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SỞ NỘI VỤ QUẢNG NAMKỲ THI CÔNG CHỨC NĂM 2016NGÂN HÀNG CÂU HỎI TIẾNG ANH (KÈM ĐÁP ÁN)Kết cấu Bộ câu hỏi gồm 3 phần: Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm (200 câu) Phần 2: Đọc – hiểu (20 đoạn văn) Phần 3: Điền từ (20 đoạn văn)(File word có thể chỉnh sửa, mời các bạn tải về tham khảo)Chúc các bạn thành công và đạt kết quả cao trong kỳ thi Công chức 2016 SỞ NỘI VỤ QUẢNG NAM KỲ THI CÔNG CHỨC NĂM 2016 NGÂN HÀNG CÂU HỎI TIẾNG ANH (KÈM ĐÁP ÁN) Kết cấu Bộ câu hỏi gồm phần: - Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm (200 câu) - Phần 2: Đọc – hiểu (20 đoạn văn) - Phần 3: Điền từ (20 đoạn văn) (File word chỉnh sửa, mời bạn tải tham khảo) Chúc bạn thành công đạt kết cao kỳ thi Công chức 2016 PHẦN 1: TRẮC NGHIỆM MULTIPLE CHOICES (200) He’s so lazy that he always expects other people to the work If you want to swim in Hawaii in winter, you must go to the beach! There are some swimming pools Fiona is very angry about her boss’s decision to sack several members of! You are under no obligation to help as assistance is purely voluntary I’m afraid you may find the truth somewhat unacceptable Can you help me open the window? How many cakes does she have? She’s very coutious She can be relied on to her job properly You don’t have to whisper Nobody can hear us 10 You shouldn’t touch the at in an art gallery 11 You don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to 12 In my opinion, it’s only common sense to wear a seat belt in a car 13 How you think about the pollution problem in this country? 14 Mary and Jack work at the desk 15 I’m sorry that I screamed Something scared me 16 Your dinner is at 7pm so you shouldn’t eat late 17 His building is next to my house 18 My family’s picture is hanging on the wall 19 Our boss is speaking We must listen to him 20 Nobody died in the accident last week, but 20 people were injured 21 My mother is a nurse Jane’s father is a nurse, too They are both nurses 22 “Diana, what is the weather like today?” Jane asked Diana replied “It’s beautiful today” 23 Let’s go to school 24 Scientists carried out a carefully controlled experiment on the mystery virus 25 Tomorrow is my boss’ birthday I will give him a gift 26 People are advised to wear reflectors on their clothing when walking along a road in the dark 27 You’ve been talking about asking her out for weeks, what are you waiting for? 28 A lot of passengers who were in the car accident are still suffering from shock 29 The doctor showed the patient how to some exercises 30 Where have you been yesterday? I couldn't find you 31 Jack and Jean want/would like to know why they should it for her while she could it by herself 32 Soldiers have been sent in to try to restore order in the area 33 Because I am very busy at the moment, I can only arrange a little time to answer your letters 34 They were wearing heavy overcoats to protect themselves against the cold 35 I’m not surprised he became an author Even as a child he had a vivid imagination 36 Although the traffic was bad, I arrived on time 37 His employee doesn’t want to explain the reason behind his decision 38 The tabloid newspapers, which are engaged in a trading war, are all trying to print the most sensational stories to improve sales 39 Why you are always jealous with other friends? 40 Scientists have invented a new method of pollutants from industrial wastes 41 We lack of staff in our office at the moment There are not enough people to the work that has to be done 42 Nowadays, it needn’t cost a fortune to own a powerful computer 43 As a doctor, I must advise you to give up drinking too much wine everyday 44 I’m becoming increasingly forgetful Last week I locked myself out of the house twice 45 She’s not very decisive She’s never quite sure what she wants to 46 My car is very reliable; it’s never broken down 47 Helen’s parents were very pleased when they read her school report 48 Who did you say was coming to see me this morning? 49 The castles are _ to be over a thousand years old 50 Do you believe in ghosts? 51 Mind the food so that it won’t be over-cooked 52 The only means of access to the station is through a dark subway 53 May I borrow your pen, Jane? I seem to have left mine at home 54 It is up to the police to put an end to these robberies 55 Some people like to have the windows open all the time; others don’t 56 The roots of the old tree spread out as much as thirty meters in all directions and damaged nearby buildings 57 Last year, the music bad FTPG made a profit of several million crowns 58 If you like skiing, there’s a ski resort under an hour’s driving from Madrid 59 If you are “over the moon” about something, how you feel? Very happy 60 The content of the book was _ it was completely incomprehensible 61 Much of what he said was very sensible 62 Everyone is hoping and praying that durable peace will eventually come to the area 63 Does this jacket go with my trousers? 