73 online marketing – SEO website education for VNCOM viet nam media and information technology joint stock company

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DECLARATION I declare that this thesis is my own work and effort It has not been copied from anywhere All the sources of information have been used, they have been acknowledged Hanoi, 21th May, 2018 Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thảo Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thảo CQ52/51.05 ABSTRACT The study evaluated the way of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is one of the Online Marketing methods at VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company from the viewpoint of a fourth year student of Faculty of Foreign Language, Academy of Finance The paper aims at finding out the drawbacks in the company’s SEO and the reasons, and more importantly suggesting main methods to improve the efficiency of SEO in the company To achieve these aims, the graduation paper surveys the current situation of SEO and assess that whether it is effective or not From received results, the study proposes the most practical implications at VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company to improve the efficiency of SEO of the company in the year to come ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express all my gratitude to all those who have helped me to complete this graduation thesis I have had enormous help and advice from my teachers, my colleagues, my family and my friends during I prepared this thesis I would like to express my great thanks to all of them First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, Mrs Pham Phuong Oanh, lecturer of Academy of Finance, who has given me immeasurable help, constant guidance with many careful instructions and valuable advice whenever I need I am not able to have a complete thesis without her Second, I would like to show my thanks to all my teachers at Academy of Finance, who have provide me with valuable lessons throughout years of study Moreover, I have furthermore to thank the staff of VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company for their supports during the internship period Last but not least, I would like to send my thanks to my family who encourage me to complete the thesis in both spirit and health LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS Abbreviations SEO VNCOM Full Phrase Search Engine Optimizaion VNCOM Vietnam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company LIST OF FIGURES AND TABLES INTRODUCTION Rationale of the study Nowadays, Internet is the easiest, most convenient and effective searching tool that helps people facilitate to gain more knowledge and keep in track to social trends One reason is that it is a link between people and a huge storage of data All kinds of sources of information and a variety of opinions that users are able to access to in every where, at every time after a click are represented there So, people can get more and more knowledge about one question Another one is quickly updated information of all types of fields in life Everyone can know about an event almost immediately after its occurrence through surfing the internet There are many fields such as economy, policy, healthcare, education, etc Therefor, internet has played an important role in our modern life Based on the value of internet bringing to our life, the demand of using this tool has increased dramatically, especially in Viet Nam According to statistics from website DAMMIO.COM, Viet Nam is the populous country by ranking in 14 th position in the world with approximately 93,6 million people and 31% of urbanization Up to January, 2017, there are 50.05 million users using Internet in this country, accounting for 53% of all population When compared to 2016, it is an increase to 6% Hence, the development of internet is in parallel with the rising of users Realizing that change, there is a new type of marketing that has established to meet that demand That is Online Marketing, and SEO is a basic and important tool that mostly helps companies enhance their website As you have noticed, in the electric commercial industry, the percentage of users who usually look for information related to their concerned products before buying is 48%, 43% for accessing to retail website Especially, there is 29% users who make a business transaction through laptop and mobile phone Therefore, a website with a full, attractive and exact content to appeal more people to visit is a fundamental factor in Online Marketing Strategy to remain loyal customers and expand larger scope of business in this technology era And the method that makes the best use of qualified website is SEO – Search Engine Optimization, which puts the website on the first page on some search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo,… In order to be in that position, both contents and qualify of website are checked carefully by a strict range of standards from Google, or Bing, or Yahoo… In the field of education, the more you get exact information, the more you have opportunities you make a right decision when entering to period of entrance exam One the one hand, SEO helps the website