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Ngày đăng: 14/11/2019, 12:53 Life-Changing Basic & Intermediate Levels MASTERTALK  Master communication skills  Develop ideas  Develop skills for professional speakers & presenters  Written by Linda Master at  Email:  Phone number: 0968.514.006 Life-Changing Lesson INTRODUCTION A THE OUTLINE OF AN IMPRESSIVE INTRODUCTION Opening Statements General Information Hobbies Personalities Goals & Purposes Important Things Reasons For Learning English Closing Statements Life-Changing OPENING STATEMENTS a b c d Hi, everyone I am happy to be here with you today Hello, everybody I am glad to be here with you Hi, everyone I am honored to be here with you today Hi, guys It's my pleasure & honor to be here with you today GENERAL INFORMATION Answer many questions below a b c d What is your name? Can I have your name, please? Where you live? What is your major? e f g h Where is your hometown? Where you come from? What you major in? Where are you from? Life-Changing Here are the answers a My name is Linda b I am Jackson c My major is business administration at the international university d I live in District e I major in accounting at the college f I come from Camden Province g h i j k l I learn civil engineering at the college My hometown is California I was born in New York My parents live in London I study English at the university I live in Lincoln District Life-Changing HOBBIES AND PASTIME Answer many questions below a b c d What are your hobbies? What are you interested in? What you like? What you when you have free time? e f g h What you in your spare time? What you in your free time? What are your interests? What are you into? Here are the answers a I am into classical music, action movies and martial art b I like reading books, watching cartoon and cooking c I like shopping and walking in the park d My interests are using computer and playing video games e My hobbies are listening to English songs and playing with kids/children f I am into watching football and going to the theatre at the weekend g I like cycling, jogging and gardening h In my free time, I laundry, clean my room, chores and chat with my friends i In my spare time, I go to the beach with my friends j My hobbies are chatting with my friends on Facebook and playing the guitar Life-Changing PERSONALITIES Ask and answer the following questions in pairs a What is your personality? b What characteristics you have/possess? Here are the answers a b c d e f I am gentle, kind and loving Tom is talkative and selfish Tracy is tender and sensitive They are calm and brave He is active, positive and motivated She is emotional and shy g She’s negative, passive and impatient h He’s easy – going, open, friendly and enthusiastic i Long is embarrassed because he has a terrible mistake Life-Changing IMPORTANT WORDS arrogant impolite honest close patient dishonest evil complicated brutal courageous easy to get angry funny cautious absent – minded humorous polite comfortable adventurous GOALS AND PURPOSES Answer the questions below a What you want to in the future? b What is your goal in the future? c What is your life purpose? Life-Changing Here are the answers a b c d e I will become a businessman (businesswoman/businessperson) in the future I want to be a teacher (coach/mentor/trainer) in the future I will be an engineer (accountant/financial consultant) in the future I want to be a director (manager/CFO/CEO/designer) in the future I want to be an officer (architect/painter/web developer/programmer) after I graduate from the university f I want to become an investor (business advisor/author/farmer/gardener/ construction worker) g I want to become a politician (strategist) in the future h I am motivated to be a chef in a big restaurant Life-Changing IMPORTANT WORDS      backpacker pilot website designer actor/actress waiter/waitress      environment worker securities guard doctor pharmacist nurse IMPORTANT THINGS What are the most important to you? a b c d e f g My family is the most important to me My career is extremely important to me My parents love me very much My lover is the most important to me I really want to help my parents in the future My parents are wonderful I am lucky to have a wonderful family    dentist therapist homemaker/maid  housekeeper Life-Changing REASONS FOR LEARNING ENGLISH Answer the following questions a Why you study English? b Why is English important? c How important is English? d What you study English for? Here are the answers a Students learn English to improve social knowledge, apply for jobs and have more opportunities b It is the language for international business, finance, motion picture, sports, music and technology c English is the international language It is spoken in more than 150 countries in the world d English is the language for international communication and working environment e I learn English to speak with my friends and apply for a job in a foreign company I learn English for my future job f f I learn English to communicate with foreigners, watch American movies and listen to international music I learn English to study abroad I learn English to travel the world 10 Life-Changing 24.What you to have a high income?  I have to study hard to improve my competence  I motivate to get promotion  I try my best to learn English well to work in a foreign company  I accumulate experience and knowledge to business  I will apply for a job in a big company 25.What kind of foods you like to eat?  I eat chicken, meat, soup, beef and vegetables  I eat rice with vegetables and fish  I eat bread with milk  I eat seafood and fruits 26.What you to help your parents?  I help my parents chores  I help my parents water the garden  I help my parents take care of my young brothers and sisters  I help my parents clean the floor, cook meals and wash the dishes  I help my parents laundry 27.What kinds of people you like to work with?  