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BÀI TẬP NGỮ PHÁP Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions Question 1: It gets _ when the winter is coming A cold and cold B cold and colder C more and more cold D colder and colder Question 2: If people paid more attention to the environment, the Earth _ greener A would be B will be C would have been D had been C they D don’t they Question 3: Nobody comes there, _ ? A does he B doesn’t he Question 4: That book is about the people in Samoa for two years A that she lived B that she lived among them C among whom she lived D where she lived among them Question 5: When the first child was bom, they married for three years A have been married B had been married C will been married D will have been married Question 6: This girl doesn’t reveal much about herself, and is .fascinating for it A as B the same C all the more D the more ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ Question 7: They _ actions to stop the blaze spreading However, they didn’t that A must have taken B had to take C neededn’t have taken D should have taken Question 8: When Tim was a child, there _ a park near his house A used to be B used to have been C used to have D used to be being Question 9: _ in the Middle East, oil became known as black gold because of the large profit it brought A That when discovered B Discovered C Discovering D Which was discovered Question 10 He has just bought a _ schoolbag A small plastic blue B blue small plastic C plastic small blue D small blue plastic ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ Question 11: They were extremely tired at the end of the journey because they for more than 24 hours A have travelled B have been travelling C had travelled D had been travelling Question 12: The fireworks festival is event that we all want to watch it A such wonderful an B so wonderful an C a very wonderful D a too wonderful Question 13: I thought the party _ really well A came off B came up C came about D came across Question 14: He denied _ the window of the classroom A to break B break C to breaking D breaking Question 15: The government is aiming _ a 40% reduction _ unemployment A to - of B at - in C on - in D for - of ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ Question 16: David does not have _ Peter does A money more than B as many money as C more money as D as much money as Question 17: The president came _ a lot of criticism for the speech he made in a television interview A in for B about C out of D off Question 18: They will be staying here for _ few weeks A other B another C others D the others Question 19: I think jeans will not go _ of style soon A down B away C out D off Question 20: He joined the English club, _ were over 50 years old A most of its members B most of which C most of whom D most of whose members Question 21: Mr Huy received a warning for speeding He _ so fast A shouldn’t have driven B should have C would have driven D might have driven Question 22 The father said to his daughter: “When you’ve finished lunch, I’ll _ you back to school in the car When school’s finished I’ll come to the school and _ you back home.” A take - bring B bring - bring C bring - take D take -take Question 23 I locked the door of my room all day yesterday to avoid _ A disturbing B being disturbed C to disturb D to be disturbed ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ Question 24: He was the last man _the meeting room A who leave B to leave C leaving D left Question 25: Clothing made of plastic fibers has some certain advantages over _ made of natural fibers A that B which C the one D what Question 26: Whenever I visited her, my grandmother _ my favorite cake for me A would make B use to make C would have made D have made Question 27: He was injured after jumping _ the wall yesterday A over B under C across D through Question 28: As a small child, he was used to _ alone in the house for several hours A being left B leaving C be left D leave Question 29: Nowadays, many serious childhood diseases _ by early immunization A prevent B can prevent C can be prevented D are preventing Question 30 _ winter I spent in _ USA was one of _ best in my life A A/ a/ the B The/ the/ a C The/ - / the D The/ the/ the ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ Question 31: Kelly and Tim