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Family Friends là bộ giáo trình tiếng Anh Tiểu học gồm ba cấp độ thiết kế đáp ứng khung chương trình tiếng Anh 4 tiếttuần của Bộ Giáo Dục – Đào Tạo Việt Nam.Giáo trình được thiết kế đặc biệt có tính liên thông với giáo trình Solutions được dùng ở bậc Phổ thông cấp 2 và cấp 3.Giáo trình được chọn và sử dụng trong hệ thống giáo dục Tiểu học theo Hướng dẫn Thực hiện nhiệm vụ số 4919BGDĐTGDTH ngày 1782010 của Bộ Giáo Dục – Đào Tạo Việt Nam.Giáo trình tập trung luyện 4 kỹ năng và cung cấp một nguồn tài liệu dồi dào cho các hoạt động trong lớp học thông qua tài liệu Photocopy Masters Book.Cung cấp chương trình luyện phát âm độc đáo.Cung cấp các bài kiểm tra mẫu theo các kỳ thi Cambridge Young Learners: Starters, Movers, Flyers.Bài học đạo đức nhẹ nhàng giúp học sinh phát triển các kỹ năng trong cuộc sống. Closs Book Noomi Simmons oxroRD \-INIVERSITY PRESS Sforter: Hd[oE you What's your name? My name's Hello Goodbye How are you? I'm fine, thank NumbersL-10 Dogsoftheweek ColoursoJthe roinbow How old are gou? I'm i I What's It's a this? pen I Reoding: o description Listening : identifyin g objects Speoking: What's this? It's Writing: counting words in o rnitiol soundsr obcd | Ao: apple \ Bb: bird sentence, writing obout mg schooI things (Workbook) Initiol my / your Is this your teddy? Yes, it No, it isn't arm Mg bodg / This is egg Ee: Jig goat Hh: hat is FJ: Gg: ijkr arms li: ink These are sounds: efgh Tj: jam Kk: kite LL: lion InitioI sounds: She's/He'sateacher mnoP Is she / he a teacher? Yes, she is No, he isn't Nn: nurse Oo: orange Mml.mum i i | I I i R: 5t What's your favourite ? W: dividing sentences into words, writing obout mg Jovourite togs (WB) instructions different onimots S: describing on onimot'sJeotures R: L: identiJging W: identiJging fu[[ sentences, writing obout mg bodg (WB) R: Lr qrstu The pork Where's the baLL? in/on/under Qq: queen Rr rabbit Ss sofa Tt teddg Uu: umbreLLa on outobiogrophg identiJging people bg theirjobs Is he a doctor? W: copito[ [etters ond JuLl, stops, Sz writing obout mg fomiLg Pp: pen InitioI sounds: o poem: 'Mg Jovourite things' L:identifgingJovouritethings R: o puzzte L: (WB) text identifging objects bg tocotion S: Where's the kite? W: copitol letters ot the stort of nomes, writing obout the pork (WB) InitioI sounds: Mg fomity Possessive I vwxgz R: o coption storg Vv L: distinguishing detoiLs Xx: box S; Who's this? W: question morks, writing obout mg JomiLg's things (WB) van \Alw: window Yg: yo-go Zzt zebra Grommor This is her / R: his T-shirt Are these his socks? 5z What co\our are these trousers? W: controctions: 's, writing obout theg are No, they aren't Yes, Is she in the kitchen? Yes, she is No, she isn't Where are Dad and BilLy? Are they in the garden? No, 60 lye box an appLe (an + a, e, i, o, u) 5ho pes Digrophs: sh R: shoes L: sheep S: Where are the bedrooms? fish W: identifging vowels, writing obout mg home (WB) Digrophsz ch chair teacher chick / ihe's got He / She hasn't got Digrophs: th three It's got bath He Mg friends mg fovourite cLothes (WB) they aren't I've got two sandwiches I haven't got my Lunch