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TRÌNH B: T V NG I hope he's to buy some bread; there's hardly any left A reminded B proposed C suggested D remembered Many accidents in the home could be if householders gave more thought to safety in their houses A avoided B excluded C protected D preserved Susie didn't leave for the station until the very moment A latest B least C late D last When are you going to give back that money you me? A lend B owe C borrow D debt Each of the family had to take it in turns to the washing up A individual B character C member D person Children and old people not take kindly to having their daily upset A habit B method C routine D custom If that firm wants to attract workers, it must the pay A lower B raise C spread D rise I'm afraid this computer package is totally for our organization A undeniable B unsuitable C unspeakable D unmistakable The Chairman was so angry with the committee that he decided to from it A cancel B postpone C resign D prevent TRÌNH B: T V NG 10 I want to see all of you here tomorrow morning at nine o'clock without A fail B fault C late D miss 11 He escape from the prison by dressing up as a guard, and then crossed the border by train A can B was able C succeeded in D managed to 12 It was impossible for her to tell the truth, so she had to a story A invent B combine C manage D lie 13 The child woke up crying because she had a nightmare A had B seen C dreamt D felt 14 Didn't it ever to them that they would be punished? A occur B happen C enter D strike 15 One of his job is that it is near where I live A goodness B advantage C pleasure D preference 16 This is a photograph of the school I when I lived in Swindon A used B assisted C joined D attended 17 Many accidents are caused by driving A harmless B careless C harmful D careful 18 He very quickly after his illness A recovered B discovered C uncovered D covered 19 My uncle was by a gang of terrorist last week TRÌNH 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 B: T V NG A slaughtered B destroyed C murdered D assassinated My aunt a brightly-coloured thread round her finger so as not to forget her appointment A wound B curved C wounded D rang They were warned never with the members of any extremist group A to associate B to assimilate C to assign D to assume Some people think it is to use long and little-known words A clever B intentional C unstable D sensitive The children loved the old castle A discovering B exploring C hunting D detecting Mr and Mrs Black were delighted when they to sell their house so quickly A succeeded B could C risked D managed Caring for her younger brother is a burden for her, but she never complains A sour B bitter C large D heavy That fellow has a dishonest in his character A stripe B streak C stroke D strip The shops are always of people at Christmas time A full B stuffed C busy D crowded TRÌNH B: T V NG 28 His request me completely by surprise A left B shook C made D took 29 Smoking is a very bad habit, which many people find difficult to A break B beat C breathe D cough 30 It is a great that the exhibition was cancelled at the last minute after all your work A pity B sorrow C complaint D sadness 31 She's got a fabulous job and she earns a great of money A deal B quantity C amount D level 32 Many of the jobs which have been created in this area can be directly to tourism A supported B dedicated C attracted D attributed 33 He saw the plane crash into the sea when its engines A failed B stood C struck D held 34 I can't what he's doing; it's so dark down there A see through B make out C look into D show up 35 Mr and Mrs Hudson are always with each other about money A annoying B arguing C opposing D shouting 36 It is a good idea to be dressed when you go for an interview A finely B boldly C smartly D clearly TRÌNH B: T V NG 37 The question in this case is whether the accused had a motive for this crime or not A forcible B supreme C valuable D crucial 38 In spite of the anaesthetic, Pauline was fully during the operation A awake B conscious C aware D sensitive 39 This morning the postman was down the street by my dog A hunted B chased C run D sped 40 I could a note of panic in his voice A desist B detect C detest D deter 41 Thousands of people use the of footpaths across these hills A grid B circuit C network D channel 42 She chose some attractive paper for the Christmas present A covering B wrapping C involving D packing 43 It was very beautiful cloth from silk A composed B worn C woven D threaded 44 We've of time to catch the train so there's no need to rush A very much B enough C great deal D plenty 45 We couldn't have our picnic because it began to with rain A flow B drench C run D pour 46 The meteorologists say that we're likely to have a winter TRÌNH 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 B: T V NG A calm B soft C mild D smooth The heavy rainstorms more than five days A went B took C proceeded D lasted There will now be a interval for refreshments A small B little C light D short The play was very long, but there were two A intervals B rests C interruptions D gaps The stolen jewels were a lot of money A valued B cost C priced D worth They were for smuggling jewelry into the country A judged B arrested C accused D warned At first, very few people believed Darwin's theory of evolution because it did not seem at all A plausible B creditable C feasible D discernible I haven't met him, but I did once