IT training the best summer drinks 500 incredible cocktail and appetizer recipes

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Copyright © 2009 by Ray Foley Cover and internal design © 2009 by Sourcebooks, Inc Cover design by Cyanotype Book Architects Cover photo © Sourcebooks and the colophon are registered trademarks of Sourcebooks, Inc All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems—except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews—without permission in writing from its publisher, Sourcebooks, Inc All brand names and product names used in this book are trademarks, registered trademarks, or trade names of their respective holders Sourcebooks, Inc., is not associated with any product or vendor in this book Some recipes contained herein may call for raw or undercooked eggs Please consult with your physician prior to consumption The Author and Sourcebooks, Inc., shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information in this book Published by Sourcebooks, Inc P.O Box 4410, Naperville, Illinois 60567-4410 (630) 961-3900 Fax: (630) 961-2168 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Foley, Ray The best summer drinks : 500 incredible cocktail and appetizer recipes / by Ray Foley 1st ed p cm Includes index Bartending Cocktails I Bartender magazine II Title TX951.F592 2009 641.8'74 dc22 2009008767 Printed and bound in the United States of America CHG 10 Dedication To all those who have supported me over the years, and especially Jaclyn Marie Foley Publisher's Note: This book and the recipes contained herein are intended for those of a legal drinking age Please drink responsibly and ensure you and your guests have a designated driver when consuming alcoholic beverages Kahlúa Banana Cream Fizz, 89 Kahlúa Colada, 89 Kentucky Lemonade, 90 Kentucky Margarita, 90 Key West Song, 90 Kicked-Up Cuervo Ribs, 193 Kiwi Drop, 91 Kiwi Lime Frozen Colada, 91 Knuckle-Buster, 91 Korbel Royale, 92 Krush, 92 L Laser Disk, 92 Lemon Champagne Punch, 168 Lemon Chiffon, 93 Lemon Meringue SKYY, 93 Lez Is More, 93 Limoncello Martini, 94 London Fog #1, 94 London Fog #2, 94 L'Orientale, 95 Love Bite, 95 Lychee Royale, 95 Lychee Royale, 95 M Malibu Mango Kamikaze, 96 Malibu Orange Colada, 96 Malibu Passion Tea, 96 Malibu Pineapple Cosmo, 97 Malibu Pot O' Gold, 97 Malibu Rain, 97 Malibu Shake, 98 Mango Breeze, 98 Mango Brulée, 98 Mango Green Tea Frappé, 99 Mango Mama, 99 Mangorita, 99 Mango Splash, 100 Mango Surprise, 100 Mango Tango, 100 Manhattan East, 101 Margarita Fruit Salad, 194 Margarita Madres, 101 Maria's Fajitas, 195 Martini & Rossi Prosecco Bellini, 101 Mediterranean Caipirinha, 102 Mediterranean Caipirinha, 102 Melon Baller, 102 Melon Colada, 102 Miami Ice, 103 Minuteman, 103 mixing terms, 204 Mojito Tecate Light, 103 The Molly Pitcher, 168 Monkey Business, 104 Moonstruck in Malibu, 104 Myer's Jump Up and Kiss Me, 104 Myrtle Bank Punch, 105 N Naked Berry, 105 Naked Lemon Drop, 105 Naked Navel, 106 Naked Russian, 106 Natural Mojito, 106 Natural Sparkler, 107 Neon, 107 New Orleans Day, 107 O One, Two Punch, 168 Open House Punch, 169 Orange Mojo'Rita Cocktail, 108 Orange Sorbet Lopez, 108 Original Bahama Mama, 108 Original Sex on the Beach, 109 P Paradise Punch, 109 Passion and Cream, 109 Passion and Pagne, 110 Passionate Summer Fling, 112 Passion Fruit Cosmo, 110 Passion Fruit Mai Tai, 110 Passion Fruit Mimosa, 111 Passion Fruit Punch, 111 Passion Lemonade, 111 Passionpolitan, 112 Patriotic Pleaser Cocktail (Red, White, and Booze), 170 PB Breeze, 112 Peaches & Cream, 113 Peaches & Cream, 113 Peaches & Cream Extreme, 113 Peach Margarita, 113 Peachsicle, 114 Peach Snap, 114 Peachtree Daiquiri, 114 Peachtree Margarita, 115 Peachtree Tropical Salad, 197 Pear, 115 Pear Tart, 115 Perfumed Pomegranate, 116 Piña Koalapear, 116 Pineapple & Kaffir Leaf Collins, 117 Pineapple-Orange Margarita, 117 Pink Cadillac, 118 Pink Lemonade, 118 Pink Panther, 118 Pink Slip, 119 Pinktini, 119 Pit Bull, 119 Poma-Mama-Bu, 120 Pomegranate, 120 Pomegranate Margarita Martini, 120 POMMarvelous, 121 Pom Passion Shot, 121 Pom Passion Shot, 121 Pompered Princess, 121 Posmo, 122 Potted Bock Beer and Brie Spread, 198 Pretty in Purple, 122 Purple Pants, 122 Purple People Eater, 123 Purple Rita, 123 Purple Slush, 124 Purple Sweetheart, 124 R Raspberry Delight, 124 Raspberry Green Tea Frappé, 125 Raw Diamond, 125 Red Apple, 126 Red Passion, 126 Red Snapper, 126 Remy Knockout, 127 Remy Sidecar, 127 Remy Stinger, 127 Remy Viper, 128 Rhum Barbancourt Freeze, 128 Rosarita Margarita, 128 Rosarita Margarita, 128 Royal Tropic, 