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FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG TRƯ Ờ NG ĐẠ I HỌ C BÁCH KHOA – ĐẠ I HỌ C ĐÀ NẴ NG ĐỀ THI TOEIC ĐẦ U RA CHÍNH THỨ C - ♣ ♣ ♣ READING I PART 101 East Coast Airlines flight number 15 from New York Chicago has been cancelled A to C by B in D at 102 _ visitors are requested to register with the security guards when entering the building A All C Every B Each D Whichever 103 Employees of the Kita Corporation are encouraged to exercises during their breaks A oftentimes C monthly B everyday D day by day 104 Files in the accounting department need according to date A organizing C organization B organize D organized 105 You will get a special identification number only you have registered with Select Software A while C on B if D yet QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG 106 The board meetings usually on time A have started C are starting B start D have been starting 107 Everyone was disappointed to hear that the company’s proposal was _ A turned up C turned away B turned on D turned down 108 The employees-of-the-year prizes will be awarded to employees who demonstrated contribution to the company’s overall sales A whole C exceptional B inclusive D multiple 109 Those who have questions concerning fringe benefits are advised to consult employee handbook A their C themselves B they D theirs 110 The error was noticed after Ms Radice the order to the supply company A had sent in C has sent B sends in D is sending 111 We all have our _to bear so I should be grateful if you would stop complaining all the time A problems C crosses B situations D results 112 Mr Kim is considered one of the most honest most hardworking members of the finance team QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG A but C and B or D with 113 The main _of stationery for the office suddenly announced would be an overall increase in their prices A provision C provisional B producer D provider 114 Once again the company has had to make a in the number of office staff to try and recoup their losses A reducing C reduce B reduction D reduces 115 If the managers want to stay employed, they will have to learn how to stay on of their jobs A summit C head B top D line 116 Currently there is a shortage of clerical staff but it is hoped that by the end of the year they will be up to full _ A capability C control B capacity D capable 117 The _trend in children’s desire to wear designer label clothes should be exploited A currant C occurring B current D occurred 118 The really effective television commercial is the one that _ you of its authenticity A persuades QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 B persuasion Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC C persuasive U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG D persuading 119 The contract was signed by the three partners who thus agreed to _by terms and conditions contained in it A follow C abide B adhere D stick 120 That company has been in business for over 100 years and in fact was in 1899 A grounded C found B established D invented 121 The government has changed its policy and had a complete change of A view C mind B opinion D heart 122 Dean returned to Indiana after his mother died, where he was _by his uncle and aunt A grown up C taken over B brought up D taken off 123 I would be very interested in _for that job A entering C applying B working D writing 124 I would ask you kindly not to interfere with what I’m doing as in all honesty it’s of your business A no C none B nothing D nor QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG 125 Although they had high hopes that they would be successful, they _out of business within six months A turned C went B came D fell 126 After working fifteen hours at the office, the new lawyer is finally putting away his papers and heading A homely C home B homey D homeless 127 The post office is located the end of the block, next to Charlestown Dry Cleaners A in C on B at D along 128 Mrs Summers complained that the CEO’s power – point presentation on the history of modern architecture was _ A boring C boredom B bored D bores 129 Mr Hawkins is a hard worker who usually performs quite _ under pressure A good C superb B well D excellent 130 _ heavy rain, this afternoon’s baseball game has been rescheduled for Friday A Due to C As B Because D Despite QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG 131 During the meeting, Zeke Grabowski made loud and clear about his position on the firm’s proposed acquisition of Penny Pharmaceuticals A him C himself B he D his 132 To be valid under state law, the contract requires the _ of the company’s CFO as well as its chairman A name C autograph B signature D moniker 133 Ms Mertenson will be unavailable next week you have made a previous appointment A until C except B unless D so 134 Each employee has an important to play in ensuring the success of our business model A work C piece B part D area 135 Mr Crowder and Ms Brighton, the manager suggest that we hire the one with the most experience A Of C On B Between D Through 136 Have you finished the office for that new client? A to design C designed B designing D having designed 137 We got on the bus and the conductor came along to collect our QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG A money C fares B tips D fees 138 If banks the number of credit cards, the economy would improve A limiting C had limited B limited D are limiting 139 Paychecks A are twice distributed a month C are distributed twice a month B twice a month are distributed D a month are distributed twice 140 The manager has to the presentation until next week A put off C put on B put with D put through II PART Question 141-143: From: Marika Fiehne To: Astrid Anderson Subject: New office equipment request Thank you for welcoming me to Ontel My first week working here has been wonderful You asked me to e-mail you about the of my office Overall, it is very nice and suits most of my needs 141 A color B location C condition D dimension However, I would like a few small changes Could I get a different chair? The