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ĐỀ 7 I. LISTENING: ( 20 points) I. Listen to the conversation and choose the correct answers. You will hear the recording three times. 1. Karen and Josh were away at a. Christmas b. Easter c. the weekend 2. WOMAD was a festival. a. film b. music c. dance 3. Where was the festival? a. Reading b. Bristol c. York 4. The festival was . a. funny b. fabulous c. awful 5. Where was Karen's favourite band from? a. Uganda b. Colombia c. Korea 6. Which kind of food doesn't she mention? a. North African b. Mexican c. Turkish d. Japanese e. Indian 7. How many people were there? a. hundreds b. thousands c. a million 8. Karen enjoyed the festival apart from . a. the food b. the bands c. the weather 9. What was the weather like at the festival on Saturday morning? a. dry and sunny b. cold and wet c. cloudy but warm 10. What was the weather like on Sunday? a. dry and sunny b. cold and wet c. cloudy but warm 11. Where were they? a. in a tent b. in a hotel c. in a caravan 12. How long were they there? a. Friday to Sunday b. only on Saturday c. Saturday and Sunday Part 2: Listen to the conversations and write down the times (10 points). 1. The museum opens at . 2. The film starts at . 3. The train leaves at . 4. This programme finishes at . 5. The shops close at . 6. Her parents' plane arrives at . 7. Lessons finish at . 8. The supermarket closes at . II. VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR: (30 points) Part 1: Supply the correct form of the word in the parentheses 1. (high) Mount Fancipan is the . mountain in Vietnam. Its . is 3,143 metres above sea level. It's . interesting to climb such a mountain. 2. (produce) a. The of the radios couldn't find the market for them. b. This company is famous for their high-quality c. The . of the new plane will start next year. d. They work hard but their efforts are not very . 3. (society) a. He has never really been the .type. b. I know him through work, but not . c. They have got an opportunity to with new colleagues. Part 2 : Match words from list A with words from list B to make compound nouns. A B Compound noun under card motor side car horse chocolate work teaching filling traffic race staff road milk ground way lights park house station catalogue Card catalogue Part 3: Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense/form. When I (1) . (go) to bed last night, I (2) (fall) asleep immediately. I must have been tired because I (3) (work) so hard for several hours. So I forgot (4) (close) the windows before (5) (get) into bed. If I had remembered, the thief (6) (not get in) but he (7) (give) a perfect opportunity (8) . (enter) the house. The next time I (9) . (work) late, I (10) (lock) the house carefully. III. READING: (25 points) Part 1: Read the passage and choose the best answer. Fruitibix Do you want to be slim? Do you worry about your family's health? Then you should try Fruitibix, the new healthy fruit and nut biscuit. Fruitibix tastes wonderful, but it contains less sugar than most other biscuits. Each biscuit contains dried fruit and nuts, including apples, coconuts and bananas. Sometimes you feel like eating something between meals. Now, instead of having a chocolate, bite into a Fruitibix. It won't make you fat and it will keep you healthy. At lunchtime, instead of chips and hamburgers, have a Fruitibix It contains all the essential foods for a balanced meal. And if you are in a hurry, and you don't have time for a proper meal, Fruitibix will give you the energy to keep on going. So whenever your children ask for something sweet, give them Fruitibix instead of cakes or chocolate. They will love the taste and it won't harm their teeth. Discover Fruitibix. It's on our supermarket shelves now! 1. This is A. a letterB. a magazine C. a student's notebook D. an advertisement 2. The writer wants to A. persuade people to buy a product C. give advice about healthy living B. explain why people buy this product D.compare Fruitibix with other sorts of food 3. Why, in the writer's opinion, should people eat Fruitibix instead of chocolate A. Fruitibix tastes better than chocolate B. Fruitibix contains more fat than chocolate C. Fruitibix is cheaper and easier to eat than chocolate D. Fruitibix is healthier and less fattening than chocolate 4. Why does the writer say that fruitibix is useful when you are in a hurry? A. You don't need to cook it. C. It's as good as a proper meal B. You can buy Fruitibix everywhere D. It won't be harmful to your teeth 5. Which of these people should buy Fruitibix ? A. Mrs Brown is looking for something special to serve for dessert at a dinner party. B. Mr Green wants something to take with him to the office. He is busy today and might not have time for lunch. C. Mr Taylor is going on a fishing trip and wants to take something to eat with him. He enjoys salty food. D. Mrs Brook's daughter was ill yesterday. She is getting better but the doctor advised Mrs Brook to give her liquid food without any sugar or salt in it. Part 2: Put ONE suitable word into each space Our classes take place for three hours every morning from Monday (1) . Friday. The maximum class size is twelve (2) the average is ten. We use modern methods of (3) . and learning, and the school has a language laboratory, a video camera and recorders. However, you will only be successful in improving (4) . English if you work hard and (5) speaking English as much as you can. You will take a short (6) . in English as soon as you arrive. In this way, we can put you in a (7) . at the most suitable level. There are two classes at the Elementary level; one is for complete beginners and the other is for students who know only a little English. In both classes you will practise simple conversations. In the class (8) . the intermediate level you will have a lot of practice in communication in real-life situation because we