64 Continued high-blood pressure is dangerous because it can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke 65 They like to keep their old houses rather than building the new ones because it is very hard and expensive to maintain them 66 Before you begin the exam paper, always read the instructions carefully 67 Unless you take a map with you, you will lose your way 68 Even though I didn’t want my son to leave home, since he was twenty-one there was nothing I could to hinder it 69 Which of the following describes a country’s armed force that operates at sea navy 70 Mary lost one running shoe, but won the race despite this handicap 71 She noticed him run away from the house 72 Although they tried hard, the learners could not complete the project in time as they were lacking in skills and knowledge 73 She feels like giving up her job regardless of the consequences she will face 74 Even if you fail, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you tried 75 You’d better pack those glasses extremely carefully if you want them to arrive intact 76 She’s so prim and proper, you really have to watch _ you say or shell walk out of the room 77 He hasn’t written to us since he left 78 This book is divided into give parts and each of these has three sections 79 You’ve all missed the point The film itself is not racist - it simply tries to make us question our own often racist attitudes 80 The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned 81 Some of these clothes are yours, and the rest of them belong to Zack 82 Mexico changed from a country with a wheat shortage to one that was a wheat exporter 83 The old woman lived alone, with no one to look after her 84 He wasn’t very talkative tonight In fact he hardly said anything 85 She takes after her father, everyone says how alike they are! 86 When you arrive at the airport, the first thing you should is go to the check-in desk 87 As no one else cuts it as well as he does, I always have my hair cut at Johnson's 88 They decided to buy the house because its location would allow them to get to work very easily 89 I'm going to meet my friends, at Hoan Kiem lake tonight 90 Paris is the most crowded city in the world 91 I can’t eat this piece of meat; it’s too tough 92 I am looking for a part time job 93 It all happened so quickly, one minute I was making chips and the next the whole kitchen was on fire 94 I'm busy Please visit me next time 95 From my point of view, in this situation, you ‘d better say less and more 96 He just turned away when I asked him he meant 97 He is a man of few words 98 We have imported fewer computers this year than last year 99 You should always make sure your luggage has label on it when you travel 100 Last Christmas, the boss gave all his employees a bonus 101 Are you sure we are going in the right direction? 102 My new car is more economical than the one I had before 103 I seriously doubt whether he will actually carry out his threats 104 She was very blunt and told me quite simply that she didn’t like me 105 We can win only if we remain united, and so we must support them the moment they are on strike 106 We set up at about seven o’clock this morning and we eventually arrived at half past four 107 We have to complete the film this month No matter how cold it is, all the summer scences will have to be shot tomorrow 108 Everybody was here except for Jill two hours ago 109 During an exam, you not/are not allowed to copy from the other students 110 I have a secret to tell you, but I'll speak to you about it later 111 The room is ten metres in width 112 The Boston police went on strike in 1919 113 Louise was very patient with me when I was ill and crabby 114 My lover and my closest friend have just got engaged 115 Sachin felt drowsy because he had fever 116 It may be raining, but I’m thoroughly enjoying myself 117 Lizzie should ask Bryan to help her with her studies He did the same course last year 118 If you act according to the instructions, you should face no problems 119 You should always knock on the door before entering This is a private office 120 Is there anything else you’d like me to do? 121 Elenar usually wear clothes that don’t appeal to my taste 122 When we saw the professor off at the station this afternoon, he was looking forward to coming back on the first occasion 123 Since she is not a very abitious person by nature, the competition at work _ her much 124 I’m sorry about all the wrong/bad things I said to you 125 George has been in the publishing business since he was in college 126 That model on the TV is too skinny She should eat _, I think! 127 Deforestation is an alarming decrease in the amount of farming land 128 The author that it is necessary for every adolescent to establish his own place in society 129 He is by many people for the money he has helped raise for charity 130 Drive fast we will miss the train 131 I will go home he has not come 132 I hope there won’t be a repetition of these unfortunate events 133 You always take things _ granted 134 I have known her _ last year 135 He returned to his home town _ he spent the rest of his life 136 If we behave badly in class, our teacher stay late and extra work 137 After working in the hot sun, I wanted to drink _ 138 Pregnant women shouldn’t as it can damage the baby 139 He doesn't have many dogs, but he has _ 140 When does the meeting start? _ an hour 141 He wants to become _ a doctor or a dentist 142 I don't know _ 143 Can you read this letter _ in English? 144 Which of the following is used to start a very formal letter? 145 He’s very _about his work, so try not to say anything that he might take as a criticism 146 Before going to Madrid for your holidays, you should try and _ something of the language You will enjoy things a lot more 147 Listen to that music! Our neighbors _ play music that loud at this hour 148 After thirty-five years in the French department, Professor Lane finally _ last month 149 My brother wants _ go swimming with him 150 The local council is really strict about protecting that piece of lawn! You _ walk around it! 151 I have a lot of friends _ live in this city 152 My father liked to play baseball _ he was a child 153 During the war, the police _arrest you for criticising the king 154 This is the place _ I used to camp when I was younger 155 He finally got the reward he so richly _ 156 I am taking out a bank loan this month I _ pay a lot of taxes all together 157 It's time for lunch You _ not go outside and play now 158 What shape is a football? 