persuaded me _ the party A attending B attended C to attend D to be attended Question 32: There were many politicians at the meeting, several of _ were very young A that B whom C who D which Question 33: Tim didn’t his homework, so the teacher became very angry He _ his homework A must have done B should have done C might have D will have done Question34 Tim was disappointed because he _ for the train for two hours A was waiting B waited C has been waiting D had been waiting Question 35 Everybody thinks that the play last night was very successful, _ ? A don’t they B doesn’t he C was it D wasn’t it ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ Question 36: Over the years, he gradually became impervious _ about his wife’s comments about his chosen profession and in the end she stopped complaining A about B for C of D to Question 37: Hoa hoped _to join the club She could make friends with many people here A being invited B to invite C to be invited D inviting Question 38: An endangered species is a species _population is so small that it is in danger of becoming extinct A whose B which C what D who Question 39 _ over long distances is a fact that everyone knows A That electricity transmitting B That electricity can be transmitted C That electricity D That can be transmitted ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ Question 40: Your sister seldom cooks meals, _? A did she B didn’t she C does she D doesn’t she Question 41: Yesterday, I _ a serious accident while I _ on the beach A see / am walking B saw / was walking C was seeing / walked D have seen / were walking Question 42 On my birthday, my mother gave me a _ A new blue German car C new German blue car B blue German new car D German new blue car Question 43 Tim told Daisy that he _ he film three times A had seen B saw C have seen D sees ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ Question 44: _, he received a big applause A Finishing his presentation B His presentation has been finished C After he finishes his presentation D When finished his speech Question 45: Governments should _ some international laws against terrorism A bring up B bring about C bring in D bring back Question 46: The size and shape of a nail depend primarily on the function _intended A which it is B for which it is C which it is for D for which is Question 47 we have! A What awful weather B How awful is the weather C How awful the weather D What an awful weather Question 48 I think that married couples should be financially independent _their parents A to B of C with D on Question 49 Many ambulances took _ injured to a nearby hospital A an B a C the D  ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 10 Question 50: All _ we had been told turned out to be untrue A that B which C what D where Question 51: _no taxi, they had to walk home A There was B There being C Because there being D There is Question 52: There has been little rain in this region for several months, _? A has it B has there C hasn’t it D hasn’t there C to fix D fixed Question 53: Her car needs _ A be fixed B fixing Question 54 To _ should I write if I want to make a complaint? A which B what C who D whom Question 55 _ his good work and manners, he didn’t get a promotion A Because of B In spite of C Even though D As a result of ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 11 Question 56: Genetically, the chimpanzee is more similar to humans _ A are than any other animal B than any other animal C any other animal is D and any other animal is Question 57: When the weather was very hot in summer, sales of bottles of water went _the roof A through B to C above D over Question 58: If we leave here now, we can drive half the distance before we stop _lunch A for having B having had C having D to have Question 59: He lifted the phone receiver, _slightly A his hands trembling B his hands were trembling C his hands trembled D with his hands trembling Question 60: No matter _, he was an accomplished composer while still a child A how it seems remarkable B how remarkable it seems C it seems remarkable how D how seems it remarkable Question 61: Such a doctor _retire from his job before the retirement age A as well as B may as well C so as to D as much as Question 62: By 1820, there were over sixty steamboats on the Mississippi river, _ were quite luxurious A which