Đề cương ôn tập Tiếng Anh 8A1,2-L1

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Ngày đăng: 08/04/2021, 19:31

Task 1: Complete these sentences using the cues given.. London/ have/ population/ eight million people.[r] (1)ÔN TẬP KIỂM TRA LẦN 3- Tiếng Anh (Thí điểm) USE OF ENGLISH Task 1: Find the word which has different stress pattern from the others 1 A artistic B historic C dramatic D scientific A medical B national C chemical D historical 3.A athletic B dramatic C scientific D heroic 4.A medical B hospital C politic D electric Task 2:Choose the best option ( A, B, C or D) to complete each sentence : 1 The Music Festival place this Sunday night, in the central stadium A takes B will take C is going to take D has taken If I had enough money, ……….that house A I am buy B I could buy C I can buy D I will buy If we water carefully, more people will have fresh water A will use B would use C using D use If I _ you, I _ try to save water A am/ will B am/ would C were/ would D would/ were 5.Water in the lake has made the fish die A pollution B pollute C polluted D polluting Water pollution is the in the lake has made the fish die A contaminating B contaminate C contaminated D contamination Forest fires………the pollution of the air A results in B causes C leads to D lead to Ha: Hi Long time no see Did you enjoy your vacation in India? Hai: Yes I love it It was A awful B disappointing C awesome D absolute Task Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form 1.The Statue of Liberty in New York is a monument which (symbolize) freedom 2.There are about 750 million English speakers in the world, and this number ( increase) fast 3 Factories (not dump) _waste into rivers if the government fines them heavily The kangaroo (become) _ a symbol of Australia since 1973 5 The bus for the excursion to the farm (leave)……… at 8.30 a.m tomorrow We (visit) ……… Edinburgh twice, but we (visit) ……… it again in 2018 7 The educational campaign about recycling (take place) ……… at 9.30 a.m in front of the local stadium 8 There is no need to hurry The concert (last) ……… hours and we will still have a plenty of time to enjoy it 9 Great! I (win) ……… a trip to Singapore READING THE MAORI OF NEW ZEALAND The Maori arrived in New Zealand from other Polynesian islands over a thousand years ago They were the first people to live there They made beautiful wooden buildings with pictures cut into the wood There are about 289,000 Maori today Maori have brown skin, dark brown eyes and wavy black hair In 1840, they agree to become a British colony, and they learned European ways quickly Today there are Maori in all kinds of jobs They attend schools and unniversities and become lawyers and scientists There are Maori in government Most of them live like the white New Zealanders However, the Maori not forget their tradition Children learn the language, music, and old stories They have yearly competitions in speaking, dancing and singing The Maori live a comfortable, morden life, but they keep their traditions by passing them to their children Task1: Read the passage, and then decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F) ………1 The Maori are Polynesians ………2 New Zealand is an island country ………3 The Maori look like Chinese (2)Task 2: Read the passage again, and write short answers to the questions Where did the Maori come from? ……… How many Maori are there? ……… How most Maori live today? ……… What they at their yearly competition? ……… Part WRITING Task 1: Complete these sentences using the cues given If/ I/ be/ you/ , I / plant/ vegetables/ garden ……… They/ not/ visit/ St.paul’s Cathedral/ yet ……… Lots/ aquatic animals/ die/ because/ oil spills ……….……… 4 London/ have/ population/ eight million people ……… Make meaningful sentences based on the given words below. 1 Most/ drinking water sources/ be/ contaminate/ different degrees 2 Sentosa/ be/ popular island resort/ Singapore/ and/ it/ be/ visit/ some twenty million people/ year 3 Belize/ be/ independent country/ eastern coast/ Central America Canada/be/ geologically active/ many earthquakes/ potentially active volcanoes 5 Extreme weather/ be/ not/ uncommon/United States/ and/ most/ world’s tornadoes/ occur/ country Task 2: Rewrite sentences with the given beginning 1 There are so many billboards in our city People can not enjoy the view - If……… 2.Many rivers and lakes are poisoned Factories produce waste and pour it into rivers and lakes Because ……… Noise pollution happens There is a change in animals’ living pattern - Noise pollution causes 4 I don’t have enough time , So I can’t go on holiday this summer If ……… People don’t care much about environment, so they keep making it worse → If people She suffered from a serious disease because of drinking contaminated water in a long time → Since The drainage system is damaged There is not enough water for the crop → If the drainage system “Why don’t you turn off more lights in the house to reduce your eyestrain?”
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