o coption storg [: identifging clothes It hasn't got teeth I like monkeys I don't Like eLephants CVC informotion texts identiJging keg words Sz I've got a banana and a pear W: using o ond on, writing obout mg lunch box (WB) R: L: R: o descriptive letter L: identifging dffirent friends got bLond hair Who is it? W: controctions:'s /'ve, writing obout mg Jriend (WB) S: She's R: words: a inJormotion on o webpoge listening for locotion L: o poem: 'Whot om I?' identifging preferences They're big cat man S: It's got four Legs It's black and orange I'm fan W: identifg ing odjectives, writing LittLe obout onnimol"s I Like (WB) Food I Drinks II Mg bedroom Numbers Yes,Ido No,I don't What you like? CVC pen red R: inJormotion There's There ore texts L: identifg ing food preferences * Whot gou Like? W: negotive controctions: n't, writing oboutfood I R: o words: i bin L: Like (WB) descriptive letter distinguishing detoi[s St Where are the shoes? W: question morks ond Ju[[ stops, fis tin writing obout mg bedroom (WB) He / con't Con he tolk? Yes, he No, he can't R: flg lett + verb descriptions identifging onimots 5: It can run It's brown and big W: controctions: coil't, writing obout whot I (WB) L: CVC The beoch e bed CVC 1L-20 100 words: ru9 jug sum words: u R: on informotion poster [: distinguishing detoi[s 5: Let's ptay balL! W: identifging verbs, writing obout the beoch (WB) 5fr*rfer Lesson One Listen, point ond repeot @ ,, Listen ond chont @ o, Hello, Rosy Hello, Tim Hello, everyone Hello, ailly and Miss Jones Come and have some fun! Listen ond reod @ o, 5torfer Hello Goodbye lerson Two I Listen to the storg ogoin ond repeot Act Ask ond onswer Hello What's your name? My name's Jon Listen ond sing Uour nome @ oo Hello, hello! Hello, hello, How are you? l'm fine, thank you l'm fine, thank you Hello, hello, What's your name? My name's That's my name Coodbye, goodbye, Goodbyetoyou What's your nome? Storter Listen, point ond repeot @d w Z Listen ond tick (/1 (.) ** a: @ Gh-.f f"isht ii' , Look of the picture ogoin Point, osk ond onswer Listen ond point Listen ond chont @ r, I Listen ond sing @ o" Sing ond - :l? tr., Sing o roinbow! and yellow, And pink and green, Purple and orange, And blue Red I can sing a rainbow, Sing a rainbow, Sing (o'*Fl @ a rainbow too \, tiiTl t@l t bl *-l t green l fue-tt"* I Colours Storter Lesson One Words , Listen, point ond repeot @ ,, Listen ond reod.@ r, Unit Schoolthings Listen ond chont.@ r, Lesson ffi1 Two Grommar Listen to the storg ogoin ond repeot Act Look ond sog Whot's = Whot is It's = It is write Whot's this? lls Whot's this? o rubber o pen Point, osk ond o nswer Whot's this? Whot's this? o pencit pen pencil rubber ruler o ruLer book W - Whot's this? lt's o Unit I Lesson Three 5on9 Listen, point ond repeot @ ,, Listen ond sing @ ,o Sing ond Open fhe book! what's thisz what's thisz It's a book open the book Close the book What's thisz What's thisz It's o door What's thisz what's thisz It's a bag What's thisZ what's this? It's awindow 10 Unit I 5chool things Lesson Five I Whot onimols Uou see? Whot colour ore theg? Listen ond reo d @ ,oo Bmc'ffiti',ffu An'fimals This is o