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[...]... back of the hand facing toward one’s opponent; (2) the part of the court to the left of a righthanded player, and to the right of a left-handed player, where it often necessary to play backhand backhand chop (table tennis) a chop made backhand backhand drive (table tennis) a drive made backhand 12 backhand flick (table tennis) a flick made backhand backhand push (table tennis) a push made backhand backhander... Appendix is devoted to a selection of the better-known standard abbreviations for the titles of sports ruling bodies and administrative organizations The Bibliography lists the books and publications consulted both for definitions of sporting terms and for the rules and origins of the sports themselves Each title has an appended description in square brackets THE DICTIONARY across the flat (horse racing)... (trampolining) a landing made on the back backfall (wrestling) a fall on the back backfield (American football ) the players who line up behind the line of scrimmage backfist (karate) a punch with the back of the fist backflip (gymnastics) a backward aerial somersault backhand (bowls) the part of the rink to the left of a right-handed player, and to the right of a lefthanded player; (tennis) (1) (of ) a stroke... union) nickname of the New Zealand international team [so dubbed for their dark strip by British journalists at the start of their tour of Britain in 1905] all-in wrestling (wrestling) a form of the sport with few restrictions on the permitted holds All-Ireland (Gaelic football, hurling) (of ) a final between teams with players drawn from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland all-play-all... edge of the skate to the opposite edge Braemar Gathering ( general ) the best-known annual Highland games, held at the village of Braemar, Scotland, and traditionally attended by royalty brakeman (bobsledding) the person who sits at the back of the bobsled and applies the brakes braking zone (auto racing) the part of the track before a corner where drivers apply the brakes brandling (angling) a type of. .. snooker) the flat surface of slate on the billiard table on which the baize is laid; (darts) one of the two narrow rings scoring a double or treble in the main segment of a dartboard; (trampolining) the area of the trampoline on which performers bounce and perform routines bed and breakfast (darts) colloquial term for a score of 26 [from two and six in its general sense of “two shillings and six pence,” the... home run blaster ( golf ) another term for a sand wedge [it “blasts” the ball out of the sand] blazer (general ) (1) a lightweight colored or striped jacket bearing on its breast pocket the badge of a club or team, worn by some sportsmen; (2) an sports of cial who wears a jacket of this type [so named from the red color of the original jackets worn by members of a St John’s College, Cambridge, boat club]... golf ) a score of three strokes under par on a hole [as a “bird” greater and more impressive than an eagle] Albiceleste (association football ) nickname of the Argentine national team [blend of Spanish albar, “white,” and celeste, “sky blue,” the colors of the stripes on the players’ shirts] Albion (archery) a round of 36 arrows each for men and women at 80, 60, and 50yds (73m, 7 55m, and 46m); (association... between England and Australia; (2) the trophy awarded to the winner of the series [the trophy is in the form of a small urn, devised after the Australian victory of 1882 as a supposed receptacle of the “ashes” of English cricket but in reality said to contain the burned remains of a bail] ashitori (sumo) a move that brings one’s opponent down by the leg [Japanese ashitori, “leg-hold”] Asian Games (Olympics)... cost of bed and breakfast at an inn] Bees (association football ) (1) nickname of the English club Barnet; (2) nickname of the English club Brentford [initial of the names, with a hint at the stinging insect] behind (Australian Rules) a goal, worth one point, scored between one of the behind posts and the main goalposts behind post (Australian Rules) one of the two small posts on either side of the . h0" alt="" Dictionary of Sports and Games Terminology ALSO BY ADRIAN ROOM AND FROM MCFARLAND Dictionary of Pseudonyms: 11,000 Assumed Names and Their Origins,. Reference to Domestic, Work and Show Animals Real and Fictional (1993) Dictionary of Sports and Games Terminology ADRIAN ROOMMcFarland & Company, Inc.,
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