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ENGLISH GRADE 7 th I. LANGUAGE FOCUS: 1. Students have two each day. a.20-minutes breaks b.20-minute breaks c.20-minutes break d.20-minute break 2. What awful restaurant! a. an b. a c. one d. the 3.I lives 12 Tran Hung Dao Street. a. in b. on c.at d.from 4. This dress is the expensive of the four dresses. A. best b. more c.most d.the most 5. Benches are comfortable than armchairs. A .most b. the most c. more d.better 6. What is your ? a. birthday b.day birth c.date of birth d.day of birth 7. is it from here to school? a. How far b.How high c.How long d.How 8. They arrived home at 6.30 the evening. a. in b. on c.at d.__ 9. What’s television tonight ? a. in b. on c.at d.of 10. We table tennis to badminton. a.like b. would like c.prefer d.love 11.You shouldn’t watch TV so much. It’s not good your eyes. a.with b.in c.for d.on 12.Are you interested that story? a.in b.of c.at d.to 13.All children should take part outdoor activities with their friends. a.on b.in c.at d.with 14.Nga likes beef and my brother likes beef, . a. too b.so c.either d.neither 15.It’s time recess. a.on b.for c.to d.with 16.Mai learns to use a computer. a.what b.when c.where d.how 17.Tim and Hoa are the same . a.year old b.years old c.age d.tall 18.Talking is common way of relaxing. a.more b.most c.the most d.best 19.All students enjoy on the weekend. a.camped b.camp c.camps d.camping 20.Are there lamps on the wall? a.any b.a c.some d.lot of 21.He writes articles for a newspaper. He is a . a.journalist b.teacher c.doctor d.musician 22.Her birthday is Friday, August 20 th . a.at b.from c.in d.on 23. you like a cup of tea ? a.Will b.What c. Could d.Would 24.We will our old friends next Sunday. a.to meet b.meet c.met d.meeting 25.Does Nam often play marbles recess? a.on b.at c. in d.for 26.He his teeth after meals. a.to brush b. brush c.brushs d.brushes 27. does Nga have History? - On Monday and Thursday. a.When b.what time c.How long d.How 28. novels are very interesting. a.These b.This c. That d.There 29.We have four today. a.class b.classes c.period d.times 30.The students have a break between two periods. a.five minutes b.five minute c.five-minute d.five-minutes 31.Her parents live Ha Noi . a.on b.at c.far d.in 32.This river is very for the swimmers. a.danger b.dangerous c.dangerously d.safely 33.I like swimming . - . a.So I do b.I do so c. Yes,I do. d.I do, too. 34.I stay in bed because I have a bad cold. a.must b.ought c.can d.shouldn , t 35.My mother always drives . a.careful b.carefuly c.carefully d.slow 36.You ought to the dentist’s. a.to go b.go c.going d.went 37.How is your brother ? _ He’s 1.70 meters. a.high b.tall c.weight d.heavy 38.She her teeth three times a day. a.brush b.brushs c.brushes d.brushed 39.Stop, please. That is too coffee. a.many b.lots of c.little d.much 40.A balanced diet is good your health. a.to b.with c.in d.for 41.We won’t attend the meeting tomorrow and will he. a.so b.too c.either d.neither 42.He can speak English very well and can his sister. a.so b.too c.either d.neither 43.You mustn’t up late. a.to stay b.stay c.staying d.stayed 44.My mother didn’t wash it but I . a.did b.didn’t c.do d.don’t 45.I would like some fruits and vegetables . a.to buy b.buy c.buying d.bought 46.She the beef into thin strips. a.made b.heated c.sliced d.did 47.She doesn’t like pork, and does her uncle. a.too b.so c.either d.neither 48.You should your hands before meals. a.to wash b.wash c.washing d.washed 49.How is Nga ? – She’s 38 kilos. a.high b.kilos c.weight d.heavy 50.He very happy yesterday. a.is b.was c.were d.be 51.I received a letter my aunt last week. a.of b.to c.in d.from 52.Are you scare seeing the ghost ? a.of b.with c.at d.in 53. did you see her? – Yesterday morning. a.When b.where c.What time d.How 54.It was a green skirt with white flowers