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Supply the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets.. These medicines can make you (feel) better.[r] (1)Practice Test 15 (English 7) I Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. A – local B – photo C – buffalo D – improve A – uncle B – turtle C – cut D – fun A – type B – family C - diary D – pretty A – teach B – overseas C – instead D - eat A – touch B – machine C – cheap D – children II Choose the correct words or phrases in brackets. 1 He wants to learn (plays/ to play/ playing/ of playing) tennis now She has (much/ many/ fewer/ less) days off than me 3 We ought not to eat too much candy because it is bad (with/ of/ at / for) us I think you don’t have to worry (of / to/ for / about) that 5 The dentist smiled (with/ at/ to / on) him kindly 6 Her parents are pleased (so/ because/ because of/ why) she is taking morning exercise now 7 Were you ever (late/ early/ absent/ lost) from school last semester? They had to fill (in/ at/ on/ up) their medical records 9 Could you (set/ put/ take/ use) for lunch? 10.“I like spinach” – “Neither I/ Neither am I/ So I / So am I” III Supply the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets. 1 These medicines can make you (feel) better It (take) him two hours to his test 3 She left without (say) goodbye 4 The dentist asked him not to forget (brush) his teeth She prefers (take) part in sports 6 When my father (be) young, he (play) football very well I like (listen) to music while I (work) 8 My sister likes (do) aerobics 9 Nam prefers (play) sports to (watch) them 10.My grandfather prefers (walk) to (ride) a bicycle IV Write questions for the underlined words. 1 I am 45 kilos 2 Ba is waiting for the doctor 3 The students in Hoa’s school have medical check-up once a year Lien s mother wrote a sick note for her. 5 Lam played soccer because it is his favourite sport She weighed 50 kilos last year 7 He is feeling very well now He went to the movies last night V Give the correct form of the words in brackets. 1 She sings that new song ……… (beautiful) 2 You should follow ………the traffic rules (strict) He did his test ……… yesterday (careless) 4 Nam plays basketball ………(skill) 5 They are talking ……….and laughing ……… (noise/ happy) I always feel ………before examinations (nervously) 7 It is an ……… book (interest) 8 He drove ……….and he had an accident (careful) 9 The football match was very……… I enjoyed it (excitingly) 10.She tried on the dress and it fitted her ……… (good) VI Complete the letter and then answer the questions. Dear Mom, (2)unpleasant, so I went to a doctor that evening The doctor me some medicines to _ the symptoms of the cold Now I feel better Yesterday, I had a check-up The doctor weighed me, my height, took my temperature, listened to my heart and checked my eyes and ears Everything was normal Last year, I weighed 42 kilos and my _ was one meter 30 centimeters Now I am one meter 45 centimeters My weight is 40 kilos I am losing two kilos But don’t worry me, Mom I know how to take care 10 _ myself The recess is over now I must stop writing here I miss Mom and Dad so much, and I miss grandfather, too.Please send my regards to everyone Take care, Mom Write again soon Love, Hoa 1 When did Hoa receive her mother’s letter? Why did she go to the doctor? 3 What was wrong with her? 4 Did she have a medical check-up? What did the doctor do? 6 What was her height last year? How tall is she now?
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