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MEDIUM-TERM NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY FRAMEWORK: GHANA SHARED GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AGENDA (GSGDA), 2010-2013 VOLUME I: POLICY FRAMEWORK GOVERNMENTOF GHANA NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNING COMMISSION (NDPC) December, 2010 Republic of Ghana i i TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS I LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES IV LIST OF ACRONYMS V EXECUTIVE SUMMARY XII CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 PURPOSE 1 1.2 BACKGROUND 2 1.3 POLICY CONTEXT AND STRATEGIC DIRECTION 4 CHAPTER TWO: ENSURING AND SUSTAINING MACROECONOMIC STABILITY 6 2.1 INTRODUCTION 6 2.2 REVIEW OF ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE 6 2.3 ACCELERATING GROWTH IN THE MEDIUM-TERM 10 2.4 KEY MACROECONOMIC POLICIES AND STRATEGIES 17 CHAPTER THREE: ENHANCING COMPETITIVENESS OF GHANA’S PRIVATE SECTOR . 22 3.1 INTRODUCTION 22 3.2 PRIVATE SECTOR DEVELOPMENT 22 3.3 PROMOTE GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 28 3.4 DEVELOP MICRO, SMALL, AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (MSMES) 28 3.5 ACCELERATED INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT 30 3.6 DEVELOPING THE TOURISM INDUSTRY FOR JOBS AND REVENUE GENERATION 32 3.7 PROMOTE THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 33 CHAPTER FOUR: ACCELERATED AGRICULTURAL MODERNISATION AND SUSTAINABLE NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 34 4.1 ACCELERATED AGRICULTURAL MODERNISATION 34 4.2 SUSTAINABLE NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 41 CHAPTER FIVE: OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT 52 5.1 INTRODUCTION 52 5.2 OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT 52 5.3 EMPLOYMENT CREATION 54 5.4 PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT 54 5.5 TRANSPARENCY IN REVENUE MANAGEMENT 55 ii CHAPTER SIX: INFRASTRUCTURE AND HUMAN SETTLEMENTS 56 6.1 INTRODUCTION 56 6.2 TRANSPORTATION: ROAD, RAILWAY, MARITIME AND RIVERINE TRANSPORT AND AVIATION 56 6.3 SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TO SUPPORT PRODUCTIVITY AND DEVELOPMENT 58 6.4 INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT 58 6.5 RECREATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE 59 6.6 ENERGY SUPPLY TO SUPPORT INDUSTRIES AND HOUSEHOLDS 60 6.7 HUMAN SETTLEMENTS DEVELOPMENT 66 CHAPTER SEVEN: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTIVITY AND EMPLOYMENT 74 7.1 INTRODUCTION 74 7.2 EDUCATION 74 7.3 HEALTH 79 7.4 HIV AND AIDS/STI/TB 83 7.5 NUTRITION AND FOOD SECURITY 83 7.6 SPORTS DEVELOPMENT 84 7.7 PRODUCTIVITY AND EMPLOYMENT 85 7.8 POPULATION MANAGEMENT 88 7.9 CHILD SURVIVAL, DEVELOPMENT AND PROTECTION 90 7.10 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT 91 7.11 AGEING 91 7.12 DISABILITY 92 7.13 REDUCTION OF POVERTY AND INCOME INEQUALITIES 92 7.14 SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT ZONES 95 CHAPTER EIGHT: TRANSPARENT AND ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNANCE 97 8.1 INTRODUCTION 97 8.2 CHALLENGES TO GOOD GOVERNANCE 97 8.3 DEEPENING THE PRACTICE OF DEMOCRACY AND INSTITUTIONAL REFORM 97 8.4 STRENGTHENING LOCAL GOVERNANCE AND DECENTRALIZATION 99 8.5 PUBLIC POLICY MANAGEMENT 101 8.6 PUBLIC SECTOR REFORMS 103 8.7 DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION 106 8.8 WOMEN AND GOVERNANCE 107 8.9 FIGHTING CORRUPTION AND ECONOMIC CRIMES 107 8.10 ENHANCING RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE 108 8.11 ENSURING PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY 108 8.12 IMPROVING ACCESS TO RIGHTS AND ENTITLEMENTS 109 8.13 PROMOTION OF NATIONAL CULTURE FOR DEVELOPMENT 111 8.14 STRENGTHENING DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (PARTNERSHIP) FOR DEVELOPMENT 111 8.15 PROMOTING EVIDENCE-BASED DECISION-MAKING 112 iii CHAPTER NINE: ENABLING ENVIRONMENT FOR EFFECTIVE PLAN PREPARATION AND IMPLEMENTATION 113 9.1 INTRODUCTION 113 9.2 RELATIONSHIPS, ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF KEY PLANNING AGENCIES 114 9.3 COMMUNICATION FOR PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION, MONITORING AND EVALUATION 117 9.4 STAKEHOLDER CONSULTATION AND PARTICIPATION 120 9.6 ESTABLISHING CONDITIONS FOR PLAN STABILITY AND NATIONAL OWNERSHIP 123 9.7 DEVELOPING CAPACITIES OF KEY PLANNING AGENCIES 123 CHAPTER TEN: MONITORING AND EVALUATION 126 10.1 INTRODUCTION 126 10.2 