159 Jane, thanks for everything It was a great party I _ go now I am really tired 160 One day I’m going to find a(n) of land somewhere in the country and build a house on it 161 My cousin was very pleased _ the news 162 We _ to leave by seven o'clock 163 My company said that if I want this promotion, I go to the doctor's for a thorough medical check-up first 164 _ rich, I'd travel around the world 165 What happens next entirely on you 166 My back has been hurting for weeks I go to the doctor's 167 Professor Watkins told me today that I give in that assignment by Friday at the latest 168 John! This is a one way street You turn back 169 It is _ cold to go outside without wearing gloves 170 _ he is over seventy years old, he still looks young 171 The sandwiches _ by your mother were very delicious 172 I’m sure he enjoyed the evening He didn’t say much because he’s by nature 173 This is just _ I have always wanted 174 Your father drove to work, _ he? 175 Your colleagues went to a concert last night, _ they? 176 They don't like football and she _ 177 I am looking forward _ you 178 My car was so old that I could only sell it for _ 179 I wish I _ play golf as well as my father 180 I've had this diamond necklace for a very long _ 181 You have worked really well since the morning coffee break Well ! 182 _ of them was good enough to use 183 Those two have been married since 1985 They are the couple I know? 184 _ you please tell me the place of the meeting in this afternoon? 185 The performance will start _at six 186 Mr Gomez has the Prime Minister since Mrs Gonzalez-Panis resigned in the spring 187 When America was discovered, it was not an empty land, _ the taking 188 Yesterday, at the meeting the committee _ six questions 189 How well did you at your first school according _ your teachers? 190 Would you make any allowance _ a rude person who had just lost a parent? 191 _ the dentist took out that tooth of mine, it's been really painful I should go back to her? 192 I've been coming to this swimming pool _ over ten years 193 The price of gas _ fallen much recently, has it? 194 Are you still unemployed? You've been without a job you decided to resign from that accountancy firm 195 Clifdon was the place we went for that rainy vacation, _? 196 Has anybody ever accused you _ something you didn't do? 197 Have you ever argued _ your best friend about anything? 198 After hours of wandering around in the desert they thought they saw an oasis, but they were wrong There was nothing there; it was only a _ 199 I heard that the biggest in the world is India 200 My attention was drawn the picture on the far wall I often write or plan my programmes then When I eventually get to bed, I have no trouble sleeping! 21 What is the writer’s main purpose in writing the text? A to describe how he lives B to say what makes him laugh C to talk about his cooking ideas D to explain how he started in TV 22 What would a reader learn about Ainsley from the text? A He is a very good musician B He likes to plan the family meals C He is nervous about performing on stage D He enjoys spending time with his family 23 What does the writer say about himself? A He loves going out and meeting people B He is very similar to his father C He enjoys being popular D He should go to bed earlier 24 What does he say about his working life? A He would like to appear less on TV B He gets his best ideas at certain times C He prefers being a comedian D He should practice cooking more 25 Which of the following is the best description of the writer? A The popular TV comedian who enjoys cooking, watching football, and having a busy social life B The TV cook who loves making people laugh, watching football and, above all, having a happy family life C The singing TV cook who likes making jokes, playing with his children, and having an early night D The cook and comedian who takes great care about the way he cooks his food and enjoys listening to music more than anything CLOZE TESTS (20) C1 We’ve just come back exhausted after a two-week holiday in France We were really exhausted On the last day, we drove non-stop from Marseille to Calais –we should have (1) broken our journey in Lyon or Paris As if that wasn’t enough, the sea was so rough in the English Channel that the (2) crossing took three hours instead of one and a half Next year, we plan to book a cheap (3) package holiday to Italy It sounds marvellous — the cost of the flight, the hotel and all our meals are (4) included in the price While we’re in Rome, we’ll be going on a guided (5) tour to Coliseum The last time I was (6) in Italy, I was in a business (7) trip I couldn’t see many of the famous tourist (8) sights on that occasion, but my wife was really interested (9) _ Italy We have work hard these years to save money for the next trips in the (10) _ years 1/ A stopped B paused C interrupted D broken 2/ A expedition B crossing C cruise D passage 3/ A party B overall C package D inclusive 4/ A involved B included C contained D combined 5/ A tour B view C sightseeing D trip 6/ A in 7/ A excursion B journey C trip D travel 8/ A views B visits C scenes D sights 9/ A in 10/ C2 According (1) to computer models that were used to estimate the running speeds of dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex would have been able to outrun a footballer The study shows that the dinosaur could reach a top (2) speed of metres a second, which is (3) fractionally faster than the average professional footballer There has been a lot of controversy (4) about whether the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a predator or a scavenger; some believe that its highly developed sense of smell indicates that it was a scavenger, (5) while others say that its keen eyesight