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BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 TÁC GIẢ & NHÓM THỰC HIỆN Đinh Thắng Giáo viên dạy IELTS Hà Nội từ năm 2012 Chứng ngành ngôn ngữ Anh, đại học Brighton, Anh Quốc, 2016 Từng làm việc tổ chức giáo dục quốc tế Language Link Việt Nam (2011-2012) Đạt học bổng bán phần (75%) khóa học thạc sỹ nằm chương trình Erasmus Mundus Facebook: dinhthangielts Website: www Cùng bạn Luyện Linh, Thu Anh, Đức Duy, Quốc Anh Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 HƯỚNG DẪN HỌC SÁCH BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION Phần Hiểu bố cục đoạn văn Trong sách này, nhóm làm sách giới thiệu cách bố cục thông tin đoạn văn mà học nên biết để nắm cách triển khai nội dung đọc văn học thuật Đó 1- Discursive passage 2- Descriptive passage 3- Argumentative passage Phần Luyện tập phân tích để hiểu nghĩa câu dài khó Nhóm làm sách khuyên bạn nên thực 04 bước để hiểu câu dài Bước 1: Xác định SVO Chính Phụ câu Đặc biệt V - động từ Đối với SVO chính, bạn khó mà hiểu ý nghĩa câu SVO bị lược bỏ Để tìm SVO bạn nên tìm động từ trước, động từ thường thành phần ngắn chủ ngữ tân ngữ dài Bạn cần ý câu có số động từ 2,3 nhiều Đối với SVO phụ, bị lược bỏ, người đọc hiểu dụng ý người viết (SVO phụ thường Mệnh đề quan hệ, MĐQH rút gọn, Ving O ) Bước 2: Xác định phần bị lược, chuyển đổi cấu trúc đơn giản Một số câu người viết sử dụng cấu trúc câu phức tạp Đảo ngữ, hay rút gọn câu khiến người đọc hiểu nhầm cảm thấy khó hiểu Việc chuyển đổi câu cấu trúc thông thường, tách câu dài thành nhiều câu đơn giúp câu trở nên sáng tỏ Bước 3: Tóm lược ý câu Sau bước 2, bạn phần hiểu dụng ý người viết Tuy nhiên, câu dài Việc tóm gọn lại ý với cách dùng từ cấu trúc đơn giản giúp bạn nhớ ý câu dễ dàng Bước 4: Dịch nghĩa tiếng Việt Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 Phần dịch nghĩa tiếng Việt đưa vào để giúp bạn hiểu triệt để số câu phức tạp Nhóm khơng khuyến khích bạn q lệ thuộc vào phần Phần nên tham khảo sau bạn thực bước Đối với sách này, bạn tìm câu tương ứng đọc thử xác định SVO trước đối chiếu với sách Sau học xong, bạn áp dụng cách làm với câu có cấu trúc phức tạp khác mà bạn gặp phải làm đọc Khi bạn làm nhuần nhuyễn, khơng cần phải qua bước, cần lướt qua bạn nắm ý câu Hãy nhớ “Practice makes perfect”! Nếu có câu khiến bạn cảm thấy khó hiểu, chia sẻ nhóm: Hội chia sẻ sách Boost your vocabulary Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 PHẦN 01 BỐ CỤC THÔNG TIN TRONG ĐOẠN VĂN Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 DISCURSIVE PASSAGE In a discursive paragraph: + They may present contrasting points in an argument or explain a complex theory + The writer may use cohesive devices to explain how the ideas are connected i.e: furthermore, as a result, such as, although, however, + The passage contains the theories or views of different people or experts (including quotations) + Matching features & matching names are typical types of questions in a discursive paragraph Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 READING PASSAGE 01 - Crop-growing skyscrapers DISCURSIVE PASSAGE CONTENT PURPOSE STAGE OF ESSAY By the year 2050, nearly 80% of the Earth’s population will live in urban centres Applying the most conservative estimates to current demographic trends, the human population will increase by about three billion people by then An estimated 109 hectares of new land (about 20% larger than Brazil) will be needed to grow enough food to feed them, if traditional farming methods continue as they are practised today At present, throughout the world, over 80% of the land that is suitable for raising crops is in use Historically, some 15% of that has been laid waste by poor management practices What can be done to ensure enough food for the world’s population to live on? + Hook readers’ attention by giving surprising facts and statistics The concept of indoor farming is not new, since hothouse production of tomatoes and other produce has been in vogue for some time What is new is the urgent need to scale up this technology to accommodate another three billion people Many believe an entirely new approach to indoor farming is required, employing cutting-edge technologies One such proposal is for the ‘Vertical Farm’ The concept is of multi-storey buildings in which food crops are grown in environmentally controlled conditions Situated in the heart of urban centres, they would drastically reduce the amount of transportation required to bring food to consumers Vertical farms would need to be efficient, cheap to construct and safe to operate If successfully implemented, proponents claim, vertical farms offer the promise of urban renewal, + Answer the question in the introductory paragraph It is also the topic that will be discussed in this essay: + Introduce readers to INTRODUCTION the topic that will be discussed by a question (thesis statement) BODY DESCRIPTION “One such proposal is for the ‘Vertical Farm” + Describe the concept of “Vertical Farm” (The concept of is ) Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 sustainable production of a safe and varied food supply (through