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Luận văn bằng tiếng Anh rất phù hợp cho bảo vệ tốt nghiệp bằng cử nhân quản trị kinh doanh, thạc sĩ... Đề tài mới mẻ và được đánh giá cao trong các kỳ bảo vệ tốt nghiệp.Đánh giá văn hóa doanh nghiệp bằng mô hình Danison. NATIONAL ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL IMPROVING CORPORATE CULTURE AT NAVIGOS GROUP VIETNAM JSC, HANOI BRANCH Bachelor of Business Administration in English (E-BBA) Thesis HANOI, 2019 NATIONAL ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL IMPROVING CORPORATE CULTURE AT NAVIGOS GROUP VIETNAM JSC, HANOI BRANCH Bachelor of Business Administration in English (E-BBA) Thesis HANOI, 2019 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Doing this thesis was a great chance for me to learn and gain some professional development of analyzing and researching This work has been fully completed thanks to the help of many people I would love to show my deepest appreciation for their supports and helpful recommendations that contributed for my writing in the thesis First and foremost, a special thank I would like to give to my supervisor for his dedicated instructions, recommendations and encouragements during the writing process To be honest, I am definitely not able to accomplish the thesis with the best result Second, I always appreciate and be grateful to all lecturers at EBBA Program, Business School for providing the foundation of knowledge and useful lessons, which are extremely important to my future career Thank you all for creating a wonderful study environment for us not only to learn but also develop ourselves and meet our beloved friends Thirdly, I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to my mentor and colleagues for their careful guidance and supports from the first day at work until the end of my internship It was a challenging time but they were exceedingly welcoming, helpful and offered me invaluable career advice to help me get through it Last but not least, a big thank you to my family and friends, who are always on my side, supporting and encouraging me to accomplish this thesis Hanoi, May 2019 TABLE OF CONTENTS ABBREVIATIONS JSC Joint Stock Company HR Human Resources LIST OF TABLES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The corporate culture is formed and advanced in parallel with the development process of the organization It plays a crucial role in creating competitive advantage, identity and sustainable development of every organization For employees, corporate culture makes each member understand their own values, gives them motivation to work and directs them toward a common mission and vision to achieve goals Every big companies could develop successfully based on the existence of a healthy and flexible culture Navigos Group Vietnam Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies regarding to recruitment, which has been existed for more than 15 years To maintain its position today, the company focuses not only on developing the services but also a strong corporate culture to create its own identity, which can help the company outperform the competitors However, the developing culture process is facing many problems This thesis has three main objectives: - Identify the suitable model and indicators to evaluate Navigos Group Vietnam JSC’s corporate culture - Analyze and evaluate the current status of Navigos Group Vietnam JSC’s corporate culture - Propose recommendations to improve the corporate culture in Navigos Group Vietnam JSC To accomplish these objectives, the author used both the primary data and secondary data The survey was done by 124 employees who are working in Navigos The author also had in-depth interviews with a manager and an employee in Navigos in order to have deeper understanding about the corporate culture and the issues that Navigos is facing After analyzing the current situation of corporate culture in Navigos and having a comparison with employee’ previous companies though Denison’s model, the author found out some strong points of Navigos’ culture The company culture is stable and have a long-term focus Navigos focuses more on internal culture with high investment in developing employees’ skills and knowledges On the other hand, Navigos is now engaging some serious problems The culture of the company is too stable that lessens the flexibility of the organization toward the external environment The customers have not been put up as the top concern of employees The company is also weak at the coordination and connection between employees Based on the strengths and weaknesses of Navigos’ corporate culture, the author suggested some recommendations to enhance the organization culture at Navigos Group by improving the flexibility of the company and the cooperation of employees as well as upholding employee’ capability development and setting clear directions and strategies The author expected that this research could support Navigos Group Vietnam JSC to have a direct view into the strong and weak points of the company culture then propose some recommendations to enhance the current situation As a result, the company can have the ability to keep the high quality labor force and have a better organizational performance CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Rationale Every company has its own corporate culture no matter how big or small the company is It is the result of shared values, norms and philosophy that outstanding