Big 4 Bộ đề tự kiểm tra 4 kỹ năng Tiếng anh lớp 7 Tập 2 WORD

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Big 4 Bộ đề tự kiểm tra 4 kỹ năng Tiếng anh lớp 7 Tập 2 WORD Có đáp án Big 4 Bộ đề tự kiểm tra 4 kỹ năng Tiếng anh lớp 7 Tập 2 WORD Có đáp án Big 4 Bộ đề tự kiểm tra 4 kỹ năng Tiếng anh lớp 7 Tập 2 WORD Có đáp án Big 4 Bộ đề tự kiểm tra 4 kỹ năng Tiếng anh lớp 7 Tập 2 WORD Có đáp án Big 4 Bộ đề tự kiểm tra 4 kỹ năng Tiếng anh lớp 7 Tập 2 WORD Có đáp án Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập Lời nói đầu Bộ sách Big - Bộ đề Tự kiểm tra kỹ NGHE - NÓI - ĐỌC – VIẾT biên soạn nhằm giúp em học sinh trung học sở củng cố phát triển toàn diện kỹ nghe, nói, đọc, viết tiếng Anh Đội ngũ tác giả Megabook biên soạn sách từ lớp đến lớp theo chuẩn khung chương trình Bộ Giáo dục Đào tạo thích hợp với em học sinh muốn trau dồi tổng hợp kiến thức tiếng Anh Nội dung sách gồm hệ thống tập luyện kỹ giúp em ôn tập kiến thức lớp tập mở rộng nâng cao để em rèn luyện làm quen với kì kiểm tra đánh giá Bộ sách Big - Bộ đề Tự kiểm tra kỹ NGHE - NÓI - ĐỌC – VIẾT đánh giá nguồn tư liệu hữu ích cho giáo viên, phụ huynh em học sinh bên cạnh sách giáo khoa Một điểm đặc biệt sách tính đại tiện dụng em không cần sử dụng CD để có nghe Bộ sách tích hợp mã QR mã code giúp em dễ dàng có file nghe với smartphone Các em học sinh cảm thấy tự tin với khả ngơn ngữ ơn luyện tiếng Anh tập kỹ liên kết với theo logic học Bộ sách đầu tư kỹ lưỡng đội ngũ tác giả biên tập Megabook nhằm nâng cao kỹ nghe, nói, đọc, viết làm tăng thêm tự tin em học sinh với khả tiếng Anh thân Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | Unit TRAFFIC A PHONETICS I Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part A pain B said C afraid D straight A ceiling B neighbor C vein D freight A except B there C then D hey A make B playground C station D many A ready B break C ahead D dead II Find the word with the different stress pattern from the others A contain B achieve C improve D enter A suggest B rely C compare D empty A expand B exit C exam D exhaust A accident B dangerous C argument D however A unfriendly B century C gallery D quality B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR III Put the word/ phrase in each space to complete the following sentences zebra crossing railway station speed limit road user means of transport driving license safety helmet road safety train tickets traffic jams The government has introduced a new campaign in an attempt to reduce the number of road accidents A is a hard hat which covers and protects the whole head, worn especially by the motorcyclist We looked on our map to find the way to the Road works have caused throughout the city centre | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập A is a place on a road at which vehicles must stop to allow people to walk across the road You should know the regulations in order to become a good A is an official document that shows you are able to drive Slow down because you’re breaking the We needed to get to Ha Noi, but we had no 10 I have two …………… available to go to Lao Cai Would you like to go with me to Sa Pa? IV What these signs mean? Choose the correct answer A You can reduce your speed B You have to go fast C You must drive slowly A For tourists only B Tourist information available C Information about tourists A Be careful Road works ahead B Watch out There are workers C Look out for working children A There are wild animals ahead B There are cattle ahead C You can buy cattle meat here A You can’t use your camera here B Cameras are used here C Cameras are sold ahead A Cars and buses can pass B Cars cannot be sold here C Cars are not allowed V Find some more words that go with the given verbs get off drive park sail catch fly board get ride get on VI Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) There ……………… a MRT station here, but it has disappeared A were B used to have C use to have D used to be ……………… does it take to go from Ha Noi to Pleiku by plane? A How much B How many C How long D How far Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | My little brother used to ……………… his homework early in the evening A B does C doing D did If people ……………… the rules, there are no more accidents A follow B take care of C obey D remember You should ……………… right and left when you go across the road A see B look C be D take Hurry up or we can’t ……………… the last bus home A keep B follow C go D catch C in car D by bus I used to go to school ……………… A with bike B by foot Public ……………… in my town is good and cheap A travel B journey C tour D transport When there is a traffic jam, it ……………… me a very long time to go home A takes B costs C spends D lasts 10 Yesterday Richard and Peter……………… round West Lake It took them an hour A cycle B cycles C cycling D cycled 11 Cyclists and motorists have to wear a ……………… when they ride a motorbike A cap B mask C helmet D hard hat 12 He forgot to give a ………………before he turned left and got a ticket A hand B signal C sign D light C traffic jam D regular 13 All of us have to obey …………… strictly A traffic B traffic rules 14 We should wait for the traffic lights ……………… before we cross the street A turn yellow B turn green C to turn