of educational entities to appear on the first searching page and they can make profits from it On the other hand, students and their parents are able to read an exact and trust information right after a click, which does not take much time for them The company that I am participating during the internship period focuses on Education It builds some websites to provide more useful information about entrance exams to students and update the changes from Ministry of Education and Training, universities, colleges At the same time, we are applying the SEO method to put our websites on the first searching page In order to verify the effect of SEO to the position of website on searching engines, I has choose thesis ““Online Marketing – SEO Website education for VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company” 1.2 Aims of the study The study aims at providing the knowledge and information of SEO process at VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology JSC, analyzing the procedure of SEO website tinnongtuyensinh.com in order to make some suggestions for improvement the efficiency of this online marketing method 1.3 Scope of the study The research concentrates on analyzing before and after using SEO process of website tinnongtuyensinh.com at VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology JSC from January, 2018 to April, 2018 During analyzing SEO process, the study focuses on SEO On-page 1.4 Methodology of the study There are several methods used in the study to collect data, including figure collection from website tinnongtuyensinh.com of VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology JSC, internet and internal information of the company Figure comparison of traffic, keyword rank before and after using SEO process to evaluate those data and make a conclusion is used in this study I also apply the method of analyzing on how to optimize the website It includes optimization of onpage and offpage 1.5 Organization of the study Besides the Contents, Introduction, Conclusion and References, the thesis consists of chapters: - Chapter 1: Overview of Search Engine , Online Marketing and SEO - Marketing Chapter 2: The difference between before and after using SEO process for - website tinnongtuyensinh.com; Some drawbacks Chapter 3: The orientations for the future development of website tinnongtuyensinh.com and some recommendations and solutions to speed up the position of that website CHAPTER 1: OVERVIEW OF ONLINE MARKETING AND SEO 1.1 Online Marketing 1.1.1 Overview on Marketing and Functions According to Philip Kotler – Father of modern marketing, “Marketing is the process by which companies create value for customer and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return” (Kotler and Amstrong, 2005) The definition is based on a basic marketing exchange process, and recognizes the importance of value to the customer Another definition was approved by the American Marketing Association Board of Directors “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large” (Approved July 2013) Marketing has functions The first is the best satisfactory function of social consuming demands This function that is the most principal function of all Marketing activities, is implemented by means of studying, analyzing market demands including actual demands and potential demands and theoretical It also allows to grasp laws of demand formation and development as well as concrete, abundant and diversified expressions The second intensifies adaptability and competitiveness of enterprises with market This function create the difference of business solutions, ensures the adaption of solutions with market feature and customer group It allows enterprises to avoid underdeveloped situations and slackness in business, and takes first advantage of circumstance and business opportunities And, it is strengthened to expand the market, attracted customers, increased vitality and market competitiveness of enterprises The third is distribution function This function steps up distribution process, expands the market and strengthens the competitiveness, determines a price strategy with the most drastic adaption and distribution stimulation It organizes and completes distribution systems, set up and implement skills in distributions stimulation as advertisements, sales promotion It also speeds up distribution process, so enterprises should pay attention to training and raising knowledge and salesman ship of staff The last is effective intensification function of business production activities This function orientates efficient goals of business production It also looks forward to social demand satisfaction and market to meet its own benefits of enterprises 1.1.2 Online Marketing Based on the definition of Marketing, Online Marketing is defined as the process of providing or sending marketing and sales information through the use of the Internet by which companies create value for customer and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return The Internet is pervasive and ubiquitous It has grown to encompass nearly every aspect of society, augmenting or outright replacing older methods of communication This gives a marketer an unprecedented