help you to use the English you have previously (9) . in your own country, You will also have the chance to improve your (10) of English grammar and to build up your vocabulary . Part 3: Read the passage below and circle the answer A, B, C or D which fits best each gaps. How are things with you ? Since I saw you last, I have been very ill. By the time I arrived home after seeing you on Monday, I (1) . an awful headache. I thought that perhaps my eyes were tired (2) . I had been working so hard, so I took some aspirins and went to bed. However, when I woke up the next morning the headache was (3) . than ever, and my throat was sore. I tried to get up but my arms and legs (4) stiff. I saw the doctor and she (5) me I had a temperature. She said I probably had flu. She advised me to take some medicine and (6) in bed. The medicine tasted horrible and it didn’t make (7) feel any better. I felt sick and I didn’t want to eat anything at all, although I was very hungry. I have almost (8) now, and I am going to start work again tomorrow. I still have a slight cold and a cough, but my chest doesn’t hurt when I (9) . Can we meet on Saturday ? I am looking forward to (10) . you. 1. A. felt B. had C. was D. caught 2. A. as B. though C. while D. during 3. A. worse B. hard C. more D. painful 4. A. sensed B. moved C. felt D. looked 5. A. examined B. told C. denied D. said 6. A. stay B. stayed C. staying D. stays 7. A. some B. me C. them D. its 8. A. improved B. decided C. recovered D. succeeded 9. A. breathe B. ache C. cure D. bleed 10. A. see B. seeing C. sees D. saw IV. WRITING: (25 points) Part 1: Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. Do not change the word given. EX: The programme only finished a minute ago. just The programme has just finished 1. It took her a long time to recover from her illness. over It took her _________________________________________________________ 2. I regret saying that to him. wish I ________________________________________________________________ 3. The mechanic checked the tyres on my car. had The mechanic _____________________________________________________ 4. It is necessary that I post this letter tonight. need I _______________________________________________________________ 5. I am interested in why you did it. is The only thing_____________________________________________________ 6. You'll be ill if you continue to smoke. stop Unless___________________________________________________________ 7. You'd better not touch that switch. wouldn't If _______________________________________________________________ 8. We spent three hours painting that door. us It took ___________________________________________________________ 9. The patient recovered more rapidly than expected. recovery The patient made ___________________________________________________ 10. I've never eaten this food before . time This_____________________________________________________________ Part 2: Study these sentences and decide if the sentences are correct or incorrect. If the sentence is correct, make a tick (). If the sentence is incorrect, underline the mistake and provide the correct sentence. EX: She's used to running in the park after 6 p.m. ------------------------------------------------------ Because there are less people at the meeting we have to wait for the next meeting to vote. Because there are fewer people at the meeting we have to wait for the next meeting to vote 1. I don't like when she tells me that I have to study. _______________________________________________________________________ 2. Parachute is a dangerous sport. ________________________________________________________________________ 3. He studies here on this table. ________________________________________________________________________ 4. The guide gives useful informations about the city. ________________________________________________________________________ 5. She cleaned the house and after she ironed the clothes. ________________________________________________________________________ 6. She both speaks and she writes French very well. ________________________________________________________________________ 7. He is very mature despite of his age. ________________________________________________________________________ 8. She sent to her teacher a beautiful Christmas. ________________________________________________________________________ 9. Tom said that if he had to do another homework tonight, he wouldn't be able to attend the concert. ________________________________________________________________________ 10. When there are low sales, companies often decide to develop new products. ________________________________________________________________________ 11. Although both of them are trying to get the scholarship, she has the highest grades. ________________________________________________________________________ 12. Science and technology are part of the knowledges of educated people. ________________________________________________________________________1 3. The food that mark is cooking in the kitchen smells delicious. __________________________________________________________________ 14. Everyone who takes the examination will receive their score reports in three weeks. __________________________________________________________________ 15. Tom spent such enjoyable holiday in Europe this summer that he plans to return as soon as he saves enough money. __________________________________________________________________ - THE END - . mistake and provide the correct sentence. EX: She's used to running in the park after 6 p.m. -- -- - -- - - -- -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - - Because. contains dried fruit and nuts, including apples, coconuts and bananas. Sometimes you feel like eating something between meals. Now, instead of having
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