I want to work with hardworking people  I want to work with enthusiastic people  I want to work with passionate people  I want to work with disciplined people  I want to work with active and proactive people  I want to work with excellent people  I want to work with honest people  I want to work with educated people  I want to work with punctual people 28.Do you usually go traveling? Where have you travelled to?  Yes, I I usually go travelling to San Francisco Beach  Yes, I usually travel around the city at the weekend 29.Do you like English? Why you learn English?  We learn English to get access to the world education 68 Life-Changing  We learn English to work internationally  We learn English to change our life and have a good income  We learn English to get specific social knowledge  We learn English to make our language diverse  We learn English to improve our communication skills  We learn English to have a sharp mind  We learn English t socialize with other people  We learn English to be leaders in our jobs  We learn English to communicate at work  We learn English to be successful! 30.Why you go to school?  We go to school because we want to get more knowledge, understandmore about the world and get more opportunities in life  We go to school to improve our competence  We go to school to get a good education for the future  We go to school to become successful in our careers  We go to school because we need to learn something we like 31.Why you have to comply with social regulations?  We need to comply with social regulations because social regulations are issued to protect general profits of other people  We have to comply with social regulations because we have culture and education  We have to comply with social regulations because we are moral and intellectual  We comply with social regulations because we protect ourselves 32.What is opportunity? What you to have opportunities?  An opportunity is something you can acquire in order to make your life better  If your life is not better, it’s not an opportunity  If your acquisition is better, you will have more opportunities  If you have more knowledge, you will have more opportunities  When you have more knowledge, your acquisition is better 69 Life-Changing  To have more opportunities, we have to study well 33.What is culture? How does a cultural person behave?  Culture is everything that human creates in life  Only human has culture  A monkey or a dog doesn’t have culture  Culture is unique Each country in the world has a different culture 34.What is success? When are you successful?  Success is very confusing  Success means you achieve what you want  A lot of people don’t know what they want So, they never become successful  If you want to be successful, you have to identify what you want and pursue it 35.What you live for?  I live to help the people around me  I live to build my future and help my family  I live to enjoy my life and help other people  I live to be outstanding in society  I live to be an important person  I live to change society  I live to change the world 36.What you think about your future?  I think that my future is very beautiful I will have a good job and a happy family  I think that my future is wealthy I will have everything I want  I think my future is challenging I have no opportunities and I am difficult to have a stable job 37.How much is your salary?  I have an income of 2000$ a month  My salary is 300$ a month  I have no income because I am a student  My parents support me every month 70 Life-Changing  My budget depends on my parents 38.Do you usually buy gifts for your friends? What kinds of gifts you buy?  Yes, I I usually buy gifts such as teddy bears, hats, shampoos, flowers, etc on special occasions 39.What you think about money?  Money is extremely important If I don’t have money, I cannot anything  If I have a lot of money, other people respect me  Money is the measurement of success 40.What are your dreams? How to make your dreams come true?  My dream is to become a businessman, who owns a big company in the world  My dream is to have a beautiful house and a lot of assets  My dream is to become an important person in society 41.Do you usually go to the library? What you go there for?  I usually go to the library I go there to read books, look for materials and relax  I go to the library to read magazines 42.Do you have much free time? Why?  I don’t have much free time because I go to work all the time  I don’t have much free time because I am busy with my work  I have a lot of free time because I am financially free 43.What you when you are sad?  When I am sad, I will think about the good things and try to get over the sadness  When I am sad, I will go out with my friends and I am never sad later  When I am sad, I will think positive and try to overcome the difficulties 44.How to have a healthy lifestyle?  To have a healthy lifestyle, we have to exercise to protect our health, eat healthy foods  Don’t use drugs or stimulants  Don’t stay up late  Don’t have unprotected sex  Learn to understand living values like positive living and thinking 71 Life-Changing  Think positive and optimistic  Do good things for other people  Have a comfortable life 45.Why no smoking?  We shouldn’t smoke because smoking is not good for our health  Smoking can cause lung cancers  Millions of people die of smoking around the world every year  There are about 3000 toxic chemicals in a cigarette  Smoking affects other people  Passive smokers will get more serious impacts than active smokers 46.Why your parents bring you to school?  My parents bring me to school because they want me to have a good future  They understand that knowledge is extremely important in a person’s life  If I don’t have knowledge in a particular major, I cannot the jobs in that major  Knowledge and understandings measure the value of a person  A person who has a right conscious mind and who is knowledgeable will be respected in society  Learning is the key to evolution A person who wants to grow up needs to learn 47.Why you have to motivate?  