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i I ', il l,lj MICHAEL ROST Simon le Maistre Carina Lewis Kevin Sharpe Simon Greenall Series Editor, British English edition Worldvierv Sludent Book rA Copyrighr O 2002 by Pea¡son Educaiionümi(ed JuL¿s Pcrietcoúisi ci¡ Jpr','PNrntttt No part ol this publi.ation ma-v be ¡e¡r.dDced, sto¡ed in lldl I¡.k Holhns$rc¡ttr /co¡bis f¡¡81¡tl Michal Heronj Telegraph colou¡ Llbraryis rl bcrl Duclosi lÁl DiMassio/Kalhtr/coúú ¡¡l ch¡is Ryd/ oel (y Imaces, fa) nive G Housetcorbis TD) Gabe Palnet Corbis, (ul Milh¿el NeMran/rhotoÉd iL, la David Y.!.g \\¡o1fr/rhotoEd i¡, rc) Photonondo/Getry Image$ l¡r) Dotr3 MenucT/ GeÍy irnascsr l, Alvis UDiiis /Getty ]dages l, lose Lujs Pel¿€z, Inc /Corbh a¡, Alan cd€y/1be Imagewo*s, {r.l lose Lús PelacT,Inc /corbú;3 Pace Aútho¡izedadaptalio tr.n dre Unitcd Kingdom editio¡ c¡riilcrl ¿¿¡ar4¿ ¡o Gú, fi$t Editiod, lulrlished by Pc¿aon Educaiñ¡ I-inired publishiñg u nder fts r¡ngnan inpriñ r retri€val sl,sle¡r, or¡asmitt€d iomr o¡ b] ¿ty lrees, elcctro i., m€charicnl phoro.o¡ying, rcco¡di¡s, or oiheNis€, rvidrour thc p¡iorternissionol (he ¡ublishe¡ ür dr,r Anelican ¡lnglish adaptation plbl hhed bl¡ Pe{son Education Aro PhotoEdit, frorbtu) Gerq tma'¿eli 15 l¡op lÚ) r¡P n¡r , op, S/t, r'Pv'' l frorJ "di !!!"q w.lff/rhuroFd I lnrd¿l¿rPirk nriJiL /¿ñ,D¿u'l ¡,nld¡e) Bill \a'rJ p.l \ r SreetPh;to!¡n, fnr:ddl¿,¡i¡t Royalry-Fr€e/Corbis, lóor¡on ¡¿J, \,"d¡ prF \., ¡p n In rg' r¡nr.r 4.dJ¡ \!p¿p I r¡r Cer^ ln,'Ep,l¿,oruz Rrr'\ rlú' o đr.rar"lo{mĐulrh r b\ 'A¡Á ls /./¡ lr I Peason Edncation, I Bank strcel, \\rhite Plans, NY I 0fj06 lditorial di¡edor: Panelá ¡ishm:ú ft o jccL m¿n¿ger ]¡e¡e ltankel seDiordevclopm€nreditor Marc(a call¿hm vicc pr€sideDt, di¡eclor of desien and prcductioD: Rh€a B,nkcr lxecutilc man¿8rng edito¡: l-i daMoser Associate managúrgediior: Mike Ken¡per r\Jt dned.r: Elizabeth Carlson \¡ic€ presidc t, director olinte¡r¡rional nük€ting: Bruno Paul Senio¡ narut¿clu¡ing buyeri Edie PuIt'an Text dd cover desigD: izabcth c¿rlson Phoro rcsetrch: Aerin Csigay l¡rl.or¡posirion:Wo dImageDesign Terfonr: lo.5/l3prlftopia dd l0/12prl¡utigeraold Paee Pr 2I ]0-BAM {9 03 07 0{i 05 H.l\o, Goo.lble.\lalds d nosic by lohn ]¡nnon and l\4 J"n.'vpr g rO q \or¡ rl\(o"g\ ü Coprrishl renewed All Íehts admi¡ klered by sony/^fv Music Püblishing, Musi Sqlareü¡est, Nashvillc, lN:17203 lnrdnation¿l coptright secucd All righs rcseredi5! ¡-¡,, ¿¿ ¡ñ¿ ¡oút worls dnd music try Genl coflm and c¿role Ki¡8 O I 962 (lenewed 1990) Screcn Cqns EIVII Nlusic In righrs reseNed lúer¡¡rio al c.prrighr secured uscd s'io'rh , o br r'8,¡ dP\ P¡ 'P- ol ,¡!rai J' l¡anü ' 'n.e.' ¿,"¡, ¡,, Poor'dotJ ¡uutal t Br -n HrErtd d ,oo¡p, r¿ro'''r' rñn loo4Dh.,_u Fo\1 ( orb 20 Aer mr rrobr'; ,b¡ 'o br', l¡,p ¡tgl¡tl C!