very big cot It hos got oronge and blqck stripes It co,n swim it co.n climb trees It can jump And it run very fost This animol likes meot You co.n see it of the zoo Whot is it? This is o bird It is blue, green, red o.nd gelIow it can flg ond it sing It con't reo.d ond write But it tolk! This onimol likes fruit o.nd nuts It be o pet in o house What is it? Reod ogoin ond tick r r I 98 ({l It ftg It swim lt's o bio cot Unit I4 Reoding: descriprions It toLk s,, It ctimb 6., It sinq tiger po rrot Lesson $ix Listen ond number.@ ro', Look of the pictures ogoin 5og ond onswer It's got four legs lt can run lt's brown and big ( ts it a lion? Yes, it U \ is Circte n't ond motch con't = cohllot L It con't reod.l -l o Action Bog connot toLk A tiger con't ff g.E b It connot reod c I Action Bog con't tok.E I con't swim co n not d A swim tiger connot ftg Whot tetter is missing? n [iJt = n Unit I4 99 Listen ond cho nt @ ,os Listen ond reo d @ lOO Unit I5 The beoch ,oo Listen to the storg ogoin ond repeot Act Look ond sog Let's moke o sondcostle Let's pl.oU boLt Thot's o good ideo Greot OK! Circle ond write Let's moke o sandcostte Let's swim in the r ndcostle house rce creom crob Living m"ffi @ Let'sfind sheLLs Let's plog Look of the pictures ogoin Point ond sog [et's + verb Unit I5 tgt L esson Thi'eC.,,, 5.o ngtl,,,,li,il Listen, point ond repeot Listen ond sing @ jfi)t : / l\ $ ruo @.tot Sing ond lf's o wonderlul doyl Hey, hey! It's a wonderful day We are going to the beach today t forget your st)n cream, Don't forgetyour hat Don' Don't forget your frisbee, or your ball and bat Hey, hey! It's a wonderful day Have an ice cream, Have a drink Have an ice lolly, Yellow or pink Hey, hey! It's a wonderful day 1O2 Unit I5 The beoch Listen, point ond repeot @ r+t ffiwffiffiffi Listen ond chont @ue j r.' {,ltur ]l lltj ffr:,1 !! &" v, I r:1 Lil 1.,) Lrrq- ri s,rrlrir,, ' :i:::ri:::: I4{'u, ! ,f ui ' J J1t i;4rLi l{;1, ;1,'lL,l *Cn, '(r:', ,ll;r [jLl l:ttll :L,iLl li:i j , ilt, jL4:] {:/i{'{' i5 r}1v {llit{4 io/', t.t -, {.1 - V r -l ri I ,( -t 4., " \l{)tr: ,r , 11 *| '' , f, {t l.i t, tii , a^F lfi /},, ;,{ } r"l J \/ i.,l , 111 ;i \i_ttIl,^r \ti.'r Reod the chont ogoin Circte the u in the middte of the words Listen to the sounds ond join the letters @us Where is the dog? && * ffi w ffi CVC words u Unit l5 1O3 Whot gou see in the picture? Point ond sqg Listen ond reo d.@ ,ro fuWetcome to our beochl We Like our beoch o [ot It is verg long ond sondy On the beoch you ptoy bot ond bott, footbott or frisbee You moke sondcostles too You find shetls ond crobs in the rock poots The seo is bl.ue ond cteon Here you swim or go in o boot Neon the beoch there ore hotets ond cofes You eot ice creom from the ice creom stol"l.s It's lots of fun -P H" \U ot the beoch, but pleose don't forget Uour sun creom ond your hot don't swim otone swim with famil.g on friends put your titter in the bins litil,e On the beoch gou plog ice creom / botond You moke sondcostles / ln rock pools Uou find shoes cof6s The seo is oronge / blue ,OA Unit I5 Reoding: on informotion poster / shel.[s Enjoy! 