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I. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER 4) “Have you ever met the man ________ over there?” “No. Who is he?” A. stands B. is standing C. standing D. who he is standing 5) The boy _______ the piano is my son. A. who is playing B. that is playing C. playing D. All are correct 6) _____________ by his parent, this boy was very sad. A. Punished B. Punishing C. To be punished D. Be punished 7) We have apartment ___________ the park. A. overlooking B. overlooks C. to overlook D. overlooked 8) He was the last person _______ in this way. A. to kill B. who killed C. being killed D. to be killed 9) Nellie Ross of Wyoming was the first woman ________ governor in the United State. A. who elected B. to be elected C. was elected D. her election as 10) _____ in large quantities in the Middle East, oil became known as black gold because of the large profit it brought. A. Discovering B. Discovered C. Which was discovered D. That when discovered 11) She is the only in the discussion ____ to using nuclear power. A. objects B. objected C. to object D. whom objects 12) Johnny was the last applicant ________ for a position in that energy station. A. to interview B. interviewing C. to be interviewed D. which is interviewed 13) The instructions _____ by Professor Johnson helped us know more about the danger of energy pollution. A. that explained B. explained C. explaining D. which explained 14) The man to speak to me is John’s brother. A B C D 15) He is the second person be killed in that way. A B C D 16) They work in a hospital sponsoring by the government. A B C D II. READ THE PASSAGE AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS Energy is fundamental to human beings, especially to poor people – the one- third of humanity that does not have modern energy supplies like electricity, with which their life could be improve. Many people who live in countryside have to gather fuel wood. This takes a lot of time. Moreover, it causes indoor air pollution because of heavy smoke. For many people living in rural areas in developing countries of the world, biogas is the large energy resources available and costs almost nothing. The main use of biogas is for cooking and heating. As biogas is smoke-free, it helps solve the problem of indoor air pollution. Moreover, plant waste and animal manure cost almost nothing. The tendency to use renewable energy sources is on the increase when non-renewable ones are running out. In the near, people in the developing countries may use wind or sea waves as the environment-friendly energy sources. 17) What is the role of energy to human beings? 18) What do poor people in countryside do to have energy? 19) How long does it take to gather fuel wood in the countryside? 20) According to the passage, what energy sources do poor people often use for fuel? 21) According to the passage, what is the most awful effect of using fuel wood? III. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER 1) He is the singer about ____ I often tell you. A. that B. who C. whom D. him 2) The concert ____ I listened last weekend was boring. A. to that B. to which C. for what D. for which 3) That’s the girl to ____ my brother got engaged. A. which B. who C. whom D. her 4) I like the village ____ I used to live. A. in that B. in where C. which D. in which 5) I don’t know the reason ____ she hasn’t talked to me recently. A. on which B. for which C. of which D. about which 6) The little girl ____ I borrowed this pen has gone. A. whose B. from who C. from that D. from whom 7) The speech ___ we listened last night was information. A. to which B. which to C. to that D. that 8) The boy to ____ I lent my money is poor. A. that B. who C. whom D. B and C 9) The knife ____ we cut bread is very sharp. A. with that B. which C. with which D. that 10) The authority gathered those villagers ____ they explained the importance of forests. A. who B. whom C. to whom D. to that 11) I have two brothers, both of them are studying in England. A B C D 12) It was a kind of machine with that we were not familiar. A B C D 13) The man to whom I usually borrow money is a teacher. A B C D 14) It is right that politicians should make important decisions without consulting the public to who A B C D they are accountable? 15) The song to that we listened last night was beautiful. A B C D IV. READ THE PASSAGE AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS Over the past few years, Vietnam has quickly developed its telephone system. Vietnam ranks second only to China for growth in the number of telephone subscribers. It is among the 30 countries in the world that have more than two million telephone subscribers. In the early 1990s, there were only 140,000 telephones across Vietnam. At present, we have more than six million subscribers. In 1996, Vietnam began upgrading its fixed telephone networks and changing numbers from six to seven digits in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well as five to six digits in other provinces. Five years later the mobile phone system was upgraded to meet the growth in customer demand. Since 2000, Vietnam has reduced the price of several services, especially in the monthly fees for fixed and mobile telephones. In the future, more attention will be paid to the rural areas. At present, 93 percent of communes across Vietnam have telephone services. A network of 6,014 communal post offices have been set up across the country. 16) Does China rank first for growth in the number of telephone subscribers? 17) How many telephones are there in Vietnam now? 18) In 1996, how are numbers changed in telephone networks? 19) Does Vietnam decrease the price of services since 2000? 20) Where do people pay attention in the future?
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