the unique characteristics of that organization among others Graves (1986) stated that culture is “the one thing that distinguishes one firm from another, gives it coherence and self-confidence and rationalizes the lives of those who work for it […] It is life-enhancing to be different, and safe to be similar, and culture is the concept that provides the means of accomplishing this compromise” A weak organizational culture company leads to uncertain and ambiguous connection between employees and their organization’s benefits Employees work for individual benefits and concentrate on their own determination rather than organization’s aims and purposes In contrast, in an organization with a strong culture, staffs work together to achieve mutual goals of the company as well as their personal aims and benefits Therefore, a strong organizational culture plays an important role in improving the company performance in different perspectives It enables businesses to be successful and work effectively because this culture guides staffs to the right things - what creates the core distinctiveness of the organization that contributes to its visions and values (Robbins and Judge, 2013) Building and developing a successful corporate culture will bring great advantages to the company Firstly, corporate cultural identity is a significant motivation of the organization in building trust and prestige for clients and the market Customers get the information of the company by ways of communication, public relations or advertising however people and corporate culture are the key factors to enhance awareness of the company image and reputation Secondly, organizational culture is like a magnet, helping companies appeal and retain high quality staffs People would prefer to work in an environment that is suitable to their personalities Thus, corporate culture is the driving force for the HR management in attracting, using and developing and retaining talented staffs in order to successfully achieve the strategic objectives of the organization Thirdly, corporate culture is an essential factor for enterprises to develop longevity The growth in the size of the enterprises will create a risk of failure, especially occurring if the developing process is not built by standards or backgrounds of awareness, behaviors Therefore, corporate culture creates an environment for all employees to join together to achieve the organizational goals and objectives As a result, corporate culture helps 10 4.4.1 Strengths Mission: This is the factor that received the most attention from the company This shows that the company always has clear orientations of goals as well as longterm operational directions The members of the company understand the strategic direction of the company in the short and long term It shows the goals and strategies of the company that are very realistic and close to the employees' goals Consistency: Employees in the company are highly disciplined, always comply with the company's regulations This is due to the high self-consciousness of employees as well as the urgency and supervision of the leadership The business has created a unique culture, from clothing, to how to communicate with the way it works The core values of the company are deeply embedded in the subconscious of each employee, creating the strength and difference in business operations with the other competitors The management philosophy is spread from leaders and managers, who are the pioneers, the pillars and the leading people to follow Involvement: The leadership always care for the employees in the material and spiritual life such as organizing collective activities during holidays to unite people in the company and companies often help staffs and their families in times of trouble The company has always focused on innovating the company's resources as well as updating knowledge for employees The company facilitates employees to exchange knowledge as they believe that competitive advantage stems from continuous learning Adaptability: Employees have some innovation and proactive in their works The company receives, translates, and interprets signals from the external into opportunities for gaining knowledge and developing capabilities 4.4.2 Weaknesses Mission: Not all employees can understand clearly about the mission of the company and some employees feel it is hard for them to follow with the direction of leaders Consistency: The coordination and integration between employees or departments are not really connect together Cooperation to achieve a common purpose has not been considered a great value by the company Involvement: Employees have not yet put themselves into team spirit to work and they mostly compete with each other The dominant hierarchy culture makes employees rarely make their own decisions that lead to the slow decision making process The decentralization and hierarchy requires employees to respect their superior, making it difficult for them to give their own ideas and opinions 72 Adaptability: Company had not adapted quickly to outside changes Activities that encourage employees to innovate are few and ineffective The company has not really paid attention to the demands and expectations of customers Feedbacks or suggestions from customers often not affect the company to have significant changes They are afraid of taking risks when they make some changes 73 CHAPTER 5: RECOMMENDATION TO IMPROVE CORPORATE CULTURE AT NAVIGOS GROUP VIETNAM JSC A