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[...]... because they sought the best talent, they believed in social justice, they wanted to create a meritocracy, they thought diversity was good for business, and they American Managememt Association • Introduction wanted to set an example for the rest of the corporation They did it all because they could In contrast, the chief executives who waited for the affinity groups to offer them the strongest... struck—well, horrified really—by the toll the adversarial process takes on both the plaintiffs and the defendants In discrimination lawsuits, the claims of the employee are pitted against the assertions of the employer The allegations are frequently framed in reductive terms: The employee is incapable of performing the tasks, and the company is guilty of discrimination The legal wrangling often saps... Because of their numbers and their dominant race, they frequently wind up leading the affinity group In some companies they have sucAmerican Managememt Association • 11 12 The Diversity Index cessfully challenged how women’s performance is measured by the firm The GE Women’s Network is a fascinating example of how a group can advance after grappling with stereotypes in the workplace Their success... 5 6 The Diversity Index had not joined or that were established after the program officially ended in 1969 These findings suggest that the Plans for Progress companies were more attuned to accepting and promoting people of all kinds than the companies that had not practiced the protocol The study indicates that the protocol was effective and that the longer a company practices integration, the better... Johnson and the presidents of the largest defense companies The contracts spelled out the steps that Boeing, Northrop, Lockheed, and other government contractors agreed to take in order to find, develop, and recruit minority employees They reached out to students, teachers, and families to inform them of the skills, knowledge, and education they needed in their technologically advanced workforce Then, like... companies to verify the accuracy of our assessments and made adjustments to the data if the companies offered corrections that were consistent with the names listed in the 10-K, a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) We operated on a fully transparent basis, notifying the companies of the information and statistics we had gathered and telling them that they would be published... to produce the highly technical products—such as Mylar, computers, and advanced aircraft—that companies needed And frequently, managers did not recognize, develop, or reward the employees that they had As companies rebuild their workforces they can reassess their current and future needs They have the opportunity to advance the employees who have been toiling in the trenches, reach out to the unemployed,... corporate America The difference between today and 50 years ago is that white women are now part of the problem In 2009, more than 40 percent of the Fortune 100 had no minorities among their executive officers These white-ceiling companies often display a rainbow of employees on the leadership pages of their Web sites They advertise their employee networks and expound on their commitment to diversity with... for the future of the companies and for this country To be sure, corporations are not the only ones who like to think of themselves as open-minded, tolerant, and modern In the giddy aftermath of the election of the first black president, signs everywhere read, ‘‘Yes we did.’’ Citizens of 17 American Managememt Association • 18 The Diversity Index the United States proved they could overcome... affirmative action plan expresses how the employer intends to reach out and find women or minorities with the required skills to hire into jobs where they are underutilized It is an adaptation of the Plans for Progress protocol.) Diversity became a popular concept after the late 1970s, American Managememt Association • 9 10 The Diversity Index due to the backlash against affirmative action . Plan for Progress.A diversity index measures the number of species in a nat-ural environment. The more species there are, the healthier the environment is exceeds the sum of its parts.21American Managememt Association • www.amanet.org2 The Diversity Index We are just beginning to understand the full diversity
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