yellow D to turn green 15 Drivers have to ……………… your seatbelt whenever they drive A tie B fasten C put on D put 16 I ……………… marbles when I was young, but now I didn’t A play B used to play C have played D didn’t use to play 17 ………………is it from your house to the nearest bus stop?” - “About 50 metres” A How much B How long C How far D How often 18 Minh used to ………………jigsaw puzzles in his spare time A B does C doing D did 19 Public ………………in this city is quite good, and it’s not expensive A vehicle B travel C transport D journey 20 It’s about kilometers ………………my house ………………school A between/and B from/to C between/to D from/ and VII Choose the best answer to complete the passage When you are in Hong Kong, you can go about by taxi, by tram, by bus, or (1) (in/ by/ on/ with) underground I myself prefer the underground (2) (because/ when/ so/ but) it is fast, easy and cheap There are (3) (some/ a lot/ many/ few) trams and buses in Hong Kong, and one cannot drive along the road (4) (quick/ | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập quicker/ quickly/ quickest) and without many stops The underground is therefore usually quicker (5) (as/ than/ so/ like) taxis or buses If you not know Hong Kong very well, it is very difficult (6) (finding/ to find/ found/ to finding) the bus you want You can take a taxi, but it is (7) (more/ much/ as/ too) expensive than the underground or a bus On the underground you find good maps that tell you the names of the stations and show you (8) (who/ when/ what/ how) to get to them so that it is easy to find your way VIII Find and correct the mistakes We didn’t used to have a colorful TV, but we now A B C D When my baby sister is younger, she didn’t use to eat pizza A B C D It’s about 500 meters at my house to school A B C D On my way home get school, I sometimes see a train pass by A B C D Did he use to crying all night when his father died A B C D C READING IX Read the passage and fill in the blank with the missing word Transport in London is expensive The fare depends on the length of the journey; you cannot buy or book tickets in advance Children under sixteen pay half, and those under five travel free You usually buy bus tickets from the conductor, but some buses you pay the driver Most London buses are double-deckers On the underground railway (or tube) you buy your ticket from the machine or ticket office, and give it up at the end of the journey Not all trains from one platform go to the same place, so watch the signs The last train leaves at 1.15 p.m The fare depends on the …………… of the journey A way B distance C time Children under five don’t have to …………… when they use public transport A give B pay C buy You should buy bus tickets from the ………… but on some buses you pay the driver A machine B driver C conductor On the underground railway (or tube) you buy your ticket …………… the machine or ticket office A from B in C on Not all trains from one …………… go to the same place, so watch the signs A station B platform C railway Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | X Read the passage and answer the following questions The streets are crowded with traffic Taxis are bringing tired people from the airport and the train stations to the hotels They hope to sleep a few hours before their busy day in the big city Trucks are bringing fresh fruit and vegetables into the city Ships are bringing food and fuel to the harbor By seven o’clock in the morning, the streets are filled again with people Millions of people live in the big city, and millions of people who work in the big city live in the suburbs, the commuters, are hurrying to get to their offices Everyone is in a hurry Some stop only to drink a cup of coffee Others stop to buy a morning paper or to have breakfast The noise of traffic gets louder The policemen blow their whistles to stop the traffic or to hurry it alone Answer the questions: Where taxis often take people from? What are trucks bringing? And what about ships? Who are commuters? What people often when they are in a hurry in the early morning? What the policemen to control the traffic? D SPEAKING XI Work in groups of three or four Write in the space as many means of transport as possible Then discuss and classify them into different groups Now tell the class about your classification You should explain why did you classify them that way | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập XII Now work in pairs Among the above means of transport, which is your most favorite one? Tell your partner You should base on the suggestions below: - What is your favorite means of transport? - How often you use it? - Why like it? - What are the advantages of using it? - What are the disadvantages of using it? E LISTENING XIII Work in pairs Match the phrases below about traffic with their definition congestion A queues of vehicles block an entire network of intersecting streets, bringing traffic in all directions to a complete standstill traffic report B having almost no space between cars and moving very slowly snarl up C strong, unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous gas or smoke from running vehicles gridlocks D a condition on transport networks that occurs