6\ \*]s; Reod ogoin Circle the correct words t rhe beoch ir@l Tf bol,L &,e ss*sx SSx Listen ond write A or B @ ,xt *! a! a! 6tr =! r*D Look of the pictures ogoin Point ond sou ptou bot ond botl moke o sondcostle find crobs ond shells ptoU footbotL pLoU put on sun creom frisbee wer'ms = dcimg woreis Circle the verbs Let's u'um Let's gm in o boot L Let's swim Let's wolk Let's pLoU bol,t Let's Let's moke o sondcostle Let's put on sun creom find shetts Lister:ir:q spe*ki*q, writir: g L,init ] €S5 Circle the odd-one-out Write shell cupboord so trort l ndcost[e thirteen (wrtk-l Iu*'*-] @ tT."frLLil twentg C''ft.enl G*lr-l b[o n ket Write T (true) or F (fo[se) L There ore two beds T_ There's o kite under o bed There ore books on the cupboord There ore trousers on the rug - There's o ruLer on the shel.f write eorx ccn't It e_gn Jtg wo Lk c[irnb 106 Review SWIM Re*iew Motch Let's moke sun creom Let's put on crobs Let's go in o boot Let's o sondcostle o oJ-_) aei Circle find the vowet 4, # I -.1* .-rdM,.4 , i, I'W tffi r,:!,taid;,,:.!r.rr,t-.- \ imrysffiry a e i o@ o e ro u o e ro u a e io ll,rl:.:.i,::.i::r:ar.r' rrr: r" aelou u Look of the pictures ogoin ond write #"w '*]** Jqn Reod ond colour My,,wo r k.,,,i h', U - iri,,,.,.1,3i ol( 'ir.,,i O hd' l I ar ,,.i i 5rs Excel lent i.,.1t l,t a::.,', Review 1O7 I C.ommcr reference **-l e **-**;*-*,*.** , I Unir whot,, this? rtii optfiu , Write L Whot's this? Whot's Unit o cot ? It's o pencil Whot's It's o dog this? o ruLer ? , :., , vo$,it,i3-, .,:,1 Is'this-gour,teddg? ,Thisf is m g'''bqg,,,, This is gour ,ItIp;,it isn't, doLl" Write Uour bike? Yes, it is L Unif '' | : '' 'i" orm onet:;,,r.i,1,,,, : '' ' ' ,,11vo'g: :,, (/l t Is this mg do[[? No, :': These ore mU orms .,, ,' 1ris.h.rnpR0sgi, ,.:, , Reod ond tick the sentence is correct L These ore mg legs This is mg noses This mg foce D tr Unit [-l This is mg orms D ,116-orucneri :.t t.: rY€ri,Eh'b.,isj,,, t :: Write t she o teocher? Yes, she is Is he o pupil? No, Unir Order the words L bol,l.? the Where's lO8 Grommor reference under lt's the tree Grqmmnr reference : Unir It's Mum's book ' ':;'i:":::': '::.: ',, :: ,,,.: : ,:t :r- It's Bittg's teddg l.' Write Bil,tg / coot Dod / Unit It's Bittq's coat Rosg / kite Tim / hot bag This is her dress These ore his trousers Are,th$e Yes, theg ore No, theg oren't her goc,ks? Write L This is BiLtg's coot It's hls coat This is Dod's bog Unit This is Rosg's kite fhis is Tim's hot Where'sGrandmo?,r 5he'1in:.f[ig'gli6ing,:room is rs she,in ffiitchen?'' 'Yes, she No, she isn't Where ore Dod ond Are't heg :iR, :' '.' : l BiU.g? Theg're in the gorden t he' liv i ng, room}, t,, r Ye*rl t he g a f et No, theg oren't Write l Where in the bothroom Rosg ond BiLtg? in the kitchen Grondmo ond Grondpo downstoirs? Yes, Mum? Grommor reference fgg Grsmmsr reference Unir i I've got two scndwich,es , I hoven't got mg lunch box live,grot'o nnppte'.r' l oll + '(1, e, i, o,'u I've got o bonono ' Order the words got oronge I've on mg hoven't lunch box I got of :green,, eges, She hosn't got short hoir H e,hos nlt, g It hosn't got green eges Reod ond write T (true) or F (fo[se) L A dog's got two [egs Tirn hosn't got block hoir A lion's got Jour legs