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PREPOSITION (2) I. Điền in, at hoặc on vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành các câu sau 1. My lessons starts ______ five o'clock. 2. My father usually buys a newspaper _____ the morning. 3. We wear warm clothes _____ winter. 4. We get presents _____ Christmas. 5. I usually visit my grandparents _______ Sunday afternoon. 6. John's birthday is _____ August 16 th 7. The film finishes _____ 9:30. 8. The supermarket is closed _______ Sunday. 9. Columbos discovered America ____ 1942. 10. You can see the stars _____ night, if the sky is clear. 11. Tom isn’t here _____ the moment. He’ll be back _____ five minutes. 12. The course begins ______ 7 th January and ends ______ 10 th March. 13. Tom’s grandmother died ______ 1977 _______ the age of 79. 14. The price of electricity is going up _______ October. 15. Ann works hard during the week, so she likes to relax ______ the weekends. 16. I can’t be at home ______ the morning. Can you phone me _______ the afternoon instead? 17. Jack’s brother is an engineer but he’s out of work ______ the moment. 18. _____ Sunday afternoons I usually go for a walk in the country. 19. Tom doesn’t see his parents very often these days – usually only ______ Christmas and sometimes _______ the summer for a few days. 20. The telephone and the doorbell rang ______ the same time. 21. I walk up a lot of stairs everyday. My flat is _____ the third floor and there is no lift. 22. It can be dangerous when children play football _______ the street. 23. I can’t find the sport results _______ back page of the newspaper. 24. Do you take sugar ________ your coffee? 25. Paris is _______ the river Seine. 26. Mr. Boyle’s office is ______ the first floor. When you come out of the lift, it’s the third floor _______ your left. 27. In most countries people drive ________ the right. 28. She spends all day sitting ______ the window and watching what is happening outside. 29. Cenk lives ______ 810 Istiklal Street. 30. Pete is ______ class 2B. II. Điền giới từ thích hợp vào những câu sau 1. Peter goes to school ______ Monday ______ Friday. 2. Students don’t have any lessons _______ the weekends. 3. Sheila gets up ________ 6:30 every morning. 4. Michael has a lot of posters and pictures _______ cars ______ the wall _______ his room. 5. I go to school ______ bus, not ______ foot. 6. Hurry up! We are going to the cinema _______ five minutes. 7. I see an interesting story book _____ the top shelf. 8. _______ sunny days we usually go on picnic. 9. I usually listen ______ pop music, because I’m interested ______ it. 10. You mustn’t smoke _____ a bus. 11. Get ______ the bus! It’s about to go. 12. You walk very fast. You’re always five steps _______ me. 13. There is a concert. A lot of people are _______ the stadium. 14. Mary is sitting ________ John and Mike. 15. The dog is swimming _______ the river. 16. He usually phone me _____ Tuesday morning___10 o'clock. 17. What does Tom have _______ breakfast? 18. Lan isn't _____ home now. She's _____ work. 19. He is good ______ Math. 20. He often goes to work _____ motorbike, but _____ bad weather he goes __ his company’s car. 21. He works hard _____ Monday ______ Friday so he sleeps ______ the weekend. 22. You should learn these words ____ heart. 23. Please wait _____ us outside the schoolgate. 24. There's wardrobe ______ the left ______ her room. 25. She's _____ England but she's French. 26. Let's go___the street. 27. How do you know____this? 28. Let's look these new words____ a dictionary. 29. Write___ink and put your name___the top of the page. 30. Will you come____ my house on the weekend? III.Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu sau 1. Tell us something ________ your holiday. (about/ on) 2. I sometimes wonder ________ my old friend, where she is now and what she's doing. (from/ about) 3. The glass is full _____ water. (of/ with) 4. He seems very bored ______ life. (of/ with) 5. I won't see you______ Friday. (till/ for/ in) 6. You must clean this table _____ ink spots. (out of/ of/ from) 7. He is just getting _______ his illness. (out of/ out/ over) 8. My house is just ______ the street. (on/ across/ beside) 9. My mother is a true friend ______me. (for/ to/ with) 10. He will make a speech______ this subject. (on/ at/ in/ from) 11. Turn this passage from English_______ Spanish. (with/ about/ to/ into) 12. I'm not very good ______ making decisions. (on/ at/ for/ in) 13. I will stay in London_____ about three weeks. (for/ since/ at) 14. Your father is very kind _____(with/ for/ to/ in) David. 15. Hurry or you will be late _____ (for/ at/ on/ from) school. 16. His book is different _____ (about/ from/ for/ between) mine. 17. Your plan is similar _____ (with/ to/ of/ for) his. 18. The boy is afraid _____ (of/ on/ in/ about) snakes. 19. She is accustomed _____ (with/ to/ on/ of) getting up early. 20. He is successful _____ (in/ with/ of/ to) his job. 21. Iraq is rich_____ (on/ for/ to/ in) oil. 22. That student is very quick _____ (with/ at/ for/ about) mathematics. 23. Are you aware _____ (with/ to/ of/ for) the time? 24. They are interested _____ (in/ on/ about/ with) buying a new house. 25. Smoking is harmful _____ (for/ with/ to/ about) our health. 26. She is serious _____ (with/ about /of/ for) learning to be a doctor. 27. Our study is very important _____ (for/ with/ to/ about) our future and useful _____ (for/ to/ with/ in) our country. 28. Don’t give up your hope. Be confident _____ (of/ about/ in/ with) yourself. 29. Are you capable _____ (with/ of/ for/ to) that job? 30. Your bag is similar _____ (with/ to/ about/ for) mine. 31. The bottle is full _____ (with/of/ in/ at) water. 32. Quang Linh is popular _____ (with/ for/ to/ in) folk songs. 33. He is very kind _____ (to/ of/ with/ for) me. 34. She is never late _____ (to/ for/ with/ from) work. 35. Don’t worry_____ (about/ with/ to/ for) the money! I’ll lend you. 36. Why don’t you ask _____ (with/ to/ for/ on) a pay increase? 37. Do you believe _____ (on/ at/ to/ in) God? 38. Why are these two schools different _____ (to/ from/ with/ at) each other? 39. Lisa is very good _____ (at/ with/ in/ about) chemistry. 40. What do you often do _____ (in/ on/ at/ of) the evening? 41. We are looking forward _____ (in/ at/ for/ to) seeing you again. . happening outside. 29. Cenk lives ______ 810 Istiklal Street. 30. Pete is ______ class 2B. II. Điền giới từ thích hợp vào những câu sau 1. Peter goes to school ______ Monday ______ Friday. 2. Students
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