many B many of them C many of which D many that Question 63: We put his success _his efforts A up to B down to C off at D up with Question 64 Linda had a problem with her finances, so we talked _ A over B it over C over it D over and over ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 12 Question 65: Can you tell me who is responsible _luggage? A to check B checking C for checking D about checking Question 66: Not only _ the exam but she also got a scholarship A did she pass B she passed C she has passed D has she passed Question 67: Rarely have I visited _ Bangkok, the capital of Thailand A as a beautiful city as B as beautiful a city as C as beautiful as the city D as a city as beautiful as Question 68 I read the essay again and again _ avoiding making spelling mistakes A in terms of B by means of C with a view to D in view of Question 69 Not until a monkey is several years old _ to exhibit signs of independence from its mother A beginning B does it begin C and begin D it begins ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 13 Question 70: How can the manager act _nothing had happened? A therefore B so C if D as though Question 71: She used to work here as a nurse, _she? A did B didn’t C wouldn’t D use Question 72: Okay, I _ the tickets if you buy the drinks A will buy B buy C would buy D bought Question 73: If you are _ with your goods, contact us within a week of receipt, and we will refund your money in full A not completely satisfied C not completely satisfactory B not completely satisfying D not satisfied completely Question 74: I don’t remember _ of your decision to change our plan A to tell B being told C telling D to be told Question 75: I would sooner you _your phone in the meeting A shouldn’t have used B shouldn’t use C not to use D didn’t use Question 76: Never in my life _ such an intelligent boy A I have met B I haven’t met C have I met D haven’t I met Question 77 We have a party tonight and Mary is worried about _ A what to wear B which wearing C these wearing D that she wearing Question 78 The girl proposed that their group leader _a camping trip A organized B organize C organizes D organizing ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 14 Question 79: It was _we couldn’t stop laughing A such a funny story that B so a funny story that C a very funny story that D so a laughing story that Question 80: How well people remember things _on many different factors A depends B depended C depending D depend Question 81: In most _developed countries, over 50% of _ population attends higher education at some time in their lives A 0/0 B the / C / the D the/a Question 82: I walked away as calmly as I could _, they would have thought I was a thief A If so B Or else C In case D Owing to Question 83: After the flood, all the drains were overflowing _ storm water A with B by C from D for Question 84: The total cost to renovate the building was $20 million, _ double the original estimate A mostly B most all C the most D almost ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 15 Question 85: After my husband _ his work, he went straight home A would finish B has finished C had finished D was finishing Question 86: On hearing that she failed the entrance exam, Hanh couldn’t help _ into tears A bursting B burst C to bursting D to burst Question 87: My friend _ for hours before he arrives A will be driving B had driven C will have been driven D will have been driving Question 88: My lawyer advised me _ anything further about the accident A not saying B telling C not to say D not tell Question 89 I have been to Da Nang city _ of time A a great deal B much C a lot D little Question 90 You won’t pass the exam _ you study hard A unless B in case C so D as Question 91 Not only _ well but she also dances perfectly A does she sing B she sings C she can sing D can sing ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 16 Question 92: I’d have been able to say goodbye to Peter if only _ to the airport in time A I get B I got C I have got D I had got Question 93: Although he _ to Mark Twain, I think his books are unique A often has been compared B has often compared C has often been compared D has been often comparing Question 94: He denied _ part in the fighting at school A to take B take C to taking D taking Question 95: Had you told me that she was going to drop