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100 ENGLISH EXERSIES Grade: Teacher: Nguyễn Văn Dũng Student: …………………… LIST OF IRREGULAR VERBS V1 Be (am, is, V2 V3 was/ were V1 V2 V3 Thì, been Rời khỏi 41 Leave left left are) Become became become trở nên 42 Lend lent lent Cho vay Begin began begun Bắt đầu 43 Let let Let Để cho Bite bit bitten Cắn 44 Lose lost lost Thua Blow blew blown Thổi 45 Make made made Chế tạo Break broke broken hỏng 46 Meet met met Gặp Bring brought brought Mang 47 Pay paid paid Trả Build built built xây dựng 48 Put put put Đặt Burn Burnt Burnt Cháy 49 Read read read Đọc 10 Buy bought bought mua 50 Ride rode ridden Đạ x 11 Catch caught caught bắt 51 Ring rang rung Nhẫn 12 Choose chose chosen Chọn 52 Rise rose risen Tăng lên 13 Come came come đến 53 Run ran run Chạy 14 Cut cut cut cắt tỉa 54 Say said said Nói 15 Do did done làm xong 55 See saw seen Xem 16 Draw drew drawn Rút 56 Sell sold sold Bán 17 Drink drank drunk say 57 Send sent sent Gửi 18 Drive drove driven Lái xe 58 Shine shone shone Tỏa sáng 19 Eat ate eaten Ăn 59 Show showed shown Chỉ 20 Fall fell fallen rơi 60 Sing sang sung Hát 21 Feed fed fed nuôi 61 Sit sat sat Ngồi 22 Feel felt felt Cảm thấy 62 Sleep slept slept Ngủ 23 Fight fought fought chiến đấu 63 Smell smelt smelt Mùi 24 Find found found tìm 64 Speak spoke spoken Nói 25 Fly flew Flown Bay 65 Spend spent spent Tiêu 26 Forget forgot forgotten quên 66 Spoil Spoil /ed Spiol / ed Bị giật 27 Get got got có 67 Stand stood stood Đứng 28 Give gave given 68 Steal stole stolen Lấy trộm 29 Go went gone Khơng 69 Sweep swept swept Qt 30 Grow grew grown lớn 70 Swim swam swum Bơi 31 Hang hung treo 71 Take took taken Lấy 32 Have had had Đã có 72 Teach taught taught Dạy 33 Hear heard heard nghe 73 Tell told told Nói 34 Hide hid hidden Ẩn 74 Think thought thought Nghĩ 35 Hold held held tổ chức 75 Throw threw thrown Ném 36 Hurt hurt hurt đau 76 understood hiểu 37 Keep kept kept Giữ 77 Wake woke woken Wake 38 Know knew known Nổi tiếng 78 wear wore worn mặc 39 Lead led led Dẫn 79 Win Won Won thắng 40 Learn learnt learnt 80 Write wrote written Viết Understand understood LIST OF REGULAR VERBS V1 V2 V3 V1 V2 V3 Add Added Added Thêm 41 Mind Minded Minded Tâm lý Advise Advised Advised Khuyên 42 Miss Missed Missed Bị bỏ lỡ Arrive Arrived Arrived đến 43 Move Moved Moved di chuyển Ask Asked Asked Yêu cầu 44 Need Needed Needed Cần Attend Attended Attended Tham dự 45 Open Opened Opened mở Attract Attracted Attracted Thu hút 46 Organize Organized Organized Tổ chức Avoid Avoided Avoided Tránh 47 Paint Painted Painted Sơn Behave Behaved Behaved Cư xử 48 Pass Passed Passed Thông qua Believe Believed Believed Tin 49 Perform Performed Performed Thực 10 Borrow Borrowed Borrowed Mượn 50 Plant Planted Planted Trồng 11 Change Changed Changed Thay đổi 51 Practice Practiced Practiced Thực hành 12 Clean Cleaned Cleaned Làm vệ sinh 52 Prefer Prefered Preferred Ưu tiên 13 Collect Collected Collected Thu 53 Prevent Prevented Prevented Phòng ngừa 14 Cross Crossed Crossed Vượt qua 54 Promise Promised Promised Hứa 15 Decide Decided Decided Quyết định 55 Protect Protected Protected bảo vệ 16 Decorate Decorated Decorated Trang trí 56 Receive Received Received Nhận 17 Depend Depended Depended Phụ thuộc 57 Rely Relied Relied Dựa 18 Develop Developed Developed Đã phát triển 58 Remember Remembered Remembered Nhớ lại 19 Divide Divided Divided Chia 59 Rent Rented Rented Thuê 20 Discover Discovered Discovered Phát 60 Report Reported Reported báo cáo 21 Dislike Disliked Disliked Khơng thích 61 Request Requested Requested Yêu cầu 22 Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed Thích 62 Return Returned Returned Trả lại 23 Explore Explored Explored khám phá 63 Seem Seemed Seemed Có vẻ 24 Fill Filled Filled Đầy 64 Smile Smiled Smiled Mỉm cười 25 Finish Finished Finished Đã kết thúc 65 Start Started Started Bắt đầu 26 Fit Fitted Fitted Trang bị 66 Stay Stayed Stayed Ở lại 27 Gather Gathered Gathered Thu thập 67 Stop Stopped Stopped dừng lại 28 Hate Hated Hated Ghét 68 Study Studied Studied học 29 Help Helped Helped giúp 69 Suggest Suggested Suggested Đề xuất 30 Hope