as use increases, resulting in slower speeds, longer trip times bumper-to-bumper E giving information about road conditions such as traffic jam, and traffic accidents exhaust fumes F a long line of traffic that is unable to travel forward XIV Now listen to a man talking about traffic Decide if the statements below are true (T) or false (F) The traffic has stopped getting worse Driving in the countryside can be a nightmare In cities, there is traffic jam even at midnight Fewer people travelling by train or bus will better the traffic A lot of traffic makes pollution Listen again and fill in the gaps with the missing words - I don’t know where all this traffic came from You turn on the (1) ……………… and the (2) ……………… is all about congestion here, snarl-ups and gridlocks there The answer must be to get better (3) ……………… Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | - The roads are too (4) ……………… And then there’s the pollution It’s disgusting outside sometimes You feel like you’re breathing pure (5) ……………… We need to get rid of these traffic jams so we can move and breathe more easily F WRITING XV Reorder the following words to make meaningful sentences it/ travel/ is/ rush/ because/ in/ so/ on/ to/ traffic/ road/ tiring/ hours/ jams/ of it/ hour/ to/ took/ office/ yesterday/ more/ my/ than/ mother/ an/ to/ go/ her from/ Hochiminh city/ travelling/ not/ time-consuming/ to/ by/ Hanoi/ airplane/ is The/ more/ months/ project/ team/ than/ three/ completing/ spent/ this buy/ 50.000VND/ it/ visitor/ often/ entrance/ ticket/ costs/ a/ only/ to/ an XVI Write a paragraph (80-100 words) to describe the traffic near where you live You should base on the suggestions below: - How is the traffic there? - Are there often traffic jams? - Why is it so? - What you think should be done to better the traffic there? 10 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập 2 Why you a lot of exercise? E LISTENING When will they be home? XIV How far is it from your home to work? How much is it? Summer festival VII Friday Saturday eleven (by) bus beautiful festival performance celebration cultural interests preparation colorful Listening transcript: entertaining 10 beginning Woman:What’s happening in the park today? VIII F Man: A (organize) B (Picasso’s) B (is celebrated) D (on) F T T F It’s the Summer Festival Don’t you know about it? Woman: No Is it a music festival? D (exports) Man: No, it’s a festival of food and art C READING Woman:Really? That sounds unusual IX Man: C B A B C X Yes, it is a little But it’s good Woman:When does the festival begin? The season of Tet occurs around the end of January and the beginning of February Man: On Friday Last year it finished on Saturday, but this year the festival will run for three days, not two The meaning of Tet is ending an old year and welcome a new year Woman:Good! I’d like to go Is it open all day? People often come back their home and get together to prepare for Tet, they will also buy new clothes and clean their house Man: The gates open at eleven in the morning, and they stay open until midnight Woman:I don’t think I’ll stay that long But I might go in the afternoon from about three o’clock until seven o’clock Young people can take part in the traditional games, others will visit their relatives to wish a happy new year, woman like going to the pagoda to pray good things will come to their family in the coming year They are eager to get a lucky money from adults D SPEAKING XI A Holi festival of Colors - India B Cosplay festival - Japan C Water festival - Thailand D Mid-Autumn festival - China/ Vietnam E Bordeaux Wine festival - France F Beer festival - Germany Man: Well, don’t come by car The city centre will be very busy Take the bus The number 50 goes to the park every 15 minutes Woman:Good idea Man: And when you go, look out for Paxman Pies They are really good! Woman:Sorry, what kind of pies? Man: Paxman P-A-X-M-A-N They have meat pies, fruit pies, vegetable pies and they’re delicious! F WRITING XV Our/ The festival will officially start in a minute My friends and I came late, so we had to stand in the back 86 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập Surprisingly, the little boy appeared on the stage and performed in a very confident way A (Who) A (Although) C (However) C (in spite of/despite Jane is not really a special person in my class, but today she sang like a star in the school festival C READING C (by) IX We couldn’t find anywhere near the stage to see the performance made Different Dramas Acted Awards Review BASIC (Units 7, 8, 9) A PHONETICS I A D C C D D B D B C II B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR III did broke rules accidents worry after if across Will 10 After IV X The festival of Diwali is one of the most important religious festivals in India It lasts for five days around the end of October People clean and decorate their homes, prepare special food and buy new clothes and jewelry to welcome the Goddess in their homes The celebrations take place on the darkest night of the lunar month, Amavasya In the evening, fireworks fill the sky to make Diwali a true “Festival of Light” E LISTENING XIII B In spite of/ despite A C B C F F T T XIV Although F However/ Nevertheless Listening transcript: Despite of/ in spite of Jack: Hi, Ismael How are you? Although V C B C A A D A B C 10 C VI Ismael: Hi, Jack I’m OK but I’ve got loads of homework Jack: Me too, but would you like to come with us to the cinema tonight? Ismael: Who’s “us”? About From/to About For In Ismael: OK, and what’s the film? VII depressed exciting frightening surprised surprising excited interesting terrified disappointing 10 disappointed VIII Jack: Me, Jamie, Nicola and Selina Jack: We don’t know We can’t decide There’s that new horror film, “Light and Dark” Ismael: No, no, no! I don’t like horror films Jack: OK, well, there’s a comedy about a school Ismael: Oh, no more school, please! What about a romcom? Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | 87 Jade: Romcom? Ismael: You know, romantic comedy, boy meets girl Jack: What? Really? No, I hate romantic films I like action Ismael: Well, there’s a new science fiction film, “Alien attacks” I C A B D C A A C B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR III Ismael: OK, I’ll ask the others if they like scifi Ismael: At o’clock Let’s meet at 7:30 outside the cinema A II Jack: OK, I like science fiction Let’s see that Jack: What time is the film? C successful fantastic interested cinema activities relaxed boring amazing IV However/ nevertheless Although Jack: OK See you later In spite of/ despite Ismael: Bye However/ nevertheless F WRITING Although V XV The Lantern festival in Hoi An is one of traditional festivals in Vietnam It took us one hour to download this movie from the Internet yesterday Travelling in peak hours is like a nightmare B C B D A C B A A 10 B VI at/ past of up from/ until (till) for VII Riding a bike is more relaxing than driving a motorbike exhausted amusing It is so boring to have no plan for such a long summer holiday tired interesting depressed depressing amazing bored satisfied 10 surprising XVI Many people came to enjoy the program although the entrance tickets were expensive VIII A (what) A (didn’t use to) It is not a rush hour; however, there is a lot of traffic now I thought that the film would be boring; nevertheless, it was really good A (fewer) Review ADVANCED (Units 7, 8, 9) A PHONETICS D (kilometers) C READING IX It was terrifying (for us) to watch this horror film We were so tired to fly from Vietnam to Australia A (although) F T T F F F F T X Tet is a festival which occurs in late January or early February It is a time for families to clean and decorate their homes, and enjoy special food such as sticky rice cakes Family 88 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập members who live apart try to be together at Tet world, but the people from the local village are usually the ones who catch the cheese This festival is celebrated in Israel and by all Jewish people From people-racing, to animals, very tiny animals World Championship Snail Racing takes place in a village in Norfolk The snails have to race from an inner circle to an outer circle and the winner gets a lot of lettuce There’s a party and barbecue for the snail owners and observers This custom began in the 1960s after a local man saw something similar in France In the UK we don’t eat snails, by the way On this festival, people celebrate freedom from slavery On Easter Day (Easter Sunday), young children receive chocolate or sugar eggs – as long as they are good In many countries, people crowd the streets to watch colorful parades E LISTENING F WRITING XIII T F F F F XIV Scotland good luck spring lettuce 1960s Listening transcript: Hello I’m going to talk about British festivals I’m sure you’ve heard about the Notting Hill Carnival in London and the Edinburgh Festival, but today we’re going to look at a lot more that you might not know about Actually, a lot of these are not exactly festivals, but strange races or competitions Some of them are ancient and some are modern So, let’s start in January in the north of Scotland with the Burning of the Clavie This is a whisky barrel which is set a light then carried through the streets as a bonfire It’s an ancient tradition which always takes place on 11th of January, the first day of the year, according to an older form of the calendar The bonfire brings good luck for the coming year and people used to keep bits of burnt wood as protection against evil spirits Another kind of race takes place in spring – cheese rolling In Gloucestershire, in the southwest of England, round cheeses in round boxes are sent rolling down a hill and people run after them and try and catch them The hill is very steep, so people often fall over – if you take part in this you need to be very fit and wear your oldest jeans Nowadays this strange custom attracts visitors from all over the XV My father used to go to work by bicycle even though he had a car Despite of the fact that watching TV a lot may affect people’s health, he spent hours watching TV per day I am very interested in joining the Water festival of Thailand; however, I haven’t had a chance to go there I couldn’t wait to see the film; nevertheless, its ending was really disappointing What used to make me excited was watching cartoon films with my cousin XVI