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[...]... manifest file (AndroidManifest.xml) Here is an example: 13 14 CHAPTER... You will use an ID generated for this XML file to load this layout into an activity window (We’ll cover this process further in Chapter 6.) Android also provides extensive... SMS datamessaging standard android. telephony.cdma: Provides support for CDMA telephony android. text: Contains text-processing classes android. text.method: Provides classes for entering text input for a variety of controls android. text.style: Provides a number of styling mechanisms for a span of text android. utils: Contains the classes Log, DebugUtils, TimeUtils, and Xml android. view: Contains the classes... Sensors 9 23 Linear Acceleration Sensors 9 23 Rotation Vector Sensors 9 23 Near Field Communication Sensors .9 23 References 934 Summary 935 ■Chapter 27: Exploring the Contacts API 937 Understanding Accounts . 938 A Quick Tour of Account Screens 938 Relevance of Accounts... (JSR) 239 for OpenGL ES, and Android uses the same Java binding for OpenGL ES in its implementation If you are not familiar with OpenGL programming, the learning curve is steep But we’ve reviewed the basics here, so you’ll be ready to start programming in OpenGL for Android when you complete Chapter 20 Starting in 3. 0 Android has introduced a script based approach to OpenGL to supplement ES 2.0 Android. .. source code of the Android platform available under Apache’s open source license In late 2010, Google released Android SDK 2 .3 for smartphones, code named Gingerbread, which was upgraded to 2 .3. 3 by March 2011 In early 2011 an optimized version of Android for tablets, Android 3. 0 code named Honeycomb, was released Motorola XOOM is one of the early tablets to carry this OS release When Android was released,... significant performance improvements, improved Bluetooth functionality, installation of applications on the SD card optionally, OpenGL ES 2.0 support, improvements in backup, improvements in search usability, Near Field Communications support for credit card processing, much improved motion and sensor support (similar to Wii), video chat, and improved Market The latest incarnation of Android, 3. 0 is focused on... xmlns :android= "http://schemas .android. com/apk/res /android" android: oneshot="false"> …… The underlying graphics libraries support the standard transformation matrices, allowing scaling, movement, and rotation A Camera object in the graphics library provides support for depth and projection,... component in Android Android 3. 0 introduced another UI concept called fragments to allow developers to chunk views and functionality for display on tablets Tablets provide enough screen space for multi-pane activities, and fragments provide the abstraction for the panes One of the Android framework’s key concepts is the lifecycle management of activity windows Protocols are put in place so that Android. .. CONTENTS Implementing a Custom Suggestion Provider .796 Planning the Custom Suggestion Provider 796 SuggestURLProvider Project Implementation Files 796 Implementing the SuggestUrlProvider Class 797 Implementing a Search Activity for a Custom Suggestion Provider 807 Custom Suggestions Provider Manifest File 8 13 Custom Suggestion User Experience . 29 Content Provider 30 Service 30 AndroidManifest.xml 30 Android Virtual Devices 30 Hello World! 31 Android Virtual Devices 37 Exploring the Structure of an Android Application 39 Analyzing. a Library Project? 38 4 Library Project Predicates 38 5 Creating a Library Project 38 7 Creating an Android Project That Uses a library 39 0 References 39 7 Summary 39 8 ■Chapter 13: Exploring. (AsyncTask) 32 0 Handling Configuration Changes with AsyncTasks 32 7 Getting Files Using DownloadM anager 33 1 Using Android Services 33 7 Understanding Services in Android 33 8 Understanding
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