Engilsh 10 Revision - part 1

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Phu Xuyen A High School Summer 2009 English 10 Revision (Basic level) I. Pronunciation : Find out the word that is pronounced different from all other by circling A, B, C or D 1. A. excuse B. is C. nose D. rumpus 2. A. finished B. decorated C. walked D. stopped 3. A. love B. marvelous C. run D. luxury 4. A. poor B. pour C. usual D. actually 5. A. carefully B. label C. laconic D. internal 6. A. four B. daughter C. box D. dauphin 7. A. top B. job C. doctor D. cordon 8. A. speak B. spacious C. crisp D. spiel 9. A. satisfy B. chair C. massive D. platinum 10. A. quality B. queen C. quiche D. quarrel 11. A. ugly B. struggle C. glean D. grow 12. A. teacher B. about C. term D. other 13. A. charge B. march C. chevron D. chirrup 14. A. dials B. books C. students D. pictures 15. A. man B. men C. mat D. pan 16. A. machine B. sure C. seen D. special 17. A. massage B. engorge C. television D. dangerous 18. A. whale B. glower C. wharf D. we 19. A. islet B. ism C. irritable D. italic 20. A. lead B. leave C. read D. teach 21. A. obdurate B. occupy C. obedient D. offertory 22. A. pursue B. purpose C. purport D. purloin 23. A. rebound B. boundary C. count D. embouchure 24. A. privative B. day C. fashion D. pray 25. A. went B. tenant C. tenth D. rent 26. A. chance B. tense C. tones D. glance 27. A. phones B. learns C. Barnes D. Florence 28. A. dynamo B. dynasty C. dynamic D. dyke 29. A. disjunctive B. jam C. dislodge D. jacket Editor: Dao Duc Cuong Page 1 Phu Xuyen A High School Summer 2009 II. Vocabulary: Choose the best answer 1. There are a number of things I like to do in my free time. They are my _________ A. hobbies B. favorite C. idol D. dirt 2. The time that a pendulum finishes a completed orbit is _________ A. frequency B. cycle C. amplitude D. accelerator 3. Being a teacher is a ___________ work A. hardly B. hard C. harmless D. hardness 4. I remember __________ next door to you when we were in Australia A. to live B. living C. live D. have lived 5. We __________ for nearly an hour when we came. A. are waiting B. have been waiting C. had been waiting D. waited 6. The house __________ I am living is not in very good condition. A. which B. in which C. in where D. in place 7. __________ blind can see nothing. A. the B. a C. all D. every 8. He __________ a hand in greeting. A. rose B. aroused C. arose D. raised 9. My Uncle John ___________ manager of the film. A. is just made B. has just made C. has just been made D. has just been making 10. Don t speak to me in that __________ of voice.’ A. tone B. volume C. stress D. way 11. If the students want a certificate, _________have to pass the final examination. A. she B. they C. you D. their 12. If you see Tom, _____ you mind ________ him to get in touch with me. A. will / reminding B. will / to remind C. would / reminding D. would / to remind 13. If the prisoners attempt to escape from the prison __________ A. he will catch B. they will catch C. they will be caught D. the prisoners will have caught 14. _________ you agree, nothing can be arranged. A. Unless B. Without C. Because D. Lest 15. An interesting _________ of the city is old market. A. factor B. feature C. figure D. fact 16. If I were you, I wouldn t risk betting that money _________ this horse.’ A. for B. on C. to D. in 17. Steve and Sue were badly injured in the last match, so __________ can play today. A. both of them B. either of them C. neither of them D. not any of them 18. The sight of her son graduating filled her _________ pride. A. with B. of C. in D. at 19. I think I ll ___________ some digging in the garden.’ A. do B. ret C. make D. produce 20. Sport brings a balance __________ work and rest A. of B. between C. from D. in Editor: Dao Duc Cuong Page 2 Phu Xuyen A High School Summer 2009 21. She had a ________ tooth. A. sugar B. candy C. sweet D. yummy 22. I won t study English __________ I need it.’ A. when B. so C. until D. because 23. The idea __________ me with disgust. A. supplies B. fills C. provides D. gives 24. The bank __________ the company from the bankruptcy. A. saved B. rescued C. maintained D. flew 25. Within three days they had _________ their supply of food. A. exhausted B. used C. consumed D. ate 26. The receptionist _________ the way to the boardroom. A. led B. grasped C. received D. seized 27. The rain continued __________ all afternoon. A. falling dropping C. coming D. running Editor: Dao Duc Cuong Page 3 Phu Xuyen A High School Summer 2009 III. Uses of tenses: Put the verbs in brackets into suitable tenses. 1. What you (do) _________ now? I know you (work) _________ for a big company in Myanmar two years ago. 2. When I (be) _____ a little girl, I used to climb trees and go swimming in the river with my friends. Now I (not climb) ________ trees any more. I promise I (go) ________ back to my village to find my friends there. 3. While I (chat) __________ on the internet, my neighbors (start) ___________ fighting and (break) __________ a window. 4. We (just discover) _____________ a new shop - it sells things of half price. 5. I hear you (get) ______________ engaged last month. 6. The robbers (run) ______________ away five minutes ago. 7. My mother (just pass) _______________ his driving tests. 8. Sorry! I (forget) ____________ your name. What is it? 9. I don’t remember where and when I (meet) ______________ her. 10. Betty (belong to) ______________ the English-speaking club. 11. My neighbor says he is very rich but I (not believe) ___________________ him. 12. Columbus proved that the earth (be) ___________ round. 13. He knew that I (come) ____________ the following week. 14. Someone (knock) ____________ at the door. Shall I answer it? I (come) ____________ in a minute. I just (wash) ___________ my hands. 15. Now he (come) ___________ down again! He (carry) _________ a baby! The crowd (cheer) ______! 16. I can’t hear what you (say) ____________ ; the traffic (make) ___________ to much noise. 17. She always (lose) ___________ her glasses and (ask) ___________ me to look for them. 18. Cuckoos (not build) Editor: Dao Duc Cuong Page 4 . D. platinum 10 . A. quality B. queen C. quiche D. quarrel 11 . A. ugly B. struggle C. glean D. grow 12 . A. teacher B. about C. term D. other 13 . A. charge. her. 10 . Betty (belong to) ______________ the English-speaking club. 11 . My neighbor says he is very rich but I (not believe) ___________________ him. 12 .
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