number of customers to reach with product and service offerings, available 24 hours a day, days a week The interactive nature of the internet facilitates immediate communication between businesses and consumers, allowing businesses to respond quickly to the needs of consumers and changes in the marketplace There are various types of online marketing methods with each own functions Marketing program Search Engine Optimization Description Getting listed and improving the ranking in (SEO) search engine results Public Relations (PR) Getting published in other media channels by providing press information Banner Advertising Displaying graphic ads on websites Getting ads (typically text ads) on search Adword Marketing engines and other websites that match keywords Affiliate Marketing Email Marketing Promotion products or services through other related companies Sending promotional materials to people via email or messaging services Getting inbound links placed on other Link Exchange websites as a result of providing reciprocal links on your website Broadcasting media to a list of registered Podcasts people Online forums that allow people to ask, Blogging discuss, review and answer questions on specific subject areas Table 1: Types of online marketing methods In this study, the method of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the educational website through Google is concentrated At first, I am going to introduce some common knowledge about search engine to facilitate to follow the string of study 1.2 Search Engine 1.2.1 Definition of Search Engine Search Engine (SE) is a software program available through the Internet that searches documents and files for keywords and returns the results of any files containing those keywords It helps users get more effectively relevant information through a range of SE’s actions of analyzing, evaluating and ranking The operational process of SE is demonstrated in following figure 2.2 an important role in attracting more traffic and pushing the rank of the whole website In conclusion, SEO led the indexes of website “tinnongtuyensinh.com” including Ahrefs rank, Alexa rank, the rank of keywords to increase significantly In order to gain these achievements, there were three main tasks when using SEO: website building, SEO onpage and SEO offpage 2.3 Website Building 2.3.1 The main topics of the website In Viet Nam, the national entrance exam is considered to be the most important milestone for every students It is an entrance examination for admission into the higher education institutions This test is taken by the Ministry of Education and Training The exam is held once every year Moreover, students must pass a high school or upper secondary school graduation exam in order to sit for this common exam Based on the reality of the national entrance exam, the ideal of website “tinnongtuyensinh.com” was come up The website focused on main topics, i.e subject blocks or groups, colleges and university, standard points of Ministry of Education and Training and cut-off scores of each institution The website aimed at the demand of users, especially students in high school and their parents Firstly, the company made a survey in order to know what kind of information they really want to look up Next, those exact information need posting on website on time so that users can access to our website as quickly as possible A huge notice is that a friendly website will attract more users 2.3.2 Domain name The company was so careful in the phase of choosing the domain name The name of domain is “tinnongtuyensinh.com” The website focuses on the national entrance exam for high school students Choosing a right college or university is an important milestone for every students Therefore, the word “tinnong” represents the serious heat of this event and shows users all new and updated information The other word “tuyensinh” relates to the national entrance exam To sum up, the phrase “tinnongtuyensinh” reminds users of the rush time to join the important exam of students 2.3.3 Code of development The company chosed Blogspot which is a free domain service provider owned by Google Additionally, the website “tinnongtuyensinh.com” aims at gaining SEO score from Google; therefore, choosing Blogspot to be the code of development is convenient for “tinnongtuyensinh.com” 2.4 SEO onpage process On-page SEO focuses on improving code and contents so that Search Engines facilitate to find out a website The website optimization is operated according to the following procedure 2.4.1 Meta tag optimization Optimizing meta tag helps the website gain more scores from Google, and then it is highly likely to be on the first search engine result page It includes title tag optimization, Meta Description one, URL one and Image According to the standard of optimization, the company applied to the website “tinnongtuyensinh.com” on the Blogspot as following: Title tag optimization: Title is the line of words appeared firstly on the search engine result page It must be not too long 50-60 characters is enough to ensure that all the letters are seen by the users In this title “Khối C Gồm Những Ngành Nào? Các Trường Đai Học Khối C”, it includes 53 characters, which is suitable