The maids of paradise

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TheProjectGutenbergeBookofTheMaidsofParadise,byRobertW (Robert William)Chambers ThiseBookisfortheuseofanyoneanywhereatnocostandwith almostnorestrictionswhatsoever Youmaycopyit,giveitawayor re-useitunderthetermsoftheProjectGutenbergLicenseincluded Title:TheMaidsofParadise Author:RobertW (RobertWilliam)Chambers ReleaseDate:March9,2009[eBook#28295] Language:English Charactersetencoding:ISO-8859-1 ***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE MAIDS OF PARADISE*** E-textpreparedbyRogerFrank andtheProjectGutenbergOnlineDistributedProofreadingCanadaTeam ( “‘LOOKTHERE!’SHECRIED,INTERROR”[Seep 81] THEMAIDSOF PARADISE ANovel By RobertW Chambers Authorof"Cardigan""TheConspirators" "Maid-at-Arms"etc Illustrated NewYorkandLondon Harper&Brothers Publishers 1903 Copyright,1902,byROBERTW CHAMBERS Allrightsreserved PublishedSeptember,1903 PREFACE As far as the writer knows, no treasure-trains were actually sent to the port of LorientfromthearsenalatBrest ThetreasuresremainedatBrest Concerning the German armored cruiser Augusta, the following are the facts: About the middle of December she forced the blockade at Wilhelmshafen and ranforIreland,where,owingtothecomplaisanceoftheBritishauthorities,she waspermittedtocoal FromthereshesteamedtowardsBrest,capturingaFrenchmerchantcraftoffthat port, another near Rochefort, and finally a third That ended her active career during the war; a French frigate chased her into the port of Vigo and kept her there To conclude, certain localities and certain characters have been sufficiently disguisedtorenderrecognitionimprobable Thisisproperbecause“TheLizard” is possibly alive to-day, as are also the mayor of Paradise, Sylvia Elven, Jacqueline, and Speed, the latter having barely escaped death in the Virginius expedition The original of Buckhurst now lives in New York, and remains a typewhoserarityisitsonlyrecommendation ThosewhobelievetheyrecognizetheCountessdeVassartaredoubtlessinerror Mornac,longdead,issafeinhisdisguise;Tric-TracwasexecutedonthePlace de la Roquette, and celebrated in doggerel by an unspeakable ballad writer ThereremainsScarlett;deadoralive,Iwishhimwell ROBERTW CHAMBERS ORMOND,FLORIDA,Feb 7,1902 CONTENTS I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX XX XXI XXII ATTHETELEGRAPH THEGOVERNMENTINTERFERES LATRAPPE PRISONERS THEIMMORTALS THEGAMEBEGINS ASTRUGGLEFORESHADOWED AMANTOLET THEROADTOPARADISE THETOWN-CRIER INCAMP JACQUELINE FRIENDS THEPATHOFTHELIZARD FOREWARNED ARESTLESSMAN THECIRCUS AGUEST-CHAMBER TRÉCOURTGARDEN THESEMAPHORE LIKEHERANCESTORS THESECRET 21 34 50 65 87 110 136 159 171 180 195 207 229 253 265 280 303 318 339 353 381 ILLUSTRATIONS “‘LOOKTHERE!'SHECRIED,INTERROR” “‘ACROSSTHATMEADOW,'SAIDTHEYOUNGGIRL” “TORIGHTANDLEFT,PRUSSIANLANCERSWERE RIDING” “ACOMPANYOFTURCOSCAMEUP” “‘HALT!HALT!'HESHOUTED” “EVERYBRIDGEWASGUARDED” “SISTERSOFCHARITYWEREGIVINGFIRSTAID” “IWASONMYKNEES” Frontispiece Facing p 22 Facing p 62 Facing p 74 Facing p 84 Facing p 124 Facing p 132 Facing p 298 PARTFIRST THEMAIDSOFPARADISE I ATTHETELEGRAPH OnthethirddayofAugust,1870,IleftParisinsearchofJohnBuckhurst Onthe4thofAugustIlostalltracesofMr Buckhurstnearthefrontier,inthe villageofMorsbronn TheremainderofthedayIspentinacquiringthat“general information” so dear to the officials in Paris whose flimsy systems of intelligencehadalreadybeguntobreakdown On August 5th, about eight o’clock in the morning, the military telegraph instrument in the operator’s room over the temporary barracks of the Third Hussars clicked out the call for urgency, not the usual military signal, but a secret sequence understood only by certain officers of the Imperial Military Police TheoperatorondutythereforesteppedintomyroomandwaitedwhileI tookhisplaceatthewire Ihadbeenusingthecode-bookthatmorning,preparingdespatchesforParis,and now,atthefirstseriesofsignificantclicks,Idroppedmyleftmiddlefingeron the key and repeated the signal to Paris, using the required variations Then I rose,lockedthedoor,andreturnedtothetable “Who is this?” came over the wire in the secret code; and I answered at once: “InspectorofForeignDivision,ImperialMilitaryPolice,ondutyatMorsbronn, Alsace.” After considerable delay the next message arrived in the Morse code: “Is that you,Scarlett?” And I replied: “Yes Who are you? Why you not use the code? Repeat the codesignalandyournumber.” Thesignalwasrepeated,thencamethemessage:“ThisistheTuileries Youhave myauthoritytousetheMorsecodeforthesakeofbrevity Doyouunderstand?I am Jarras The Empress is here.” Instantly reassured by the message from Colonel Jarras, head of the bureau to which I was attached, I answered that I ... massing,freshfrom the combatin the north,where the tragedy of Wissembourg hadbeenenactedonly the daybefore,in the presence of the entireFrencharmy the awful spectacle of a single division of seven... simplerepublic of protestantsanabsolutedespotism Andhewas the despot The avowedobject of the societywas the advancement of universalbrotherhood, of libertyandequality, the annihilation of thosearbitrarybarrierscallednational... at the Breton home of the Countess de Vassart, a large stone house in the hamlet of Paradise, inMorbihan An intimation from the Tuileries interrupted a meeting of the council at the housein Paradise; anarrestwasthreatened—that of ProfessorRéclus—andthe
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