I motivate for my future  I motivate because I want many people around me to be proud of me  We motivate because we have to our dreams and pursue our passions 48.Have you ever stolen something or told lies? Give an example of lying that you are ashamed?  Yes, when I was young I used to tell lies I remember that I lied to my mother that I had to pay the fee for my tutoring I took the money my Mom gave me to play games That what I was the most ashamed  When I was very young, I used to steal my friend's money I only did it for one time in my life Later on, I realized that stealing was the most ashamed and I never it again in my life 49.If you go abroad, what will you to make Vietnamese respected? 72 Life-Changing  I will work hard and motivate every single day  I am absolutely honest  I always study to get experience and improve my competence  I am disciplined and punctual I will complete my tasks before the deadlines  I am active and proactive in any situation 50.What is humanity? Why have to help old people, children and the disabled?  Humanity is kindness towards other people  When you help the weak people, you have humanity  You feel hurt when people have miseries  I will help poor but motivated people  I will help the people who don't study better than I  I help poor, disabled and weak people because I am a human A human's tasks are to help his race and himself  If you are not kind, loving and humanitarian, you are not a human 51.Why have to help the countries which are poorer than our country?  There are many races in the world  We help the poor countries because we are kind and loving  Kind and loving people are highly respected and honored in society  Evil and brutal people are condemned in society 52.Will discipline restrict damage due to the carelessness? Right or wrong?  When we are disciplined, we will the jobs better  Careless people usually have mistakes  When you something careless, mistakes will be inevitable  When the people in a group don't have a general set of rules, everyone will create the rules for themselves And there will be a chaos  If you want to be the leader, discipline is the first priority 53.What you to be disciplined?  We have to understand the reasons why we are disciplined  We have to understand about responsibilities  We must be serious with ourselves 73 Life-Changing  We have to make plans or schedules for daily activities  We have to visualize what we have to every day and it seriously  We must focus on punctuality Remember that we have to go work or your promises on time 54.Why have to queue in lines and comply with social regulations?  When we something in public such as buying foods, tickets or beverages, we have to queue in lines  We queue in lines to show politeness  A lot of people hustle and make chaos because they are poorly conscious  They don't have politeness and they are individualistic  When we hustle in public places, we have poor culture 55.Why have to talk quietly in public places?  We have to talk quietly in public places because we don't want toaffect other people  We need to show politeness  It is the way to show that we have good culture 56.The customs of eating pets and wild animals (dogs, cats, birds, snakes, etc.) are in China and related countries Are you ready to get out of that culture?  Dogs are loyal pets They never leave or betray their owners  If we eat dog meats, we don't respect loyalty  Lots of people like to eat rare and wild animals That is a bad custom  We need to protect wild animals just like we protect our planet 57.Why we blame others for our failures?  People usually justify or make excuses for doing something wrong  When a student goes to class late, he usually justifies that the bus is late He never says that he isn't proactive about the time  Excuse making is a bad habit It shows irresponsibilities We need to avoid it  People make excuses because it is a human instinct To be responsible, we must be aware of that! 58.In the end of each day, you sum up the useful things that you have done for society and what you have learned for yourselves? 74 Life-Changing  After each day, I sum up all the things I  Every day I good things for society I complete my jobs at the company I live positively and try to help other people  Every day I learn about living values, positivity, kindness, motivation, responsibility and love  I become mature and live happily every day  We must help other people and create values for them Giving is receiving  Good things are ones that help or support ourselves and other people 59.Why we need to save money? – Only buy something necessary and prioritize the products that are made domestically?  We need to save money because a lot of people in society are miserable  We save money to buy something necessary so that we serve our lives better  We save money to invest for our health and education so that wewill create lots of values in the future  We save money because we want to help our families and society  We prioritize to buy domestic products because we are the patriots  We tend to buy domestic products because we our citizens, race and nation  We are proud of being Vietnamese citizens  We love the people around us We love the honesty and motivate to build our country 60.Why we need to exercise? How much time we exercise in your source of 24 hours a day?  Exercise is good and necessary for our health  Doing exercise regularly can fight against cancers  When you exercise regularly, you can learn discipline and patience  Doing exercise is a good habit So, we have to maintain its momentum 61.Why have to read books? Do you have reading habits?  Reading books helps people improve knowledge, get more informationand understand more about the world  Reading makes our minds sharp and flexible  When we read books, we can learn about patience thinking habits 75 Life-Changing  Reading books help you understand about living values, humanities and society  I like to read books because I want to have philosophy 62.What are you born for? What you live for?  