to appear on the result page An differential thing in all our title tag is that each letter is written in capital letters This is able to outstand the tittle (See Illustration 11) Illustration 11 Example of Tittle tag optimization Meta description Meta description provides the summary of webpages It includes one sentence or a short paragraph and appear underneath the blue links in a search engine result page The length is about 5-300 characters in order to show all the summarized content to searchers “Khối C gồm ngành nào? Và trường Đại học khối C câu hỏi nhiều thí sinh yêu thích khối C quan tâm Hãy tìm hiểu viết để biết thơng tin hữu ích khối C nhé” is the meta description of the title “Khối C Gồm Những Ngành Nào? Các Trường Đai Học Khối C” It consists of 199 characters, which ensures that searchers can read the whole meta description (See Illustration 12) Illustration 12 Example of Meta description URL optimization URL is human-readable text that was designed to replace the numbers that computers use to communicate with servers In order to get right URL, it is necessary to write the right form of URL The URL of the title “Khối C Gồm Những Ngành Nào? Các Trường Đai Học Khối C” is “http://www.tinnongtuyensinh.com/2017/09/khoi-c-gom-nhung-nganh-naocac-truong-dai-hoc-khoi-c.html” (See Illustration 13) Illustration 13 Example of URL optimization Image optimization In order to optimize all the items, the company also take advantage of image On one hand, the image will help the content be more decorative, which leads to be more attractive to users On the other hand, putting keywords into the image helps users remember longer when they moving the mouse to that picture will see the most summarized content This is also a productive marketing (See Illustration 14) Illustration 14 Example of Image optimization 2.4.2 Heading and Body text optimization There are two important headings, i.e H1 and H2 In essence, H1 is title and H2 is meta description Therefore, the rule for H1 and H2 is the same as title tag and meta description optimization In the content below, H1 is ““Khối C Gồm Những Ngành Nào? Các Trường Đai Học Khối C” and H2 is ““Khối C gồm ngành nào? Và trường Đại học khối C câu hỏi nhiều thí sinh yêu thích khối C quan tâm Hãy tìm hiểu viết để biết thơng tin hữu ích khối C nhé” Hence, if SEOers all the above optimization carefully, this step is such a easy stuff The other Headings is about the body text of a content The big notice of content is that making copy is not allowed because Google will easily find out and then minus SEO score of that content For example, the content can be “ Khối C khối thuộc kkhoa học xã hội, bao gồm môn Văn, Sử, Địa Ngoại trừ mơn Văn áp dụng hình thức thi tự luận, mơn Sử, Địa có hình thức thi trắc nghiệm Trong năm gần đây, Bộ giáo dục đào tạo có đổi việc chia khối C thành 16 tổ hợp khối để giúp bạn thí sinh có nhiều lựa chọn cho việc chọn khối, chọn ngành, đồng thời tạo hội việc làm cho bạn thí sinh xét tuyển khối C sau trường Vậy khối C gồm ngành nào? Khối c gồm tổ hợp khối nào?” (See Illustration 15) The length of content for SEO onpage is above 1.000 letters, which includes all the opinions and information Illustration 15 Example of Heading and Body Text Optimization During SEO onpage process, the company has tried its best to gain more SEO score by meeting the demand of Google algorithms That is Google Panda in which content without copy, the suitability of keyword density and headlines relation to title should be in consideration 2.5 SEO offpage process The most important thing to optimize off page is writing contents It is not copied with the length of 500 words and contains anchor text Anchor texts in the below example in forum “vnseo.edu.vn” are “các khối thi đại học”, “khối b gồm ngành nào” (See Illustration 16) Illustration 16 Building backlinks in forum “vnseo.edu.vn” The second thing is choosing the forum The company tried to find a trustworthy, popular sites to build backlinks These sites can attract a lot of views through the marketing tool Ahrefs rank The third thing is that the company also paid attention to Google Penguin algorithms The staff did not build too much backlinks in short time There is only contents to build backlinks for one forums everyday Moreover, there are only anchor text in each content to make sure not to be punished by Google Penguin The last thing is that sharing on social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Likedin, Tumble, etc is another way to gain more SEO marks, in which Google+, Facebook is channel that were focused Here are two examples on Google and Facebook (See Illustration 16 and 17) Illustration 17 Example of SEO Offpage on Google+ Illustration 18 Example of SEO Offpage on Facebook CHAPTER 3: SOME SOLUTIONS TO SPEED UP THE DEVELOPMENT OF WEBSITE TINNONGTUYENSINH.COM 3.1 Strengths of SEO process in VNCOM JSC The most strength of VNCOM is choosing a right direction for all websites That is complying with every step of SEO procedures Besides, its management is so responsible that every website and staff are able to develop steadily All the short-term targets are clear and productive to push the website upward 3.2 Shortcomings of SEO process in VNCOM JSC and solutions 