Family and friends 2 unit 5- Giáo án powerpoint

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Lesson One Words Listen and point Listen and repeat math art English P.E music /a:t/ /m{T/ /INglIS/ /pi: i:/ /mju:zIk/ Lesson One Words Listen and chant art P.E math English music Listen and read Listen to the story and repeat Act Lesson Two Grammar Listen and say Look and say Write check their our their Lesson Three Song Listen and point school yard Listen and repeat art room /sku:l ja:d/ computer room /a:t ru:m/ /k@mpju:t@(r) ru:m/ Listen and sing Listen and Lesson four Phonics Listen and point drum Listen and repeat dress /drVm/ truck /dres/ tree /trVk/ /tri:/ crayon /kreIQn/ crab /kr{b/ Listen and chant check Listen the chant again Circle the sounds dr, tr, and cr Listen to the sounds and join the letters What does the boy have? check Look at the picture What school subjects can you see? Listen and read At our school we have a big computer room We have 12 computers in the room, one for every student The computers have headphones, so the students can listen and speak In the computer room, the students can study English, music, and math They art here, too; they can draw and color pictures with the computer The computers also help the students to read and write The children come to the computer room every Tuesday and Thursday Everyone likes these lessons Read again Circle the false words and write the correct word We have a small computer room big We have 18 computers 12 The students can listen and eat speak The computers help students to run and write read The students come every Tuesday Thursday and Wednesday check Listening Listen and number check 4 Speaking Point, ask, and answer about your school check
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