across his wife A go B get C come D look Tom his next appointment at the doctor's A cancelled B erased C wiped D ended The wind blew so hard and so strongly that the windows in their frames A rattled TRÌNH 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 B: T V NG B slapped C flapped D shocked He has a bad cold and won't be to play in the match tomorrow A adequate B appropriate C fit D proper He drives so quickly that I am afraid that one day he will someone crossing the street A crash down B knock down C turn over D run across Don't worry: the snake is perfectly A tame B harmless C harmful D domestic The shirt I was wearing today was torn, but I don't think anyone A watched B remarked C mentioned D noticed In the jar, there was a which looked like jam A substance B material C solid D powder We expected him at eight but he finally at midnight A came to B turned out C turned up D came off He was an writer because he persuaded many people to see the trust of his idea A ordinary B influential C unlimited D accurate The old lady was very for our help A pleased B appreciated C delighted D grateful From now on, everything will be sailing, I hope No more problems A simple TRÌNH 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 B: T V NG B straight C plain D pretty He had made his money by developing a profitable travel A commerce B shop C affair D business The boy fell into the river and was along by the fast current A caught B swept C thrown D swung He had no way of making a fire so he had to eat the fish A crude B raw C rough D rude The child was told to for being rude to his uncle A excuse B apologize C forgive D confess The concert was so that the audience went to sleep A bored B boring C exhausted D tired When Mike entered the room, he looked rather pale and in of a shave A lack B need C want D necessity The traffic lights to green, and the cars drove on A exchanged B turned C removed D shone Absenteeism per employee out at days a year A acts B aims C averages D arrives This is the of the bicycle which was stolen A detail B description C information TRÌNH 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 B: T V NG D example She me of the first time we met, when we knocked into each other with our umbrellas A remembered B recalled C reminded D remained When we visited the zoo on Sunday afternoon it was very crowded but on a weekday it’s practically A full B clear C empty D uncrowded of all the staff, I would like to wish you a happy retirement A Instead B In place C On behalf D On account She needs a lot of help, but she always refuses advice of any kind A to reject B rejecting C accepting D to accept When he retired from his job, the directors him with a clock A offered B pleased C satisfied D presented The old sailing boat was without trace during the fierce storm A lost B crashed C disappeared D vanished My favourite is roast beef A dish B eat C menu D plate At four o'clock, Mr Hutchinson still had some to in the garden A work B job C effort D task There was so much noise that we could hardly what the speaker was saying A take in B take up C bring in TRÌNH 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 B: T V NG D bring out I wish I could smoking A give away B give from C give up D give out The United States from voting at the United Nations yesterday A discontinued B refused C rejected D abstained I like current affairs programmes that aren't afraid to tackle subjects A concurrent B controversial C consecutive D contradictory I had no that the divorce rate was so high in this country A knowledge B idea C doubt D understanding In today's newspaper, it that oil has been discovered off the west coast A advertises B notices C writes D says The hotel room was so dirty that I was and complained to the manager A ashamed B disgusted C disgusting D embarrassed The Queen has said that she will the ceremony A engage B come C attend D impart We believe that the cumulative effects of renewed prosperity will expectations A overcome B surpass C undermine D succeed It's distressing to see small children in the streets A pleading B imploring C entreating D begging TRÌNH B: T V NG 92 The new manager explained to the staff that she hoped to new procedures to save time and money A manufacture B establish C control D restore 93 The safety committee's report recommended that all medicines should be kept out of the of children A hold B hand C reach D grasp 94 The manager the men to return to work immediately A insisted B suggested C demanded D ordered 95 The burglar to open a window at the back of the house A succeeded B managed C forced D discovered We going to the concert The orchestra was marvelous 96 A enjoyed B wanted C hated D decided 97 Although the town had changed in the ten years since he had last visited it, much of it was still to him A accustomed B common C familiar D relative 98 If you want to change the shirt that you bought, make sure that you keep the A ticket B receipt C bill D notice 99 Switzerland is well-known for its impressive mountainous A views B scenes C scenery D sights 100 The house is at the corner of a busy street A situated B placed TRÌNH 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 B: T V NG C stood D put The new factory chimney was than all the trees around it A longer B greater C deeper D taller The police me $12 for parking at a bus-stop A charged B asked C demanded D fined Her parents were very because she was out