The spoilers of the valley

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TheProjectGutenbergEBookofTheSpoilersoftheValley,byRobertWatson ThiseBookisfortheuseofanyoneanywhereatnocostandwith almostnorestrictionswhatsoever Youmaycopyit,giveitawayor re-useitunderthetermsoftheProjectGutenbergLicenseincluded Title:TheSpoilersoftheValley Author:RobertWatson ReleaseDate:August3,2009[EBook#29588] Language:English ***STARTOFTHISPROJECTGUTENBERGEBOOKTHESPOILERSOFTHEVALLEY*** ProducedbyRogerFrankandtheOnlineDistributed ProofreadingTeamat TheSpoilersoftheValley ROBERTWATSON THESPOILERS OFTHEVALLEY BYROBERTWATSON AUTHOROF “TheGirlofO K Valley,”etc emblem A L BURTCOMPANY Publishers NewYork PublishedbyarrangementwithGeorgeH DoranCompany PrintedinU S A COPYRIGHT,1921, BYGEORGEH DORANCOMPANY PRINTEDINTHEUNITEDSTATESOFAMERICA TO ALADYCALLEDNAN CONTENTS CHAPTER I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX XX XXI XXII XXIII XXIV XXV XXVI PAGE TheManHunt TheWolfNote AtPederstone’sForge WaywardLangford TheWolfinSheep’sClothing ABirdtoPluck WildManHansonGoesWild LikeMan,LikeHorse TheDoingsofPercival Jim’sGrandToot SolWantsaGoodWife––Bad TheDance TheBigSteal TheRound-Up Sol’sMatrimonialMix-Up TheBreakaway WaywardLangford’sGrandHighlandFling TheCoatofManyColours RanchingDeLuxe ABreachandaConfession AMaiden,aLoverandaHeathenChinee FireBegetsHotAir SoDeepinLoveamI TheLandslide TheBankRobbery TheDawnofaNewDay 11 19 36 44 58 67 74 89 101 122 140 148 165 176 190 203 224 240 258 273 302 320 338 355 372 382 TheSpoilersoftheValley 11 THESPOILERSOFTHEVALLEY CHAPTERI TheManHunt Uponthehill,highabovethetwinklinglightsofthebusylittleranchingtownof Vernock, at the open dining-room window of a pretty, leafy-bowered, sixroomed bungalow, a girl, just blossoming into womanhood, stood in her night robes and dressing gown, braiding her dark hair She was slight of form, but healthglowedfromherexpressiveface Shewasdreamilycontemplatingthebeautiesofthenight Belowher,stretchinglikeafan,wastheValleyuponwhichwasbuiltthemerry, happy-go-lucky, scattered little town she loved Everywhere around were the eternal,undulatinghills,enclosingtheValleyinaworldbyitself Thenighthad just lately closed in The sky was clear and presented a wall and a dome of almostinkyblue Awayduesouth,rightoverthepeakofahill,onthewallof bluehungagreatstar,brightandscintillatinglikeafloatingsoapbubble,whilea 12 handspanstraightabovethatagainathin,crescentmoonlaycoldlyonitsback sending up a reflection of its own streaky, ghostly light from the distant lake whichwasnomorethanvisiblethroughariftinthehills Asthegirldrankinthedelightsofthepeacefulpanoramaspreadingawayright fromherveryfeet,shewasarousedsharplyfromhermeditation Sheheard,or fanciedsheheard,adistantshot,followedbythesoundofexcitedvoicesandthe barkingofdogs Shewenttothedoor,threwitopenfearlesslyandpeereddown thehill;butallwassilentagainsaveforthisbarkingwhichtravelledfartherand farther away all the time, being caught up and carried along in a desultory fashionbythedogsofalltheneighbouringhousesandranches Shestoodforamoment,lookingabouther,then,shiveringslightlywiththecold, she threw akiss totheValley, closedthedooragainandturnedslowlytoward herbedroom Her fingers were upon the lamp to turn down the light, when three short peremptoryrapsatthebackdoorcausedhertostartnervously Shetookupthe lampandtiptoedintothekitchen ... ***START OF THISPROJECTGUTENBERGEBOOK THE SPOILERS OF THE VALLEY *** ProducedbyRogerFrankand the OnlineDistributed ProofreadingTeamat The Spoilers of the Valley ROBERTWATSON... SoDeepinLoveamI The Landslide The BankRobbery The Dawn of aNewDay 11 19 36 44 58 67 74 89 101 122 140 148 165 176 190 203 224 240 258 273 302 320 338 355 372 382 The Spoilers of the Valley 11 THE SPOILERS OF THE VALLEY. .. 11 THE SPOILERS OF THE VALLEY CHAPTERI The ManHunt Upon the hill,highabove the twinklinglights of the busylittleranchingtown of Vernock, at the open dining-room window of a pretty, leafy-bowered,
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