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Preparing Date: 11/11/2010 Teaching Date: 15/11/2010 - Class: 11A7 Unit 7: WORLD POPULATION Lesson 1: Reading (part 1) Period: 39 I. Objectives: 1. Knowledges: By the end of the lesson, Sts will be able to: - Get more information about the population of the world and its affection to our Earth so that they can have attention to protect environment surrounding them. - Use the information they have read to discuss the related topic. Learn words/ phrases related to the population like: figure, improvement, double, amount, resource, support, increase, limit, growth . 2. Skills: Develop such reading micro - skills guessing meaning in the context. 3. Education aims: Be more interested in learning English. II. Teaching aids: 1. Teacher: Textbook, lesson plan, handouts, chalk. 2. Students: Textbooks, workbooks, preparing the lesson. III. Procedures: Stages/ time Teacher's activities/ Contents Students' activities 1 - Check previous lesson * Warmer: (5m) - Check during the lesson. Warmer: - T asks Sts to answer some questions and then introducing the new lesson: + Please tell some causes of population explosion? (backward; poverty; not having proper birth-control methods) + Can you give some solutions too those causes? (Educate people; propagandize; provide people safe birth- control methods .) - Let Sts talk freely (the answers in Vietnamese may be accepted) - Lead in the new lesson. - Answer teacher's questions - Get ready to learn 2 - New lesson * Pre-reading +/ answer the questions(7m) Answer the questions: - Asks Sts to look at pictures page 80 and answer the following questions: 1. What can you see in each picture? 2. Are the people in the pictures poor or rich? Can you guess the reason? 3. What does each picture tell us? 4. Do you think that the larger in population a country is, the stronger is it? - Call on some Sts to answer: Expected answers: 1. In picture 1 I can see a family with a lot of children; In picture 2 I can see a lot of people living in a poor street. 2. They are poor people. I think they are poor because they have too many children and they can not earn enough - Pair works: look at the pictures and answer the questions. +) Vocabulary pre-teach(8m) * While you read: +/ Task 1 (8m) +/ Task 2 (8m) living. 3. Poverty is caused by population pressure. 4. No, it isn't + Vocabulary: - increase(v) >< decrease (v) - support (v): nuôi nấng, cung cấp - population growth: sự phát triển - limit (n;v): giới hạn, hạn chế - safe (adj): an toàn - birth-control methods: phơng pháp sinh đẻ có kế hoạch - available (adj): có sẵn để dung, có giá trị - Third World (n): thế giới thứ 3 - Instead of + N/ V-ing: thay vì - Teach Sts new words/ phrases and ask them to make sentences with some of them. Ex: She is too poor. She can not support her 6 children. There is a limit to the water we use * Checking: R & R Task 1: - Gives Sts exercise in handouts: True or False: 1. The world's population will no longer increase. 2. All the Earth's land can be used for farming and raising animals. 3. There are not limits to all resources on the Earth. 4. A lot of women in Third World do not know safe ways to limit the size of their families. - Call on some Sts to give their answers; T does not correct but asks them to read the passage to find out the answers. - Asks Sts to read the passage; find the correct answers for 4 questions in 10 minutes. - Goes round and provide help when necessary. - Calls Sts to give their marks and clues from the text. - Checks and corrects. Answer keys: 1. F (line 1) 2. F (paragraph 2 - line 5) 3. F (paragraph 2 - line 6&7) 4. T (paragraph 3 - line 4&5) Task 2: - Asks Sts to read the text again and do the task 1 in textbooks (page 82) - Have Sts find all the words in the table from the text; and guess their meaning in context. - Asks Sts to complete the sentences in task 1 in pairs in 5m. - Calls on some Sts to go to the board and do. - Calls other Sts to remark; give correct answers after all. Answer keys: - Learn new words/ phrases - Note down new words - Pair works: do the exercise in handouts. - Read the passage and correct their answers. - Check and note the answers. - Read the text again to do the task. 3 - Summary (7m) 1. Although 5. figures 2. method 6. limit 3. increases 7. international 4. resources 8. control - Asks Sts to complete the following sentences about the world's population: 1. In 10.000 B.C, there were about .million people in the world. 2. In A.D.1, 3. In 1750, . 4. In 1850, . 5. In 1950, . 6. In 2000, . - Calls on some Sts to answer in front of the class. - Checks and corrects as the whole class. Expected answers: 1. In 10.000 B.C, there were about 10 million people in the world. 2. In A.D.1, the world's population was 300 million. 3. In 1750, there were 625 million people. 4. In 1850, the population reached the figure of 1,300 million. 5. In 1950, the world population had more than doubled to reach 2,510 million. 6. In 2000, the world's population was about 6.6 billion. - present and correct their answers. - Pair works: complete the sentences. - say aloud their sentences in front of the class. 4-Homework (2m) Assign Sts homework and guide them to do: - Learn by heart new words/ phrases. - Talk about the world population in different times. - Prapare task 2 (page 82) - Listen and write down homework. . Preparing Date: 11 /11 /2 010 Teaching Date: 15 /11 /2 010 - Class: 11 A7 Unit 7: WORLD POPULATION Lesson 1: Reading (part 1) Period: 39 I. Objectives: 1. Knowledges:. accepted) - Lead in the new lesson. - Answer teacher's questions - Get ready to learn 2 - New lesson * Pre -reading +/ answer the questions(7m) Answer
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