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Cambridge.University.Press.Philosophy.and.German.Literature.1700-1990.Jun.2002. This page intentionally left blankPHILOSOPHY AND GERMANLITERATURE –Although the importance of the interplay of literature and philoso-phy in Germany has often been examined within individual worksor groups of works by particular authors, little research has beenundertaken into the broader dialogue of German literature and phi-losophy as a whole. Philosophy and German Literature –offers six chapters by leading specialistson the dialogue betweenGerman literary writers and philosophers through their works. Thevolume shows that German literature, far from being the mouth-piece of a dour philosophical culture dominated by the great namesof Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Heidegger and Habermas, hasmuch more to offer: while possessing a high affinity with philo-sophy it explores regions of human insight and experience beyondphilosophy’s ken.NICHOLAS SAULis Professor of German and Head of Departmentat theUniversity of Liverpool. He is the author ofPoetry and Historyin Novalisand in the Tradition of the German Enlightenment()andLiterature and Pulpit Oratory in the German Romantic Age (). He is acontributor to the Cambridge History of German Literature. He has alsoedited volumes on literature and science, and the body in Germanliterature.CAMBRIDGE STUDIES IN GERMANGeneral editorsH. B. Nisbet, University of CambridgeMartin Swales, University of LondonAdvisory editorTheodore J. Ziolkowski, Princeton UniversityAlso in the seriesJ.P.STERN: The Dear Purchase: A Theme in German Modernism SE´AN ALLAN: The Plays of Heinrich von Kleist: Ideals and Illusions W.E.YATES: Theatre in Vienna: A Critical History, – MICHAEL MINDEN: The German ‘Bildungsroman’:Incest and Inheritance TODD KONTJE: Women, the Novel, and the German Nation  –:Domestic Fiction in the Fatherland   STEPHEN BROCKMANN: Literature and German Reunification JUDITH RYAN: Rilke, Modernism and Poetic Tradition   GRAHAM FRANKLAND: Freud’s Literary Culture PHILOSOPHY ANDGERMAN LITERATURE–EDITED BYNICHOLAS SAULUniversity of Liverpool  Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, São PauloCambridge University PressThe Edinburgh Building, Cambridge  , United KingdomFirst published in print format ISBN-13 978-0-521-66052-5 hardbackISBN-13 978-0-511-06644-3 eBook (NetLibrary)© Cambridge University Press 20022002Information on this title: book is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provision ofrelevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take placewithout the written permission of Cambridge University Press.ISBN-10 0-511-06644-9 eBook (NetLibrary)ISBN-10 0-521-66052-1 hardbackCambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy ofs for external or third-party internet websites referred to in this book, and does notguarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.Published in the United States by Cambridge University Press, New Yorkwww.cambridge.orgContentsContributorspageviiiAcknowledgementsxListofabbreviationsxiIntroduction:GermanliteratureandphilosophyNicholas Saul Criticism and experience: philosophy and literatureintheGermanEnlightenmentJohn A. McCarthy The pursuit of the subject: literature as critic and perfecterofphilosophy–Nicholas Saul Two realisms: German literature and philosophy–John WalkerModernismandtheself–Ritchie Robertson The subjects of community: aspiration, memory, resistance–Russell A. Berman Coming to terms with the past in postwar literatureandphilosophyRobert C. HolubBibliographyIndexviiContributorsJOHN A.McCARTHYis Professor of German and Comparative Litera-ture, and Co-Director of German Studies at Vanderbilt University.His teaching and research focus on Enlightenment, Sturm und Drang,Weimar Classicism, Nietzsche, science and literature, the essay genre,and the history of Germanics. Among his book publications areCrossing boundaries: a theory and history of essayistic writing in German – () and Disrupted patterns: on chaos and order in the Enlightenment(). Currently McCarthy is researching his next major project: thereception of the Sturm und Drang movement, –.NICHOLAS SAULis Professor of German and Head of Department at theUniversity of Liverpool. He is the author of Poetry and history in Novalisand the German Enlightenment () and ‘Prediger aus der neuen romantischenClique.’ Zur Interaktion von Romantik und Homiletik um  (). He hasalso edited volumes on literature and science, threshold metaphors,and the body in German literature, and published on authors fromFrederick the Great of Prussia to Hugo von Hofmannsthal and BothoStrauß. He contributed the section on German literature –to the Cambridge history of German literature ().JOHN WALKERis lecturer in German at Birkbeck College, Universityof London, where he served as Chair of Department in –. Hisresearch interests focus on the interrelation between philosophy andliterary form in German literature –. He has published abook on Hegel’s religious and historical thought, History, spirit andexperience (), and edited the collection of essays Thought and faithin the philosophy of Hegel (). He has also contributed to books onHegel and Nietzsche, and published several articles on Lessing, Kleist,B¨uchner and B¨oll.viii . realisms: German literature and phi-losophy –’, finds that the unfolding dialogue of philosophy and Introduction: German literature and philosophy literature. volumes on literature and science, and the body in Germanliterature. CAMBRIDGE STUDIES IN GERMANGeneral editorsH. B. Nisbet, University of CambridgeMartin
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