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Ngày đăng: 27/11/2019, 16:02

Write a report of a meeting at which these solutions were discussed Suan Street resident’s association From: Residents meeting about lot of noise at night Thank you so much for coming to the meeting tonight The report presents the effects of noise pollution from you and the remedies to prevent this problem With the development of economic, social and scientific life, students are having adverse effects on health and reducing the quality of life of society In the late evening, the students are making a lot of noise who disturbed our tranquility and sleep The long-term effects of noise on the elderly will cause insomnia, neurasthenia, as well as aggravate cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure We met to discuss and provide solutions on what to to reduce noise Firstly, we should combine with the secretary of the union in the commune to create a playground where will take place cultural exchange twice a month such as music, drama It also helps to raise public awareness and create solidarity with each other Secondly, the students refrain from singing live music after 9pm and avoid crowding round to talk and we require students to commit to refraining from making noise at night Finally, if you are still making noise, we will required to take action in accordance with the law So that is the measure that we took in this meeting, if the students have any ideas, please contribute And if you have no idea, we hope you will it right with our proposed procedural requirements
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