Rosg's got o brother Unit I I I Like monkegs tr'm to'tt I don't Like elephonts ,, He's to[[", $he'E Itt',r, ,[itt[e;: The$rre Littte tstt, Write like or don't like 10r e[ephonts @r snokes Unit l2 @r 0r zebros mon kegs Do you,Like gogurt? Yes, I ds, No, What,do I don't gol [ike? I l"ike r,ice,,:', Write L Do gou like rice? Yes, _ tlg Grommor reference gou like meot? No, Grommar referense Unir I3 The,refs.o'do,,t|t1o n; th-e rr,u'$., Write o T-shirt on the bed books on the shel,f shoes in the cupboord o hot on the rug Unif I4 ', netoh' tg;', He con't swim She con't swim She fLg ' ': : !:., It con't swim r.,r ,: .-: l,:a - t_,: Con'he,p,[g , , ,., a t,ti't '.a )'t: t:.'t: :: ,: foot \t ,: i:' : 'r.i' 1.i' t[.] 1.'r Yes, he , No, he con't :.: Write L Con o bird fLg? Yes, it Unir I o monkeg to[k? No, it Letrs ,m:o,,!ie.a snnd,ea$del_ Reod ond circle L / hove in the seo Let's plou / go boLL Let's swim Let's moke / find crobs Let's run f moke o sondcostte Grommor reference tlt oxroRD ACI(NOWIE DCE ME NTS Ur-I\TIRSITY PRESS Cover illustrationby: Creat Clarendon Street, Oxford ox2 6Dp Main charader illustrationsby'.Tomek Giovanis and Chdstos SlGitsas pp Title page, Scope and Sequence page, 4,8,9,'1,4,75,20,27,28,29,34,35, 40, 41, 42, 46, 48, 49,s4, s5, 60, 61, 66, 68, 69, 4, 7s, 80, 81, 88, 89, 94, 95, 100, 101 Oxford Univelsity Press is a department ofthe University ofOxford It furthers the University's objective ofexcellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford New York Auckland CapeTown Dares Salaam HongKong Karachi Kuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Nairobi NewDelhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto With offices in Argentina Austria Brazil Chile CzechRepublic France Greece Guatemala Hungary Italy Japan Poland Portugal Singapore SouthKorea Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine Vietnam oxrono and oxroRD ENGrrsH are registered trade marks of Oxford University Press in the UK and in certain other countries @ Oxford University Press zoog The moral rights ofthe author have been asserted Database right Oxford University Press (maker) First published zoog 2O15 20 -t9 -18 77 76 No unauthorized photocopyi ng rights resewed No part ofthis publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, AI1 without the prior permisslon in writing of Oxford University Press, or as expressly permitted by law, or under tems agreed with the appropriate reprographics rights organization Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the scope ofthe above should be sent to the ELI Rights Department, Tomek Giovanis and Christos Skaltsas Other illustrations by: Andy Hamilton pp 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 75, 16,20,27,22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 34, 3s, 36, 47, 48, 49, 50, 54, s6, 60, 61, 62, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 74, 7s, 76, 80, 81, 82, 86, 87, 88, 89, 94, 95, 96, 100, 70'1,,,toz, 106, 107 ; lo Taylor/Sylvie Pogglo pp s, 7,70,16,22,30,36,42, s0, 56,62, ZO,76,gZ,gO, 96, 102; Simon Clare Creative Workshop Ltd pp 77, 17, 23, 27, 31, 97, 43, 47, 51, 57, 63, 67, 7, 7, 83, 