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PREPOSITIONS Prepositions of time: at, in, on, etc Giới at được sử dụng nói đến một điểm thời gian chính xác Ex: The morning session begins at 8.30 and ends at noon At that time I was still a student at cũng được sử dụng trước tên gọi của giờ ăn hoặc chỉ ngày lễ chung chung Ex: I’ll see you at breakfast What does your family at Christmas? (NOT at Christmas Day) và chúng ta nói về tuổi tác của một đó ở một thời điểm cụ thể nào đó Ex:Both my parents left school at 16 At your age, I was already married and had a baby Giới in được sử dụng nói đến một chuỗi thời gian Ex:We usually listen to music in the evening They did all the repairs in one day Chú y in the night (‘during a specific night’) khác với at night (‘during any night’) in cũng được sử dụng trước các tháng, các mùa hoặc năm Ex: Summer time begins in March It’s very dry here in summer Dickens died in 1870 , và trước các cụm để nhận biết về thế kỷ và các chuỗi thời gian lịch sử Ex: The house was built in the 19th century Jazz first became popular in the 1920s Chúng ta cũng sử dụng in để chỉ một chuỗi thời gian trước việc gì đó xảy hoặc hoàn thành Ex: I’ll be back in an hour They said they’d finish the work in two or three days Giới on được sử dụng để chỉ một ngày cụ thể, hoặc một phần của ngày ấy, và ngày tháng Ex: I’ll see you on Sunday The meeting is on Monday morning The exam is on May 30th Đối với những cách dùng không trang trọng, nhất là Tiếng Anh kiểu Mỹ, người ta thường lược bỏ giới on: I’ll see you Sunday Chúng ta cũng sử dụng on với những ngày hoặc những thời điểm đặc biệt nào đó Bảng chữ cái tiếng Anh cho trẻ em tiếng anh cho trẻ em lớp Ex: I’ll be there on your birthday What you on Christmas Day? (NOT on Christmas) Các giới at, in hoặc on thường không được sử dụng trước cụm chỉ thời gian bắt đầu bằng each, every, last, next Ex: We had meetings every day last week I’m leaving next Friday, (NOT on next Friday) Chúng ta có thể sử dụng from và to đểchỉ điểm thời gian bắt đầu và kết thúc của một sự vật, sự việc nào đó Ex: The class meets from 2.30 to 4.30 We lived in Athens from 1998 to 2002 past (‘later than’) cũng được sử dụng nói đến một điểm thời gian nào đó Ex: What time is it? ~ It’s past eight o’clock Actually, it’s already twenty past eight CÁCH SỬ DỤNG CHÍNH XÁC GIỚI TỪ TRONG NHỮNG CỤM ĐỘNG TỪ SAU: apologise(to someone) for something: xin lỗi(ai) về điều gì apply for a job/ a place at university…: xin việc/ xin học đại học belive in something: tin(vào) điều gì belong to someone: thuộc về care about someone/ something: quan tâm đến ai/ cái gì take care of someone/ something: chăm sóc ai/ trông coi cái gì collide with someone/ something: va chạm, đụng phải ai/ cái gì complain(to someone) about someone/ something: phàn nàn, than phiền( với ai) về ai/ điều gì concentrate on something: tập trung vào điều gì 10 consist of something: gồm/ bao gồm cái gì 11 crash/ drive/ bump/ run into someone/ something:(lái xe) đâm sầm vào ai/ cái gì 12 depend on someone/ something: lệ thuộc, tùy thuộc vào ai/ cái gì 13 die of: chết vì gì 14 dream about someone/ something: mơ về, mơ thấy, mơ đến ai/ cái gì 15 dream of being something/ doing something: mơ, tưởng tượng trở thành cái gì/ làm gì 16 happen to someone/ something: xảy đến với ai/ cái gì 17 hear about something: nghe nói về điều gì 18 hear of someone/ something: nghe về, biết về ai/ cái gì 19 hear from someone: được tin 20 laugh/ smile at someone/ something: cười/ mỉm cười về ai/ cái gì 21 listen to someone/ something: lắng nghe ai/ cái gì 22 live on: sống nhờ vào 23 look at someone/ something: nhìn ai/ cái gì 24 look after someone/ something(= take care of): chăm sóc ai/ trông coi cái gì 25 look for someone/ something(= try to find): tìm kiếm ai/ cái gì 26 pay(someone) for something: trả tiền (ai) về cái gì 27 rely on someone/ something: tin cậy/ tin tưởng ai/ điều gì TÍNH TỪGIỚI TỪ ĐI KÈM 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 absent from : vắng mặt ở accustomed to : quen với acquainted with : quen