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Thursday 23 November 2017 Teacher: Văn Thái Hoàng Phone: 0888618497 Student: Phone: ……………………… Class: 10CA Lesson: 12 HOMEWORK I Circle the word which is stressed differently from the rest A continue B realize C demonstrate D opposite A activity B attentiveness C explanation D ability A mental B special C happy D retard A organize B determine C develop D exhibit A reason B idea C welcome D visit II Choose the correct words to complete the sentences: Suffering _ a speech disorder can have negative social effects, especially _ young children A from/ among B with/ in C for/ of D with/ for If you are in traditional hand-made products and are on the volunteer project for several weeks, you may have the opportunity to learn the _ and embroidery skills from the artisans A interested - weaving B interesting - weaving C interested – woven D interesting - woven Volunteer’s main work at the projects is to take care of the children, most of whom have _ or are affected by Agent Orange A mental, and physical disabilities B mental and physical disabled C mental, physical, and disabled D mental and physical disabilities Volunteers For Peace Vietnam (VPV) offers _ programmes in North and South of Vietnam A dedicate B dedicated C dedication D dedicating Together with volunteers, through our daily activities we try to protect children from effects from society A harm B harmful C harmless D unharmed In our volunteer program, the possibilities are _, and all you need is determination and a little creativity A end B ending C endless D everlasting While Tom English to poor children in Phnom Penh last year, he _ a lot about Cambodian culture A is teaching – knows B taught – was knowing C was teaching – knew D was teaching – was knowing My passion for volunteering to help children _ during my middle school years while I for the summer community service A begin – work B began – was working C have begun – have worked D was beginning – was working Volunteers games and activities with disadvantaged children while they _ for the center A played – had - worked B were having – having – were working C have played – playing – are working D played – had – were working 10 “ your country can for you - _ you can for your country” (from John F Kennedy’s inaugural address) A Don’t ask what – ask what B Ask what – don’t ask what C Ask not what – ask what D Ask what not – ask what III Read the passage and circle the correct answer Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) VSO is a registered charity dedicated to assisting in developing countries More specifically, it is a recruitment agency which finds, selects and places volunteers in response to overseas requests This work makes it distinctive among other charities and organizations in the U.K It sends people, not money, so it tries to respond to requests from overseas which ask for volunteers Its purpose is towards the Lịch học buổi tuần: Thứ từ 19h30 đến 21h15 Thứ từ 17h45 đến 19h30 Địa điểm: Trường THCS Bến Thủy Homework poorest members of the community Both staff and volunteers also pay special attention to women’s roles in development projects This is because women’s roles in child- rearing, education and community relationships are essential in any healthy process of change Over the past 38 years, more than 21,000 volunteers have worked abroad with VSO There are now over 1,900 volunteers working in 59 of the less developed countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean The application of each volunteer is carefully considered in order to select and interview candidates against each job request from the field, to seek the person with the right blend of skills and personality VSO volunteers not go to developing countries as visiting experts with all the answers It is always a process of sharing and learning The aim is that when the volunteers return home, there exists a community with a stronger sense of independence and a volunteer with a new understanding of life and people everywhere The range of jobs required of VSO is wide- reflecting the needs of any society in the modern world VSO is different from other charities and organizations in the UK because it……… A is a registered body B sends financial aid to developing countries C sends volunteers to help abroad D recruits volunteers to work in Britain Requests from overseas most likely to be dealt with are those which…… A specifically ask for female staff and volunteers B require volunteers to work with the local inhabitants C require help and advice on health care D need help to train less wealthy members of the community According to those who work for VSO, who plays the most important part in bringing about change? A charitable organizations B volunteers from abroad C women in local communities D staff who recruit volunteers What happens when VSO wants to appoint new volunteers? A they give preference to applicants living abroad B They give each applicant several interviews C They refer applications to countries requesting volunteers D They match all applicants to jobs very carefully The volunteer chosen to go out to a developing country…… A must have experience of working overseas B will quickly become an expert in the field C will have more knowledge about the world we live in D must leave the country before it becomes independent IV Read the text and put the verbs in brackets in the past simple or the past continuous Student-run food bank to feed needy people A group of students in Hanoi (collect) leftovers from restaurants to supply meals to needy people in their “Ha Noi Enough” project while several customers (waste) so much food there Some people (worry) about the quality of the food preprocessed from leftovers while the volunteers (deliver) them Therefore, project members (take) photographs as a proof of quality while they (give) the food to the poor Project leaders (call) more restaurants to help them save food when they (develop) their project While the “Ha Noi Enough” project (gain) more reputation, volunteers also 10 (host) several social activities, including “Warm winter and Tet enough” and “Save Food, Save the Earth” 10
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