strong corporate culture requires continuous improvement, adding new values, changing weaknesses and preserving strengths If the weaknesses exist in the corporate culture, they will slowly influence and destroy the strengths of culture To not make it happen, it should involve the efforts from both employees and managers Based on the analyzing the corporate culture at Navigos Group Vietnam JSC, the author would like to propose a number of solutions according to four traits of organizational culture The purpose of this suggestion is to enhance the corporate culture at Navigos by recommending different ways to maximize the strong points and improve the shortcomings of the culture 5.1 Recommendations to improve “Mission” trait Mission trait has the highest score in four traits of culture in Navigos It can be said that Mission is one the strength of Navigos culture; however, a small part of employees does not believe in the mission statement of the business and are not fully equipped with skills and knowledge to realize that mission Therefore, the company need to continue developing the mission element for all employees in the company, by some solutions below Create conditions for employees to participate in the mission building process Employees tend to support and trust a mission that they have a voice in developing that mission By inviting employees to participate in this process, the business will give them the feeling of "owning" the mission, thereby actively managing the mission experience and sharing with customers with all their passion Build mission statement easy to remember The company should have brief, concise and readable sentences that rhyme so that employees can easily to keep it in the mind and follow Concretize the mission into action Employees, especially new employees, can only act on the mission if they are equipped with specific and clear instructions and knowledge When understanding such clear actions, employees will always create positive and memorable experiences for customers Create consistency 74 Managers must also constantly remind employees about the importance of the mission When business policies and processes change frequently, managers need to review whether these changes are consistent with the mission set out from the beginning Staffs will feel confused and no longer have a high commitment to fulfill the mission without consistency Make the mission respected A mission statement will be respected by employees when it shows their core beliefs and values Those are beliefs, principles of behavior that have very high inspiration Companies with beliefs aimed at improving people's lives often grow stronger than their competitors Connect the employees’ goals to the mission, vision and strategy Staffs should define their individual goals according to the missions, visions and strategies of the company Strategic direction must be aware for all employees The company succeed when top executives and the normal staffs can talk about their overall progress toward similar goals 5.2 Recommendations to improve “Involvement” trait Involvement is also one culture trait that is highly focused by the organization, especially is the capability development Besides, the company is extremely weak at teamwork The following are some recommendations to improve the situation Have Weekly Gathering and Weekly Sharing Weekly gathering with coworkers makes people to know each other in personal side Having fun together at break time encourages creativity and collaboration For example, a team lunch would help to increase the connection between people in a team A weekly sharing for every member in a team, they can talk about what happened to them in the previous week and they have something new to inform with other people regarding to the work They can raise some topics which relate to improve the work performance, working environment and so on, then everyone can share their ideas and select the best solutions for that problems and apply them in the working life Recognize and reward Recognized employees are more satisfied and better at work When employees are recognized by the others, they would feel it is worth for all their hard working and effort so that they can keep continue contributing to the company The 75 recognition and reward can be: company recognition’s emails for individual or team contributions, promotions, bonuses or extra paid leave days Establish team rules Team members obviously will have different point of views, which leads to conflict situations To achieve the mutual goal, a clear direction is needed Thus, awareness of the organizational goals is more important than concentrating on the opinions of each individual and coordinating with each other to achieve same goals To have an effective teamwork, a clear orientation and setting rules makes employees easier to follow and collaborate If the group has clear expectations about work, goals, responsibilities and results, group activities will become smoother Reduce the power distance Employees have a lot of ideas or commendations in order to improve the company performance However, they are too afraid of their boss, so that little did they give any opinions to their superior Therefore, the company can increase the involvement of employees by lower the power distance The leader should act like a mentor, the one who show, guide them in their work and support them whenever they are struggling, instead of being a boss who just give the order and force