Hoped Hoped Hi vọng 70 Talk Talked Talked nói chuyện 31 Introduce Introduced Introduced Giới thiệu 71 Travel Traveled Traveled Đi du lịch 32 Invent Invented Invented Phát minh 72 Try Tried Tried thử 33 Join Joined Joined Gia nhập 73 Use Used Used sử dụng 34 Learn Learned Learned học 74 Visit Visited Visited truy cập 35 Like Liked Liked Đã thích 75 Wait Waited Waited đợi 36 Listen Listened Listened Nghe 76 Want Wanted Wanted truy nã 37 Live Lived Lived Sống 77 Wash Washed Washed Rửa 38 Look Looked Looked Nhìn 78 Watch Watched Watched xem 39 Love Loved Loved Yêu 79 Weigh Weighed Weighed Cân nặng 40 Manage Managed Managed Quản lý 80 Work Worked Worked làm việc UNIT 1: LEISURE ACTIVITIES A PRONUNCIATION: I Choose the word having the underlined parl pronounced diferently in each line A prize B drill C brick D trim A broom B.proot C blood D troop A practice B.cracker C tractor D bracelet A trophy B problem C broccoli D drop A trunk B Prudential C brush D.crush B USE OF ENGLISH II Find which word does not belong to each group A skateboarding B football C badminton D reading A a novel B poetry C film D magazine A sports B the news C a reality show D a comedy A a new language B practice C.an event D a skill A Watching TV B relaxing C collecting stamps D making origami A.cooking B.going to art gallery C visiting museums D hanging out A visiting teacher B visiting relatives C going shopping D.doing DIY A texting B going to the cinema C hanging out D reading III Put the correct word/ phrase in the box under each piclure doingyoga makingcrafts going tishing listening to music playing tootball reading watchingTV surfing the Internet flying kite playing computer games IV Write the activities in the box into the correct column acting badminton cards gymnastics handicratts jogging rollerblading skateboarding surting chess karate the guitar go dimbing puzzles volleyball play V Use the gerund of tlie verbs iit the box to complete the sentences collect eat listen play ride take wash watch write My sister enjoys _aerobics in the morning, Lucia tancies emaiis atter dinner In his free time, Quang iikes_photographs Are you interested in handbail, Peter? Vinh's brother loves _torelgn coins, doesíít he? David hates _a bike to school on rainy days I preter _DVDs to going to the cinema Nam detests _the dishes every day We dorít mind _to ciassical music 10 The Robinsons adore _Vletnamese food VI Put the verbs in the braekets into infiitliive (V/to V) or gerund (V-ing) John dislikes (work) _in front of a Computer all day, I'd like (visit) _the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnoiogy this weekend l'd rather (make) _cratts than iisten to music Minh loves (help) _her parents with DIY projects Quang hates (take) _the dog for a walk We all adored (do) _aerobics when we were young You should (piay) _sports to k p fịt They don't need (watch) _that programme if they dorít iike it Do you fancy (socialise) _ with friends? 10 My brother preters (surf) _the Net VII Multiple choice: Does your grandma walking? A enjoy B enjoying C to enjoy D enjoys H don’t mind _ mountain-climbing A doing B collecting C taking D going I find dancing because we can work with music A interesting B is interesting C it is interesting D to be interesting I adore to my friend in my free time A talk B talks C talking D is talking To check out something means _ something or get more information about it in order to be certain that it is suitable (or true, or safe) A to know B to learn C to examine D to look at If something is right up your street, it is the type of thing that you are interested in or that you _ doing A enjoy B hate C dislike D don’t mind Listening to the folk songs will help you learn Vietnamese. _ A easy B more easier C easier D more easily We can buy craft kit in a A library B bookstore C sports club D museum If your hobby is reading, you will fancy A doing DIY B texting C looking for novels D making origami 10 When I have time, I like doing sports to relax my mind A special B busy C leisure D boring VIII Complete each sentence below, using the correct form of the verb in brackets (2.5) Do you think you (meet) An this weekend? – I’m not sur Don’t worry I (go) _ swimming with you tomorrow I enjoy (fish) because it (be) relaxing My friends hate (eat) out They think it (cost) a lot of money They like (fancy) in the countryside I think they (move) _ to our hometown next year We (go) to the cinema twice a month We all love (watch) the latest films C SPEAKING:  To start your speech: In fact/ Generally speaking/ Actually/ Well/ To tell the true/ Yeah/ I think/ Hmm/ Oh/ Let me see/ Wow/ As a matter of fact/  Giving an opinion: I think that… /In my opinion  Agreeing: I agree with you.; That's so true.; Exactly  Disagreeing: I'm afraid I don’t agree.; I don't think so.; I disagree with you  To show your surprise: Really?/ Great!/ Ugh!/ How exciting!/ Wonderful!/ Fantastic!…Phew!  To give further information: I mean that…/ Besides/ Furthermore/ In addition/ Part 1: Talk about your leisure time: What you like doing in your leisure time? (volunteer work / doing DIY/ coll cting stamps …) - When I have free time, I enjoy /fancy/ like - I really enjoy /fancy/ like in my leisure time What you dislike doing in your leisure time? (using computer/ gardening/ hanging out ) - I dislike /hate/ detest in my leisure time Who you lik to sp nd your fr tim with th most?( my clos fri nd /classmat / broth r…) - I like to spend my free time with the most Where you spend most of your free time? ( at a soprt club/ at home / outdoors/ indoors… ) - I spend most of my leisure time How much time you often spend on your l isur tim ? (on /two /thr …) - I spend about (2, 3, ) hours a week on my leisure time What does this activity help you? (good points/ benefits/advantages) - This activity helps me widen my knowledge, helps me relax, keeps me fit, refreshes my mind, helps me make many friends all over the country How you feel when you join your leisure time? - I feel ( quite satisfied/ relaxed/ excited) after a hard school work/ day What you think about your activities? a - I think this activity is really (useful /unusual/ interesting /creative / cheap/ ….) b - I find / believe this activity very (unusual/ interesting /creative / cheap/ ….) Part 2: Talk about using technology: What are the benefits of using the computer? The benefits of using the computer are: widening our knowledge, training our mind and m mory, improving our English, h lping us r lax and sharing motions, … What are the problems with using technology in your free time? Using technology may make our eyes tired and dizzy We may have a pain in our back when we are sitting too long in front of the computers and we meet our friends less and less.Therefore, w don’t d v lop social skills and also weaken our real relationships and friendships because we may live in a virtual world What bad leisure activities some teenagers like doing these days? They take part in playing computer games too much, motorbike racing on the streets; alcohol drinking; drug taking and so on… What activities should teenagers in their leisure time? They should take part in /join in/ participate doing a team sport; volunt ring community… Why they should these activities? Because these activities are good for their physical health, help them totally relax, strengthen their friendships and develop social skills D READING I Read the passage and choose the correct answer: Quang is watering his garden and can't wait to pick the ripe fruit He spends most of his spare time looking after the garden Sounds great, doesn't it? But his garden is a virtual one In today's world, teenagers rely on technology more than in the past This can be a problem because using computers too much may have harmful effect on both their minds and bodies They prefer watching TV and playing computer games to reading books, perhaps because they don't have to think and imagin as much Th y don’t join clubs or hav hobbi s and th y don't play sports They sit in front of the computer all the time They don't get out of the house, even for a walk They are in a world that doesn't exist While Quang now knows the names of many plants, and his English seems to be improving as he chats