out of college, I _ it A hadn’t believed B will never believe C would have never believed D can’t believe Question 96: He’s not breathing He _ A must die B must be dead C must have dead D must not dead Question 97: My sister went _ the competition and won the first prize A on B in for C away D through Question 98 The trip to the UK was very expensive _ , it was worth every penny A Whatever B However C Despite D Even though ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 17 Question 99: If I didn’t have a mobile phone, my life _ complete A would not have been B will be not C would not be D will not be Question 100: I went to university with a very important person, _ Bill Clinton A namely B however C therefore D for example Question 101: She’d rather I _ to the party with her yesterday A had to go B to have gone C went D had gone Question 102 Some people _ to the party were late because of thick fog A be invited B invited C were invited D Who invited Question 103 Mr Hung in the army from 1970 to 1980 A has served B had been serving C had served D served ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 18 Question 104: There is no answer when I ring him He _ the office already A needn’t have left B should have left C can’t have left D must have left Question 105: The last of these reasons is _ the most important A so B very C far D by far Question 106: They have lived next door to us for years _ we hardly ever see them A yet B although C so D and Question 107: The more you study during semester, _ the week before the exam A you have to study the less B the less you have to study C the least you have to study D the study less you have Question 108: I know you feel bad now, Jimmy, but try to put it out of your mind By the time you’re an adult, you _ all about it A forget B will be forgetting C will have forgotten D are forgetting Question 109: They live on a busy road _ a lot of noise from traffic A It must be B There must be C There must have D It must have been Question 110: Nobody says a word about that accident, _? A they B don’t they C does he D doesn’t he Question 111: The headmaster says that the laboratory in our school next semester A will be building B will build C are being built D will be built ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 19 Question 112: Mike won five medals at the competition His parents _ very proud of him A could have been B can’t have C can’t be D must have been Question 113: My English teacher, Mrs Brown, was the person _ I had great respect A for who B for whom C that D whom Question 114: _ make a good impression on him A Only by doing so can I B Only so doing can I C Only by doing so I can D Only by so doing I can Question 115: The authorities recommend that the meeting _ next Monday A be held B is held C will be held D held Question 116: _ the salesman promised to exchange the detective CD player for a new one, they insisted on getting a refund A And B But C Although D Despite Question 117: Many years ago, black children were _ to discrimination in many schools A subjective B subject C subjecting D to be subjected Question 118: It’s about time Mrs Brown apologized to me _ me a gossip in front of everybody A to have called B that she called C of calling D for having called Question 119: He had spent _ time writing an essay on his childhood A a few B a large number of C a great deal of D many ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 20 Question 120: He is exhausted He _ around the whole afternoon trying to clean the house before the guests arrive A has been running B run C be running D was running Question 121: If you knew he was ill, why _ you _ to see him? A didn’t / come B wouldn’t / come C should/come D would/come Question 122: Tim is nearsighted He _ glasses ever since he was nine years old A should have worn B must wear C need wear D has had to wear Question 123: As a student, you envied your friends who were working and earning their own money, _? A were they B didn’t you C weren’t they D were you Question 124: Neither Mary nor her sister _ to attend the concert A go B are going C have gone D is going Question 125: On Sundays, many people take their cars to service stations A to get the oil refilled B to get the oil refill C to refill the oil D to make the oil refilled Question 126: _ advised on what and how to