Turbine gen alternator TB5000

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Máy phát Turbine TB5000, mô tả tất cả phần cơ, phần điện, nguyên lý của các khối trong máy TB5000. Tài liệu chi tiết và được phát hành bởi hãng, không có cuốn tài liệu thứ 2 trên thị trường Instruction Book No.S4106001 2105 INSTALLATION, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTION BOOK The equipment described in this manual was supplied to: Ruston Gas Turbines Ltd for Hamilton Brothers Oil & Gas Ltd for Argyll/Duncan F.P.F on Order No.97087 Correspondence relating to the equipment should quote the GEC Large Machines Limited reference: The following information should also be given: Machine (a) Serial number (b) Frame size These two items are given on the machine rating plate and in the Technical Data section of this manual GEC Large Machines Limited Mill Road, RUGBY Warwickshire, ENGLAND CV21 1BD Though the instructions and information given in this book are as explicit as is practical , expertise is still required to install and maintain machines If trouble- free service is to be obtained, the machines and any auxiliary drive must be installed, set and checked correctly even though , in some cases , they may have been supplied fully assembled For the erection and commissioning of the equipment supplied, the services of GEC Large Machines Limited outside construction staff are strongly recommended ; they have special knowledge of design details and of suitable erection and checking techniques THE HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974 The Purchaser should comply with the instructions and information in this manual , and is strongly advised that all personnel to be associated with the equipment supplied under the contract should be made familiar with the information contained herein It is essential that the personnel engaged on the installation , commissioning and maintenance of this equipment are both competent and experienced in these fields, and that they comply with the relevant statutory requirements and regulations , including the provisions of the Health & Safety Act , 1974, and any such modifications and amendments which may subsequently become a legal requirement CONTENTS 1.0 TECHNICAL DATA 1.1 For Generator 1.2 For Exciter 2.0 DESCRIPTION 2.1 General 2.2 Bearings 2.3 Cooler 2.4 Illustrations 3.0 INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING 3.1 Preliminary inspection and storage 3.2 Lifting and handling 3.3 Location 3.5 Oil-lubricated plain bearings - storage and assembly 3.7 Approved lubricants 3.9 Oils 3.10 Alignment 3.12 Flexible couplings 3.13 Dowelling of machines 3.15 Earthing 3.16 Insulation resistance tests 3.17 Removal of moisture 3.18 Methods of drying out windings 3.19 Phasing and connection 3.29 'Elastimold' plug-in connectors ( see also 5.8) 3.31 Neutral terminal box accommodating C.Ts 3.35 Bearing insulation 3.37 CACA coolers ( see also 4.19) 3.39 Putting machine into service - check list ( M/c with cooler) 3.40 Paralleling 4.0 OPERATION & ROUTINE MAINTENANCE 4.1 General 4.2 Windings 4.3 Adjustment of air-gap 4.9 Pressure- fed plain bearing - operation and maintenance 4.14 Shaft- mounted rectifier diodes 4.15 A.C exciter 4.16 Permanent magnet pilot - exciter ( P.M.G.) 4.19 CACA coolers ( see also 3.37) 5.0 OVERHAUL 5.1 Dismantling of generator - general 5.2 Drying out (see 3.16 , 3.17 and 3.18) 5.8 Dismantling of 'Elastimold ' plug-in connectors 5.10 Withdrawal and assembly of a.c exciter 5.11 Withdrawal and assembly of P.M.G 5.20 Dismantling of pressure - fed plain bearing 5.21 Removal of rotor 5.22 Re-assembly of generator Cont'd CONTENTS ( Cont'd) 6.0 SUGGESTED SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 7.0 SPARES AND RENEWALS 7.1 General 7.2 List of recommended spares SECTION 1.1 A.C GENERATOR S441060 01/02 Serial No DG630/1600Q Frame size BS5000/99 Specification •• 15°C •• Air inlet temperature to cooler 4194 kVA Output 0.8 lag 6600V 60 Hz R a ted p ower -factor •• Volta g e •• •• Frequency •• •• 1800 rev/min Speed • 367A Full-load stator-current Insulation •• Enclosure •• Wi n din g resistances •• St a t o r •• Rotor Air-gap Bearing(s) Make Type - NOE DE Class ' F ' •• •• •• • (CACA) IP55 IC06 61 056 ohms/phase a t 20°C 0.72 ohms at 20°C • •• 8mm GEC Large Machines Glacier 0160 )COO Glacier 0160 x 80 with taper- land thrust faces •• Automatic voltage regulator •• •• Make , Type GEC Industrial Controls C10/120 Rectifier diodes •• Make •• Type Marconi Electronic Devices • M201 1200 (R) •• •• Anti-condensation heaters Make •• •• • oltage •• •• Rating • • Hedin Mat 254V 1792 watts TECHNICAL DATA (COnt'd) A.C Generator (Cont'd) 1.1 (Cont'd) Lubricant recommended ) Make ( Type ( recommended ) •• quantity per bear i ng Temperature •• •• Shell „ Turbo (ISO VG) 46 (8-10) NDE (4-6.5) litres / minute DE •• 600C , switch •• Differential- pressure 0.7 millibar 15200 kg Weight ( approximate) •' DW4103380 Outline Arrangement drawing 1.2 Exciter Serial No 544106003/04 •• • Frame size UA339M5 , 855000/99 Specification •• volts 116 amps Output 99 on rated full load •, 30 volts 43 amps Generator (100°% volts) Generator on no load , 1800 rev/min Speed ^ •• •• Class 'F' •• Insulation IP55 IC06 61 •• •• Enclosure , , Delta •• Connection phase at 20°C 044 ohms / Rotating armature resistance 9.7 ohms at 20°C winding resistance •• Field , 1.5mm Air-gap Excitation data 40 volts Rated F /L •• •• • „ 12 No load (100% volts) •• 3.4 amps volts 1.2 amps Ti htenin for use for metric oonltsa head, 18 o bo I -Bolt Diameter 12 16 20 24 30 36 or ue in I Grade 8.8 Gre e l • 136 330 78 186 I I I I 364 628 1262 2170 REG NO 27 U$V 1996 SECTION DESCRIPTION 2.1 General These 'Unipak' generators are constructed similarly to the Company's 'Unipak' range of motors The stator winding is impregnated by the Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Process It is wound into a stator corepack which is welded together while under hydraulic compression The corepack has four feet which are integral with the endplates to form a stator frame which is bolted down onto the baseplate via shims which.give correct alignment at the time of construction and given care will maintain it for the machine's life The baseplate being the main structural member also carries the bearings, endwinding covers, terminal arrangement and top cover It also has a welded-on extension outboard of the non-drive end (N.D.E.) bearing which carries the permanent magnet generator (P.M.G.) and exciter stators The baseplate has four feet, being bolted down by eight M36 bolts The four pole brushless rotor has a through shaft which carries the P.M.G and exciter rotors outboard of the N.D.E bearing journal and a single internal fan at the drive end (D.E.) 2.2 Bearings_ ese are mounted to the baseplate via cartridges They are plain white metal bearings with liners split at the horizontal centre line, contained in two (top and bottom) part housings secured to the cartridge They are continuously fed with oil from the turbine's system via insulated pipework Both bearings are insulated from the baseplate at the cartridge to baseplate joint It is necessary to insulate both to test the operationally necessary insulation at the N.D.E bearing During normal operation the D.E bearing insulation is bridged by a braided copper earthing strap (see Section 3.35) WARNING: THE GENERATOR MUST NOT BE RUN UNLESS THE ABOVE EARTHING STRAP IS IN ITS OPERATING POSITION 2.3 Cooler A CACA (air to air) cooler is mounted on top of the top cover It cools the air heated by the operation of the generator, which circulates in a closed circuit The ambient air is forced through the open circuit side of the cooler by the two motor driven fans at the N.D.E of the cooler 2.4 Illustrations The construction of the generator is shown "by the figures with this section and the outline drawing ^ rY g #E2 a'IEi k k ^-r uax _p:rs U G d $ Vo? M ti LS g z^-5z U, $ MI LAZ ,.ad I a f F g as a$ Fd S C C & bl I I U 'se'ie`e C L • oooo' I -awl r-ub- L a •-iit th Ltln-° T - -l -6» o ' `s! < Q ^61xJ^ •_ _ •LL E "an^ 1^J -EZU ^ •-.Lax- Ltr< ib- sw ,RL L IFI € 'I4d W L;-Ltl - 11 11144 11 Y \Ii IWe°i^$a Pr.y P.^W S + S c O •I &RF 1Eryc _ F e np v, = N N '^s V ^ a 'rv - R w p P w p YI A^ # Q^' Q^ ^A QĐ R^.Q$ 87 Q^ &^ Qn P svg^ ^ iRN Y 8^ le P9 in ^ a g b P I ' S p Q ^ ^ 3R u L vi un J F PW rd ee a IWC v L10) 02 w s f4111 \b• a RP C f TP l SA!f^f^if^f S E H "•1 ei xyi Y N a t) t ° a O ttl+ O O tttl+ e° Htl+ sae Y e ° -fa+ SQ t/ K9 In- 41 e s ^ ^,, rtw] T - d l• ,o•,,,• owyT B g• % ia» d po.^ sYn I I Sol- idl• E TL aPYp 1 -tLtl-d r Fl e f >^g i QY z^ X,^ It ' ASS J I yt u tl : R x w @1 C e p n P P I & R ^ r^ E Q -; I q @ ' b6 fi^ L o p3 FS b+' frP I I ^w w^ jg CP I' y^+` 31 m ' ^ u b a na '^ a ^3 C P P; u :^ ^3 zibr `au w wp_ fr o7 ^^ S S ;o f f'l ^ V -F - - U Y b:q t ^ssb^ ; ota, .• IV,- °tt W q^[^ emu' F • e T T
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