it . a.in b.at c.on d.of 55. does your class start ? a.What b.What time c.Where d.Which 56.Mr. Tuan has days off than Mr. Jones. a.many b.much c.less d.fewer 57.Jane is beautiful than her sister. a.more b. the more c.the most d.fewer 58.Thanh helps children to learn. She is a . a.doctor b.teacher c.fireman d.journalist 59.My sister loves stamps. a.to collect b.collect c.collecting d.collected 60.What about videos ? a.to watch b.watch c.watching d.watched 61. don’t you come to my house ? a. Why b.What c.Let’s d.How 62.Thanks inviting me. a.for b.to c.you d.because 63.We can explore the oceans thanks his invention. a.for b.to c.you d.because 64.Will your brother be home dinner tonight ? a.with b.at c.for d.to 65.English books are on the shelves the right. a.on b.at c.to d.in 66.Would you like to go the library ? a.to b.with c.on d.at 67.How is the blue hat ? a.far b.long c.many d.much 68.The mini-mart is the restaurant. a.near b.far c.between d.next 69. He has plenty of homework tonight. a.to do b.do c.doing d.will do 70.They to visit their old friends tomorrow. a.will b.are going c.be going d.going to 71.Nam often an hour a day playing video games. a.takes b.has c.spends d.spending 72.She goes to the public library . a.carefully b.regularly c.suddenly d.regular 73.Hoa the busy city traffic now. a.used to b.uses to c.gets used to d.gets use to 74.I am going to the center. a.amuse b.amused c.amusing d.amusement 75. were you born? – In a small village in Viet Nam. a.When b.Where c.Who d.How 76.Jakarta is in . a.Malaysia b.Myanmar c.Indonesia d.Philipines 77.It’s easy the book with the title. a.to find b.find c.finding d.found 78.I don’t want much sugar in my coffee. Just ,please. a.few b.little c.a little d.a few 79.May I have sugar ? a.one b.a c.some d.any 80.On the table, there are vegetables, bread and two large . a.bowl of soup b.bowls of soup c.bowl of soups d.bowls of soups 81. Do you know when ? a.did Thomas Edinson born b.wasThomas Edinson born c. Thomas Edinson was born d. Thomas Edinson born 82. I hope the can repair our car quickly. a.mechanic b.reporter c.nurse d.journalist 83.The boss wants his to type some letters. a.secretary b.novelist c.journalist d.author 84.My new house is very different my old one. a.with b.from c.to d.in 85.Mrs. Brown is . a.a child b.a girl c.married d.not married 86.It took us an hour to Nha Trang. a.to drive b.drive c.driving d.drove 87.What kind of do you like ? – I like cartoons. a.books b.pictures c.films d.flowers 88.He come here last night . a.isn’t b.doesn’t c.won’t d.didn’t 89.Let’s to the drama club. a.to go b.go c.going d.went 90.What about to dinner with me ? a.to come b.come c.coming d.came 91.Lan a box of chocolate. a.often gives me b.gives often me c.often me gives d.gives me often 92.My daughters didn’t meet their father a long time. a.in b.from c.for d.at 93.Are there any good on TV tonight ? a.showings b.screens c.programs d.performances 94. noodles for dinner last night ? a.Did you eat b.Were you eat c.Did you ate d.Do you ate 95.The Robinsons always go to Vietnam plane. a.in b.on c.with d.by 96.The will take your suitcases to your room. a.porter b.author c.engineer d.hairdresser 97.Khanh is a English speaker. a.good b.goodly c.well d.best 98.Would you like to go to the movie theater with me tonight ?