current chair is really too small for me I’d also like a conference table for _ with clients 142 meet01659 030 369 B QU NHA TRÂM to meet C meeting D will meetPage FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG My office also needs some technology upgrades The computer’s Internet connection is slow and frequently freezes in the afternoons It is very frustrating Also, I don’t have the ability to participate in video teleconferencing Would it be possible for me to get this? I am expected to participate in weekly conferences with our partners in other countries I will need a visit from the IT specialist, I should have antivirus software installed on my computer Maybe my current computer has it, but I find it 143 A should not B could not C must not D may not Thank you Question 144-146 Office Junction 1333 Auburn Ave N., Seattle, WA 98177 Tel: (206) 295-1829 December 1st, 2010 Carl Perry 245 Pike St.,#23 Tacoma, WA 98555 Dear Mr Perry, Seasons Greetings! As a customer, we wanted you to be among the first to know about our upcoming holiday sale All copy paper, printing ink, and general office supplies will be reduced by 50% for the month of December 144 A value QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 B valued C valid D validated Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG As it our tradition at Office Junction, we will be having a Christmas raffle This year the grand prize is a 2-night stay for two at the Buena Vista Hotel _ Camano Island 145 A through B on C over D at The winner will receive a free double-occupancy stay suite, as well as a free a free dinner on the moonlit patio Money from ticket sales will be to the Holiday Fund, a local organization that provides food and clothing to those who need it most this Christmas 146 A purchased B donated C funded D collected Question 147-149: To: From: Re: Missing Invoice Dear Stone Blair, I need to address, but the help desk operator at Autotech forwarded me _ e-mail address It is now midmonth, and Microserve has still not received a March invoice from Autotech 147 A their B your C his D its We receive an electronic invoice on the first of the month, and a reminder notice approximately half way through the month Neither of these has been received, therefore, I assume the bill has not been issued 148 A generally QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 B never C rarely D almost Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG It is particularly important that we sort out this error before May first We are a small company that submits tax forms twice a year, and we must include this information as part of our _ As the accountant of Microserve, it is my duty to submit all invoices related to spending to our head office by May 3rd at latest 149 A exercise B expenses C expertise D exchange Question 150-152: Date: September 17 To: All staff From: Office Manager RE: New Telephone System Our new telephone system will be installed over the coming weekend and will be operational Monday morning Each staff member will continue to have individual voice mail, callers to leave voice messages for you when you are not available to take a call 150 A allowance B allow C allowed D allowing Calls can still be to the main switchboard if you prefer to continue to have one of the operators take messages for you instead In addition, every telephone, not just the ones in the conference rooms, will be set up to make conference calls and long distance calls You will still need to use your employee code to make long distance calls If necessary, operators can arrange conference calls for you if given at least thirty minutes’ notice 151 A possessed B routed QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 C made D achieved Page 10 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG A It is more economical C It is safer B It is easier D It is faster 160 What does this say about commuter flights? A They have increased C They are more expensive B They have changed D They are quicker Question 161-163: TWO TYPES OF TRAINING On-the-job training is the most common form of training An employee learns from his or her supervisor or coworker how to the job On-the-job training is an apprenticeship Off-the-job training is the most expensive form of training An employee is sent to a training program where training is provided The purpose of both types is to improve the employee’s efficiency 161 Which of the following best describes on-the-job training? A Expensive C Common B Ineffective D Quick 162 What is on-the-job training similar to? A An apprenticeship C A supervisory position B Off-the-job training D A company benefit 163 What is the purpose of training? A To improve employee efficiency C To satisfy government B To spend excess capital D To please a supervisor QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 14 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Question 164-166 SALES We are looking for sales professionals for the Pacific Rim area with a minimum of two years’ experience in the clothing industry Good professional appearance, excellent communication skills, and a college degree are required We offer an excellent salary and benefit package 164 Who would most likely apply for this job? A An engineer C A professor B A real estate agent D A clerk in a clothing store 165 Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a requirement? A Good appearance C A master’s degree B Previous experience D Good speaking and writing skills 166 Where would this announcement most likely appear? A In a university catalogue C In a tourist guidebook B In a telephone directory D In a newspaper Questions 167-171 Dear Ms Robinson, I am the vice president of Chestnut Development Group, the real estate development company that will be leading the development of this area will be vital to the city’s economic growth and revitalization We would like to invite you and your constituency to attend a weeklong series of urban planning meetings to determine how best to restore the property Among participants in the meetings will be top architects and urban planners, local politicians and community leaders QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 15 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Our series of planning sessions will be lead by farmed urban planner Gustav Temoin, who founded the School of Termoin Urbanism Our first meeting will be held on Monday November 23 from P.M to P.M in the Wallace Town Hall building Four other meetings will following during that week I hope so see you on Monday Sincerely, 167 What is the purpose of this letter? A To confirm his attendance at a meeting C To thank Ms Robinson for organizing a meeting B To invite Ms Robinson to attend a meeting D To accept Ms Robinson’s invitation to speak at a meeting 168 The word “restore” in paragraph 2, line 2, is closest meaning to: A retain C replace B reform D reconstruct 169 According to the letter, who will NOT attend the meeting? A Architects C Professors B Politicians D Urban planners 170 Who is Mr Temoin? A A famous urban planner C A Philadelphia community leader B The superintendent of school D The president of Chestnut Development Group 171 When will the first meeting be held? A On November C On November 18 B On November 15 D On November 23 QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 16 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Questions 172-175: This month, Rockford Sports has experienced an unexpected increase in the sale of running shoes Executives feel that this was due in large part to the new ad campaign released in February The campaign was orchestrated by Albert Sterling, the Director of Advertising Mr Sterling has dedicated twenty years of his life to Rockford Sports; he started as a shoes salesman and has been steadily working his way up the corporate ladder ever since He has held his current position for the last five years Unfortunately, Mr Sterling will be retiring in March so the Hiring Committee has spent the past year trying to find a suitable replacement Just last week, a candidate was chosen for the position: Roy Portsmouth is respected for his keen marketing sense and strategic planning skills In particular, he is famous for introducing ad campaign that helped increase Famous Feet’s international brand power, and boosted its total retail profits by 25 percent Clearly, Mr Portsmouth will be a powerful addition to our company, and we hope all employees make him feel welcome 172 Where might this announcement be found? A A product catalogue C A company newsletter B A local newspaper D A shoe store 173 Who is Mr Sterling? A A department store clerk B A retiring employee C The Executive Advertising Assistant D A member of the Hiring Committee 174 What is TRUE about Mr Sterling? A He worked as a salesman for a decade C He took the lead of a new ad campaign B He knows Mr Portsmouth personally D He introduced a successful budget plan QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 17 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG 175 According to the announcement, what action is Mr Portsmouth known for? A Getting prompted very quickly C Designing a popular running shoe B Increasing the company’s profits D Planning an important sporting event Question 176-177: LEDEREN’S RESTAURANT Monday – Saturday Sunday Lunch: 11 a.m – p.m Breakfast: a.m – p.m Dinner: p.m – 10 p.m Dinner: p.m – p.m In addition to our regular menu, we offer the following daily specials just for $10.99: Monday: Pasta Primavera Tuesday: Vegetables Stir-fry Wednesday: Seafood Stew Thursday: Lasagna Friday: Fish and Chips We have a live entertainment on Wednesday and Thursday evenings Make a reservation is suggested for Friday and Saturday evenings 176 When does dinner start on Tuesdays? A At p.m C At p.m B At p.m D At p.m QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 18 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG 177 What is mentioned about Thursdays? A There is live entertainment C Seafood stew is special for the day B Breakfast is available starting at a.m D Having a reservation is recommended Question 178 – 180: QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 19 FACEBOOK: TOEIC QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Page 20 FACEBOOK: TOEIC QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Page 21 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Question 186-190: From: Howard Hilton To: Margaret Willow Subject: Defective Printer Dear Mrs Willow, My company, Pip Imaging, purchased an Easy Jet 1435 printer from your company four weeks ago Three weeks ago, an employee reported that the printer turned off every time she tried to print on both sides A week after the problem was reported, a repairman came to the office to fix the problem After spending an entire day talking apart the machine, he determined that the printer was missing an important screw It is critical that we have a functioning printer in order to provide our customers with quality photocopies Therefore, it is important that we fix this problem as soon as possible We will be closing temporarily in two weeks from June 23rd to July 2nd, while we charge locations, and we would like to resolve this problem before then Sincerely, Howard Hilton, Technical Director To: Howard Hilton From: Margaret Willow Dear Mr Hilton, First, I would like to apologize for the problem you encouraged with your printer This is the first defective product that we have ever been made aware of, and we have already contacted the Director of Production, Glen Milton, to investigate the current production practices for all Easy Jet 1435 printers We certainly want to resolve this problem as quickly as possible QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 22 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG We are happy to pay for all repair costs, as well as all shipping fees Please put the printer in its original box and send it to the Owner’s Repair Development The address for this department is provided in the Owner’s Instruction Manual that came with the printer We will have a specialist take a look at the machine immediately You should have a working printer within three to four weeks Please feel free to contact me at any time, should you have