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THE COLLEGE OF FPT POLYTECHNIC IN DA NANG Department of Engish Topic: Describe the foods you eat for your Student Subject Class Lecturer : Le Van Thuan (PD03090) : EngLish 1.1 : BISENT1123_2 :ĐỖ THỊ KIM CÚC Da Nang 19thFebruary,2019 Today, I will like to talk about my topic describe the foods I eat for me daily meals In daily life, the food we eat every day plays an important role It helps us to have enough energy to last a long day without getting tired All our daily work consumes a lot of energy, so it is important that we provide the right amount of food for ourselves Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day So, I never give up my breakfast, in the morning, I usually eat snacks and drink milk, sometimes I eat porridge, but the food I eat most in the morning is bread with eggs Because in eggs, high quality protein with low calorie content makes me always full when busy At midday and evening I mainly eat protein foods such as fish, meat, and so on, to supplement the energy of the body Our nutrients from many different sources of food, so we change the various eat much kinds of food, to bodies need more need more food to like beverages, vegetables, fruit, milk, meat, fish, eggs,,, But we need to eat in a regime of a reasonable diet and it would be good for our health We should also eat more grains such as rice, wheat,,, Because they provide our bodies with a large amount of starch, protein, fiber, vitamin,,,.Eating more fruit and vegetables is good for our health These kinds of food supply us with vitamins, minerals,,, They help the body healthy and prevent us from cancer, also We had better eat fresh fruit and vegetables several times a day For meat or eggs we just eat enough They contain not only high level of nutrients like protein, canxi,,, but also substances such as fat, cholesterol, etc that are quite harmful Fat and oil are also important because they contain essential fatty acids and vitamin E But if we eat too much them it could be harmful to health, cause some dangerous diseases like obesity, heart disease,,, Therefore, people need to know how to choose the right foods and drinks and more importantly enough nutrients to keep the body healthy
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