Éth rlowd€D, (r¿r¡¿tr r¡A¡¡¡) 1iclor clifford; 23 arol W)\ñ Ee stale,lbatrr te¡t)Ddiel Bosler/cettl' lñages, Cop ,r¡¡ rur rre'n r¡or'd, t"p ith'ad.l¡r l' \-m 8" tin"n 'ittr " ad u¡g'\'n.n.tur' il't \ but,t tih lm¿ge star€; 24 Gery Im¿8esj 27 íel, Reúa, {r,'gli, Powrsio.k z€fa: 2s lromilly Locky€r /CeÍ,v lnagesr 3r rex ¡eanuesi 3a ¡¡¿¡l CcLrr Imases, a¡,p risftt AsDed Pi.l! É Libra4l Óurol" ¡¡A¡¡l i!'\ rui ,¡p;.' ;ro., {.ps'11.r"'p ¡bb'\'r owilLm lh, l.Ap$or* \¡ nar ) BlJ" phuro I ihrr '\dJd Nf.KellaI/B¡and X Pictures/PicnrcQu€sti 40 llex ¡cainresi 46 David Yoú ng-Nolfi/PhotoFdt as lrevor Clifford; 50 a¡op.) (id Éca.ox7 Getla lnaAes, ¡r¿f¿n) Ve¡a Srorman/ceity l¡¡agesi s t d¿|i) ML Sinib¡ld¡/co ris, {r¡r.ñ,Inase staleis3 Creg?ease/ ¡s¿i¡rStweCorto¡/rxdhrgKi¡de$lcyNledi¿Libraqi 56 lrool:t )."r '"n ultr Darl nL tun l' r 'l' J VP¿ia I b "4 p F cwin tu , o hi , D l¡tr b'ol\,f rF q lmlg' daa 4p ldJ Prinred iD the Unilcd Sl¿tesof¡rneica rJ aoub Corbisi 19 (,¿dol fnBroio/Gettylm¿ges, f¡a¿¡ú¡,.) Mark Scoit/Getty lúages, ll4¡t¡¡¿m) AIP/coÑis, (lgkr¿¡s)A¡P/ rhil DeÉ \P P' 6Prrl ru ñ'on, c;!r lúag€s; 55 ls¡trt Royaliy-Frce/Corbis, ls¡¿r¡s) DaüdYoung wolfi/PhoroEdn, ¡sr¿¿b¡s) Spc¡cerGra.t/Photo¡dir, ls¿'l Ga€th BowdeD, (sđitl Stcve GoroD/Dorling Kind€rsley lvtedi¡ l-itrran ¡sue¿r¿r) DavidYonns rvI/Pho¡oEdit, f.o¿¡.) Dorling Kinde;sby Media Library, {p¿;¡sl David Youru wolfirPhotoEdil, Lib.¡rl'olCoDgress Conlrol Number 20031158!7 ? ap toi ¡Adbln \| 't\ Hh[e rhoro LLbnd r,]rddi r¡tht ) roth s tbahúnt r¡A¡ ¡) poppedoto; 13 coibis; 1,1 ¡¡opl C Squ edStudios/CettvlÍages by ^11 lennission crowleArt C¡oup, p Ioi P¿ul MccNkerr pp 9, 3:Ji Niogensen,p.l40iSleveSchulrnrn,fp.5.1,57,53 suzame Brick¡ell/Dorling Kindesley Media tibráry, a,¿l¿úsl Roy¡lly Fr€e/Co¡bh, a¡,1¿¡¿sl Peter H¡rholdr/coúis, (¿¡l Tin Ridlel/¡rg Knrdersley Medja Lib¡ary ado,¡l lro¡ingKinde6ley Media Lilmry, lp¡dlot B.b Kr istco¡b¡, l@¿t Gr¡y MotilT Corbis, 53 (.¡o.b Paul B¡ick¡elt Doding Kinde$Ley l4edia Librarf HuhonArchiv€/Gcrrt Images: 60 {¡1.1 Rila Ma¿s/GerryImases, lBl willia m B¿nag /cetty l¡nages, acl lrs (ove/G€tryImages, fDt David Yours $¡oll l/Ph.ioEdit, a¿:l David Young-woltr/ John lF) Tony F¡€€mm7 PholoEdir, acl c Squa¡.d Stüdios/ reh,i¡ Marjnezr Photolidi(, lt) Mitch Gcl ry Inages, Phololdit, líl H¡dlicka/Gcuy In¡ag€s, a,¡l chris c¡Iins/c.