prepare for the interview, he might have got the job A Had he been B If he had C Unless he had been D Were he to be Question 127: The more difficult the job is, _ A the more interesting she finds B the more she finds it interesting C she finds it more interesting D the more interesting it is to her ĐỀ THI THỬ THPT QG 2019 – CÔ DƯƠNG THỊ HƯƠNG – MEGABOOK – ĐỀ SỐ 21 Question 128: Let’s take actions to protect the environment, _ we? A needn’t B must C shall D will Question 129: People should eat _ and _ to reduce the risk of heart disease A less and less fat / the more exercise B less fat / more exercise C the less fat / the more exercise D the lease fat / the most exercise Question 130: Tim would like to specialize _ computer science A of B to C in D at Question 131: We have bought some _ A German lovely old glasses B German old lovely glasses C lovely old German glasses D old lovely German glasses Question 132: If Bill _ a job now, he wouldn’t be so unhappy b giới từ at Những động từ thường gặp go on, keep on, scream, shout, yell E.g: He shouted at the girl to open the door c giới từ on Những động từ thường gặp count, depend, prevail, rely E.g: I depend on you to find the best solution d giới từ to Những động từ thường gặp appeal, gesture, motion, signal E.g: She signalled to the man to open the windows Question 32 Chọn đáp án B - that: không dùng sau giới từ - who: không dùng sau giới từ - “whom” “which”: dùng sau giới từ - Chúng ta dùng “all, most, none, neither, any, either, some, (a) few, both, half, each, one, two, several, many, much” + of which/whom E.g: I have two brothers, both of whom are doctors Dịch: Có nhiều nhà trị họp, vài số họ trẻ Question 33 Chọn đáp án B Cấu trúc: - must + have Vpp: hẳn làm - should + have Vpp: lẽ nên làm - might + Vpp (bare-inf): làm (tương lai) - will + have Vpp: làm trước thởi điểm/ hành động khác tương lai (thì tương lai hồn thành) Dịch: Tim khơng làm tập nhà giáo viên tức giận Cậu ta lẽ nên làm tập nhà Question 34 Chọn đáp án D Động từ “wait” câu chia q khứ hồn thành tiếp diễn để diễn tả hành động nguyên nhân điều q khứ Cấu trúc: - S + had + been + V-ing (thì q khứ hồn thành tiếp diễn) Dịch: Tim thất vọng cậu chở tàu tiếng đồng hồ Question 35 Chọn đáp án A Nếu câu đầu có dạng “I + V (think, believe, suppose, ) + mệnh đề phụ” lấy mệnh đề phụ làm câu hỏi đuôi E g: - I think he will come here, won’t he? - I don’t think she can swim, can she? (vì phía trước có “not”) Nếu chủ ngữ câu đầu dạng mà “I” ta dùng mệnh đề đầu làm câu hỏi đuôi E.g: She thinks that he will come here, doesn’t she? Do đó, câu này, chủ ngữ “everybody” nên phần hỏi đuôi theo mệnh đề đầu => phần hỏi thể phủ định đơn + đại từ they Dịch: Mọi người nghĩ kịch tối qua thành cơng, có phải không? Question 36 Chọn đáp án D - impervious /ɪm'pɜ:viəs/ (+ to)(adj): not affected or influenced by something: không bị ảnh hưởng, không bị tác động E.g: She was impervious to his charms Dịch: Qua nhiều năm, anh không bị ảnh hưởng lởi phê bình vợ nghề nghiệp mà anh chọn cuối cô ngừng phàn nàn Question 37Chọn đáp án C cấu trúc: - hope + to V: hi vọng làm (chủ động) - hope + to be Vpp: hi vọng làm (bị động) - invite sb to sth: mởi làm Động từ câu phải chia dạng bị động phù hợp nghĩa Dịch: Hoa hi vọng mởi tham gia vào câu lạc Cơ kết bạn với nhiêu ngưởi Question 38 Chọn đáp án A - whose: đại từ quan hệ thay cho tính từ sở hữu trước danh từ - which: đại từ quan hệ thay cho chủ ngữ tân ngữ vật - who: đại từ quan hệ thay cho chủ ngữ ngưởi - what: dùng mệnh đề danh từ E.g: What you have said is completely right Trong câu này, đại từ quan hệ cần điền vào “whose” để thay cho tính từ sở hữu Dịch: Lồi có nguy tuyệt chủng lồi mà số lượng mà có nguy bị tuyệt chủng Question 39 Chọn đáp án B - Mệnh đề “that” câu mệnh đề danh từ làm chức chủ ngữ - Mệnh đề danh từ: mệnh đề có chức danh từ Cấu trúc: - That/ where/ when/ why/ what/ + S + V + V- chia dạng số + (mệnh đề danh từ làm chức chủ ngữ) E.g: What you did makes me disappointed (Những điều bạn làm khiến tơi thất vọng.) Do đó, phương án A, C, D không ngữ pháp Dịch: Điện truyền qua khoảng cách xa thực tế mà biết Question 40 Chọn đáp án C - Mệnh đề đầu đơn nên phần hỏi đơn => loại A, B - Mệnh đề đầu có trạng từ tần suất “seldom” mang nghĩa phủ định nên phần hỏi đuôi dùng khẳng định Dịch: Chị bạn nấu ăn, có phải khơng? Question 41 Chọn đáp án B Đây kết hợp khứ tiếp