- a.Yes, I would. b. Yes,I like. c.No, I wouldn’t. d.I’m sorry.I don’t think I can. 99. Are you very good English? a.in b.at c.with d.for 100.General Giap’s forces the French in 1954. a.to defeat b.defeat c.defeated d.defeating II. VOCABULARY: A.Find one which is different from others: 1.Good morning Thank you Hello Good afternoon 2.parents uncle friend aunt 3.nice miss pretty different 4.July May Monday September 5.late easy homework long 6.summer holiday spring fall 7.review keen interesting important 8.vacation Easter Christmas Thanksgiving 9.typical definitely lazy family 10.Christmas trees presents flowers wine 11.felt had fine ate 12.spinach beef cucumber pea 13.terrible carefully awful healthy 14.dirt wash enjoy make 15.stomachache sick headache toothache 16.sugar soy sauce salt cereals 17.washed needed affected added 18.play must should can 19.tennis football ball skateboarding 20.visited finished waited needed 21.difficult freely popular regular 22.pearl diamond pear sapphire 23.scuba-diving diver swimming water-skiing 24.exploration invention deep-sea discovery 25.milk water tea apple 26.me him them our 27.nervous worried happy moment 28.third twelve fourteen twenty 29.tell see will let 30.directory sometimes calendar distance 31.playing learning writing evening 32.physics experiment literature biology 33.piano guitar singer violin 34.game talk drink eat 35.player worker painter typewriter 36.ill sick sad unwell 37.doctor nurse dentist teacher 38.tablet chocolate medicine pill 39.virus flu headache stomachache 40.ate drink speak take B.Pronunciation : 1.fun run music sun 2.orchestra chat lunch teacher 3.relax snack area atlas 4.celebration collection education question 5.receive score scout comics 6.rehearse hour household horrible 7.name happy date late 8.great beautiful teacher means 9.wet better rest pretty 10.party lovely sky empty 11.stove moment sometimes close 12.horrible hour house here 13.started weighed measured called 14.appointment affect amount add 15.chopstick touch catch stomach 16.serious symtom sugar sauce 17.freight height weight eight 18.why what when who 19.here spend well very 20.invented ended liked defeated 21.exciting spring tradition swimming 22.looked preferred played joined 23.stool room afternoon door 24.teenager together guess regular 25.chicken coach orchestra change 26.meat reader overseas realize 27. horrible hour hold hundred 28.much drug future buffalo 29.watched washed missed rented 30.chemistry choice chance chopstick C.Give the correct form of the words: 1.Mrs. Oanh’s daughter is having a check-up. MEDICINE 2.We need to know your ,Minh. WEIGH 3.An has a toothache. It’s very . PAIN 4.Catching the common cold is for everybody. PLEASE 5.Don’t worry! Your cold will last for APPEAR a few days and then . 6.Ba has a large of foreign stamps. COLLECT 7.Nam is not very . He never plays games. SPORT 8.If you want to have a body, you should play sports. HEALTH 9.In most countries, there are organizations especially for TEEN 10.He is sure tohave an accident because he drives very CARE III.GRAMMAR : A.Supply the correct form of the verbs in parentheses: 1.Look! That plane (fly) toward the airport. It (land). 2.How often Lien (practise) the piano in the club ? -She (go) there twice a week. 3.Nam often (help) old people in his freetime. 4.Last summer, we (not travel) to Can Tho because my brother (be) sick. 5.What about (collect) the waste paper? 6. The sun (rise) in the east. Now it (set) and night (fall). 7.She never (stay ) up late at night. 8.My mother (plant) flowers in the garden at the moment. 9.Mozart (play) the piano when he (be) three. 10.Why you (leave) the party early last night? 11.I (brush) my teeth every night, but last night I (forget) to brush them. 12.Your father (be) in Ha Noi three weeks ago? 13.Let’s (tidy) our classroom . 14.He (take) his final examination next summer. 15.What he (do) yesterday morning? 16. The sun (warm) the air and (give) us light. 17.She never (allow) her children to stay up late. 18. My youngest brother (get) a new job a week ago. 19.I like (watch) cowboy movies. 20.Marconi (invent) the radio. 21.The disease (spread) fast now. 22.Two years ago, she (teach) at a village school. 23.They (perform) “Romeo and Juliet” last Sunday. 24.I’d like (tell) you something about myself. 25.Be careful! The car (come). 