3.2.1 Shortcomings The positive results of the website “tinnongtuyensinh.com” have been shown However, it is obviously possible to gain higher results because SEO is also one of online marketing form SEOers need to be creative and energy to find out many other way to meet the increasing demand of customers and catch up the social trends There are some drawbacks that the VNCOM JSC need to change and carefully Firstly, the website “tinnongtuyensinh.com” is build by Blogspot platform that still contains many limits in order to obtain the above orientations It is said that Blogspot is just for newbies In order to be more professional and productive in every website, it is necessary to change the development code Secondly, it is about the human resource SEOers need to be studious every day The negative results will be shown if there are some staff who not work, just in one day Moreover, the lack of staff is also a problem in the company Another thing is about the way to choose the forums in order to building backlinks The tool Ahrefs rank is not enough to evaluate a qualified forum And the last thing is that there are a lot of competitors with website tinnongtuyensinh.com including huongnghiep24h.com, kenhtuyensinh.vn, kenhtuyensinh24h.vn, diendan.baoduhoc.vn… (See Illustration 18) Illustration 18 Competitors of website tinnongtuyensinh.com These above websites were set up a long time ago, hence there are a lot of diversified data Choosing a right direction for website tinnongtuyensinh.com is an important key Moreover, it is necessary to learn from them to improve our website 3.2.2 Solutions Three shortcomings are unavoidable mistakes for a new website like “tinnongtuyensinh.com” There are some solutions to reduce that limits Firstly, it is time to replace Blogspot Nowadays, Worpress is so popular in online marketing It is defined as “an open-source and free Web publishing application, content management system (CMS) and blogging tool built by a community of developers and contributors Wordpress allows users to build dynamic websites and blogs that may be updated, customized and managed from its back-end CMS and integrated application and components.” There are many innovative characteristics of Wordpress The platform is simple to use and thanks to plenty of theme builders it can be customized in a variety of ways for everything from blogs, to portfolios sites, to ecommerce Themes are the elements that take Wordpress to the next level, giving almost anyone of any skill level the ability to create a site that does not look like a basic template The most popular Wordpress themes tend to have some features in common The first one is responsive design With the number of people viewing information on tablets and mobile phones, it is vital to use a theme that allows users to view content clearly regardless of device The top reasons for selecting a responsive theme are simple There is no need to maintain multiple sites and content and visual and user interface consistency across devices The second feature is social sharing In today’s web environment, social sharing is a must and themes have to be expandable and flexible with the number of social networks supported At a minimum, designers should look at themes which allow sharing across Facebook, Twitter, etc Incorporating social media into a theme can help that content reach more people as visitors share it with their networks The third one is theme customization Using a pre-designed theme can make putting a site together quicker and easier but many people want to add their own flair, making customization important from type to color to simple styling changes In versions of Wordpress 3.4 and later, the live theme customizer allows users to make these types of changes quickly, by element and preview simultaneously Other users (especially designed and more advanced users) look for customization options in regard to file type Creating and saving themes using Adobe Photoshop files is most popular From color to shape to font changes, customization options are almost endless Last but not least, Wordpress helps to improve SEO process When it comes to SEO optimization for themes, the theme that is chosen can have a huge impact Theme should include search engine readability of website content, site speed optimization, indexable content There are many evidences to prove the advantages of Wordpress over than Blogger In terms of ownership, Blogger is a blogging service provided by the tech giant Google It is free, reliable most of the time, and quite enough to publish everything on the web However, Google runs this service and has the right to shut it down anytime On the contrast, owners use a Wordpress hosting provider to host their own site They are free to decide how long they want to run it and when they want to shut it down They own all their data, and control what information they share with any third party In terms of control, Blogger is a fine tuned service with very limited tools allowing owners to perform only specific tasks on their web There are quite few things to be done on blogspot Meanwhile, wordpress is an open source software, so it is easy to add new features There are thousands of Wordpress plugins allow owners to