shows that it was a hunter The (6) later group will appreciate the recent study, as a hunter is more (7) likely to require such speed The University of Manchester study used a powerful supercomputer to calculate the running speeds of five meat-eating dinosaurs and used data taken (8) directly from dinosaur fossils, (9) rather than referring to previous work on (10) modern animals A with A fast A fraction B as C to D -B speed C swift D rate B fractional C fractionally D fractionals 10 A about A since A former A likely A directs A instead A modern B as B while B later B probable B direction B rather B …… C at D to C however D as C latter D first C probably D possible C directed D directly C other D better C …… D ……… C3 In 1993, Greg Mortenson took a (1) _to Pakistan to climb K2, the second tallest mountain in the world On his way down the mountain, he got lost Food and water were (2) _, but Mr Mortenson found a small village The people there saw that he was (3) and helped him While in the village, Mr Mortenson watched the children write in the dirt for their school lessons The village did not have money to build a school or (4) a teacher Before he left, Mr Mortenson (5) to return to the village and help them build a school Mr Mortenson returned to the US and wrote to many (6) people That idea did not work very well, but (7) enough people heard about Mr Mortenson's plan and helped him That was the beginning of the Central Asia Institute, an organization that has (8) in building or helping to build more than 130 schools in small villages in Pakistan and Afghanistan With the help of (9) David Relin, Mr Mortenson wrote the famous book Three Cups of Tea Some people have criticized him, however, Mr Mortenson was given an (10) _in 2009 by the government of Pakistan for his work in that country Trip Hard Need Pay for Volunteered Rich At last Succeeded Journalist 10 Prize C4 Beijing is the capital city of the People’s Federal Republic of China “Beijing” comes from the Chinese words “northern” and “capital” and follows a(n) (1) _East Asian tradition of naming capital cities literally Other similarly named cities (2) _Nanjing in Southern China which means “southern capital”, and Tokyo in Japan, which means “eastern capital” Beijing is the political and cultural (3) _of China and is worldfamous for its many historical attractions Four million people visit Beijing each year to see (4) _such as the magnificent Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and The Great Wall of China It is also one of the world’s great modem metropolises and is (5) of 21st century vitality Towering skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, and modem commercial areas are just as much a (6) _of modern-day Beijing In 2001, Beijing celebrated the news that it had been selected to (7) the 2008 Summer Olympics Hundreds of thousands of flag-waving Chinese poured into Beijing’s streets, singing and cheering Fireworks (8) _up the sky as the city rejoiced The morning after the (9) , the titles of all Beijing’s newspapers were printed in red — a special colour in Chinese (10) that is reserved for good and important news A A A A A A A A A A A capital past include square sights total piece host glowed statement tradition B B B B B B B B B B B main ancient contain centre views rich part show lit declaration custom C C C C C C C C C C C chief antique involve middle visions full section display shone announcement habit D D D D D D D D D D D principal older consist heart displays complete bit view flamed transmission folklore C5 Most people think that the capital of the (1) movie world is Hollywood, in the (2) United States However, the real movie capital is Mumbai, in (3) India Mumbai used to be known as Bombay, and the movie industry there is often called “Bollywood.” Bollywood makes twice as many movies each year as Hollywood — more than 1,000 movies a year The (4) movies from Bollywood are very different from those made by Hollywood studios For one thing, Bollywood movies are much (5) longer than most Hollywood movies Most Bollywood movies are more than three hours long, and contain singing, dancing, action, adventure, mystery, and romance (but usually no kissing) Because Bollywood movies contain so many different features, this (6) style of movie is sometimes called a “masala” movie — “masala” is an Indian word for a mixture of spices Another big (7) difference between Bollywood and Hollywood movies is the way the movies are made It takes much longer to make a movie in Hollywood than in Bollywood (8) In fact, filming may begin on a Bollywood movie before the script is even finished The director and writers can make (9) up the story while the movie is being made Sometimes they will even write the script by hand instead (10) of taking time to type it Bollywood actors are very popular and some are in such high demand that they may work on several movies at the same time Movie United States India Movies Longer Style Difference In fact Up 10 Of C6 There is an old English (1) saying, “Laughter is the best medicine” One person who certainly would have agreed with this is Norman Cousins Norman Cousins the editor of a magazine called Saturday Review for almost forty years He also wrote and (2) spoke about world peace and anti-nuclear and anti-war issues, traveling (3) to many different countries to share his ideas In the 1960s, after returning to the United States from a busy and tiring trip to Europe, Mr Cousins got sick He discovered he had a rare disease known as ankylosing spondylitis that caused the joints between his bones to (4) _ stiff In less than a week after he got (5) back, he could not stand Every move that he (6) _was painful He was not able to sleep at night The doctors