26.Hoa rarely (go) to the movies or (eat) out in the evening. 27.When Thomas Edison (die) ?- In 1931. 28.We can (enjoy) traditional music. 29.Marie Curie (receive) the Nobel Price for Chemistry in 1911. 30.We (not go) camping next week.We (visit) the museum. 31.My father usually (drink) coffee but today he (drink) tea. 32.Last Sunday Minh (read) books in the library. He (be) there for three hours. 33.They (introduce) a new video game next month. 34.I often (listen )to music before (go) to bed. 35.Lan is very hungry now because she (not eat) enough this morning. 36.Why don’t we (go) to the canteen? 37. At present, we (rehearse) a play.Nam (play) the flute. 38.We (see) a movie tomorrow.You (join) us? 39.The River Nile (rise) in Central Africa. 40.John often (stay) in a hotel when he (come) to town, but tonight he (stay) with us. 41.It takes us about two hours (clim) to the top of the mountain. 42.Architects (make) the plans of buildings. 43.Listen! Someone (knock) at the door. 44.The children must (be) back by six o’clock. 45.Wood (float) on water, but iron (not float). 46.Columbus (discover) America more than 400 years ago. 47. My father (play) roller-skating when he (be) a child. 48.We prefer (gather) around TV after dinner. 49.I (be) twenty-five next August. 50.Thanks for (bring) it for me. B.Prepositions: Fill in the gaps: 1.My sister is really interested history. 2.Mr. Nam sent me this postcard Beijing. 3. Salads are good our health, but we must wash them carefully water. 4.Viet lives his grandparents 83 Hoang Van Thu Street. 5.What’s your place birth,Nam ? 6.I’ll wait outside the stadium. 7.Let’s meet 7 o’clock in front the park. 8.Trung will have a party her birthday home. 9. She added a little salt the spinach. 10.You should eat plenty fruit and vegetables. 11.Wash your hands meals. 12.She made a blue dress her daughter. 13.They arrived home the evening. 14.My house is the hotel and the drugstore. 15.The newspapers are the racks at the back the library. 16.We take part different activities Sunday. 17.She takked to her friends her vacation in Dalat. 18.Marie Curie was born Poland 1867. 19.He always good telling funny stories. 20.The children are growing fast. 21.They don’t depend tourism to live. 22.Uncle Ho died Ha Noi 1969. 23.Charles Dicken was famous his novels. 24.The street is full of traffic from morning night. 25.Some people gathered outside the house and watched TV the windows. 26.What’s television tonight? 27.Are you scare seeing the dentist? 28.Could you tell me how to get the bus stop? 29.I am looking some words in the dictionary. 30.My aunt takes care sick children the hospital. Tài Liệu Bồi Dưỡng Học Sinh Giỏi Lớp 7 HKI Period 1+2 . TENSES I. Summary (Tóm tắt): Tenses Affirmation (KĐ) Negation (PĐ) Interrogation (NV) With Present simple S + V(s-es) (be): am- is- are S + don’t/ doesn’t +V 1 S+ am not/ isn’t/ aren’t Do/Does + S+V 1 ? Am/Is/Are + S+…? Everyday, usually, after school, never, often, sometimes, always, Present progressive S + am/is/are + V-ing S+am/is/are(not)+V-ing Am/ Is/Are +S+V-ing? Now, at the present, at the moment, at this time, Look! Listen, ! Be careful!. Hurry up! II. The differences between present simple and present progressive: Present simple Present progressive 1. Hành động có tính bền vững, luôn luôn đúng theo thói quen, phong tục và khả năng: - I work in New York. 2. Nhận thức, tình cảm, tình trạng xảy ra lúc đang nói: I know you are busy now. 3. Thời khoá biểu, lịch trình các chương trình: The train for Hanoi leaves at 7.30 tonight. 4. Chân lý hiển nhi ên: - It rains a lot in HCM City. 1. Hành động có tính tạm thời, không thường xuyên: (today, this week, this year ) - I’m working in New York for a few weeks. 2. Không dùng thì này với các hoạt động nhận thức, tình cảm, tình trạng, sở hữu, tồn tại: see, think, believe, feel, look smell, taste, hear, expect, assume 3. Kế hoạch, sự sắp xếp cho tương lai gần: - She is arriving at 11 o’clock. 