87, 91, 97, 1.03, 7O7 i Kathy Baxendale pp 18, 9, 59, 72,73,84,92, 93; Dusan Pavlic/Beehive lllustration pp 32,33,78, Zg:Lisa Smithisylvie Poggio pp 38, 39, 52, 53; Amanda Enright/Advocate pp 44,45, 104, 105; Pencil character iStockphoto Commis sione d Photogr aphy by : Chris King pp "f 2, 3, 24, 25, 4, 65, 84, 99 'Ihe publisher wouldlike to thankthe followingJor theirkindpemissionto reproduce photographs: /Jamy Images pp 84 (ice creamflim Hill), 93 (tigerplickwinkel), 98 (parrot/MasPix);Ardea pp 99 (chick/Ro1f Kopfle), 99 (vervet monkey/ M.Watson); Corbis pp 85 (father and daughter/Robert Harding World Imagery), 85 (steak/Envision); FLPA pp 99 (giratreizSSD), 99 (snake/Michael & Patdcia Fogden), 99 (lion/Elliott Neep); Fotolia pp 6s (roluDinostock), 65 (hard boiled egg/Luminousiens), 65 (pear/Alex Staroseltev), 65 (banana/Rufar), 8a (fiied eggsiJJAVA); Getty Images p 92 (boy with footbalustock4B); iStockphoto pp 65 (biscuit/Robert Redelowski), 65 (grapesiCreacart), 84 (stealqJoe Cicak), 84 (rice/Linda & Colin McKie), 84 (carrots/Olga Shelego), 84 (bowl ofgrapes/ Sandra Caldwell), 85 (sandwichiRob5,n Mackenzie), 85 (baguetteil(MlTU); OUP pp 85 (yoghurt/Mark Mason), 85 (ice-cream/Photodisc); PunchStock p 58 (family/Stockbyte); Red Cover p 58 (dining room/Ashley Morrison, (master bedroom/Winfried Heinze), (child's bedroom/David Hiscock), (balcony/Graham Atkins-Hughes) Family andFriends Level Postersby: Tomek Giovanis and Christos Skaltsas l Andy Hamilton Oxford University Press, at the address above Family andFriends Level You must not circulate this book in any other binding or cover and you must impose this same condition on any acquirer Family andFriends Level Phonics Cards by: Simon Clare Creative Workshop Ltd Any websites referred to in this publication are in ttre public domain and th.eir addresses are provided by Oxford University Press for information only Oxford University Press disclaims any responsibility for the content rsBN: 978 o 19 48rzoo (Class Book) ISBN: 978 o 19 48rztr (MultiROM) rsBN: 978 o 19 48rzo7 (Pack) Printed in China Flashcard.s by: We would olso like to thank the Jollowing for theirhelp: SS Philip & James Primary School, Oxford The authors and publisher are gratefulto thosewhohaye givenpetmlssionto reproduce followtng extracts and ad.aptotions of copyright motenal: p00 'Sing a Rainbow' Words & Music by Arthu Hanilton @ 1955 (renewed) Mark MI Ltd All dghts administered by Warner/Chappe11Music Ltd, London W6 8BS; Reproduced by permission the ... v)Ylt u, P !/ {,{1fA eyjsll" {ira r'L r;nt ri'up ut Xty!t |l, $ g ,r r.i"flr* ,, ltS i'rrp' nrtnf' ts h {r a| vq- ritrii d4L/t rl '"r1 YU',4L) lr" Y:J, 14 LrL',i!, ,, r v[ l L.,1iJL 14 ri{"4;-, r... orms / orm 21 Lesson Three Song Listen, point ond repeot @ r, Listen ond sing @ ro Sing ond Tem fimgers om my hemds Ten fingers on my hands, on my hands ten fingers on my hands, on my hands Two... I 11 'tl1!$5q't -#', Lesson Five r':';i;r;':;i:;, : ', to four schoot things Sog the words Listen ond reod @ ,, Point This is mg pencit cose Mg nome's Emmo This is mg schoot bag It's green And
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