told Mr Cousins that they did not (7) know how to cure his problem and he might never get over the illness Mr Cousins, however, refused to give (8) up hope Mr Cousins thought that the illness could be caused (9) by unhappy thoughts He did not want to (10) take medicine to cure himself Instead, he felt that happy thoughts or laughter might cure his illness Saying Spoke To become (?) Back Made Know Up By 10 Take C7 Human memory, formerly believed to be rather inefficient, (1) is really much more sophisticated than that of a computer Researchers approaching the problem from a variety of (2) points of view have all concluded that there is a great deal more stored in our minds than has been generally supposed Dr Wilder Penfield, a Canadian neurosurgeon, proved that by stimulating (3) their brains electrically, he could elicit the total recall of complex events in his subjects’ lives Even dreams and other minor events supposedly forgotten (4) for many years suddenly emerged in detail The memory trace is the term for (5) whatever forms the internal representation of the specific information about the event stored in the memory Assumed to have been made by structural changes in (6) the brain, the memory trace is not subject to direct observation but is rather a theoretical construct that is used to speculate about how information presented at a particular time can cause performance at a later time Most theories include the (7) strength of the memory trace as a variable in the degree of learning, retention, and retrieval possible for a memory One theory is that the fantastic capacity for storage in the brain is the result (8) of an almost unlimited combination of interconnections between brain cells, stimulated by patterns of (9) activity Repeated references to the same information support recall Or, to say that another way, improved performance is the result of (10) strengthening the chemical bonds in the memory Ís Points Their For Whatever The Strength Of Activity 10 Strengthening C8 Psychologists generally (1) divide memory into (2) at least two types, short-term and long-term memory, which combine (3) to form working memory Short-term memory contains what we are actively (4) focusing on at any particular time, but items are not retained longer (5) than twenty or thirty seconds without verbal rehearsal We use shortterm (6) memory when we look up a telephone number and repeat it to ourselves until we can place the call On the other (7) contrast, long-term memory can store facts, concepts, and experiences after we stop thinking (8) about them All conscious (9) processing of information, as in problem solving for example, involves both short-term and long-term memory As we repeat, rehearse, and recycle information, the memory trace is strengthened, allowing that information to move (10) from short-term memory to longterm memory C9 I have (1) returned to my hometown of Wilson Creek after an absence of 10 years So many things have changed around here When I left Wilson Creek, there (2) was a small pond on the right as you left town They have filled in this pond and they have built a large shopping mall (3) there A new post office has also been built just across from my old school There is a baseball (4) stadium on the outskirts of Wilson Creek which has been changed (5) completely They have now added a new stand where probably a few thousand people could sit It looks really great The biggest changes have taken place (6) in the downtown area They have pedestrianised the centre and you can't drive there anymore A European-style fountain has been (7) built and (8) some benches have also been added along with a grassy area and a new street cafe My street looks just the same as it always has but a public library has been built in the next street along There (9) used to be a great park there but they have cut down all the trees which is a pity The library now has a large green area in front (10) of it but it's not the same as when the park was there Returned Was There Stadium Completely Place Built Some Used 10 Of C10 Philology (1) _the traditional study of language, especially of written languages in their cultural settings Because philology (2) _with the relationship of languages, it is usually comparative; because these relationships evolve (3) _time, it is typically historical Languages (4) _ to change in the direction of greater diversity; one language tends to be superseded by several: a (5) _“dead” language preserves evidence of the earlier forms from which “living” languages developed The descendants of Latin have diverged to the point that, though Italian is related (6) _English, they are now foreign to each other as is their common “parent” to both Also cultures change the meaning and use of many words In English, piano is a keyboard (7) _; in Italian piano not only names the instrument, it also means “soft” as opposed to “loud” The original name for the instrument was pianoforte (soft-loud), because it was more (8) _of varying sound volume than instruments like the harpsichord that came before it The special meaning of the Italian phrase results from its (9) _context and the distinctive feature of the instrument it names But in English and other languages, we abbreviate it to piano The English word still (10) _the same instrument but the abbreviation discards “and loud" from the original Italian phrase and hence becomes a name and not a description C11 Edward Patrick Eagan was (1) born April 26, 1897, in Denver, Colorado, and his father died in a railroad accident when Eagan was only a year old He and his four brothers (2) were raised by his mother, who earned a small income from teaching foreign languages Inspired (3) by Frank Merriwell, the hero of a series