diễn khứ đơn để diễn tả hành động xảy có hành động khác xen vào khứ (hành động xảy chia khứ tiếp diễn “was/ were + V-ing”, hành động xen vào chia q khứ đơn “V2-ed”) Dịch: Hơm qua tơi nhìn thấy vụ tai nạn nghiêm trọng dạo bãi biển Question 42 Chọn đáp án A Trật tự tính từ trước danh từ: OpSACOMP Size Age Origin Purpose Opinion - tính từ quan điểm (beautiful, wonderful, bad ) Size - tính từ kích cỡ (big, small, long, big, short, tall ) Age - tính từ độ tuổi (old, young, new ) Color - tính từ màu sắc (orange, yellow, blue ) Origin - tính từ nguồn gốc, xuất xứ (Japanese, American, Vietnamese ) Material - tính từ chất liệu, (stone, plastic, leather, silk ) Purpose - tính từ mục đích, tác dụng Do đó, trật tự tính từ câu new (age) - blue (color) - German (origin) Question 43 Chọn đáp án A Thì hồn thành diễn tả việc xảy lặp lại nhiều lần E.g: I have visited Hanoi City several times (Tôi đến thăm thành phố Hà Nội vài lần rồi.) Động từ “see” câu phải chia khứ hồn thành lời nói tường thuật lại nên ta phải giảm động từ (hiện hoàn thành => khứ hoàn thành) Dịch: Tim bảo với Daisy cậu xem phim ba lần Question 44 Chọn đáp án A Đây cách rút gọn mệnh đề trạng ngữ chủ động chủ ngữ vế giống (dùng V-ing) Ta thấy: When/ After he finished/ had finished his presentation, he received a big applause => When/ After finishing his presentation, he received a big applause Hoặc Finishing his presentation, he received a big applause (rút gọn mệnh đề trạng ngữ chủ động) Do đó: B, C sai động từ; D sai ngữ pháp (finished => finishing) Dịch: Sau kết thúc thuyết trình mình, anh nhận tràng vỗ tay to Question 45 Chọn đáp án C - bring up (ph.v): nuôi dưỡng - bring about (ph.v): làm xảy ra, dẫn đến - bring in (ph.v): introduce a new law: giới thiệu/ cơng khai luật - bring back (ph.v): mang trả lại, làm nhớ lại Dịch: Các phủ nên ban hành số luật quốc tế để chống lại khủng bố Question 46 Chọn đáp án B - intend + for: định dùng, ý định cho - giới từ đảo lên trước đại từ quan hệ - Trong câu này, “which” thay cho danh từ “the function” Do đó: The size and shape of a nail depend primarily on the function for which it is intended = The size and shape of a nail depend primarily on the function which it is intended for Dịch: Kích cỡ hình dạng đinh phụ thuộc chủ yếu vào chức mà định dùng Question 47 Chọn đáp án A Cấu trúc: - Câu cảm thán với how what: * What + a/an + adj + N (đếm số ít) (+ S + V)!/ What + adj + N (không đếm được) (+ S + V)!/ What + adj + N (đếm số nhiều) + (S + V)! E.g: What a lovely house you have! * How + adj/adv + S + V! E.g: How beautiful she is! Do đó, B C sai cấu trúc; D sai "weather" danh từ khơng đếm nên khơng có mạo từ “a/an” phía trước Question 48 Chọn đáp án B - independent of sb/ sth: độc lập, không phụ thuộc vào E.g: Students should aim to become more independent of their teachers Dịch: Tôi nghĩ cặp đôi kết khơng nên phụ thuộc tài vào bố mẹ - Adjective + preposition: expressing feelings Nhiều tính từ cảm xúc ý kiến kèm theo giới từ cụ thể: amazed at/ by, ashamed of, bored with, confident of, content with, crazy about, critical of, enthusiastic about, envious of, fed up with, impressed by/ with, indifferent to, interested in, intolerant of, jealous of, keen on, nervous about/ of, proud of, satisfied with, scared of, shocked at/ by, surprised at/ by, tired of, upset about, worried about E.g: Many young people seem very enthusiastic about the event - Adjective + preposition: different meanings Một số tính từ kèm theo giới từ khác nhau, phụ thuộc vào nghĩa chúng: afraid of/for; angry/ annoyed/furious about/ with; answerable for/ to; bad/ good at/for; concerned about/ with/for; disappointed with/ at/ about/ in; frightened of/ for; good about/ to/ with; glad for/ of; pleased about/ at/ with; sorry about/for; unfair of/ on; wrong about/ of E.g: We are concerned about what is going on in the world, (concerned about ~ worried about) We have a reviews section, which is concerned with films, CDs and books, (concerned with ~ to with) Question 49 Chọn đáp án C - the injured (n.pl): the people injured in an accident, a battle, etc: người bị thương Dịch: Nhiều xe cứu thương chở người bị thương tới bệnh viện gần Question 50 A: Question 51 A Question 52 B Question 53B Question 54 D Question 55 B Question 56: B Question 57:A Question 58:D Cấu trúc: - Stop to sth: dừng lại để làm E.g: I stop to read books - Stop doing sth: dừng hẳn làm E.g: He stopped smoking (Anh ngừng hút thuốc hẳn.) Dịch: Nếu rời khỏi lái xe nửa quãng đường trước dừng lại để ăn trưa Note 35 Một số động từ với động từ nguyên thể V-ing, có khác ý nghĩa: Stop V-ing: dừng làm (dừng hẳn) Stop to V: dừng lại để làm việc - Stop smoking: dừng hút thuốc - Stop to talk: dừng lại đề nói chuyện Remember/forget/regret to V: nhớ/quên/tiếc phải làm (ở - tương lai) Remember/forget/regret V-ing: nhớ/quên/hối tiếc làm (ở khứ) E.g: I regret to inform you that the train was cancelled (Tôi tiếc phải báo tin cho anh chuyến tàu bị hủy.) - She remembers seeing him (Cô nhớ gặp anh ấy.) Try to V: cố gắng làm Try V-ing: thử làm E.g: I try to pass the exam (Tôi cố gắng vượt qua kỳ thi.) - You should try wearing this hat (Bạn nên thử đội mũ này.) Prefer V-ing to V-ing Prefer + to V + rather than (V) E.g: I prefer staying at home to going out - I prefer to stay at home rather than go out Mean to V: có ý định làm Mean V-ing: Có nghĩa E.g: He doesn’t mean to prevent you from doing that (Anh ý ngăn cản bạn làm việc đó.) - This sign means not going into (Biển báo có ý nghĩa không vào trong.) Need to V: cần làm Need V-ing: cần làm (= need to be done) E.g: I need to clean the house - Your hair needs cutting (= Your hair needs to be cut.) Used to V: từng/thường làm khứ (bây không làm nữa) Be/Get used to V-ing: quen với việc (ở tại) E.g: I used to get up early when I was young (Tơi dậy sớm trẻ.) - I’m used to getting up early (Tôi quen với việc dậy sớm rồi) Advise/ recommend /allow/permit + O + to V: khuyên/cho phép làm Advise/ recommend /allow/permit + V-ing: khuyên/cho phép làm E.g: They don’t allow us to go out - They don’t allow going out - We are allowed to go out (bị động) Question 59:B Question 60:B Question 61:C Question 62:B Question 63:B Question 64:B Question 65:C Question 66:A Cấu trúc đảo ngữ với “not only”: - Not only + trợ động từ/ động từ to be + S + V .but + S + also + V (khơng mà ) E.g: Not only does he sing well but he also plays the piano perfectly A, C sai cấu trúc D sai “thì” động từ Dịch: Cô thi đậu mà học bổng Note 37 Đảo ngữ với “not only, not until, not since, not a +N” E.g: Not until 11 o’clock will he come back ~ It was not until 11 o’clock that he will come back (Mãi 11 về.) Not until he came home did he realize that he had lost his wallet (Mãi nhà nhận ta ví.) Not only does she sing beautifully but she can also play the guitar well (Cô ta khơng hát hay mà ta chơi ghi-ta giỏi.) Question 67:B Question 68:C Question 69:B Question 70 Chọn đáp án D - therefore: Vì thế, đó, - so: thế, - if: - as though: Dịch: Sao trưởng phòng hành động thể chưa có chuyện xảy chứ? Note 39 + Mệnh đề sau as though mệnh đề khơng có thật + Nếu động từ mệnh đề trước chia thời đơn giản động từ mệnh đề sau thường chia khứ đơn E.g: He acts as though he were rich (Anh ta làm thể giàu có lắm) (He is not rich infact) + Nếu động từ mệnh đề trước chia khứ đơn động từ mệnh đề sau chia khử hoàn thành E.g: Jeff looked as though he had seen a ghost (Trông Jeff thể vừa gặp ma) (He didn’t see a ghost) Question 71:B Question 72:A Question 73 Chọn đáp án A - satisfied with somebody/something: hài lòng với đó/cái E.g: She’s never satisfied with what she’s got Note 40 Vị trí trạng từ câu: Trước động từ thường E.g: They often get up at a.m Giữa trợ động từ động từ thường E.g: I have recently finished my homework Sau động từ thường: E.g: She is singing loudly Sau động từ to be/seem/look trước tính từ Cấu trúc: be/feel/look + adv + adj E.g: She is very nice Sau “too”: V + too + adv E.g: The teacher speaks too quickly Trước “enough” : V + adv + enough E.g: The teacher speaks slowly enough for US to understand Trong cấu trúc so that: V + so + adv + that E.g: Jack drove so fast that he caused an accident Đứng đầu câu, câu cuối câu E.g: The teacher carefully marked all the incorrect sentences on the blackboard (Thầy giáo cẩn thận đánh dấu câu sai bảng đen.) Certainly, they will be here this afternoon He fulfilled the work completely well Trạng từ bổ nghĩa cho động từ gần E.g: They secretly decided to leave the town (Họ bí mật định rời khỏi thị trấn) định cách bí mật They decided to leave the town secretly (Họ định rời khỏi thị trấn cách bí mật.) Question 74:B Question 75:D Question 76 Chọn đáp án C Câu đảo ngữ với Never: Never + trợ động từ + S + V E.g: She had never experienced this