so late that night A responsible B sorry C worried D overcome You may not have to stay the night but take a toothbrush just in A case B time C order D preparation On the to the town, there is a beautiful wood A direction B street C way D entrance I'm afraid that we don't have any sizes in stock, madam A higher B larger C greater D taller The patient to listen to his doctor's advice A refused B hindered C lacked D resigned Children with diseases should not be allowed to go to school A contact B infectious C constant D influential His for his loyal support of the party was a seat in the Cabinet A recompense B repayment C reward D compensation TRÌNH B: T V NG 110 I don't know the answer myself but I'll around and see if anybody else knows A ask B attend C accord D aim 111 The garage gave me a per cent for paying cash A discount B bargain C sale D less 112 Trade Union officials and management met today to discuss the at the factory A strike B closing C block D shutting 113 Don't him to arrive early He's always late A think B judge C attend D expect He had been completely exhausted but felt considerably after a meal and 114 a rest A renewed B renovated C refreshed D remade 115 The bank planned to escape in a stolen car A thieves B bandits C burglars D robbers 116 He is very stubborn, so it will be difficult to him to go A persuade B suggest C make D prevent 117 The film several scenes that might upset young children A admits B involves C contains D displays 118 We returned our TV set to the shop because it was A faulty B mistaken C incorrect TRÌNH 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 B: T V NG D wrong He me $20 for mending my bicycle A charged B asked C demanded D owed Inflation and its upward is the scourge of our days A trend B bend C stream D move Her guest apologized for causing her so much A problem B complication C trouble D damage I am to come to the meeting on Monday evening; please apologize for my absence A capable B excused C unable D disliked They brought the land with a to building a new office block A view B purpose C goal D reason The defendant's family were present at the A court B appeal C law D hearing I don't with your decision but I think that you might have told me last week A displease B disagree C dislike D disregard Our car was badly in the accident A broken B injured C damaged D hurt He his friend to go camping with him A attracted B suggested C appealed TRÌNH 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 B: T V NG D persuaded I my family very much when I'm away from home A lack B miss C long D lose The age of the population in most western countries is rising fast A medium B general C average D middle You can't get sleeping pills unless you go to the doctor and get a A receipt B bill C prescription D recipe Driving a car with faulty brakes is quite a risk A putting B setting C taking D being The new pills are round, so they're easier to A swallow B eat C chew D bite I had to be up early the next morning, so I myself and left the party A refused B thanked C excused D apologized Do you to go to the party? A attempt B attend C intend D pretend The management received a lot of about the poor service in their hotel A complaints B information C warnings D advice The opening of the play took place in an army camp A stage B scene C sight D piece Despite her undoubted ability at tennis, she never became the of the local TRÌNH 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 B: T V NG tennis club A member B partner C champion D winner I hate being unemployed I'd feel much happier if I were in A job B touch C prison D work It was difficult to a date which was convenient for everyone A elect B organize C arrange D provide The young soldier a dangerous mission across the desert, although he knew that he might be killed A undertook B agreed C promised D entered Because nobody admitted breaking the window, the class was kept in after school A all B whole C each D every The bank seems to have credited my account with $100 in A mistake B fortune C error D accident Although this wine is quite cheap, it is very A drunk B drinking C drank D drinkable Excuse me, you me bringing my dog into your house? A oppose B mind C object D complain He has a very temper and often says things he regrets later A angry B quick C warm D fast TRÌNH B: T V NG 146 I'm afraid my speech may have you as to my true aims A misled B mistaken C misunderstood D miscalculated 147 Although the language was and considered to be inferior to standard English, Robert Burns wrote his love poetry in the language of the Scots A interpreted B belittled C distinguished D appreciated 148 Workers who not obey the safety regulations will be immediately A refused B rejected C disapproved D dismissed 149 To make a good omelette, you must the eggs very well A beat B knock C thrash D bang 150 They caught him cheating His chances of passing are destroyed now A seriously B completely C severely D hardly 151 We don't know her very well, only by A sight B chance C figure D accident 152 The teacher them the answer to the question A explained B told C said D discussed 153 I wrote to the company them for a catalogue A demanding B asking C enquiring D applying 154 The interference on the radio was by weather conditions A caused B made C raised D due 155 You're looking very pale, you sick? TRÌNH 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 B: T V NG A fall B faint C feel