I live to help my parents, friends and society  I live to make life more fun!  I live to enjoy my life  I live to create values for society  I live to be outstanding and remarkable 63.What have you contributed to the country after many years you lived on the earth?  Every day I my job well and my job create values for society  I charity and help poor children  I establish my company and it contributes to society every day because many people use my products  I am a teacher I teach and educate lots of students every year 64.Why don’t like to work when your arms and legs are intact or unbroken?  I am intact So, I have to work hard and prove that I am competent  I don't want to depend on other people even my parents or relatives  I must be independent every single day because no one will take care of me in the future  An independent life is a happy life I will be responsible for what I  Life is sometimes hard However, I will solve all problems by myself and I believe I can it well 65.Do you reject a request which shows that you are bad?  Most people get frustrated when you say that they are not good at something  We have to accept our mistakes and try to correct them  Criticism makes us more mature and experienced  We have to face reality and accept our mistakes Then, we willlearn some lessons  No one is perfect Therefore, having mistakes or doing something wrong is normal However, try not to be very wrong 76 Life-Changing  Try not to have mistakes again and again  We have to take responsibilities for our mistakes 66.Do you see how lateness affects other people?  When you are late, the people in your team are frustrated  When you go to work late, your job doesn't get done well  When you are not punctual, it affects other people  When you don't have discipline, you will lose creditability  Punctuality is equivalent to responsibility 67.What you think about the noble mind of a person? Give an example that you have seen and you supposed it was noble  Noble mind is the personality that you are easy to forgive  When people treat you badly, you possibly get angry at that time and then you forget You don't use tactics to revenge them  Don't keep hatred in your mind State out and forget it  Even we hate a person If he is in danger, we are ready to rescue him if possible  An example of a noble mind: He got married to his wife They loved for year After the wedding, he discovered that she lost virginity However, he still loved her and forgave her 68.Have you ever been small-minded or narrow-minded? How to get out of being a bad hat?  A small-minded person is the one who only thinks about himself and doesn't think about other people  Narrow minded people are not good and kind We don't associate with those kinds of people  They are selfish and individualistic  To get out of a narrow mind, we have to understand about values of nobility and forgiveness - We must be conscious of goodness and badness 69.Give an example of being greedy and selfish  A man stole his friend's money to buy gifts for his girlfriend  On his way home, he picked up a purse He took the money and threwthe purse away 77 Life-Changing  He treated his girlfriend terribly when he knew she was not a virgin  When he goes to eat with friends, he never shares the bills 70.Talk about courage and responsibility Have you even been a coward who doesn’t dare to take your responsibilities?  Courageous people are the ones who dare to face difficulties or challenges  Facing the realities or truths is also called courage because there are some realities most people don't dare to face  Accepting mistakes or failures is called courage If you are a responsible person, you must accept your mistakes or failures  If you don't accept your mistakes, you are irresponsible  Don't be a coward! 71.Take about generousness and forgiveness Why need to forgive someone when they have mistakes for the first time? If they repeat their mistakes, should we forgive them?  A generous person is ready to help the people who are weaker or worse than him  Generous people help the weak unconditionally if possible Generous people are always helpful  Generous people are ready to forgive if possible  If a person has an acceptable mistake for the first time, we are ready to forgive him  If the mistake is unacceptable, we will not forgive  If the mistakes are acceptable but again and again, we will not forgive  For instance, when you go to work or something late for one or two times, it is acceptable However, if you are late again and again, you will be fired 72.Why need to break off a connection with someone who has mistakes for times or more?  That's because he/she is not serious in the job as well as he/she is not credible  A person who is usually late doesn't respect other people  If a team member is late again and again, the other members will be affected Everyone will break the rules The team will dissolve! 78 Life-Changing  When we something, we think about it carefully to restrict mistakes 73.Talk about conservative mind and how it makes our competence underdeveloped  A conservative person is the one who doesn't want to change  He always protects his ideas and he doesn't accept what he makes wrong  It's not easy to distinguish between right and wrong Therefore, if someone says that we are wrong, we have to review what he/she says then we decide to protect our ideas or not  If we are conservative, we never make progress  When we protect our wrong ideas, it leads to wrong actions and the results are not good  When we are conservative, our competence will be limited 74.Why are we conservative? What is the personal ego?  Human are conservative because it's their instinct  Most people don't accept what they make wrong and even justify  Everyone is an independent version When someone expresses ideas They think that they are right  Most people are not easy to accept they are wrong  Not to be conservative, you have to practice facing criticism  When we hear someone talk that we are wrong or have a mistake, we have to consider carefully and we are ready to accept if they talk right! 