với afraid of : lo sợ, e ngại vì angry at : giận anxious about : lo ngại về (cái gì) anxious for : lo ngại cho (ai) aware of : y thức về, có hiểu biết về bad at : dở về bored with : chán nản với busy at : bận rộn capable of : có lực về confident of : tự tin về confused at : lúng túng vì convenient for : tiện lợi cho different from : khác với disappointed in : thất vọng vì (cái gì) disappointed with : thất vọng với (ai) exited with : hồi hộp vì familiar to : quen thuộc với famous for : nổi tiếng về fond of : thích free of : miễn (phí) full of : đầy glad at : vui mưng vì good at : giỏi về 27 important to : quan trọng đối với 28 interested in : quan tâm đến 29 mad with : bị điên lên vì 30 made of : được làm bằng 31 married to : cưới (ai) 32 necesary to : cần thiết đối với (ai) 33 necessay for : cần thiết đối với (cái gì) 34 new to : mới mẻ đối với (ai) 35 opposite to : đối diện với 36 pleased with : hài lòng với 37 polite to : lịch sự đối với (ai) 38 present at : có mặt ở 39 responsible for : chịu trách nhiệm về (cái gì) 40 responsible to : chịu trách nhiệm đối với (ai) 41 rude to : thô lỗ với (ai) 42 strange to : xa lạ (với ai) 43 surprised at : ngạc nhiên về 44 sympathetic with : thông cảm với 45 thankful to somebody for something : cám ơn về cái gì 46 tired from : mệt mỏi vì 47 tired of : chán nản với 48 wasteful of : lãng phí 49 worried about : lo lắng về (cái gì) 50 worried for : lo lắng cho (ai) Exercises on preposition Complete the following sentences with proper prepositions: 1.We’ll buy a smaller house when the children have grown _ and left home The computer isn’t working It broke _ this morning My headaches have been much better since I gave drinking coffee I turned _ their offer because they weren’t going to pay me enough money It was not a problem We looked _ his number in the telephone book Helen takes her mother in many ways We need to set early tomorrow The plane took very quickly Anne’s leaving London tomorrow morning 10 Your friend is always complaining _ her job 11 If there was a technical failure, Gagarin might never get _ to the Earth 12 Courses like shoemaking or glass engraving provide people practical skills they can with their hands 13.She is famous _ her beautiful face and sweet voice 14 We are all aware the importance of the environment protection 15 His opinion is different _ mine 16 If you don’t pay attention _ the teacher, you won’t understand the lesson 17 I’m not familiar his name, but his face seems familiar _ me 18 We were very grateful _ our friends for all of their assistance 19 No one knew precisely what would happen a human being in space 20 How would the mind deal the psychological tension? 21 I’m good English, but I’m bad Mathematics 22 Mrs Brown is often worried money 23 Her parents are very pleased _ her French 24 I’m not interested _ politics 25 I’m bit short _ money Can you lend me some? 26 I was delighted _ the present you gave me 27 She was sad because he was very rude _ her 28 She was very angry _ Tom 29 Fred is capable doing better work than he is doing at present 30 You get bored _ doing the same thing every day 31 Thank you It was very kind you to help me 32 Mr Green is responsible hiring employees 33 There's really no need for you to be afraid the examination 34 Ken was proud his good marks on the English 35 My plan is similar _ yours, but it is different Ken's 36 Pierre said he had become quite fond _ American hamburgers 37 That fashion magazine is full advertising for women's clothes 38 Thin gloves aren't very suitable _ that kind of work 39 They were happy _ the results of the election 40 Y Gagarin lifted _ into space aboard the Vostok _ 9.07 a.m Moscow time _ 12th April, 1961 41 If you want to lose weight, you must go a diet 42 You should learn heart all the new words and try to use them in the context 43 We have been learning English five years 44.Can you send it to me _ fax? 45 She's never satisfied _ what she has got 46 She wanted to borrow some books him but she was shy _ asking 47 They succeeded escaping the burning house 48 I don't approve your smoking I wish you would give that habit 49 Do you think we'll find a solution the problem? 