them to follow your direction Besides, the company can hold some meetings or talk shows that the leaders can share their working tips, working style, how to work effectively Navigos has internal mail system for all employees to receive information and work with that, the leader can share some inspiration stories or quotes that motivates employees on the first day of the week The leader can have “One – one” meeting with their employees, so that both of them can share more freely Have performance appraisals Performance evaluations should include direct reporting and peer assessment of current performance and concentrate on career development The general goal setting that takes place directly between the boss and the direct report is necessary for every evaluation Rationally assign work and trust employees’ decisions Assignment of responsibilities is just as important as making sure that all tasks are completed Therefore, the leaders should have task assignments according to the employee’ capacities Clearly identify to what extent employees can make decisions and actions themselves Therefore, employees can decide some issues by their own without asking, they would feel more powerful and be respected The manager still supervises or empowers the subordinates to control the progress and the outcome of employee’s decisions Thus, nothing is out of control as well as provide more power to their staffs 76 5.3 Recommendations to improve “Consistency” trait The company has a high degree of consistency, especially in its core values, however, Navigos’s culture is still weak at the cooperation and integration There are some suggestions company can enhance the Consistency trait Consist culture as a regular part of training Training process should be placed in the cultural context, core values and skills development as the competitive strategy The company should shape a common mindset such as treating values as a factor of promotion and using on the job experiences to shape values and attitudes Exercise together Before starting to work in the morning or in the afternoon, the company can have small exercises with about five to ten minutes, so that everybody can relax and have motivation to start a working day When something fun together, people are more prone to be connecting and eliminate the boundary between people in the company Ms Nguyen Ha Ly said that it is the nature of job that she had to work all day toward the computer screen as sit in one place, which makes she feel tired and uncomfortable Therefore, the company can add more small exercise time like a break after an hour of working Organize clubs The company can have a fund for people in the company for organizing clubs Anyone have an ideas and interest in something, they can stand up to create their own clubs with the financial support of the company Clubs can be yoga, guitar, football and so on in order to gather all people with same hobbies, therefore can increase the integration Award “Service Hero” The company can have an award especially dedicated to the people who have high contribution to support other people This award will be nominated by any employees in the company when they received help by the nominee even it is not your responsibility The “Service Hero” award will help people to realize their effort when supporting others thus increasing the supportive spirit between employees in the company Cross functional departments 77 Establish a forum for all members from different departments and groups to share about their tasks, ideas and discuss how the work impacts others This will make the work more smooth, flexible and effective Different departments will understand each other’s work and motivate each other to find solutions Make the discussion clear and understandable Ensure that group activities are easy to understand, orderly, and focus on a problem at a given time Agreement will be easier if the factors are considered both individually and systematically Encourage people to stick to the topic, avoid marginal discussions, and clarify issues with questions 5.4 Recommendations to improve “Adaptability” trait Adaptation is the weakest trait that needed to change in Navigos culture To become more successful and outstanding with other competitors, Navigos needs methods to improve its adaptability by changing, having innovations and focusing on the demands of customers and the environment Recruit some outsiders working for the company The people from outside of the organization can bring new ways of thinking that insiders hardly have Making sure to get along the incorporation of the outsiders so the "new culture - old culture" does not conflict It would be considered to be successful when the organization stopped trying to reject new ideas Exchange employees across departments The company can create an opportunity for employees to work in different departments It can be a day working and in charge the tasks exactly like the employee in that department Or an employee can apply for a position in different departments For instance, a Sales Executive can apply for a position in Human resources department if there are any vacancies or any other department if they have suitable skills, knowledge and match with the job characteristic Take care of customers The employees need to pay more attention to their customers and create a close relationship with clients They can call for the customers not to sell but to listen to what they need, what makes them dissatisfied