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The National Park Service is responsible for protecting the natural state of the parks for the benefit of the public.. America's parks are so popular that they are being harmed by the nu[r] (1)TRƯỜNG THPT DUY TÂN ĐỀ ÔN KIỂM TRA LẦN Năm học 2019-2020 Tổ : Tiếng Anh Môn : Tiếng Anh Lớp 10 (Hệ năm) USE OF ENGLISH I.Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each of the following questions 1 A worked B hoped C watched D lived A invader B destroy C spend D soldier II Choose the best option to complete the following sentence. 1 A is a person working in the forest, taking care of trees and planting new ones A planter B forester C worker D camper People have sent to investigate the seabed A submarines B airplanes C spaceships D helicopters Linda: Excuse me Where’s the post office? Maria: ……… A It’s over there B I’m afraid not C Don’t worry D Yes, I think so Peter: How often you go to school? Harry: ……… A I go there early B Every day except Sunday C I don’t think so D I go there by bus 5.This school ……….one hundred years ago A.is built B.was built C.were built D.will be built 6.He’s been coughing a lot lately He ………smoke so much A should B.shouldn’t C.can D.can’t 7.If Lan………… English fluently, she would have got a good job A.spoke B.was speaking C.had spoken D.speaks Her handbag ………since last Friday A was stolen B were stolen C.had been stolen D.has been stolen 9 Sperm whale populations are at risk due to hunting. A at hand B on purpose C in use D in danger 10 Laws have been introduced to prohibit the killing of endangered animals. A advised B decreased C ban D encouraged 11 We had an accidental meeting with an old friend at the party last night A unpleasant B unexpected C unlucky D unacceptable 12 is the protection of animals, plants, forests, ect., to prevent them from being spoiled or destroyed A protection B prevention C conservation D extinction READING COMPREHENSION 1 Circle the correct answer A, B,C or D to complete each of the following blanks in the passage.(4 CHỔ TRỐNG) : Tropical forests have (13) us with very many sorts of plants for food, medicine and industry They could probably supply man more They also reduce _(14) and droughts, keep water clean, and slow down the Greenhouse Effect,but the tropical forest are _(15)destroyed to make room for things like farms, ranches, mines and hydroelectric _(16) About 20 million hectares are lost each year-an area more than twice the size of Austria The World Wildlife Fund is working to protect and save the forests that are in danger; to plant new trees for fuel wood and to slow down the greenhouse Effect; And to encourage governments to think about the forests and their importance when giving international aid 13 A given B brought C supplied D donated 14 A deserts B floods C heat D hazards 15 A have B been C being D be 16 A sources B energy C dams D cables 2 Read the passage and give a short answer to each of the question (2)The idea of national parks began in the US, which now has 54 of them, covering over 80,000 square-miles (200,000 square kilometers) The great majority are in western states The National Park Service is responsible for protecting the natural state of the parks for the benefit of the public America's parks are so popular that they are being harmed by the number of visitors and their cars To try to stop this, the National Paris Service announced in 1997, that people would only be able to visit some parks using public transport The oldest national park in the world is Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872 The largest US Park is Wrangell-St Elias in Alaska with 13,000 square miles (34,000 square kilometers) It has few visitors because it is very remote The most popular park is the Great Smoky Mountains Many parks are well known for some special feature, such as the Grand Canyon, the Everglades and the Petrified Forest 1 Where did the idea of national parks begin? à 2 What is the National Park Service responsible for? à 3 According to the passage, who are doing harm to American’s parks? à 4 When was the oldest national park in the world established? à 5 Why does the largest US Park have few visitors? à C WRITING (3 marks) Part Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as sentence printed before it 1 The students usually hold the concerts at the university àThe concerts . 2 I don't know anything about plumbing, so I can't fix the leak in the sink myself. à If I _. 3.People are destroying large areas of forest every day à Large areas of forest _ 4.If it doesn’t rain, we will have no water to use àUnless . 5.She didn’t buy the watch because she didn’t bring enough money with her à If she . My father waters this flower every morning àThis flower……… John invited Fiona to his birthday party last night àFiona ……… 8 He doesn’t prepare carefully for the examination, so he gets bad mark. → If he Part 2: Use the words or phrases below to make a complete sentence.(4 CÂU): 1.My house/ build/ grandfather/ over fifty years ago.  _ I/ never/ meet/ such/ clever boy  _ 3 We/ should/ place rubbish / plastic bags / proper dustbins 4.Sperm whales / biggest animals / Earth that have teeth
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