50 I must try and look my notes before the exam 51 He admitted having opened the suitcase _ asking its owner 52 Opening the parcel, he was surprised _ what he saw 53 She insisted him wearing the red tie 54 The teacher tried to explain the new formula his students 55 The English contest organized our teachers is an annual event in my school 56 The participants must find all the answers in order to go in the next round 57 Are you excited going on holiday next week? 58 She said to me "why don't you relax a while?" 59 the end of the film, the heroine was reunited with her family 60 On behalf our group, he made a speech at the meeting 61 Have you washed your hands _having lunch 62 He was accused _ having stolen a car 63 Thank you very much _ inviting me to your party 64 We could not play soccer due _the bad weather 65 If you don't want to watch TV Turn it _, please 66 He is retired He lives his pension 67 He's getting bored _ learning _ heart 68 The bomb went _ killing several by-standers 69 They cancelled the flight because the storm 70 The local people are very hospitable _ strangers 71 Why were you absent class this morning? 72 In English lessons we always speak _ English 73 When I bought the house, my sister helped me _ with a loan 74 Your father is very kind David 75 Your plan is similar _his 76 She is accustomed _getting up early 77 This area is rich oil 78 Are you acquainted this man? 79 It was very nice _ him to give me a lift 80 Smoking is harmful our health 81 Mary always take good care her children 82 Our study is very important our future and useful our country 83 Why don't you ask _a pay increase? 84 Don't shout the child when he makes a mistake 85 Ken prefers Chinese food French food 86 How long have they been working _the company? 87 He wore a hat, which made him look _a spy 88 I think your mother should let you make your own mind 89 The pens made plastic are very cheap 90 Many of the stories are based rumor 91 Was your friend successful getting a loan from the bank? 92 If you look the book, you can find what you need 93 You should make use the books you have 94 She was very upset the news of her father's death 95 How would the body react the extreme changes in temperature? 96 We congratulate you your successful flight 97 The American people shared the Soviet people their satisfaction for the safe flight 98 Most of the streets were named national heros 99 China became the third country in the world to be able to independently carry _manned space flights 100 He was in orbit around the Earth a speed of more than 17,000 miles per hour Đáp án tập giới từ Tiếng Anh up 21 at/at 41 on 61 before 81 of down 22 about 42 by 62 of 82 for/ for up 23 with 43 for 63 for of 83 for down 24 in 44 by 64 to 84 at up 25 of 45 with 65 off 85 to after 26 with 46 from/ of 66 on 86 for off 27 to 47 in / from 67 with/by 87 like off 28 with 48 of 68 off 88 up for 29 of 49 to 69 of 89 of 10 about 30 with 50 through 70 to 90 on 11 back 31 of 51 without 71 from 91 in 12 with 32 for 52 at 72 in 92 through 13 for 33 of 53 on 73 out 93 of 14 of 34 of 54 to 74 to 94 about 15 from 35 to 55 for 75 to 95 to 16 to 36 of 56 out 76 to 96 on 17 with 37 of 57 about 77 in 97 with 18 to 38 for 58 for 78 with 98 after 19 to 39 with 59 at 79 of 99 out 20 with 40 off / at / on 60 of 80 to 100 at ... o’clock Actually, it’s already twenty past eight CÁCH SỬ DỤNG CHÍNH XÁC GIỚI TỪ TRONG NHỮNG CỤM ĐỘNG TỪ SAU: apologise(to someone) for something: xin lỗi(ai) về điều gì apply for a... telephone book Helen takes her mother in many ways We need to set early tomorrow The plane took very quickly Anne’s leaving London tomorrow morning 10 Your friend is always complaining... harmful our health 81 Mary always take good care her children 82 Our study is very important our future and useful our country 83 Why don't you ask _a pay increase? 84
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