with the services Find a new way to partner with them, a lunch would be great Employees should keep in mind that they should not find customers to sell the products but find the best products for their customers Organize contests for innovation and creativity 78 The company can hold a contest for all employees to participate in In that contest, employees can give any new creative business ideas The winner can own that new business which is invested by the organization Or in a very simple way, a contest can be held between teams or departments in the organization about decorating their own working space for special occasion such as Christmas, Halloween or Tet holiday The competition among them would increase the creativity of employees Award and recognition for new ideas The company has awards for employee creativity in working and contributing to the development of the company Rewards can be gifts, money and especially important is recognition, compliments from superiors and colleagues Create environments for learning Ms Hoai Linh believes that employees in the company are always eager to learn new things and appreciate for having a chance in developing their capacity even more than salary sometimes It is a good point of the company and they should keep maintain their policy for employee development and also adding more room for learning The company can spend a period of working time as an employee's reading time One week will have an hour of reading, people will read and discuss a book related to topic like how to work efficiently, how to communicate effectively or books about human resources After reading, each person will draw a mind map that summarizes the book's content and can decorate it with color People with a coherent, full information and very attractive mind map will win the prize Besides, people can share some article or quotes about working life for all employees via the internal networking Outlook Moreover, giving excellent employees a chance to study aboard to enhance the capability and expertise knowledge is also necessary 79 CONCLUSION In the context of globalization and aggressive competition today, unique products with high quality are still not enough Instead, building a solid corporate culture will help the company grow and survive for a long time, because culture is an intangible asset, helping businesses make a difference to rivals in order to create competitive advantage A strong culture facilitates a corporate identity that promotes intrinsic motivation and organizational behavior It also affects directly both employee’s well-being and working outcomes like job involvement, job satisfaction, motivation and organizational commitment (Robbins and Judge, 2013) By studying the current situation of corporate culture at Navigos Group Vietnam JSC, the author found out the traits that truly affect the culture of the company, to what extent they have affect Furthermore, the author point out the factors that should be more concern and recommend a number of ways for the leaders and the employees at Navigos to improve their corporate culture Navigos Group Vietnam JSC should maintain the clear direction, learning and capability development then improve the flexibility, integration and coordination, focus on customers and market demands To strengthen the company culture, Navigos should create a detailed future plan and improve equally four culture traits Mission, Consistency, Involvement and Adaptability so as to meet the balance between stable and flexible, internal and external focus In conclusion, the thesis focused on analyzing and enhancing the corporate culture at Navigos Group Vietnam JSC The author expects that this thesis would have a precious contribution to improvement process of the corporate culture in Navigos Company 80 REFERENCES Barkdoll, G L (2006), Individual Personality and organizational culture or “let's 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 change this place so I feel more comfortable, Public Administration & Management: Interactive Journal Calori, R., & Sarnin, P (1991), Corporate culture and economic performance: A French study, Organization Studies David Needle (1989), Business in context: An introduction to business and its environment, Cengage Learning EMEA Denison, D.R (1990), Corporate Culture and Organizational Effectiveness, New 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and Performance, New York: Free Press Kroeber, A L., & Kluckhohn, C (1952), Culture: A critical review of concepts and definitions, Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology, Harvard University Quinn, R., Cameron, K., Degraff, J., & Thakor, A (2006), Competing values leadership: Creating value in organizations Robbins, S P., & Judge, T (2013), Organizational behavior, Boston: Pearson Terrence E Deal, Allan A Kennedy (1982), Corporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Training Management Corporation (2012), Cultural Navigator® at: Trompenaars, F., Hampden-Turner, C (1997), Riding the Waves of Culture 81 APPENDIX 1: QUESTIONNAIRE Hello, I'm Pham Thuy Dung – studying at Business School, National Economics University I am currently having a research for the topic: “Improving Corporate Culture at Navigos Group Vietnam Joint Stock Company” I appreciate for your contributions by completing this survey in order to gain useful information for my thesis The answers will be kept confidentially Thank for your contribution! Guidance: This survey includes