REVIEW OF THE M&E UNDER THE GPRS I & II 126 10.3 M&E CHALLENGES UNDER GPRS I & II 127 10.4 MONITORING AND EVALUATION UNDER GSDSA 127 10.5 M&E INSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS UNDER THE GSGDA 129 APPENDIX 1: SECTORAL GROWTH AND CONTRIBUTION TO GDP, 2010 – 2013 130 Appendix table 2.1: GDP Growth Projections, 2010 – 2013 130 Appendix table 2.2: Sectoral Distribution of GDP, 2010 – 2013 131 APPENDIX 2: MATRICES - MEDIUM-TERM DEVELOPMENT POLICY FRAMEWORK, 2010 – 2013 132 Appendix 2.1: Ensuring and sustaining macroeconomic stability 132 Appendix 2.2: Enhancing competitiveness in ghana’s private sector 135 Appendix 2.3: Accelerated agricultural modernisation and sustainable natural resource management 140 Appendix 2.4: Oil and gas development 160 Appendix 2.5: Infrastructure and human settlements development 163 Appendix 2.6: Human development, productivity and employment 184 Appendix 2.7: Transparent and accountable governance 193 iv LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES LIST OF TABLES Table 2.1: Sector and Sub-Sector Real Growth Rates, 1998 – 2009 7 Table 2.2: Medium-Term Projected Real GDP Growth, 2010-2013 10 Table 2.3: GDP Growth Projections, 2010 – 2013 11 Table 9.1: Roles and Responsibilities of Key Planning Institutions 114 LIST OF FIGURES Figure 2.1: Structure of Ghanaian Economy 8 Figure 2.1: Annual Consumer Inflation (%) 17 Figure 2.2: Trends in Interest Rates (%) 18 Figure 2.3: Exchange Rate Movements (%) 18 Figure 10.1 Institutional Arrangements under GSGDA 129 v LIST OF ACRONYMS AESL Architectural and Engineering Services Limited A-G Attorney-General AGI Association of Ghanaian Industries AGOA Africa Growth and Opportunity Act AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome AMSEC Agriculture Mechanization and Service Centres APR Annual Progress Report ART Anti-Retroviral Therapy ASSI Association of Small-Scale Industries ATAG Aid to Artisans of Ghana BDR Births and Deaths Registry BOG Bank of Ghana BOST Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Limited BPA Bui Power Authority BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and China BRRI Building and Road Research Institute BRT Bus Rapid Transit BTS Blood Transfusion Service CAADP Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme CAGD Controller and Accountant-General’s Department CBO Community-Based Organisation CBT Competency-Based Training CDD Centre for Democratic Development CEDECOM Central Region Development Commission CEPS Customs Excise and Preventive Service CERSGIS Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System CET Common External Tariffs CHAG Christian Health Association of Ghana CHASS Conference of Head of Assisted Secondary Schools CHPS Community-Based Health Planning Services CHRAJ Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice CICs Community Information Centres CO2 Carbon Dioxide CPI Consumer Price Index CRC Constitutional Review Commission CSIR Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research CSOs Civil Society Organisations C-TPAT Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism CWIQ Core Welfare Indicators Questionnaire CWSA Community Water and Sanitation Agency DA District Assembly DAAS District Agricultural Advisory Services DACF District Assemblies Common Fund DDF District Development Fund vi DFR Department of Feeder Roads DHIMS District Health Information Management System DMTDP District Medium-Term Development Plans DOT Directly Observed Therapy DPCU District Planning Coordinating Unit DPD Directorate of Public Defenders DPs Development Partners DRH Doctors for the Right to Health DSDA Danish Support for District Assemblies DSW Department of Social Welfare DUR Department of Urban Roads DVLA Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority DWSP District Water and Sanitation Plan EC Energy Commission ECG Electricity Company of Ghana ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States ECRAG Entertainment Critics and Reviewers Association of Ghana EDIF Export Development and Investment Fund EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone EFA Education For All EITI Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative EOCO Economic and Organised Crimes Office EPA Environmental Protection Agency ESIA Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ETLS ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme EXIM Export and Import FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation FASDEP Food and Agriculture Sector Development Programme FBO Farmer Based Organisation FBOs Faith Based Organizations FDI Foreign Direct Investment FINSSP Financial Sector Strategic Plans FLEGT Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade FP Family Planning FWSC Fair Wages and Salaries Commission GACL Ghana Airports Company Limited GAEC Ghana Atomic Energy Commission GAP Good Agricultural Practices GAPI Ghana Association of Phonographic Industries GCAA Ghana Civil Aviation Authority GACC Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition GDP Gross Domestic Product GEA Ghana Employers Association GEPC Ghana Export Promotion Council GES Ghana Education Service GETFund Ghana Education Trust Fund vii GFD Ghana Federation of the Disabled GHA Ghana Highway Authority GHATOF Ghana Tourism Federation GHS Ghana Health Service GIFMIS Ghana Integrated Financial Management Information System GIMPA Ghana Institute for Management and Public Administration GIPC Ghana Investment Promotion Centre GIS Geographic Information System GLSS Ghana Living Standard Survey GMA Ghana Medical Association GNAT Ghana National Association of Teachers GNFS Ghana National Fire Service GPHA Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority GPRS Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy GPRTU Ghana Private Road Transport Union GPS Global Positioning System GRA Ghana Revenue Authority GRATIS Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Service GRCL Ghana Railway Company Limited GRIDCO Ghana Grid Company GRMA Ghana Registered Midwives Association GSE Ghana Stock Exchange GSGDA Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda GSS Ghana Statistical Service GTB Ghana Tourist Board GUTP Ghana Urban Transport Project GWCL Ghana Water Company Limited H1N1 Hemagglutinin1 Neuraminidase1 HACCP Hazard Control and Critical Analysis HELPAGE Help Age Ghana HIPC Highly Indebted Poor Countries HIRD High Rapid Impact Delivery HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus HOTCATT Hotel Catering and Tourism Training Centre HRD Human Resources Development HSC/A Human Settlements Commission/Authority ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ICCES Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills ICD Independent Complaints Directorate ICE Information, Communication and Education ICT Information Communication Technology IDEG Institute for Democratic Governance IEA Institute of Economic Affairs IGF Internally Generated Fund IGFF Inter-Governmental Fiscal Framework ILGS Institute of Local Government Studies viii IMD Institute for Music and Development IMF International Monetary Fund IMO International Maritime Organization IMT Intermediate Means of Transport INSET In-Service Education and Training IPPs Independent Power Producers IRS Indoor Residential Spraying IRS Internal Revenue Service ISD Information Services Department ITN Insecticides Treated Nets ITTU Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit IWRM Integrated Water Resources Management JFFLS Junior Farm Field and Life Schools KIA Kotoka International Airport LAP Land Administration Project LCG Low Carbon Growth LEAP Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty LI Legislative Instrument LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas LRC Legal Resource Centre LUPMP Land Use Planning and Management Project LUS Lesser Used Species MA Maritime Academy MAB Ministerial Advisory Boards MCC Millennium Challenge Corporation MDAs Ministries, Departments and Agencies MDBS Multi-Donor Budgetary Support MDGs Millennium Development Goals MDPI Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute MEST Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology MESW Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs MiDA Millennium Development Authority MLGRD Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development MLNR Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources MMDAs Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies MMTL Metro Mass Transit Limited MOC Ministry of Communications MOD Ministry of Defence MoEn Ministry of Energy MOFA Ministry of Food and Agriculture MOFEP Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning MOH Ministry of Health MOI Ministry of Information MINT Ministry of Interior MOJ Ministry of Justice [...]