of popular novels for boys, Eagan pursued an education for himself as well as an interest (4) in boxing He (5) attended the University of Denver for a year before serving in the U.S Army as an artillery lieutenant during World War I After the war, he entered Yale University and, while studying there, won the U.S national amateur heavyweight boxing title He graduated from Yale in 1921, attended Harvard Law School, and received a Rhodes scholarship to the University of Oxford (6) where he received his A.M in 1928 While studying at Oxford, Eagan became (7) the first American to win the British amateur boxing championship Eagan won his first Olympic gold medal as a light heavyweight boxer (8) at the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium Eagan also fought at the 1924 Olympics in Paris as a heavyweight but failed to get a medal Though he had (9) taken up the sport just three weeks before the competition, he managed to win a second gold medal as a member of the four-man bobsled team at the 1932 Olympics in Lake Placid, New York Thus he became the only athlete to (10) win gold medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympics Born were by in attended where the at taken up 10 win C12 Vitamins, taken in tiny doses, (1) are a major group of organic compounds that regulate the mechanisms by which the body converts food (2) into energy They should not be confused (3) with minerals, which are inorganic in their makeup Although in general the naming of vitamins followed the alphabetical order of their (4) identification, the nomenclature of individual substances may appear to be somewhat random and disorganized Among the vitamins (5) known today, five are produced in the body Because the body produces (6) sufficient quantities of some but not sill vitamins, they must be supplemented in the daily diet (7) Although each vitamin has its specific designation and cannot be replaced by another compound, a lack of one vitamin can interfere with the processing of (8) another When a lack of even one vitamin in a diet is continual, a vitamin deficiency may (9) result The best way for an individual to ensure a necessary supply of vitamins is to maintain a balanced diet that includes a variety of foods and provides adequate quantities of all the compounds Some people take vitamin supplements, predominantly in the (10) form of tablets (1) are (2) into (3) with (4) identification (5) known (6) sufficient (7) Although (8) another (9) result (10) form C13 What has caused these major changes? One reason (1) _economic necessity may be that the husband has (2) _his job and the wife must support the family Or even if the husband is working, some families say they can’t survive on only (3) _paycheck But probably a (4) _important influence has been the “women’s liberation movement” Women are being told in (5) _magazines and TV programs that “You can be successful on your own Don’t be satisfied with (6) _being a wife and mother Use your intelligence and talents to something bigger And you should be paid (7) much as a man.” (8) _doubt this movement has accomplished much good But it has also contributed to a selfish “me first” attitude that is breaking up many families Sometimes women (9) _are happy staying at home feel that working women look (10) them There are no easy answers to these problems But certainly women’s influence will continue to grow in business, education and politics (1) is (2) lost (3) one (4) more (5) many (6) just (7) as (8) No (9) who (10) down on C14 Leisure is generally seen as an (1) which takes place outside (2) _ hours The peak leisure time for most people is between 6.00 pm and 12.00 am, although in recent years there has been an increase in people working (3) hours and shifts, together with more "flexitime" Leisure is often thought of purely as a (4) activity, i.e playing sport Although many people use their (5) free time in this way, there are plenty of other leisure opportunities that are more (6) in nature, such as of one's lifewatching television or sunbathing on a beach It is important to realise that leisure can embrace a whole range of experiences and activities, although personal choice may be limited due to factors such as age or provision of local (7) _ The leisure emphasis will normally change at different (8) _ cycle Different types of leisure (9) activities tend to be popular with varying age groups It's probably true, however, that some members of the older (10) are more capable of pursuing active pastimes than they are sometimes given credit for Question 1: A event B incident Question 2: A labor B working Question 3: A unsocial B unreasonable Question 4: A cultural B physical Question 5: A rest B unoccupied Question 6: A passive B selective Question 7: A conveniences B capabilities C affair C employment C unsociable C social C free C productive C capacities D experience D job D unsuitable D mental D empty D creative D facilities Question 8: A parts B stages Question 9: A period B era Question 10: A entertainments B occupations C sections C age C pastimes D levels D generation D games C15 Our journey to Greece began at six in the morning, when my family and I set off from the house in our old car We'd only gone a mile when we got a (1) tyre, and after we'd fixed that we had to hurry to the airport We (2) to reach the check-in just before it closed, then went through to the departure lounge Soon we were (3) _the plane, and looking forward to our week on an island in the sun I had a window seat, but since I was directly above the (4) I couldn't see much, so I asked the flight (5) if I could move to another seat She found me one nearer the front of the plane, and later on I had a wonderful (6) of the snow-covered mountains