¡bh, (I(l c squared studios/Gety Imges, (r) Iclicia Mdtnrez/rhoiord it, lM) Róya1ty-ftee/Co¡bis, l , christel RoscnL'ld /Cetiy lmages, aol c sqMred S(udi.s/?hoiodisc/PiclúreQu€st 64 David Yoüng \\¡ol ff/PhoioEdit; 65 lm¿ge Stale; 66 Richdd Price/Getiy Images lntroduction Welcome Lo Wo dvielo, '¿ fourlevel English course for adldts and youngadults WorLlvt¿¿, builds fluencyby exploring awide range ofcompelling topics presented fuom an intematioral peFpective A trademark two-page lesson design, with clear and attainable language goats, €nsures that sludents feel a sens€ of accomplishmenl and increased self-confidence in every class Worldllt¿¿rl apprcach to language learning folows a The Class Audio Program is available in either CD or cassette format and corrains al1 tire recorded material for in-class us€ The Teacher's Resoüce Book (wilh Testing Audio CD and Testcen Software) has thr€e sections of reproducible material: extra communication actiüties for in-class use, modelwriting passagcs for each Student Book\\,riring assignment, and a coDrplete testing program: seven quizzes and ¡vo tests, along with scoring guides and answerkcys Also ircluded are an Aüdio CD for use with the quizzes and tests and an easy-to-use lestcen software CD for customizing the tests simple and proven MAP: Motivate learning through stimulating content a¡d achievable learning goals .Anchor language production with st¡ong, focused language preseniations Personalize learninC tlüough engaging and communicative speáking activities For each level of the tuII coüse the l4Ioravíerll Video prcsents sever, five minure authentic video segments connected to St d¿¿¡Boo¡topics Notes to the Teacher arc available in the ytd¿o package, and Student Actiüly Sheets car be dowÍloaded f¡om the wor¡¡lvi?¡, CoDpanion Website Coürse cornponents The Wo dvieu Student Book with Student Audio CD and the Wortúoo¿ are available in both full and split ediiions Stüdent Book s.lth Srüdent Audlo CD (Spltt ,E¿¿¡7b¿) The Student Book contains 14, four page units; pefodic Revie$, Units; two World of Music Units; Information for Pair and Group Work; aVocabulary listi and a Grammar Reference section Th€ Student Audio CD includes tacks for al pronunciation and lisrening exercises (or reading r€)lts, in selected units) in rl\e Student Book.The Stúdent Audío CD c:l],be usedwithth€ Sfr¿J¿nt Boot for self studyand coordinates with the la orlüooL lir.ening ¿nd prL,r'un' iariol L \er.i-e\ For each actiüty in the Student Book, the interleaved Teache¡'s Edition provides step'by- step procedures and exercise ans$,erkeys as well as a wealth oI teacher suppor¡ unitwarm ups, Optional Activiiies, Extensions, Culture Noies, Background Information, Teaching Tips, Wrap-ups, and extensive Language Notes.In addirion, the l¿dcft¿rt t¿itior? includes acourse orientalion guide, tllll audio scripts, and the /ort ook answe key Theworkbook asplt¡-L?t¡ionJ has 14 three page units that corespond to e ach ol rhe Student Book ünits tJsed in