4. Dùng kèm với ALWAYS diễn tả sự phàn nàn: He is always coming to class late. III. Give the correct form of these verbs: (Present simple and present progressive) 1. The sun (set) …………in the West. The earth (circle) ……………the Sun once every 365 days. 2. It usually (rain) ……………in the summer. Rivers usually (flow) ………………to the sea. 3. They (often build) ………………… hotels, but this year they (build) ……………… hospitals. 4. Bees (make) …………………………honey. 5. They (get) …………………………on the scale now. 6. Don’t worry. I (give) ……………………him your message when I (see) ……………………… him. 7. Look! Jane (play) the guitar. this afternoon she (play) …………………… table tennis. 8. I (not talk) …………………………to her at present. 9. How often…………………………she (go) …………………………fishing? - She (go) …………………………once a year. 10. your friends (be)…………………… students? - Yes, they (be) 11. the children (play…………………………in the park at the moment? - No, they aren’t. They (learn) to play the piano. 12. ………….you (go)………………………… to school on Sundays? – Yes, I do. 13. My mother (cook) ………………………a meal now. She ( cook) ……………………… everyday. 14. What…………your mother (do)……………. at this time? - She (make) ………………a dress. 15. she often (go)……………………… to the cinema every weekend? - I don’t know. But she always (go) to the church on Sundays. 16. Hurry up! The bus (come) …………………………… . 19. The students (not be) …………………………in class at present. 20. She always (wash) …………………………the dishes after meals. 21. What____________ your father usually ____________ (do) in the evenings ? 22. He usually ____________ (watch)TV. He (not talk) ____________ to her at present. 23. He____________ (be) out at the moment but he____________ (be) back at about seven o’clock. 24. I can ____________ (see) the children. They____________ (play) in the yard. Period 3. TENSES I. Summary (Tóm tắt): Tenses Affirmation (KĐ) Negation (PĐ) Interrogation (NV) With Intended Future S + am/ is/ are + going to +V 1 S + am/ is/ are+ not + going to +V 1 Am/ Is/ Are + S+ going to +V 1 ? Tomorrow, tonight, soon, next, someday, in the future Future Simple S+ will + V 1 S+ will not + V 1 Will + S + V 1 ? II. The differences between intended future and future simple: Intended future Future simple 1. Ý định đã được dự trù, sắp xếp trước khi nói: - Iam going to visit New York this summer. 2. Sự suy đoán chắc chắn dựa vào căn cứ hiện tại: - There are a lot of clouds. I think it is going to rain. 1. Ý định ngay khi nói hay hành động sẽ xảy ra ở tương lai không phụ thuộc vào ý định: - He will come here tomorrow. 2. Ý kiến, lời hứa, hy vọng, phát biểu về một hành động trong tương lai: (think, promise, hope, expect ) - Wait here and I will get you a drink. - I think you will pass the exam. III. Give the correct form of these verbs: (Intended future and Future simple) 1. I think she (win) …………………………the gold medal. 2. They (build) …………………………a house by June next year. 3. Don’t worry. I (give) …………………………him your message when I see him. 4. I (meet) …………………………Jane next week. [...]... we say: The man in the hat Compare this with the indefinite article, which refers to any man in the group: A man in a hat HELP YOU TO REMEBER ! How to use THE Tên mùa, năm, tháng, buổi, ngày Tồ nhà, đường phố, sân bay khơng THE Núi đồi, thành phố, h i h Quốc gia, thị trấn chẳng chen THE nào H nh tinh, lục địa, thể thao Một h , một núi tránh vào, phải kiêng Các trường, đầu có tên riêng Tạp chí, trừu... chẳng dun cùng THE Danh từ khơng h n nghĩa ư? Bữa trưa, sáng, tối cả như việc, nhà Tù nhân, cao đẳng, biển xa Nhà thờ, bệnh viện kể là như khơng THE đi cả ít, lẫn nhiều Đếm, Khơng chẳng ngại bao nhiêu cũng nhường Tàu bè, sơng rạch, kênh mương Biển riêng, dãy núi, đại dương THE mình Nhật báo, tước hiệu, gia đình Tồ nhà cơng cộng, phát minh THE vào Danh từ duy nhất làm sao? Cực cấp, thứ tự thì bao THE... THE lồng Đại h c, cao đẳng, phổ thơng OF thời bổ nghĩa thì xơng THE nè Nhiều h , nhiều núi chẳng e Nước nhiều từ sẽ cùng phe THE thành Tính từ sử dụng như danh THE liền đứng trước làm anh số nhiều Nhạc cụ cũng phải ưu tiên Dùng THE là đúng hiển nhiên thế rồi III Directions: Fill in the blank with the appropriate article, a, an, or the, or Ø if no article is needed 1 I want apple from that basket ... like blind man’s bluff or catch We often make much noise at recess After school, we often go home and have lunch at 12.30 1 Where is the school? A On Nguyen Hue Street B In Hue C On Nguyen Hue Street in Hue 2 How many students are there in the school? A 1 ,70 0 B 1, 070 C 1,0 07 3 When does the class start and finish? A 7. 00 and 11.00 B 7. 30 and 11.00 C 7. 00 and 11.30 4 What subjects does she like best?... the Bushes The Great Lakes the Alps, the Highlands the United States, the United Arab Emirates the Pacific, the Black Sea The poor, the rich, the blind The Independent, The Daily Mirror, The Times the piano, the bag pipes Exceptions include: the Hague; the Matterhorn; the Mall; the White House, the United States of America In this example, the group is all men; we want to reference a particular man so... việc Cẩn thận Tổ chức l Trung tâm Thu thập Tiện nghi Thông tin Tò mò Nguy hie Cheat Điếc Sâu Phụ thuộc Khác nha Khó khăn Thất vọng Kinh tế Điện H o h ng Giải thích Lôi cuốn Bạn bè Trôi chảy H i H nh phu Possessively Practically Tự nhiên Vui vẻ Ô nhiễm Sở h u Thực h n 46 Preparation 47 Prevention 48 Product Product/ tion 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19... h o h ng WORD FORM CHART 1 NOUN 2 3 4 Anger Anxiety Act/ action/ VERB Act ADJ Angry Anxious Active PARTICIPLE Dust/ dusty: bụi Fog/ foggy: sương mù Health/ healthy: khoẻ mạnh Man/ Manly: có vẻ đàn ơng Brother/ brotherly: tình anh em World/ worldly: thế gian Thoughtful / thoughtless Colorful / colorless Wonder/ wonderful: tuyệt Truth/ truthful: chân thật Waste/ wasteful: hoang phí Restless: khơng nghỉ... này hoạch/ từ chối làm gì III V-ing 11 S+ enjoy/ mind/ spend/ practice/ avoid/ keep/ like/ suggest/ finish/ stop/ hate/ dislike/ + Ving Ai thích/ phiền/ trãi qua/ thực h nh/ tránh/ giữ/ thích/ đề nghị/ h n thành/ ghét/ khơng thích làm gì I enjoy singing very much T ơi thích h t rất nhiều He doesn’t mind opening the door Cậu ấy khơng phiền mở cửa ra 12 S + be(get) used to/ look forward to/ be worth/ have... works hard so that he can have enough money to buy a new house Cậu ấy làm vi ệc chăm để có thể có đủ tiền mua nhà mới D Join two sentences into one, use SO THAT/ IN ORDER THAT: 1 The boy stands on the benches He wants to see the view better →The boy stands on the benches so that he can see the view better 2 I’ll write to you I want you to know my decision 3 The man speaks loudly He wants... as this → This hotel is the 18 Other oceans in the world aren’t as large as the Pacific one → The Pacific Ocean is Period 12+13 STRUCTURES A Structures Examples I V-bare 1 S + used to/ would rather/ had better/can + V1 He‘d rather stay at home than go out (đã từng/ thích h n/ nên thì h n/ có thể) Cậu ấy thích ở nhà h n đi ra ngoài 2 S + keep/ make/ let/ have . a.What b.What time c.Where d.Which 56.Mr. Tuan has days off than Mr. Jones. a.many b.much c.less d.fewer 57. Jane is beautiful than her sister. a.more b. the more c.the most d.fewer 58.Thanh helps. ship Friendly Bạn bè 30. Fluency Fluent Fluently Trôi chảy 31. Harm Harm (gây h i) Harmful/ less Harmlully/lessly H i 32. Happiness Happy Happily H nh phúc 33. Health Healthy Healthily Mạnh khoẻ 34 Thời khoá biểu, lịch trình các chương trình: The train for Hanoi leaves at 7. 30 tonight. 4. Chân lý hiển nhi ên: - It rains a lot in HCM City. 1. H nh động có tính tạm thời, không thường xuyên: (today,
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