questions or comments Sincerely, Margaret Willow Director, Customer Relations, Easy Jet Office Supplies 186 How long ago did Pip Imaging purchase the printer? A One week C Three weeks B Two weeks D One month 187 According to the first email, when does the printer shut down? A Every time it finishes a printing task C When employees try to print on the front and back B If the machine is not cleaned regularly D After it has been used for a certain amount of time 188 What kind of business is Pip Imaging most likely? A A copying company C Photography studio B A hardware store D A software supplier 189 What should Howard Hilton before returning the product? A Check the receipt C Fill out a form B Repackage it D Call the Repair Department QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 23 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG 190 Why might Howard Hilton not be satisfied with Margaret Willow’s offer? A He has to make an extra payment for parts C He does not want to pay for shipping fees B It takes longer than he wants D The warranty expires before it can be fixed Question 191-195: Due to the recent weather and resulting construction delays, the work schedule has been changed for the next two weeks Hopefully, this will allow us to get back on schedule so the building will be finished by early July, as we originally projected Also, it’s supposed to rain again towards the end of this week, so the work schedule for Friday is tentative I’ll provide more details about that as we get more information on the conditions for those days If you have any questions about the new work schedule, or if you cannot meet the work requirements due to prior obligations, please call me as soon as possible at 903-8821 Thanks, Tom Chopko Construction On-site supervisor: Tom Chopko, Wendy Chopko Wednesday May 30 Main Task: Installation of roof structure framing Morning shift: Joe Flores, Sam Smith, Dannie Chruski Afternoon shift: Pat Oh, Leslie Jera, Jay Capshaw QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 24 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Thursday May 31 Main task: Roof installation Morning shift: Jay Capshaw, Pat Oh, Sam Smith Afternoon shift: Joe Flores, Dannies Churski, Leslie Jera Friday June Main task: Roof Installation Morning shift: Dannies Churski, Leslie Jera, Jay Capshaw Afternoon shift: Sam Smith, Joe Flores, Pat Oh 191 Why was the work schedule changed? A Because of a holiday C Because of employee absences B Because of the weather D Because of budget restrictions 192 When is the building expected to be finished? A In late June C In late July B In early July D In early August 193 What is indicated about the schedule for June 1? A It might change C It is only for half of the day B It will be posted on Thursday D It must be approved by Mr Chopko 194 According to the schedule, on what section of the building will the employees work? A The roofs C The floors B The windows D The foundation 195 Who will NOT work during the Morning shift on May 30? QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 25 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG A Pat Oh C Joe Flores B Sam Smith D Dannies Churski Question 196-200: Lumpkin’s Computer Center 88 Chestnut Street Winterdale, MN 90480 July, 26, 20 _ Dear Neighborhood Business, Lumpkin’s Computer Center has just opened in your neighborhood We offer all the computer supplies you need for your daily business In addition, we computer repair and self refurbished computers Best of all, we offer a convenient location close to your place of business Please stop by and find out what we have to offer that will make your work easier Our specials this week include brandnew printer ink, cartridges @$25 each and computer paper @$7 for package 500 sheets Show this letter for an additional 10% off your first purchase at Lumpkin’s See you soon! Your neighbors, Robert Oscar Robert and Oscar Lumpkin Holloway & Svenson Attorneys-at-Law Office Memorandum QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 26 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG From: Myra Holloway To: Yoshi Phipps Re: Computer Center Please look at the attached letter What a convenience to have a computer supply store on the same block as we are! Why don’t you go today and pick up some things, let’s say ink cartridges and 10 Packs of paper Don’t forget to take the letter with you for the discount Then you can pop around the corner to Crawford’s stationery on Maple Avenue for some manila envelopes and anything else you think we need Thanks 196 Who probably received the letter? A Local attorneys only C All neighborhood businesses B Holloway & Svenson only D Business throughout the city 197 Who are Robert and Oscar Lumpkin? A Attorneys C Computer manufactures B Software traners d Owners of the Computer Center 198 According to the letter, what can you at the Computer Center? A Buy a used computer C Have your printer repaired B Learn how to use a computer D Recycle your ink cartridges 199 Where is the office of Hollpway & Svenson located? A On Maple Avenue C On Crawford Street B On Chestnut Street D On Lumpkin Avenue QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 27 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG 200 If Yoshi follows Myra’s instructions, how much will he spend at the Computer Center? A $112.50 C $175.50 B $125.50 D $195.50 - ♣ ♣ ♣ - QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 Page 28 ... 369 Page 19 FACEBOOK: TOEIC QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Page 20 FACEBOOK: TOEIC QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Page 21 FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG Question... On-the-job training is an apprenticeship Off-the-job training is the most expensive form of training An employee is sent to a training program where training is provided The purpose of both types is... therefore, I assume the bill has not been issued 148 A generally QU NH TRÂM 01659 030 369 B never C rarely D almost Page FACEBOOK: TOEIC U RA BÁCH KHOA À N NG It is particularly important that we
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