conjunction lvith th€ Stud¿r¡tA&d¡¿ CD,lhe Workbook ptolides abundanl review and practice activitics forVocabul¡ry Gmmmar Listening, and Pronunciation, along with pedodic Self- qüzzes A Learning Stntegies section at the beginning of the ü/ork ook helps students to be The Wor¡¡lvia, Cornpanion Website (ww.lo¡ücw) provides a variety of teaching support, includingVidco Sheets and süpplemental reading materi¡1 ^ctivity Unit (ont€nts Each ofthe units in Worldvia¿, has seven closely Cetting itaned: , o¡n un¡ "ll\ c open nts, \'r, i.c " that introduces targe t vocabulary Listening/Reading: a tünctional conversation or thematic passage Lhat introdüces targer grammar crámmár focus: an exercise seqüence thal allows students lo focüs on the newgrammar point and to solidi¡, Lleir leajning Pronunciation: slress, rhfhm, aDd intonation p¡actice based on üe target vocabulary and grámnlar Speaking: an intenctive spealdng task focused on stuLdent production of target vocabr ary gramma! a¡d lunctional larguage Writing: a personalized writing acriüty that stimulates student production of target vocabula ry and grannmr Conversa¡ion to go: a concise rcminder ofthe glarnmar tunctional language introduced in the u]rit course length With its fleible lb¡mat and course compon€nts, W¿rldyi¿&r responds ro a variety ofcourse needs, and is süitable fbr35 to 45 hours ofclassroom instrüction- Each unitcanbe easily expanded by üsing bonüs activities liomrlrc 1¿acher\ Ed.ition, reproducible activiti€s available in üe 'l¿dcl¿¡t li¿so¡¿r.¿ a¿ok, linked lessons tiom the Wo¡l¿vta, progr¿m, á¡d supplementary reading assignments in the Wor¿¿Jview Companion Website v;¿J¿o l Scope and Sequence Gretlnqs ¿nd l€vetakings; uutt I Here's my card tl uun z Meeting people //, uutr z Around Rev¡ew (Units 13) Listenlng: People i¡ Nrió.alili4 á¡d.oxnirie( R€ding: A¡€ vou /n¡ernaúbnd/¿ A quiz abo!1 Lisieni¡g:A phone conversalion be¡/veen a sn esp€¡son ¿t an ¿ customer ¿nd olice srpply s¡orc Paqe rB ,l uu¡ s Favor¡te th¡ngs /¡1, uw a l/, uNtt T P¿se 2a Lirening:A radio inierui€w wllh people ¿bout their $i¡gs f¿vorite lnterest¡ng Readlnq: A website featuring Ponabello Road places urening: A offi@ Listening: deÍiptlo¡ of Haruard Square a woÍran telling moving men whére to pln living room or living room? A leiter to a pen pal about T¡¿¡kqivinq R€¿dinq: /1/, unn e ihemrlves ¿nd sayinq intem¿tiona people and thinqs office obj€cl¡j nunrbeB 20-99 t4¡orld of Mus¡c Celebrat¡ons (Unih 5-8) hee30 Review fu untr s The col¡ectors f¡ uttr to The modern /l unr r /// uutf 12 Reüew Lis¡enlng: A sho¡l conveGalion between two businesspeople Ocdpationsi numbels 0-19 thewo d Sett¡ng up a home office /1, uutr Fi6t Listenlng: People greeting each oher and saying goodbye s{ond R€diiq: rh€ 8,g9ef Galield Corert¡on, an article abor,t ¡umbérs 100 wo - 1,000 000 Words rel¿t€d to commüniction ti/orld of N]üs¡c Reading: On Va.ntian wiú Tn Lee, an adicl€ about what t¿vei writer lakes and doesnl take on vacaiion Lisleni¡g:A coN€6ation between Shopp¡n9 912) who have carfield colectibles Listeninq: a conveEation about howAmericans cor¡municale Travel¡ng (Units e d Ilrings you lake on v¿otio'r; pmp clerk i¡ a mme¡! c a customer and a othing sk)re Páqe 16 Paee 5a List€¡i¡g:A radio int€¡Mew in a slpermarket about y'l wtt tz How sweet ¡t ¡sl Re¡dinq: sáort ánd Sweel an anicle about th€ problem of ealing too m¿ny sweeh //1,, uN$ fl Reüew4 (Unit 1314) Pá9 /6 lnformat¡on for pair and group Grammar Referen(e Pdge r42 IV Reading: Changing./obs: Ihe ca¡€€r coffrft¿na, a w€bslle l€aturinq two people who ch¿ng€ jobs lob exchange work r,q"r'6 sentence rMm saying he//o and; introd ucing you Write p€ople s names corr€rtly Éelf spellingfames [4aking introductions lndefnite anicles: be simple D€scribe n/vo fiends ¿nd iheir a, ¿n ple5ert Yel¡vo Plurah; be simpl€ pres€nt: W F¿lling inronalion for wá- t€ ¿n inr€marional quiz Askinq for and giving Wil€ inlomaiion Talkinq ¿bout people wrile a pardqaph about a ftiendl fa!9ite $inqs on order fonn quesrions ¿nd sratem€nls and f¿vorite dri¡gs Talkinq about pl¿ces Wirte a review of your favorite Dr'be an offce or liünq roon Simple present ¿fliínali!€ Write letter to ¿ liiend aboul a eñding Simple Fes€llt YelNo querion5 Write a paEg¡¿ph colleclibles falkinq about muaum short answers negative sf¿lemsÍs or a colleclion in ¿ Simple present Desüibe how you communlc¿te Weak fo¡ms: a4 rome, any Talking about v¿cations Dessibe your lravel plant lncluding ihinqs ¡o pack and Alkjng for infomafon DemonsÍative adjectivesl [4ake a shopping list of clolhes you need, including ilems colort and sizes Count and non count nouns; vowel sounds: /o/ in not and Talklnq aboul úe WÍE an email about foods you like and how much you eal Quantifiers: mud, manf ¡,skins about job skills Descdbe your job skil s, lndudifq Here's my card i/t:tthú¿r'.r Greetings and leave-takings; introductions; names; the alphabet affirmative statements; subject pronouns ti,t1¿,1i.ine Sayir\g hello and goodbye; introducing yourself; spelling names (.1'/):.,-.ttitixt be simple present: ,t,,llt1, w l;.tl'/, rit rlil,,ri1ii;N:ii!t:.ttitti)it: t: I Look at photos A-C What are the people doing? What are they say¡ng? ffi A tlst n to fnree conver5at¡ons Wh¡ch conversat¡on matches each photo? Photo A ffi rt,l ffi (-¿ tist"n Photo B Photo C t;::;, compare your answers ^na Miguel Santos
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