exhilarating emotion in her life => Never in her life had she experienced this exhilarating emotion Dịch: Chưa đời tôi, gặp cậu bé thông minh đến Note 41 Đảo ngữ với trạng từ phủ định (negative adverbials) Never (before), rarely, seldom, barely/ hardly/ scarcely when/ before, no sooner than, nowhere, neither, nor E.g: Never (before) have I eaten this kind of food (Trước chưa ăn loại thức ăn này.) Hardly/ Barely/ Scarcely had she left here when he arrived (Cô vừa rời khỏi đến.) Question 77 Chọn đáp án A Cấu trúc: từ để hỏi + to V Dịch: Chúng tơi có bữa tiệc tối Mary lo lắng việc mặc Note 42 - Mệnh đề danh ngữ mệnh đề bắt đầu bàng if, whether từ để hỏi (what, why, when, where, ) “that” - Mệnh đề danh ngữ đóng vai trò danh từ; đó, mệnh đề danh ngữ làm chủ ngữ hay bổ ngữ tùy thuộc vào vị trí mệnh đề cảu E.g: + That she comes late surprises me (Việc cô đến muộn làm ngạc nhiên) + I don’t know what he wants (Tôi anh muốn gì) - Dạng rút gọn mệnh đề danh ngữ: S + V + từ để hỏi (what, where, when, how ) + to V - Mệnh đề danh ngữ rút gọn mệnh đề danh ngữ giữ chức bổ ngữ, mệnh đề mệnh đề danh ngữ có chủ ngữ E.g: I can’t decide whether I will leave or stay => I can’t decide whether to leave or stay Question 78:B Question79:A Question 80:A Question 81:C Question 82:B Question 83:A Question 84:D Question 85:C Question 86:A Question 87:D Question 88:C Question 89:C Question 90:A Question 91:A Question 92:D Question 93:C Question 94:D Question 95:C Question 96:B Question 97:B Question 98:B Question 99:C Question 100:A Question 101:D Question 102:B Question 103:D Question 104:D Question 105:D Question 106:A Question 107:B Question 108:C Question 109:B Question 110:A Question 111:D Question 112:D Question 113:B Question 114:A Question 115:A Question 116:C Question 117:B Question 118:D Question 119:C Question 120:A Question 121:B Question 122:D Question 123:B Question 124:D Question 125:A Question 126:A Question 127:D Question 128:C Question 129:B Question 130:C Question 131:C Question 132:C Question 133:C Question 134:D Question 135:C Question 136:C Question 137:A Question 138:D Question 139:D Question 140:D Question 141:B Question 142:C Question 143:D Question 144:C Question 145:A Question 146:A Question 147:B Question 148:B Question 149:B Question 150:B Question 151:B Question 152:D Question 153:D Question 154:A Question 155:A Question 156:B Question 157:B Question 158:B Question 159:A Question 160:D Question 161:D Question 162:A Question 163:A Question 164:C Question 165:B Question 166:B Question 167:B Question 168:D Question 169:A Question 170:A Question 171:C Question 172:C Question 173:B Question 174:B Question 175:C Question 176:A Question 177:D Question 178:D Question 179:A Question 180:D Question 181:C Question 182:A Question 183:C Question 184:A Question 185:A Question 186:C Question 187:D Question 188:A Question 189:C Question 190:A Question 191:D Question 192:B Question 193:C Question 194:D Question 195:A Question 196:D Question 197:D Question 198:B Question 199:D Question 200:A Question 201:D Question 202:D Question 203:C Question 204:A Question 205:D Question 206:A Question 207:D Question 208:B Question 209:A Question 210:A Question 211:B Question 212:D Question 213:C Question 214:A Question 215:A Question 216:D Question 217:A Question 218:B Question 219:C Question 220:D Question 221:C Question 222:B Question 223:A Question 224:C Question 225:A Question 226:B Question 227:D Question 228:D Question 229: A Question 230:A Question 231:D Question 232:D Question 233:A Question 234:C Question 235:D Question 236:B Question 237:D Question 238:D Question 239:C Question 240:D Question 241:D Question 242:D Question 243:D Question 244:A Question 245:C Question 246:B ... rút gọn mệnh đề trạng ngữ: Chủ ngữ vế giống Cách rút gọn: - Dùng V-ing mệnh đề trạng ngữ dạng chủ động; Dùng Vpp mệnh đề trạng ngữ dạng bị động - Bỏ liên từ động từ “to be” có Câu ban đầu chưa... (Rút gọn mệnh đề trang ngữ) Mệnh đề trạng ngữ mệnh đề nối liên từ when, because, while Điều kiện rút gọn: Hai chủ ngữ phải giống Cách làm: - Bỏ liên từ (hoặc để lại biến thành giới từ) - Chủ động... natural fibers” => Từ thiếu câu “clothing” Tuy nhiên, để tránh việc lặp lại danh từ đề cập trước câu so sánh ta thay danh từ “that” danh từ số đếm danh từ khơng đếm bằng“those” danh từ số nhiều E.g:
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