What impressed me was the way she performed the dancing at the party In what way did they get through the traffic jam this morning? Despite not being selected as the winner, he was still happy It is surprising that the main character in the film was still alive and came back home Although Jimmy was in a big hurry, Jimmy didn’t take the shortcut to his workplace Unit 10 SOURCES OF ENERGY A PHONETICS Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | 89 I B (five-star) B B A B C II D (found) C READING IX C A C D B III energy rural electricity wastes 1st syllable 2nd syllable students save fortune, comfortable, exhausted, off bulbs relative, festival, improvement, natural 10 coal energy, cigarette, performer, celebrate, different, performance, atmosphere, effective, wonderful convenient, imagine, effective, illegal, electric, consumption, solution, develop, advantage X Yes, the world’s energy is limited We also should use them economically and try to find out alternative sources of power Many people don’t approve of using nuclear power because it is very dangerous B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR Radioactivity causes cancer and may badly affect the future generations IV (up to each student) tidal energy D SPEAKING geothermal energy XI biomass energy Renewable energy sources are the resources that can be replenished naturally in the course of time nuclear energy wind energy Non - renewable energy sources are the resources that exist in limited supply and cannot be replaced if they are used up carbon dioxide hydro energy solar energy V Renewable energy sources: solar energy, plants, animals, water, geothermal energy, biofuels, hydro power, wind releases are using pollutes converted will be involves Non-renewable energy sources: oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear fuels, petroleum replaced make E LISTENING VI XIV B C B A A D B D B 10 D VII 1 T T F T F plentiful environmental key resources pollution heat equipment research unfortunately clothes VIII C (turning off) B (buy) Listening transcript: B (be cleaning) Solar energy is the key to our future If we not use it, our planet will not survive We 90 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập not have enough resources on Earth to supply our energy needs We are slowly using solar energy more Most places you go in the world today you can see solar panels on people’s houses I hope that in the future, all houses will use solar power It’s so simple In fact, it’s free All you have to is pay for the solar panels and some other equipment, and then you have free energy Research into solar energy is still in its early days I think in the future it will be everywhere We’ll be able to buy solar panels from our local DIY store I also think we’ll be wearing clothes that provide solar power, and we’ll be driving cars powered by solar energy reappear, reread, reaction V C B A D B B C D B 10 B VI parked ride driving go cycle transportation seatbelt got off sail 10 traffic jam VII F WRITING B (on foot) C (will use) A (on a bus) A (will be pedaling) A (travel) XV VIII At this time next week, I will be enjoying my summer holiday on the beach carelessly disappeared Renewable energy sources will be used commonly in the future shortage imaginative inventors creation unpleasant safety sleeplessness 10 widened Our cars will probably be powered by solar energy in the near future The government will be organizing some educational campaigns about using renewable energy sources Some non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil will be used up some day Unit 11 TRAVELLING IN THE FUTURE C READING IX F T F T F X In the future, it will take only hours to travel from New York to Beijing ET3 stands for “evacuated tube transport technology” A PHONETICS It uses electricity instead of gasoline I The most modern airplanes usually only fly at about 800 kilometers per hour C A C B B D C D C D II B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR III B B B C D IV pilotless, useless, meaningless pedal, sail, fly bus stop, railway station Because it has no air inside the tube E LISTENING XIV 1 F T F T T traffic reports location speed safer warning yours, hers, his Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | 91 B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR Listening transcript: III Now we already have some apps that allow drivers to alert others to traffic jams or accidents Soon, cars will automatically contribute to a shared mesh of traffic and routing information through vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems In addition to providing better traffic reports, these systems —through which cars will constantly transmit their location, speed, and other data—are expected to make driving much safer If a driver brakes suddenly, or makes a blind turn, the car will issue a warning to others nearby to help them avoid a collision The NHTSA expects vehicle-to-vehicle communications to result in significantly fewer accidents each year Some cars will soon have built-in systems they will appear in certain 2017 Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz models but dashboard-mounted systems, similar to the original GPS