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Cao Ba Quat Secondary School Practice writing RELATIVE CLAUSE Combine These Pairs Of Sentences, using Relative Pronouns. 1. The first boy has just moved. He knows the truth. 2. I don't remember the man. You said you met him at the canteen last week. 3. The only thing is how to go home. It make me worried. 4. The most beautiful girl lives city. I like her long hair very much. 5. He was Tom. I met him at the bar yesterday. 6. The children often go swimming on Sundays. They have much free time then. 7. They are looking for the man and his dog. They have lost the way in the forest. 8. The tree has lovely flower. The tree stands near the gate of my house. 9. My wife wants you to come to dinner. You were speaking to my wife 10. The last man has just returned from the farm. I want to talk to him at once. 11. The students will be awarded the present. The students' reports are very valuable. 12. The book was a lovely story. I was reading it yesterday. 13. The botanist will never forget the day. He found a strange plant on that day. 14. Someone is phoning you. He looked for you three hours ago. 15. The man works for my father's company. The man's daughted is found of dancing. 16. The girl was injured in the accident. She is in hospital now. ______________________________________________ 17. Can you pick up the paper? They are lying on the floor. ______________________________________________ 18. I don't like the man. He is going out with my sister. ______________________________________________ 19. Yesterday I met a man. He works with your brother. ______________________________________________ 20. I know a shop. It sells really good meat. ______________________________________________ 21. I watched a movie last night. The movie was interesting. ______________________________________________ 22. The boy is very nice. I know him from school. ______________________________________________ 23. The shoes are too big. My mother bought them for me. T : Huynh Duc Danh 1 Cao Ba Quat Secondary School Practice writing ______________________________________________ 24. Kate helps a man. The man is my teacher. ______________________________________________ 25. I still have the book. You gave me that book. ______________________________________________ 26. Did you hear about the earthquake? It occurred in California. ______________________________________________ 27. A river is not safe for swimming. It is polluted. ______________________________________________ 28. The doctor was very gentle. He examined the sick child. ______________________________________________ 29. The man is standing over there. I was telling you about him. ______________________________________________ 30. The meeting was interesting. I went to it. ______________________________________________ 31. They have just rebuilt the building. I work in that building. ________________________________________________ 32. The man is my father, I respect his opinion most. ________________________________________________ 33. Wednesday is the day. His plane arrives on the that day. ________________________________________________ 34. The city was famous for its food. We spent our vacation in that city. ________________________________________________ 35. The building is very modern. She lives in that building. ________________________________________________ 36. That is the drawer. I keep all my savings there. ________________________________________________ 37. Mr. James teaches a class for students. Their native language is Japanese. ________________________________________________ 38. 1983 is the year. She was born in that year. ________________________________________________ 39. I work in a company. Its employees come from many countries in the world. ________________________________________________ 40. This’s the boy. He play football very well. ________________________________________________ 41. We are learning sentences. They contain adjective clauses. ________________________________________________ 42. The girl is smart. Her eyes are bright. ________________________________________________ 43. Saturday is the day. Boys and girls go together on that day. ________________________________________________ 44. This is the village. I was born in it. ________________________________________________ 45. I' ve sent him to letters. He has received neither of them. ________________________________________________ 46. Last year I visited a country. It is very beautiful. ________________________________________________ T : Huynh Duc Danh 2 Cao Ba Quat Secondary School Practice writing 47. In the middle of the village there is a well. The villagers take water from this well to drink. ________________________________________________ 48. The student is from China. He studies Vietnamese. ________________________________________________ 49. We spent our holiday in Scotland last year. Scotland is in the north of Great Britain. ________________________________________________ 50. People live in Scotland. They are called Scots. ________________________________________________ 51. We first went to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. ________________________________________________ 52. Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh. He wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories. ________________________________________________ 53. Then we visited a lake. It is in the Highlands. ________________________________________________ 54. Loch Ness is 37 km long. People know it for its friendly monster. ________________________________________________ 55. There we met an old man. He told us that he had seen Nessie. ________________________________________________ 56. We then travelled to a mountain. The mountain is near the town of Fort William. ________________________________________________ 57. The mountain is the highest mountain in Great Britain. It is called Ben Nevis. ________________________________________________ 58. I sent you a postcard. It was written on the summit of Ben Nevis. ________________________________________________ 59. A monk is a man. The man has devoted his life to God. ________________________________________________ 60. I have one black cat. His name is Blacky. ________________________________________________ 61. A herbivore is an animal. The animal feeds upon vegetation. ________________________________________________ 62. Carol plays the piano brilliantly. She is only 9 years old. ________________________________________________ 63. Sydney is the largest Australian city. It is not the capital of Australia. ________________________________________________ 64. Brenda is a friend.I went on holiday with her. ________________________________________________ 65. This is Mr Smith. His son Bill plays in our team. ________________________________________________ 66. Her book was published last year. It became a best seller. ________________________________________________ 67.This is the bank. We borrowed the money from it. ________________________________________________ 68. I told you about a person. She is at the door. ________________________________________________ 69. Jack’s car had broken down. He had to take a bus. ________________________________________________ T : Huynh Duc Danh 3 Cao Ba Quat Secondary School Practice writing 70. I lent you a book. The book was written by one my friends. ________________________________________________ 71. Some boys were arrested. They have been released. ________________________________________________ 72. Do you know a restaurant? We can have a good meal there. ________________________________________________ 73. I don’t remember the day. I left school on that day. ________________________________________________ 74. You sent me a book. Thank you very much for it. 75. We heard a man telephone in the next room. He’s Tom’s father. 76. He is reading a book. You lent me it yesterday. 77. Let’s get into the section. We can find the books we want there. 78. Midnight is a time. Everybody sleeps well then. 79. The girl’s house is next to yours. Have you known her well? 80. I’ve seen only a few. They were all white. 81. Bring me the book. I left it on the table by the window. 82. There are a few things. You can talk about them. 83. Please ask them the time. The train started the trip at the time. 84. This is windown. It was broken by breeze, last night. 85. It is my house. My parents lived in it, in 2009. 86.She showed me a photograph of her son. Her son is a police officer. 87.We decided not to swim in the ocean. The ocean looked rather dirty. 88.The new stadium will be opened next month. The stadium holds 90,000 people. 89.Jane is one of my closest friends. I have known her for eight years 90.Opposite our house there is a nice park. There are some beautiful trees in this park. 91. Lan is talking with Mary. She met Mary in the her brother party last week. 92. Jacket met Bob in that stadium. He helped Jacket to catch a thief on Hang Dao Street. T : Huynh Duc Danh 4 Cao Ba Quat Secondary School Practice writing 93. This is the book .I like it very much . 94. The dog is running over there .The dog is mine . 95. This is the man .His son is my friend. 96. This is the house .My mother bought it 2 years ago. 97. Do you know the city ? It is 2 km from here . 98. That is the house .I have lived in this house for 2 years . 99. The room looks beautiful .I painted it yesterday. 100. Do you know the woman .Her name is White 101. The house is mine .Its doors are yellow . 102. The girl is you. I like her. 103. The house is on this hill. It was painted last month. 104. That mountain is difficult to climb .It has many dangerous slopes. 105. Dumas is a very famous novelist .He wrote " the three Musketeers" 106. That man seems very lonely .His wife and children are away. 107. William invaded England in 1066. He was Duke of Normady. 108. This spring has been very hot .That is unusual in this country. 109. The Smiths were given rooms in the hotel. Their house had been destroyed in the explosion. 110. The people were very nice .We visited them yesterday. 111.This is Mrs.Jones .Her son won the championship last year. 112. July is the month .The weather is usually the hottest then. 113. This a story of a group of boys .Their plane crashed on a uninhabited island . 114. Jim admired Madona .This surprised me. 115. He never admits his mistakes. This is extremely annoying. T : Huynh Duc Danh 5 . an old man. He told us that he had seen Nessie. ________________________________________________ 56. We then travelled to a mountain. The mountain is near. Secondary School Practice writing RELATIVE CLAUSE Combine These Pairs Of Sentences, using Relative Pronouns. 1. The first boy has just moved. He knows
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