D become This is a challenging position in the car industry for a qualified A engineer B engine C mechanical D machinery I met John his bicycle along the pavement A pulling B turning C rolling D wheeling I tried to sew the button on myself, but I couldn't thread the A pin B nail C needle D point Children will work hard if the lessons are A expressing B inquiring C attracting D interesting I'll cook the potatoes if someone will them first A skin B peel C strip D uncover I didn't realize everyone was going to wear formal clothes and I felt in my jeans and jumper A insulted B annoyed C offended D embarrassed The colours in some of the photos we took two years ago have begun to A fail B faint C fade D light The only feature to these two flowers is their preference for sandy soil A similar B same C shared D common This is such a boring job to It's a real pain in the A back TRÌNH 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 B: T V NG B way C neck D feathers Try and on the bright side - the worst may never happen! A see B look C think D consider My younger sister is very and so she loves going out but I am much quieter and prefer to stay at home A enjoyable B funny C pleasing D lively I can't possibly lend you any money; it is quite out of the A order B question C practice D place The cat showed her for the stale fish by turning her back on it A distress B disgust C disgrace D despair The new manager explained to the staff that he hoped to new procedures to save time and money A reduce B recover C manufacture D establish Several of the trees in the park were A sick B ill C diseased D unhealthy At a dinner to mark his retirement, Neville was with a silver clock A provided B given C gifted D presented Scientists everywhere are trying to a cure for AIDS A conclude B invent C discover D make The falling inflation rate is to a decrease in the amount of borrowing A indicative TRÌNH 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 B: T V NG B attributed C referred D pertinent When I went to talk to the manager, he told me he could only me a few minutes A provide B spare C hear D let I'm so out of that I can't run ten meters without puffing A health B strength C condition D fitness He went out of bed and took a few but couldn't go any farther A stages B starts C steps D actions You will have to repeat the course because your work has been A unpleasant B unnecessary C unsatisfactory D unusual I've for a job in Mexico I hope I get it A applied B appointed C implied D presented Prevention is better than A solution B answer C treatment D cure If you want to attend a course, you should study the college for full particulars of enrolment A prospect B prospects C prospectus D syllabus A historical novel is a form of which may include many facts A legend B fiction C fantasy D short story The relationship that matters most in the life of a is the one between him and his constituency party TRÌNH 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 B: T V NG A captain B politician C manager D judge The picture is ; the thief will be most disappointed when he tries to sell it! A priceless B invalid C profitable D worthless One of the has fallen off the church clock A arms B fingers C pointers D hands The weather was the exceptionally poor harvest A blamed for B condemned for C accused of D found fault with for His application for a visa was turned by the consulate A aside B down C out D over Shopping malls account for 60 percent of the retail business done in the United States because they are controlled environments which concerns about the weather A eliminate B necessitate C foster D justify It's most unwise to in a quarrel between a man and his wife A involve B poke C mix D interfere There's something wrong with my watch: it's fifteen minutes in the last twelve hours A won B progressed C advanced D gained I took someone else's coat from the cloakroom by A mistake B fortune C error D forgetfulness TRÌNH B: T V NG 191 Her parents give her anything she asks for, and as a result, she's very A ruined B damaged C harmed D spoilt 192 The customer, who was shouting at the top of his voice, his money back A appealed B asked C requested D demanded 193 to leave early is rarely granted A Allowance B Permission C Leave D The privilege 194 The terms toad and frog refer to different animals belonging to different genuses, and careful students the two A intermingle B ignore C distinguish D confuse 195 Although the terms toad and frog refer to different animals belonging to different genuses, some students the two A distinguish B confuse C respect D observe 196 The tenants were not to disturb other tenants after 1p.m A appealed B demanded C informed D requested 197 Before joining a course of study, you must fill in a long form A inscription B enrolment C reception D inception 198 Too many undergraduates think it is easy to a job once they leave university Unfortunately, jobs for graduates are getting scare Finding a suitable one is another problem A obtain B attain C collect D apply 199 Elementary school children, who have not yet been repeatedly disappointed by other people, are much more than older and more cynical high school students A inquisitive TRÌNH B: T V NG B relaxed C enjoyable D trusting 200 Naturally, I'm that I didn't pass the examination but I'll better next time A deceived B despaired C disappointed D disillusioned
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