units, will also become available D C C D B f g k a c d e i h 10 b IV V haven’t you isn’t there they aren’t they can we shall we does he won’t they can’t he 10 didn’t he VI B D A B A C A C B 10 D VII C (stay up) D (were) D (than) A (worked) B (fewer) VIII F WRITING poverty difficult XV healthy polluted Vehicle-to-vehicle communications will help decrease accidents on road beautiful C READING In the future, people will tend to use different means of public transport IX The quality and services of public transport in Vietnam should be improved X A D D A She lives in a village in Africa More and more people will leave their cars at home and commute by buses In the future, there will probably be flying cars C She walks to the river No, it isn’t She does the gardening every morning She collects some water Unit 12 AN OVERCROWDED WORLD D SPEAKING XII A PHONETICS The two children have been in London I They were surprised at the crowds everywhere C C D C C They decided to travel on the tube railway II B B A C C One day they went to Hype Park and walked along on the grass to Kensington Gardens in bright autumn sunshine 92 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập Only the noise from the street in the distance reminded them of the town D SPEAKING There is too much traffic, and I have never seen this many cars before XI China India Vatican City Tokelau 14 E LISTENING XIII G F A C D E I have the same amount of work to as before, but I have fewer stresses and (other) problems B XIV We have to recycle as much as possible to save our energy and to protect our environment Using public transport is as convenient as using private vehicles, isn’t it? Review BASIC (Units 10, 11, 12) 1 F F T F T A PHONETICS I suitable agriculture problems crops B B C B D D A A B C II support Listening transcript: B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR Because of human overpopulation, the world is changing Japanese cities stretch for miles without any greenery; the dense network of freeways in the Netherlands looks disgusting, and the northeast of the USA is a very crowded place But overpopulation involves more than numbers Population densities not reveal that large parts of countries are not habitable or suitable for agriculture Russia and Canada are big, but who wants to live north of the 55th parallel? China has its own problems, and most of the population lives in the eastern lowlands, where crops can be grown The western deserts, highlands, and plateaus not support good farming and are only suitable for ranching Depletion of natural resources is also a problem Populous countries have already used up their resources and are forced to import raw materials from other lands III electricity source solutions reduce performed IV A C B B C C C C B 10 D V activities common noisier healthy less VI C (problems) C (death) C (to visit) B (badly) C (to live) VII in spite of/ despite being frightened F WRITING isn’t it? XV didn’t he You have as many responsibilities as you used to, don’t you? shall we excited mine/ yours didn’t visit the slums last week Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | 93 suffer more pollution predictions include supersonic air travel and “danger-zone” tourism There will also be more high-tech shopping and dining 10 excited C READING F WRITING VIII B D C D C D B B B D IX X XV The number of people in this small area will be increasing quickly in the next 20 years Viet Nam is a country in the South - East Asia Solar energy will be considered as one of the most important energy sources in the future It has an area of 329,566 Your car runs faster than mine, doesn’t it? Viet Nam exports rice, coffee and many other farm products New means of transport will be introduced in the future They have been trying hard to build a prosperous country Today there is less traffic than yesterday Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha Cave, Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary, etc E LISTENING XVI More roads will help better the current traffic situations, won’t they? I will be commuting to work by bus in the next month XIII The Moon/ space Travel experts & technology experts $250,000 The citizen’s awareness of the importance of recycling will be raised by the government Some roads will be widened to decrease congestions Yes, they are hi-tech (shopping) XIV vacation excitement hot ticket affordable tourism Listening transcript: In the future, the most exciting place for holidaymakers to visit will probably be the Moon On one website, travel experts and technology experts wrote a report called ‘The Future of Travel 2024’ It describes unimaginable vacation choices for people who want excitement, and for those who want to travel more quickly Holidays in space are the most exciting “hot ticket” The report says: “Commercial companies are lining up to make it more affordable.” Virgin Galactic is already accepting bookings for flights to space for $250,000 Underwater hotel rooms will become very common holiday choices Other Bus fares will be reduced by the government to encourage more people to use buses Review ADVANCED (Units 10, 11, 12) A PHONETICS I A C B B B C B A D A II B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR III renewable alternative turbine mine testing A B B A B C D D B 10 C IV 94 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập V abundant will be studying developing will be used to spend VI C (stressful) A (healthcare) B (solutions) D (better) C (built) VII will be built will put will be being will take will be used What is the distance although we lost used to satisfied 10 interesting, was it C READING VIII takes place dancers in lasts perform IX F T F T T T T T T 10 F X Indonesia is an island nation in Southeast Asia The country’s total area is 1,904,443 sq km The rupiah is the official monetary unit of Indonesia, consisting of 100 sen The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta and it is also the largest city in the country 300 other languages and dialects are spoken E LISTENING XIII blades electric generator shaft How does wind power work? Special machines change wind into electricity They are called wind turbines These big, heavy machines can weigh 300 tones and stand 130 meters Sometimes you can see a large group of turbines in the countryside or near the sea That is called wind farm Many wind turbines have three long sticks called blades When the wind moves, the blades turn When blades turn, they move a special stick called a shaft The shaft turns generators which make electricity One large turbine can produce enough power for about 300 homes for a year That number depends on the size of the turbine and amount of wind Not everyone thinks wind turbines are good Turbines make a lot of sound and kill a lot of birds They also cost a lot of money Often, people in a city with a wind farm pay more for electricity, not less There is one serious problem Wind power cannot replace other energy, like coal or oil That is because wind power does not always work When the wind stops, there is no electricity That means a city needs another way to make power Cities that buy wind power have to purchase another source of energy Wind power seems like a good idea, but today, the cost is high and its benefits are limited F WRITING XV Fossil fuel energy is another name of nonrenewable energy, isn’t it? XIV T In addition, there might not be much oil in 30 years One possible answer is energy from wind F T F F Listening transcript: Is there an energy problem? Some people think so Using oil is bad because it makes dirty air We can be surprised about new means of transport in the future It is undoubted that recycling is a very effective way to save our energy Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | 95 The amount of energy consumption has kept increasing over the last few decades because of the sharp increase in world population It is alarming that many people in undeveloped countries are dying everyday because of starvation VII How far is it from here to ACB bank? How long have you known Marie? Were they friends at the university? When did Sarah leave? What’s she watching? XVI What kind of this film is it? Without any doubt, people must stop overexploiting, over-using and wasting energy sources right now What kind of film does she like watching? Humans will be treated by our environment in a way that we have treated it How did she feel when she watched a gripping film? All the families with more than children should be penalized by the government VIII How is caused? over-population TEST BASIC A PHONETICS I A D C D D B A D D B II C B my/ we C READING IX between preparations clothes important smile X Two popular traditions at Christmas are decorating the home and singing Christmas carols The home is the center of the Christmas celebration inside called an evergreen tree heat renewable alternative station his hers Almost every family has a least one favorite Christmas album or compact disc which school children of all ages performed Christmas concerts IV installing his/hers D III B his Children and their parents wrap strings on colorful lights around the tree, they hang ornament on the branches, a star or angel often grows the top carefully B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR D 10 What will there be a solution to? commonly It is surprising that some European countries have to import trash from other countries to recycle END - OF - TERM How did you feel before your last Maths test? V D D A C D C A C A 10 B On Christmas’ s Eve family members gather around the Christmas tree to sing Traditional songs E LISTENING VI will wait will be having will send will find will pass XIII F T F F F XIV crazy different 96 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập throw experts bottle END - OF - TERM TEST ADVANCED Listening transcript: When I was young, we never used the word recycling It wasn’t important People would think you were crazy for recycling things Today, things are different We now know we have a problem We use too much stuff and throw everything away Lots of the stuff we throw away is very useful It can be used again, recycled This is good for the environment because we use fewer natural resources I love recycling It makes me feel as though I’m helping the Earth I even buy things like used furniture and clothes This also recycles Some of the countries I’ve lived in