apress pro android web game apps, using html5 css3 and javascript (2012)

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[...]... used hotkeys grouped by category If you plan to work only with the standard web stack (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc.) then you can use the lighter (and cheaper) version of Idea, which is WebStorm The steps required to create and run a new project in WebStorm are simpler Go to File  New Project, and enter the name and the path When the project is created, you work with it in exactly the same way as you... don’t have a Wi-Fi access point and you can’t connect your PC and Android to the same network? Well, the best choice is to buy the missing hardware What can be easier? But seriously, you can install the Android emulator and test your web applications with it CHAPTER 1: Getting Started The Android SDK and Emulator The good news is that you don’t have to choose between a dozen products or download a separate... number if you’re using a port other than 80 Create the environment variable called ANDROID_ HOME and point it to the SDK installation path Then update the PATH variable with ANDROID_ HOME/tools and ANDROID_ HOME/platform-tools Android SDK has two folders with executable scripts Make sure to add both of them to PATH At this point, we have all the basic tools required to start writing code and testing the... Java, J2ME, Android, Grails, and the most important type of module for this book a Web Module Select it from the list on the left, as shown in Figure 1-2 If you decide to use IntelliJ Idea as your main IDE, use these steps for every new project that you make Figure 1-2 Creating a new project Enter the project name and the location you wish to use for project files, and then click Finish Your project is... and install the Android SDK, configure the profile of the device, and run the emulator with the given profile Then you work with the emulator the same way that you would with a mobile device: open browser, enter address, load page, and so on Even though Android emulators are really good, you should perform testing on real devices as soon as possible A real device might have its own vendorspecific and. .. emulator To do this, we will need to install a web server Web Server Your device cannot access the filesystem on your PC and load the web page directly from a folder That’s why we will need a web server, a tool that can serve web pages via HTTP After you install a web server and configure it, you access the project files the same way as you access regular web sites on the Internet: type the address in... Aptana Studio Aptana utilizes a slightly different approach to naming The project in Aptana is similar to module in IntelliJ, and a set of projects is called a workspace Using the example from the previous section, if you make a chat application in Aptana, you will have a separate workspace that contains several projects: Server, Android Client, and Desktop Client Aptana uses the same concept, but... IDEs derived from Idea WebStorm is the one for HTML and JavaScript, and it is only $69  Aptana Studio (http://aptana.com) is based on the glorious and powerful Eclipse project (www.eclipse.org) It is extremely feature-rich, and has a plug-in for virtually anything from exploring databases and building enterprise reports to reminding you that your tea is ready Aptana is free and open source 7 8 CHAPTER... device handy, you can open the same web page and see how it looks on your Android! The easiest way to do this is to connect your Android and PC to the same network via Wi-Fi You’ll need to find the IP address of your computer and point the mobile browser to it For example, if the IP address of your PC on the local network is, you should open the browser and enter in the... the file called bash_profile in your home folder Open the terminal window and execute: $touch ~/.bash_profile $ open –e ~/.bash_profile CHAPTER 1: Getting Started The file should now be opened in the text editor Add the following line for every environment variable that you want to create: export TOOL_HOME=/path/to/tool For example: export NODE_PATH=~/node export ANDROID_ HOME=~ /android The last line . is about making web games with JavaScript for today’s most promising mobile platform Android. Game development is a challenging subject. Games aim to simulate. is about making games for the Android platform with HTML5 and JavaScript. It will guide you from an empty HTML page to a full-blown HTML5 game with animations,
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