129 Rude Cosmopolitan, 129 Rum Runner, 129 Rum-to-Tum, 170 Rum Yum, 130 S Saga Summer, 130 Sagatiba Classic Caipirinha, 130 Saint, 131 Sara's Flavor Rush, 131 Saronno Tee-Up, 171 Saronno Top-Sider, 171 Sauza Gold Berri-tini, 131 Sauza Gold Mexitini, 132 Sauza Gold Nectar, 132 Scarlett Kiss, 132 Scotch Smoothie, 132 Scottish Iced Tea, 133 Select Silver Dog, 133 Sex A' Peel, 133 Shaman, 134 Silver White Grape Sour, 134 Silver White Grape Sour, 134 SKYY Cherry Cheesecake, 135 SKYY Citroni, 135 SKYY Infusions Cherry and Rye, 136 SKYY Infusions Cherry Coke, 136 SKYY Infusions Grape Ginger Swizzle, 137 SKYY Infusions Passion Fruit Maracuja Melange, 137 SKYY Infusions Passion Paradox Tea, 138 SKYY Infusions Perbacco, 138 SKYY Infusions Raspberry Plum Fun, 139 SKYY Infusions Rosemary Lemon Fizz, 139 SKYY Infusions Vanilla Citrus Tea, 140 SKYY Scraper, 140 SKYY Stinger, 140 Slammer, 141 Slippery Banana, 141 Smirnoff Watermelon Martini, 141 Smirnoff White Grape on the Beach, 142 Sobieski “The Livin's Easy” Summer Punch 172 Soulmate, 142 Southern Orleans, 143 South Peach, 142 Sparkling Margarita, 143 Star-Spangled Swizzle, 143 Strawberry Ginger Martini, 144 St Simons Island, 144 Summer Berry Mojito, 145 Sunbelt, 145 Sunny SKYY Sitron, 145 Sunshine State, 146 Sunstroke, 146 Swaying Skirt Martini, 146 T Tall Blueberry Bull, 147 Tall Tropical Bull, 147 Tang-a-Cream, 147 Tang Tart, 147 Tecate Light Sauce, 199 Teeny Weeny Woo Woo, 148 Tequila-Marinated London Broil, 199 Tequila Mockingbird, 148 The Vixen, 153 Three Wise Men, 148 Tidal Wave, 149 tools, 201–202 Topaz, 149 Treasure, 149 Tropical Freeze Lopez, 149 Tropicalia, 150 Tropical Passion, 150 Tropical Peachtree, 150 Tropical Punch, 173 Tropical Splash, 151 Tropical Treasure, 151 Tropical Wave, 151 Twist and Twirl, 152 Twisted Island Breeze, 152 types of drinks, 204–206 V Vanilla, 152 The Vixen, 153 VO Shish Kebab, 200 W Wango Tango, 153 Watermelon and Basil Martini, 153 Watermelon Margarita, 154 Wave Cutter, 154 Wave Cutter, 154 White Cosmo, 154 White Grape Bamble, 155 White Grape Champagne, 155 White Grape Cosmo, 155 White Grape on the Beach, 156 White Peach, 156 White Peach Blossom Martini, 157 White Peach Cobbler, 157 White Peach Lemon Drop, 158 White Peach Margarita, 158 White Peach Paloma, 159 White Peach Punch, 173 White Peach Sangría, 159 White Sangría, 174 Wild Cosmopolitan, 160 Y Yankee Doodle, 160 Yellow Fever, 160 About the Author Ray Foley, a former Marine with over thirty years of bartending and restaurant experience, is the founder and publisher of Bartender Magazine, the only magazine in the world specifically geared toward bartenders and one of the very few primarily designed for servers of alcohol Bartender Magazine is enjoying its twenty-ninth year It currently has a circulation of over 148,000, and the circulation is steadily growing Mr Foley serves as a consultant to some of our nation's foremost distillers and importers He is also responsible for naming and inventing new drinks for the liquor industry, including “The Fuzzy Navel,” “The Royal Stretch,” “S.O.B,” and “The Royal Turf.” He is also the author of: The Ultimate Cocktail Book; The Ultimate Little Shooter Book; The Ultimate Little Martini Book; The Ultimate Little Frozen Drink Book; Advice from Anonymous; Spirits of Ireland; Beer Is the Answer, I Forgot the Question; X-Rated Drink Book; Bartending for Dummies; How to Run a Bar for Dummies; Bartender Magazine's Ultimate Bartender's Guide; The Vodka 1000; The Tequila 1000; and The Rum 1000 Ray resides in New Jersey with his wife and partner of twentyfive years, Jackie, and their son, Ryan He is also the father of three other wonderful and bright children: Raymond Pindar, William, and Amy Mr Foley is foremost and always will be a bartender For more information, please contact Jackie Foley at Bartender Magazine, P.O Box 158, Liberty Corner, NJ, 07938 Telephone: (908) 766-6006; fax: (908) 766-6607; email:; website: ... Data Foley, Ray The best summer drinks : 500 incredible cocktail and appetizer recipes / by Ray Foley 1st ed p cm Includes index Bartending Cocktails I Bartender magazine II Title TX951.F592... putting this book together Introduction Summertime, and the living is easy Time for fun, fresh cocktails, and light food In The Best Summer Drinks, you'll find new cocktails with new products not... Kase, and the people at Sourcebooks; Loretta Natiello; the Famous Foleys: Ray, William, and Amy; and also those on the other side of the bar tolerating me and, of course, the bartenders all over the
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