are experts at recycling There are giant bottle banks at the end of the street and places to leave newspapers, clothes, batteries and metal F WRITING A PHONETICS I Although watching movies is interesting, it takes a lot of time People in this country are very willing to use alternative energy sources Being over-crowded may be a cause of environment pollution A C B B A C D B A II B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR III D B D A D IV shortage flying slums aircraft mono-wheel B B D C B A C A B 10 D V VI is XV Linh and I used to go to school together D affect will be built will hardly find is used VII How did she go to school yesterday? Where did he buy this hat? How long did it take you to finish your homework? Why you need a phone card? The government will have more policies to control births in the future How far is it from Lai Chau to Ha Noi? XVI When did they return to America? I feel so annoyed to live in a noisy neighborhood Why did she go to the doctor? Travelling in the past used to have a lot of difficulties 10 What did he teach in the high school? Many people still came to join the Flower Festival although the weather was bad I am in favor of cartoon films; however, my sister is in favor of romantic films Many foreign visitors will be attracted by this interesting local festival What did her neighbor give her? When did Nam leave home? VIII his yours hers mine ours C READING IX believe alternative dangerous future/younger possible Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | 97 X The rapid increase in the demand of energy has caused worry about its supply Thailand is famous for its many traditional festivals, especially the Water Festival These alternative sources include - Solar energy, Wind energy, Geo-thermal energy, Tidal energy, Biomass energy etc When people attend the festival, they will have a chance to enjoy traditional games, folk music and learn more about Vietnamese history It can produce electricity, cook food, heat water and can be converted to other forms of energy Many people think that travelling by airplanes is fast; however, it is rather timeconsuming Theoretically about 60% of the wind energy can be converted into other forms of energy Although we will be discovering new alternative energy sources, the energy demands of over-population world cannot be met It reduces waste materials and gives cheap energy E LISTENING XVI XIII T F It came as a big surprise that he decided to commute to work by bus T T F XIV flying responsible 104 736 greenhouse Listening transcript: To many people, using public transport may not be as enjoyable as travelling in your own personal vehicle However, it helps ease congestion, reduce emissions, and give you plenty of quality time to people watch, as well as get to know your “neighbors.” In addition, public transport allows you to relax, read or nap during that commute instead of fighting and stressing and feeling the road rage Buses, trains, light rail and ferries can make your travel paths quicker than sitting alone in your car It means they can help cut down travel times If you need to use a car, see if you can car-pool Each of these options is much better than flying In a car, four people would only be responsible for emitting only 104 kilograms of CO2, whereas in a plane they would generate 736 kilograms of carbon dioxide A cross-country train trip would generate about half the green house-gas emissions of driving a car I was so irritated to ride my old bicycle in 30 minutes under the rain to go to the school The over-exploitation of non-renewable energy sources will be firmly controlled by the government Many people don’t give much thought about the consequences of the energy over-use even though they are well educated about it The awareness of traffic safety should be raised even among young children It is encouraging for the authorities that the number of accidents in the last year decreased F WRITING XV 98 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập Mục lục Unit 7: Traffic Unit 8: Films 12 Unit 9: Festivals in the world 18 Review - Basic (Units 7, 8, 9) .25 Review - Advanced (Units 7, 8, 9) .32 Unit 10: Sources of energy 39 Unit 11: Travelling in the future 45 Unit 12: An overcrowded world 51 Review - Basic (Units 10, 11, 12) 57 Review - Advanced (Units 10, 11, 12) 63 End - of - term test (Basic) 69 End - of - term test (Advanced) 75 Answer keys .83 Tham gia nhóm Combo Tiếng anh để nhận tài liệu tham khảo miễn phí Chi tiết xem đây: Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập | 99 | 100 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập .. .2 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập Lời nói đầu Bộ sách Big - Bộ đề Tự kiểm tra kỹ NGHE - NÓI - ĐỌC – VIẾT biên... thức tiếng Anh Nội dung sách gồm hệ thống tập luyện kỹ giúp em ôn tập kiến thức lớp tập mở rộng nâng cao để em rèn luyện làm quen với kì kiểm tra đánh giá Bộ sách Big - Bộ đề Tự kiểm tra kỹ NGHE... the traffic jams I stayed at home and looked ……………… my little brother last week 24 | Big - Bộ đề tự kiểm tra kỹ Nghe - Nói - Đọc - Viết tiếng Anh (cơ nâng cao) lớp tập How far is ……………… to travel
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