’m quite good baking cakes, I love to decorate and crate a perfect table in different styles but always following my taste The most enjoyable work the dessert table for my wedding! n Giugno 2012 - OpenKitchen 95 V E R D I A NA CA L A M I A I’m an artist, design is my form of communication but in front of food my inspiration brings me to a world of aromas and flavours that colour my life! My parents are from Sicily, I grew up in Liguria region but now I live in Bologna How to resist to food? SONIA MANCUSO I’m 42 years old but the spirit of a 20 years old About 12 years ago I found out I love cooking and since then I spend most of my time to watch cooking Tv programs and reading recipes I love to cook home what I eat when I’m away, and thats help me to accept more easily my celiac disease I love eating and cooking for other 96 OpenKitchen - n Giugno 2012 n Giugno 2012 - OpenKitchen 97 © Open Kitchen Magazine All right reserved All rights reserved The content is protected by copyright as a collective work Any use of the work is prohibited It is also prohibited any reproduction, total or partial, without written permission of the authors Each author is the owner of the copyright on text and images created, and is responsible for the contents of the article Any violation will be prosecuted in terms of law ... Pistachio and Hazelnuts Semifreddo 82 | Editorial team 84 | Contributors n June 2012 - OpenKitchen | n .5 June 2012 Coordination & creativity CLAUDIA ANNIE CARONE Coordination... original recipes published on OPEN KITCHEN MAGAZINE? Send your recipe to: creativita@openkitchenmagazine​.com write in the email object “Candidature”: From today open kitchen will give you the chance... Blend until smooth and creamy n June 2012 - OpenKitchen 29 Fruit What a passion!! Edited by Nana Cea 30 OpenKitchen - n June 2012 n June 2012 - OpenKitchen 31
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