with his 'gaming friends from all over the world, his parents are getting worried They want him to get out more They are even thinking of banning him from using the computer What is Quang’s l isur activity? _ Is his garden real? _ Did teenagers in the past rely on technology more than in today's world? _ What is th probl m with using t chnology in t nag rs’ fr tim today? _ Why they prefer watching TV and playing computer games to reading books? _ What leisure activities teenagers these days? _ What are the benefits of using computers? _ What may the harmful things of using computers bring us? _ What his parents prefer Quang to do? _ II Read the following passage and decide whether the statements are True (f), False (F) or have No Information (NI) LEISURE TIME Hello! My name's Johnny I'm fourteen years old and I live in Sydney, Australia, I just want to talk about how my friends and I spend our free time My best friends are Tom and David They are in the same class as me Teenagers often complain they're bored and have nothing to I can't understand them I'm never bored If the weather is nice, we go for a walk or we ride our bikes All of us love rollerblading, We often play football, asketball or cricket in the park and when it is rainy, we go to the sports centre Here we usually play table tennis or go swimming If you play a musical instrument it's a good fun! I play the guitar and practise a lot At home I usually listen to music or read magazines and books Of course, as other teenagers I often go on the Internet or play computer games - but not always! It's a pity that a lot of teenagers live their lives on several public sites like Facebook or Twitter! They had better make real friends! In the evenings I sometimes watch TV I often invite my friends over for dinner or a cup of tea and we play chess or cards At the weekend we go hiking, fishing or sometimes we go to the cinema We like comedies T F / Johnny has a lot of friends 2/ He is often bored 3/ He and his friends like doing sports 4/ He plays a musical instrument 5/ At home he helps a lot 6/ He likes listening to rock music 7/ He is addicted to the Internet 8/ He has a Facebook profile 9/ In the evenings he's usually at home, 10/ He never goes out at the weekends III-Read the passage carefully, and then answer the questions below In the 1970s, skateboarding suddenly became very popular At first, skateboarders moved slowly on flat, smooth ar as Th n th y b gan to rid quickly This is call d ‘fr styl ’ skateboarding Soon they were skateboarding skillfully up ramps and doing tricks in the air This is call d ‘ramp’ skat boarding Th n th y start d skat boarding and doing tricks on the street This was ‘str t-styl ’ skat boarding – a combination of freestyle and ramp For this, the skateboarders needed protective clothing such as knee and elbow pads and helmets This allowed them to skateboard safely Today skateboarding is still a very popular sport, and there are lots of competitions Note: skateboarding (n) = môn trượt ván When did skateboarding become very popular? What are the three styles of skateboarding? _ What was ‘str t-styl ’ skateboarding? _ Why ‘str t-styl ’ skat board rs n d prot ctiv clothing? _ Do you think skateboarding is a very popular sport now? Why or why not? _ E WRITING: I Rewrite the sentences, keeping the similar meaning to the original one (1.0ms): People in Viet Nam spend more leisure time than Japanese → People in Japan don’t This painting is not the same as that one → This painting is quite _ This picture is quite different from the picture in our room This pictur isn’t _ Going to the cinema is more interesting than staying at home Staying at hom isn’t _ People in the US spend more time on socializing and communicating than doing sports People in the US spend Thai thinks skateboarding is more exciting than playing football Thai sn’t think Vinh really loves to hang out with friends, Vinh really enjoys _ Playing beach games is very interesting It is It is not a good idea to spend too much time on computer games It's better to avoid _ 10 Jenny finds reading poetry boring Jenny dislikes II