Convergence of Project Management and Knowledge Management pot

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[...]... and performing quality assurance Knowledge processes may include planning to identify project roles, acquiring project team members through the life of a project, developing skills 10_426_03_Ch01.indd 12 8/31/10 7:42 AM Convergence of Project Management and Knowledge Management 13 and competencies of project team members, and tracking performance This is a critical area of knowledge management in projects... management Project knowledge concerning effective management of the project team and others to accomplish the project objectives Project knowledge in developing teams and team management for the appropriate knowledge culture is included 6 Project quality management Project knowledge describing the processes involved in assuring that the project will satisfy the objectives for which it was undertaken Knowledge. .. current and future projects 8 Project risk management Project knowledge describing the processes concerned with risk management in a project It includes knowledge on risk management planning, risk identification, qualitative risk analysis, risk response planning, and risk mitigation It is not possible to handle these areas unless project knowledge is captured 9 Project procurement management Project knowledge. .. do this, knowledge in projects needs to be managed properly Knowledge management experts must set up knowledge management systems in projects to accomplish the objective of increasing productivity and collaboration even while resources are cut At the organizational and project level, knowledge management is attributed to organizational and project assets Over the past few years, knowledge management. .. and objectives and yet remain within the constraints of time and funding Several approaches to project management include agile, interactive, incremental, and phased approaches The traditional approaches to project management are built on a sequence of stages: project initiation, planning and design, execution and production, monitoring and controlling, completion, and project post mortem Not all projects... project management KM INFLUENCE ON PROJECTS The knowledge environment in projects is mainly influenced by the culture of the organization, formal and informal organizational policies, staff behavior toward knowledge capture and sharing, knowledge architecture, business processes, and overall strategy Critical knowledge in projects resides with people They need to understand the value of knowledge and. .. describes knowledge management as a necessity in project management for harnessing the implicit knowledge of all involved in the project Because project team members share project knowledge, making their communication more effective is the best way to further develop project knowledge Koskinen goes on to describe four environments in which knowledge management influences project management The mechanical project. .. work breakdown structure Knowledge boundaries are defined in clear terms 3 Project time management Project knowledge describing the processes concerning timely completion of the project It includes activity definition, activity sequencing, and activity resource estimating Knowledge of the logical sequence of activities in projects is essential 4 Project cost management Project knowledge concerning the... to the Book • The tableau of project management phases alongside appropriate knowledge action steps, and the tableau of the knowledge champion life cycle alongside the “nurturing action steps” that the knowledge champion should be undertaking, both in chapter 18 by Shobha and Potta • The delineation of the breadth and extent of KM activities at Infosys in support of project management, set out in chapter... benefits of knowledge management in projects extend to strategic advantage (planning), sharing best practices, promoting innovation, and retaining the knowledge of experienced employees without having to recreate or pay again for that knowledge Therefore, knowledge management in projects has become an invaluable tool and a fundamental necessity for the success of projects and for the sustainability and . the knowledge issues in projects and project management. Knowledge management s operational approach has become invalu-able in the area of project management. In. great potential and adds value to project management in all areas and at all stages—initiating projects, managing projects, and assisting in completing projects
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Xem thêm: Convergence of Project Management and Knowledge Management pot, Convergence of Project Management and Knowledge Management pot, Convergence of Project Management and Knowledge Management pot, Ch01. Convergence of Project Management and Knowledge Management, Ch02. Gatekeepers, Boundary Spanners, and Social Network Analysis, Ch03. The Role of Knowledge Management in Requirements Management, Ch04. The Use of KM Tools and Techniques to Reduce Coordination Problems in Project Management, Ch05. Success Factors for Knowledge Management in a Strategy Project, Ch07. A Time-Based Model of Collaboration for Knowledge Management and Project Management, Ch08. Preliminary Research Context for Investigating the Use of Wikis as Knowledge Management Tools to Project Management–Based Initiatives, Ch10. Knowledge Organization and the Project Management Process, Ch11. Managing Knowledge in Projects, Ch12. Aligning Knowledge Strategy with Project Characteristics, Ch13. The Role of Organizational Storytelling in Successful Project Management, Ch15. Constructing Business-Oriented Knowledge Organization Systems(BOKOS), Ch16. Leveraging Information and Knowledge Assets for Project Work, Ch17. Knowledge Management at Infosys, Ch18. Knowledge Management in Software Service Projects Ecosystem

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