as we crossed over the Austrian Alps The weather became sunnier as we approached Greece, and our plane arrived right on (7) at Athens' very smart new airport Half an hour after we landed, we (8) the train for the centre of Athens, where we (9) _trains for the port of Piraeus It wasn't long before we were on the waterfront After a short wait we were on board our ferry and sailing out to sea It was a lovely trip, and when finally we reached our destination, the holiday was a (10) _come true 11 A flat B level C dead D broken 12 A could B managed C able D succeeded 13 A riding B flying C stepping D boarding 14 A wing B mast C platform D sail 15 A officer B helper C assistant D attendant 16 A scene B view C sight D scenery 17 A moment B hour C time D minute 18 A go into B got onto C got up D got over 19 A changed B moved C replaced D exchanged 20 A plan B hope C thought D dream C16 Right now, I am (1) _at a shelf full of relics, a collection of has-beens, oldtimers, antiques, fossils Right now, I am looking at a shelf full of books If you have some spare cash (the going rate is about $89) and (2) _looking to enhance your reading experience, then I highly suggest you consider (3) _an e-reader E-readers are replacing the books of old, and I welcome them with open (4) _ If you haven't heard of an e-reader and (5) _ know what it is, then please permit the following explanation An e-reader is a device (6) _allows you to read e-books An e-book is a book-length publication in digital (7) _, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices Sometimes the equivalent of a conventional (8) _book, e-books can also be born digital The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as "an electronic version of a printed book," but e-books can and exist without any printed equivalent So now you know what an e-reader is But you still may be wondering why they put printed books to shame E-readers are superior to printed books because they (9) _space, are (10) friendly, and provide helpful reading tips and tools that printed books not (1) looking (2) are (3) purchasing (4) arms (5) don't (6) that (7) form, (8) printed (9) save (10) environmentally C17 Many of us are trying to think of new (1) to help the environment Groups which are involved in protecting the environment think they may have found a long-term (2) _ Most of the current ways of getting people involved in helping the environment mean that people have to (3) _a large organisation and they can sometimes feel the problem is too large or (4) _to manage A new (5) _is that groups are set up locally to deal with small issues that affect just the community they (6) _in It is hoped this will make people more (7) _ of the importance of helping Also, this plan means that each community works together by contributing (8) _the environment and this makes for a strong community If every community does this then organisers are (9) _the effect will be national The government may even offer some (10) _help for projects set up by these local groups The idea came from someone who thought that reducing the size of what we would actually be more productive Also, it should mean that helping becomes a pleasure rather than a chore A Access A Answer A Join A Improbable B approaches B Key B Enroll in B Impracticial C paths D routes C reply D solution C Engage in D involve in C Impossible D Unrealistics A Conscious A To A Expecting A Money A Lessening 10 A Happiness B Aware B With B dreaming B Monetary B Minimissing B Pleasure C Capable C About C Hoping C Funding C Reducing C Delight D Sure D For D Imagining D Financial D Dwindling D Ẹnjoyment C18 E-readers are superior (1) _printed books because they save space The average e-reader can store thousands of digital books, (2) _a veritable library at your fingertips Moreover, being the size and weight of a thin hardback, the e-reader (3) _is relatively petite It is easy to hold and can fit in a pocketbook or briefcase easily The average novel is about 300 pages (4) _ Therefore, if a novel is printed 1000 times, it will use 300,000 pieces of paper That's a lot of paper! If there are about 80,000 pieces of paper in a tree, this means it (5) _almost trees to make these 1000 books We know that the average bestseller sells about 20,000 copies per week That means that it takes over 300 trees each month to sustain this rate And for the super (6) _, these figures increase dramatically For example, the Harry Potter book series has sold over 450 million copies That's about million trees! Upon viewing these (7) _, it is not hard to grasp the (8) _impact of printed books on the environment Since e-readers use no trees, (9) _represent a impact significant amount of preservation in terms (10) _the environment and its resources (1) to (2) providing (3) itself (4) long (5) takes (6) bestsellers (7) figures (8) severe (9) they (10) of C19 The latest blockbuster to hit our cinemas is an adventure film which was made (1) location in Spain The (2) is quite simple; a teenager discovers (3) _secret papers which show that the President is in danger Then she disappears! We interviewed the actress who (4) _the part of the teenager in the film, Juliet Roberts It (5) things did not always go well during the production First, Juliet nearly missed being in the film Apparently, a copy of the (6) , which the producer had sent her to read, got lost in the post Then, in the middle of filming, part of the background (7) _fell on a member of the camera (8) _ Luckily, the man was not seriously hurt but they had to (9) _ another cameraman to take his place at short notice Something even worse happened a few days later when the director slipped and broke his leg It (10) _him quite a long time to recover from the shock