Write sentences about what you like or don't like doing in your free time Activities Watching TV Listening to FM radio Listening to CDs, tapes Hanging out with friends Talking on phone (local calls) Doing chores/running errands Reading magazines for pleasure Reading newspapers Exercising/working out 10 Playing sports Reasons 11 Using a computer at home 12 Shopping/Hanging out at malls 13 Watching rented videos 14 Going to movie theaters/ cinema 15 Cruising in cars 16 Playing home video games 17 Playing computer games 18 Using the Internet 19 Using a computer at elsewhere 20 Playing online games it’s funny and us ful I feel totally relax and quite satisfied it gives me chances to make friends this activity is good for mental heal this activity is good for physical health this activity helps me fresh my mind it widens my knowledge it builds my social skills it trains my mind and memory 10 it helps me share my emotions with my friends and forget all my tiredness 11 It develops our real relationships and friendships I adore watching TV in my free time because it widens my knowledge I don’t lik _ I don't mind _ I fancy _ I love I detest _ I dislike I enjoy _ III Write a paragraph to answer of the following questions (Use signal words) Part What you think is the best leisure activity for teenagers? What is the best leisure activity for teenagers? - What might this activity conclude? - What are the three benefits of group activity? - What is your conclusion on this idea? - Choices Group activities What to - playing a team sport - joining a hobby group - volunteering community - Supported ideas - Why (reasons/ benefits) proud to be a member of a group help teenagers make friends Friendships are important make friends with people who have the same interests develop teenagers’ confidence and self-esteem - Individual activities - Family activities - Watching TV Listening to music Doing chores/running errands Reading Exercising/working out Using a computer Shopping/hanging out at malls Playing home video games watching a family-friendly DVD having a picnic / holiday planning a special meal with everyone planning a volunteer work help them build new skills easier to focus on their activities Independent leisure activities are less interrupted or chatting - help teenagers make their own decisions! They decide what to and when to - feel relaxed and quite joyful during their favorite free time activity - - Allowing for better communication between family members bring family members closer enjoy warm family atmosphere show love and share emotions one other enhance / develop family traditions limit the chance for children to use drugs and alcohol Group activities I believe the best leisure activity for teenagers is any group activity This could be playing a team sport, joining a hobby group or even volunteering Firstly, teenagers like to feel proud to be a member of a group Secondly, being part of a group helps teenagers make friends Friendships are very important to teenagers In addition, they will make friends with people who have the same interests as them For these reasons, I think group activities are best for teenagers Individual activities _ _ _ _ _ _ Family activities _ _ _ _ _ _ Part Should parents decide how teenagers spend their free time? a) Do you agree that parents should decide how teenagers spend their free time? b) Explain why you agree or disagree (three reasons/ benefits) c) What is your conclusion on this idea? 10 ... Reasons 11 Using a computer at home 12 Shopping/Hanging out at malls 13 Watching rented videos 14 Going to movie theaters/ cinema 15 Cruising in cars 16 Playing home video games 17 Playing computer... Chạy 14 Cut cut cut cắt tỉa 54 Say said said Nói 15 Do did done làm xong 55 See saw seen Xem 16 Draw drew drawn Rút 56 Sell sold sold Bán 17 Drink drank drunk say 57 Send sent sent Gửi 18 Drive... texting B going to the cinema C hanging out D reading III Put the correct word/ phrase in the box under each piclure doingyoga makingcrafts going tishing listening to music playing tootball reading
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