... settlements and rural development and management ; and water, environmental sanitation and hygiene 7.0 Human Development, Productivity and Employment 7.1 Human Development The acquisition and application of knowledge and skills in solving problems in society are essential aspects of the national development efforts aimed at achieving growth and social equity Worsening income inequalities and other human development. .. Introduction and Strategic Direction In preparing this Medium-Term Development Policy Framework, Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA, 2010-2013) , Government responds to the constitutional injunction, which requires that policies leading to the establishment of a just and free society are pursued by the state Government’s Better Ghana Agenda also emphasises the following: expanding access... democracy and institutional reforms; local governance and decentralization; public policy management and public sector reforms; enhancing development communication; participation of women in governance; corruption and economic crimes; rule of law and justice; public safety and security; access to rights and entitlements; national culture for development; domestic and international relations; migration for development; ... Development, and Good Governance and Civic Responsibility Both GPRS I and GPRS II contributed significantly to guiding the allocation of resources and also provided a platform for dialogue between the Government of Ghana and the Development Partners, and mainstreamed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and other international commitments relevant to poverty reduction into the national development agenda. .. requirement and the Better Ghana Agenda, the GSGDA is anchored on the following themes: • Ensuring and sustaining macroeconomic stability; • Enhanced competitiveness of Ghana s private sector; • Accelerated agricultural modernisation and natural resource management; • Oil and gas development; • Infrastructure, energy and human settlements development; • Human development, employment and productivity; and •... Graduate Teachers National Appropriate Mitigation Actions National Board for Small Scale Industries National Communication Authority National Council for Civic Education National Council on Persons with Disabilities National Council on Women and Development National Decentralization Action Plan National Development Planning Commission National Economic Dialogue New Partnership for African Development Non-Formal... Non-Governmental Organisation National Health Insurance Authority National Health Insurance Scheme National Identification Authority National Insurance Commission National Labour Commission National Media Commission National Petroleum Authority National Petroleum Council National Road Safety Commission National Vocational and Technical Institute National Youth Council National Youth Employment Programme... policies and programmes emanating from this Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA) will lay the foundation to move Ghanaians closer to the long-term aspiration of a just, free and prosperous society 1.2 BACKGROUND Since Ghana attained independence in 1957, all Governments have pursued, with varying degrees of success, several policies and programmes to accelerate the growth of the economy and. .. making Ghana a middle-income country in 25 years The First Medium-Term Development Plan (1997-2000) based on Vision 2020 focused on the following priority areas: Human Development, Economic Growth, Rural Development, Urban Development, Infrastructure Development, and an Enabling Environment The Vision 2020 was followed by the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS I, 2003-2005) and the Growth and Poverty... Trade and Industry Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs Ministry of Youth and Sports Ministry of Roads and Highways Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Motor and Traffic Transport Union Musicians Union of Ghana Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing National Board for Professional & Technician Examinations National Aids Control Programme National Disaster and Management Organisation National . MEDIUM-TERM NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY FRAMEWORK: GHANA SHARED GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AGENDA (GSGDA), 2010-2013 VOLUME I: POLICY FRAMEWORK. Introduction and Strategic Direction In preparing this Medium-Term Development Policy Framework, Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA, 2010-2013) ,
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