and he had to direct the final scenes of the film from his wheelchair A on B in C at D to A drama B intrigue C plot D line A any B the C few D some A does B plays C makes D holds A looks B tells C strikes D seems A lines B words C script D little A scenery B setting C scene D view A party B crew C artists D workers A rent B buy C hire D purchase 10 A needed B took C lasted D used C20 Mona (1) _ like to ask people for help But it is hard (2) _her to perform daily activities on her own She is almost 13, yet she is no larger than a 5-year-old Mona has trouble (3) _her balance and can’t walk very far When she uses a wheelchair, she can’t push it (4) _ Fortunately, Mona has a wonderful service dog (5) _Sam A service dog is a dog that has been trained to assist someone who has a physical problem Sam (6) _Mona lean on him when she walks He also pulls her wheelchair and turns lights on and off When Mona drops something, Sam picks it up He (7) _pulls her socks off at night Sam also helps Mona with everyday tasks at school He carries her books from class to class in a special backpack He puts Mona’s completed assignments in her teachers’ homework trays In the lunchroom he throws away her trash (8) _making Mona less dependent on other people, Sam helps her lead a fuller life Mona’s classmates flock around Sam like geese This has helped her (9) _friends Sam also helps Mona be more active With his aid, she raised over $500 in a walk-a-thon for her local society Because of Sam, Mona doesn’t have to ask people for help Sam brings her closer to other kids And he even helps her (10) _to her community (1) doesn’t (2) for (3) keeping (4) herself (5) named (6) lets (7) also (8) Besides (9) make (10) contribute [...]...TÀI LIỆU ÔN THI CÔNG CHỨC HÀNH CHÍNH TỈNH QUẢNG NAM NĂM 2016 MÔN: TIẾNG ANH – Phần đọc hiểu C1 All spiders spin webs That's because webs help spiders Webs help spiders do three things Webs help spiders hold eggs Webs help spiders hide And webs help spiders catch food Webs help spiders hold eggs... thi t bị sạc) C much larger than they are today D more convenient than they are today 7 The word “charging” in this passage refers to A credit cards (n) : thẻ tín dụng B lightning (n) : chớp, tia chớp C aggression (n) : cuộc xâm lược, cuộc công kích D electricity (n) : điện, điện lực, điện lực học 8 The word “foresee” in this passage could best be replaced with _ A invent (v) : phát minh, sáng... in writing this passage is to A describe the history of pizza B teach a healthier way to make pizza C outline steps to make a basic pizza at home (bước làm bánh piza tại nhà) D provide tips about how to make your pizza especially delicious 2) As used in paragraph 1, which word means the opposite of complicated? A difficult B simple (đơn giản) C easy D manageable 3) As used in paragraph 3, which is... muỗi cái có thói quen ăn uống khác nhau) II male mosquitoes are harmless to humans (Muỗi đực vô hại với con người) III female mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting diseases to humans (Muỗi cái truyền bệnh cho con người) A I only B I and II only C II and III only D I, II, and III 3) In paragraph 2 the author writes, "This saliva may or may not contain a deadly disease." The purpose of this statement... 25 percent will be lost by the year 2 030 Scientists estimate that as many as fifty million acres are destroyed annually In other words, every sixty seconds, one hundred acres of rainforest is being cleared By the time you finish reading this passage, two hundred acres will have been destroyed! When this happens, constant rains erode the former forest floor, the thin layer of soil no longer supports... khi nhìn trog bóg tối) C can see very well at night D is likely to be eaten by an owl 3) According to the passage, owls can find food in the dark using their sense of I sight (cảnh) II sound (âm thanh) III smell (mùi) A l only B I and II only C II and III only D I, II, and III 4) In paragraph 3 the author writes, "This helps owls catch their prey even when it is very dark." Based on its use in the passage,... camera 3 The main idea of this passage is that _ A Edison was always interested in science and inventions ,and he inventea many important things B Thomas Edison could not keep a job C Thomas Edison worked day and night on his experiments D deaf people make good inventors without the distraction of spoken conversation 4 Edison considered his deafness: a disadvantage a blessing (một phước lành) something... (Tôi sẽ đẩy máy cắt cỏ…) D It's never a bad time to start something new 4) As described in paragraph 3, what is another example of something that has a crescent shape? A your thumb B a distant star C the letter “C” (chữ C) D the letter "H" 5) In the final paragraph, the author states: “Over the next 20 years, there will only be 15 blue moons.” This means that over the next 20 years, a blue moon will happen... of this passage, which of the following conclusions would fit best? A The owl is a nocturnal animal This means it is active at night The owl's excellent sense of sight and sound enable it to find food in the dark B Mice are nocturnal animals This means they are active at night Similar to the owl, mice use their excellent sense of smell to find food in the dark C Both mice and owls are nocturnal This... Spiders need their webs to survive 1) This passage is mostly about A spider colors B spider webs (mạng nhện) C spider eggs 2) Spider webs help spiders I hold eggs II catch food III find water A I only B I and II only C I, II, and III 3) As used in paragraph 4, the word trapped most nearly means A stuck (mắc kẹt) B hidden C eaten 4) How can spiders tell when something is trapped in their web? A They
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