two parts: demographic and cultural questions in current companies and your previous company In the first part, please click the answers that are suit with your information In the second part, please rate your opinions by selecting a point: 1: Strongly disagree 2: Disagree 3: Neutral 4: Agree 5: Strongly Agree A DEMOGRAPHIC QUESTIONS Gender o Male o Female What is your age? o 18 - 30 o 31 - 50 o Over 50 Professional qualifications o College o University o Higher Education (Master, Doctor) Level of position o Management o Non-management Seniority in the company o Less than years o -10 years 82 More than 10 years Working department o Vietnamworks o Navigos Search o Other department (Finance and Accounting, Dream Maker Care, Customer Experience, Marketing…) o B CULTURAL ASSESSMENT IN YOUR CURRENT COMPANY AND PREVIOUS COMPANY SCORE ITEMS Empowerment I N V O L V E M E N T Team Orientation Capability Development STATEMENT Employees in this organization are highly involved in their work Information is widely shared in this organization so that everyone can get the information they need Employees are given the right to say their own ideas, opinions and make decisions Cooperation and collaboration across functional roles are actively encouraged in this organization Working in this organization is like being part of a team Teamwork and coordination to get work done, rather than hierarchy This organization focuses on developing employee's skills and knowledge The capability of the people in this organization is viewed as an important source of competitive advantage There is continuous investment in employee's skills 83 PREVIOUS COMPANY CURRENT COMPANY 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Coordination and Integration 1 C O N S I S T E N C Y Agreement Core Values 2 2 A D A P T A B I L I T Y Creating Change Customer Focus People come from different parts of the organization share a common perspective Our approach to doing business is very consistent and predictable It is easy to coordinate projects across different parts of the organization When disagreements occur, we work hard to achieve “win-win” solutions There is clear agreement about the right and wrong way to things in this organization It is easy to reach agreement on key issues This organization has an ethical code that guides our behavior and tells us right from wrong There is a clear and consistent set of values in this company that governs the way we business The managers behave like the way they tell the other employees to This organization responds well to competitors and other changes in the external business environment This organization continually adopts new and improved ways to work This organization is very responsive and changes easily All members of this organization have a deep understanding of customer wants and needs Customer comments and recommendations often lead to changes in this organization 84 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Organizational Learning Strategic Direction and Intent 3 3 M I S S I O N Goals and Objectives Vision We encourage direct contact with customers by members of the organization The organization want to make sure that employees understand the job they are doing We view failure as an opportunity for learning and improvement Learning is an important objective in our day-to-day work This organization has a clear mission that gives meaning and direction to our work This organization has a longterm purpose and direction My individuals objective align with the company direction There is widespread agreement about the goals of this organization The leaders of this organization set goals that are ambitious, but realistic The people in this organization understand what needs to be done for us to succeed in the long run We have a shared vision of what this organization will be like in the future Our vision creates excitement and motivation for our employees The leader has long-term vision 85 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 APPENDIX 2: INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Name: Current department: Curent position: Years of work experience: Question 1: What is the definition of corporate culture in your opinion? Question 2: What you think about the corporate culture of Navigos Group in this period of time? Question 3: How the corporate culture influence the performance at Navigos Company? Question 4: What is the core vision and mission of Navigos Group? What you think about current strategy of the company? Question 5: To you, to which extent customers effect company’s decision making? Question 6: How about the willingness to learn of Navigos’ employees? Question 7: In your opinion, what are the strength and weaknesses of Navigos’ culture? Question 8: Do you have any recommendation to improve Navigos’ corporate culture? 86 ... Recommendations to improve corporate culture of Navigos Group Vietnam JSC CHAPTER 2: THEORETICAL BACKGROUND 2.1 Definition and importance of corporate culture 2.1.1 Culture Culture has been defined in... (1997), Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business The family culture: This culture emphasizes on person and hierarchy and is a power-oriented culture This dimension is... strong corporate culture to create its own identity, which can help the company outperform the competitors However, the developing culture process is facing many problems This thesis has three
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