year-round production of all crops), and the eventual repair of ecosystems that have been sacrificed for horizontal farming + Explain the pros of “vertical farm”: (would reduce , If successfully implemented, offer the promise of ) It took humans 10,000 years to learn how to grow most of the crops we now take for granted Along the way, we despoiled most of the land we worked, often turning verdant, natural ecozones into semi-arid deserts Within that same time frame, we evolved into an urban species, in which 60% of the human population now lives vertically in cities This means that, for the majority, we humans have shelter from the elements, yet we subject our foodbearing plants to the rigours of the great outdoors and can no more than hope for a good weather year However, more often than not now, due to a rapidly changing climate, that is not what happens Massive floods, long droughts, hurricanes and severe monsoons take their toll each year, destroying millions of tons of valuable crops - Provide evidence and facts to support the argument that “Vertical Farm” is an effective solution BODY EXPLANATION - Cohesive devices: Along the way, Within that same time frame This mean that However, The supporters of vertical farming claim many potential advantages for the system For instance, crops would be produced all year round, as they would be kept in artificially controlled, optimum growing conditions There would be no weather-related crop failures due to droughts, floods or pests All the food could be grown organically, eliminating the need for herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers The system would greatly reduce the incidence of many infectious diseases that are acquired at the agricultural interface Although the system would consume energy, it would return energy to the grid via methane generation from composting non edible parts of plants It would also dramatically reduce fossil fuel use, by + Topic sentence: “The supporter of claim that ” + Supporting idea 01: For instance, BODY 03 ARGUMENT “FOR” + Explanation (by giving results): There would be Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 cutting out the need for tractors, ploughs and shipping could be This system would + Supporting idea 02: Although , it would + Explanation (by giving reason): .by A major drawback of vertical farming, however, is that + Topic sentence: the plants would require artificial light Without it, those A major drawback of is that plants nearest the windows would be exposed to more sunlight and grow more quickly, reducing the efficiency of the system Single-storey greenhouses have the benefit of + Explanation (by giving reason): natural overhead light; even so, many still need artificial Without it lighting A multi-storey facility with no natural overhead + Explanation (by giving results): light would require far more Generating enough light could be prohibitively expensive, unless cheap, renewable energy is available, and this appears to be rather a future aspiration than a likelihood for the near future One variation on vertical farming that has been developed is to grow plants in stacked trays that move on rails Moving the trays allows the plants to get enough sunlight This system is already in operation, and works well within a single-storey greenhouse with light reaching it from above: it is not certain, however, that it can be made to work without that overhead natural light BODY 04 ARGUMENT “AGAINST” Generating enough light could be This appears to be A counter argument to address the concern over the drawbacks of Vertical Farm in the previous paragraph  The writer wishes to prove his/her point that ‘vertical farming’ is a good option BODY 05 COUNTERARGUMENT Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 + One variation on vertical farming that has been developed is to + Moving on allow to + This system is already + It is not certain, however, that can be made to without Vertical farming is an attempt to address the undoubted problems that we face in producing enough food for a growing population At the moment, though, more needs to be done to reduce the detrimental impact it would have on the environment, particularly as regards the use of energy While it is possible that much of our food will be grown in skyscrapers in future, most experts currently believe it is far more likely that we will simply use the space available on urban rooftops + Summary the main idea of the passage + Restate the writer’s opinion While it is possible that ., most experts currently believe it is far more likely that CONCLUSION Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 Các phần soạn Descriptive texts Argumentative texts Bạn tìm tài liệu Boost your comprehension Facebook Group: IELTS Việt Facebook Group: IELTS family – Các nhóm tự học IELTS Hoặc Bạn sử dụng sách thấy sách có tác dụng mong bạn chia sẻ với team làm sách người biết tạo động lực cho bạn khác trình học IELTS Chân thành cám ơn bạn chúc bạn học tốt! Đinh Thắng Dinh Thang | BOOST YOUR COMPREHENSION | CAMBRIDGE IELTS 11 10 Dinh Thang |
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