modify and extend the default features such as adding a store to the website, creating portfolio,etc In terms of portability, moving to new site with different platform is a complicated task for Blogspot There is a significant risk that owners will lose SEO mark including search engine rankings, subscribers and follower Even though Blogger allows to export all the content, the data will stay on Google’s servers for a very long time By contrast, when using Wordpress, the moving is much more easier to anywhere Owners can move their Wordpress site to a new host, change domain name or even move to other content management systems If compare Wordpress versus Blogger SEO, it is for sure that Wordpress offers way more SEO advantages In terms of future, Blogger has not seen any major update for a long time We have seen Google kill their popular services such as Google Reader, Google Adsense for feeds So the future of Blogger depends on Google, and they have the right to shut it down whenever they want But Wordpress is an open source software which means its future is not dependent on one company or individual It is developed by a community of developers and users Being world’s most popular content management system, thousands of businesses depend on it The future of Wordpress is bright and reassuring Secondly, it is about the human resources The staff who work in SEO need to be careful as possible as they could SEO contains a lot of stuff to Each step need to be a right direction It is sure that every day all the staff work hard with one hundred percent Additionally, a staff is too tired to finish all the tasks if he/she controls a website like “tinnongtuyensinh.com” with the wish of develop it quickly Therefore, adding more assistants for contents is an important thing that VNCOM JSC need to right now Thirdly, it is the way to choose a good forums to put backlinks Focusing only on Ahrefs ranks is not right There are a lot of tools to assess a forums such as Mozbar, SEOquake,etc These tools represent the quality of website exactly through the numbers Lastly, the company need learn more from other competitive websites on the search engine result page 3.3 Orientation for VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company In the field of education, the website “tinnongtuyensinh.com” is such a useful site for every student The company need to continue developing this sites and others The biggest aim is to help students and their parents get exact and in time information about the national entrance exam Besides continuing developing the current orientation for further, the company can expand to e-learning sector – one of most prominent trends today, especially e-learning for 12th graders who are preparing for the university entrance exams, bachelor’s degree training provided by private universities or private companies, and foreign language teaching CONCLUSION Nowadays, online marketing plays an important role in running and developing a business One of many internet marketing methods is Search Engine Optimization, which is a basic and effective tool for the purpose of extending the brand or sales Being a marketing company, VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company always understood the important of proper Search Engine Optimization in its development process In recent years, the company always pays attention to improve the efficiency of SEO There are a lot positive results For example, a few websites has become a reliable place for users to get entrance examination information; the rank of some websites is on top of engine tools like Google,etc However, besides achievement, the company still has some limitations in the SEO methods Deriving from actual situation in the company and the knowledge learning from university, I made the research on the Search Engine Optimization Hence, I proposed some solutions to improve the efficiency of SEO at VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company However, improving the efficiency of SEO is a sophisticated problem So there are some unavoidable mistakes during internship and writing this essay I look forward to receiving valuable contribution from the lecturers and other readers REFERENCES Brian Clifton, Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics Jason McDonald, Fifty SEO Ideas: Free Tips, Secrets, and Ideas for Search Engine Optimization Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, The art of SEO (Theory in Practice) Peter Kent, SEO for Dummies, 6th edition https:// dammino.com https://ttcom.vn ... VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company 1.2 Aims of the study The study aims at providing the knowledge and information of SEO process at VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information. .. Panda for SEO onpage and Google Penguin for SEO offpage CHAPTER 2: REALITY OF SEO IN VNCOM 2.1 Overview of VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company 2.1.1 General information. .. information of VNCOM Viet Nam Media and Information Technology Joint Stock Company Vietnamese name: Công ty Cổ phần Công nghệ Thông tin Truyền thông VNCOM Việt Nam International transaction name:
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