75.Talk about creative mind and learning passions Why the Asian people go behind the western countries about technology?  A creative person is the one who is able to create something that can apply in life  Creative people have ability to create new things  To be creative, you must have good basic knowledge and passion  Passion makes you work and study continually and you are able to be creative when you work with all your passion  Reading books also makes you creative  Reading makes you brainstorm all the time It also gives you a lot of information It's the foundation for your creativity 79 Life-Changing  To be creative, you have to work with your passions, read books and maintain momentum 76.What you to be creative? What you create?  To be creative, you have to work with your passions, read books and maintain momentum  I can create business plans which are very effective in my business  I can design new machines and equipments which win the loyalty of customers  I can design soft skills courses that help students at work  I can create games softwares that attract lots of people 77.Talk about mistake correction Why you jump up like crazy when other people criticize you or point out your faults? Did you use to that? How you change?  When the other people criticize us, we tend to get frustrated It's an instinct  We used to that No one denies that  It's a bad habit which limits our competence  When other people criticize or point out our faults, we must try to keep calm, consider carefully and make a decision to accept or deny the criticism  If we deny the criticism, we need to defend - give clues to show that we are right  We need to consciously control our emotion because our emotion goesup, our intelligence goes down 78.Talk about the sacrifices for other people? Why we sacrifice for other people? Who are worthy for us to sacrifice?  There are some people we need to sacrifice for in society  We will sacrifice for those who bring lots of benefits to our race  The ones who help lots of people or who contribute a lot to society must be well- protected  We sacrifice for them and support them because we need them to help the other people  An important person in society is the one who can help other people 80 Life-Changing  The more important he is, the more people he helps 79.Talk about the habit of criticism and complaint, jealousy and its impacts  The habit of criticism, complaint and jealousy is very common in Viet Nam  When a talented person does something extraordinarily successful, the other people are jealous of him They try to look for his mistakes and criticize him  It's a bad habit of Vietnamese They have that habit because they have to face a lot of injustice in society and they lose hope and beliefs in life  In Viet Nam, there are a lot of bad people Therefore, Vietnamese don't believe in talented people  When we criticize other people, they may lose energy and they may lose confidence  We actively restrict the others' competence by jealousy or critics  We have to love the talented because they are the essential elements of the country  When we love them and support them, we can use their achievements 80.What is the value of a person? How you assess a person (money, fame, certificates, job titles, morality, intellect or humanities)?  The value of a person is kindness, dignity, humanity, knowledge, and contribution to society  The value of a person depends on his education, understandings and morality  The value of a person doesn’t depend on his money or assets If he earns money illegally, he doesn't have morality  A valuable person is the one who loves and helps other people He must contribute to society  The assets we own and money we have can't measure the value of ourselves 81.What does consciousness in public places consist of? List the things we are not permitted to in public places  Public consciousness consists of:  Don't litter in public  Don't smoke in public, especially in crowded places 81 Life-Changing  Don't take impolite actions such as wearing sexily, touching, picking flowers and plants, hustling, talking rude words - swear words, etc  Don't make noise or talk loudly in public  Don't kiss and touch in public, especially in the park  Don't leave trash on sidewalks 82.What are appearances? Why Asian people have high appearances? How appearances lead to telling lies?  Everyone has an ego - Everyone has a feeling to be important  Everyone doesn't want to talk about their bad habits or mistakes  Everyone wants to show off their abilities  Some people usually talk something out of reality just because they want to show off This leads to lying  Asian people have high appearances than western people  High appearances and conservativeness are affected from Chinese Culture  To be honest, we must be brave to accept our mistakes  We don't need to show off too much  We practice to improve our competence in order to help other people 83.When you are in a failed team, you leave responsibilities for someone or you take responsibilities?  When our team fails, everyone should take responsibility  Some people justify or make excuses or leave responsibilities for other people  We must face realities to take responsibilities This shows that we are honesty 82 ... Life-Changing REASONS FOR LEARNING ENGLISH Answer the following questions a Why you study English? b Why is English important? c How important is English? d What you study English. .. f I learn English to communicate with foreigners, watch American movies and listen to international music I learn English to study abroad I learn English to travel the world 10 Thank you for your listening 12 Life-Changing Ms.Cathorine – The English teacher at Hello everyone, my name is Cathorine I am an English teacher I am very happy to
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