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Speaking_B1 Part 1: Conversations (2đ) Topic 1: Sport Do you like sport? I really enjoy sport, especially swimming Do you enjoy watching or doing sport? I am quite busy with my work and my children So, I don’t have much time to watching sport I often go swimming at the weekend Which sport are most popular in your country? There are many kind of sports in VN, such as football, bakeball, yoga… But Football is the most popular What your favorite sport? I like swimming How long you spend watching or doing it? It takes me about hours to go swimming a week When did you first become interested in sport? I first enjoy swimming 20 years ago, when I went to the beach with my family How often you sport? I often go swimming on the weekend with my son Topic 2: Celebrations When were you born? I was born on August 11th 1990 How you usually celebrate your birthday? I often invite some friends over to have a small party with my family What did you on your last birthday? It was on Sunday, so my family went out for dinner Then, we saw a good movie together at CGV cinema What would you like to get from your friends and family members for your birthday? Speaking_B1 I like some flowers and best wish from my husband What is the most important day of the year for you? Why? Tet holiday is the most important for me Because it is the time for the whole family’s members to gather and celebrate a new year Is birthday celebration popular in your country? Yes, People usually celebrate the birthday for their parents, children and themselves Topic 3: Internet How often you use the Internet? The internet í very important for my work and study So, I use it everyday What you usually on the Internet? I use it to download the informations for my work I send and get email everyday I often use it to watch some funy videos and chating with my friends What are some advantages of the internet? It’s convenient for my work and my study It saves a lot of time There are many interesting program to relax What are some disadvantages of the Internet? Sometime it’s a waste of time Someone spend all day to play games online There are a lot of bad websites such as videos, games, so on Do people in your country use the Internet a lot? Most Vietnamese people use the Internet for their work and study, specially in young people Do you shopping in the Internet? Yes, sometimes I buy something online if there are promotions, such as clothes, movie tickets or books Topic 4: Family How many people are there in your family? There are people in my family: My husband, my son and me Do you have a large or small family? I think it’s a small family because Speaking_B1 How much time you spend with your family? I am quite busy I always try to spend all my free time with my family After the work and weekend, I often stay at home Sometimes, we go out together What you like to together as a family? I really like cooking with my husband, an then, we have dinner together Besides, I like going to the park with my son Do you get along well with your family? I’m a sociable person so I always get on well with my family Are people in your country generally close to their family? Family is very important with Vietnamese people We have a close relationship with each other wherever we live Topic 5: Neighborhood Can you describe the house where you live? I live in a small house in HCM city There are a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom It is really beautiful with lots of flowers outside What is there to in the area where you live? My house is near the city centre So, there are many things to You can shoping at the biggest supermarket, have meals at good restaurents and so on Do you think it is better to in in the city or in the country? Why? In my opinion, living in the city is better because it’s convenient for work, study and use public services How you think it could be improved? I think it needs to improve traffic congestion and roads Do you want to move to another place to live? No I don’t want My place now is near both my office and school, so it’s convenient to my work and my study What you like about area where you live: I like the people here They are friendly and helpfull Part 2: Situations: (4d) Speaking_B1 A friend of yours wants to take a short tour around Hoi An, an ancient town in Viet Nam He has only one hour for the tour There are three means suggested: by motorbike, by bike, and on foot Which means of transport you think it is the best choice? In my opinion, he should travel by bike Firstly, travelling by bike is the most convenient Hoi An is not too big He doesn’t need to travel by motorbike In addition, the streets are too narrow to go by motorbike He only has an hour to visit So, if he walks, he can’t go through the whole town and maybe it’s tiring to walk While he goes by bike, he can stop to take photos, to buy souvenirs and enjoy the street food easily Secondly, it’s more interesting to go around Hoi An by bike He can watch the old houses with lanterns along the street sides He can also enjoin the peaceful atmosphere while he is riding the bike Moreover, if he like to see stunning landscape, he can travel away from the town center to explore the villages where local people live and work In short, travelling by bike is not only convenient but also relaxing You are having a day off at the weekend You would like to watch TV with your family Three different things you could watch are suggested: a sports program, a short movie, and a game show Which you decide is the best? In my opinion, I decide to watch a game show with my family Firstly, watching a game show is good way to teach ourselves We can learn more from games show than a movie The games show help me widen my knowledges while it’s hard to learn how to play sport without a coach Secondly, it’s exciting to guess the answers and discuss about results There is more information from the games show to talk about than from a sport game Moreover, it’s also an opportunity to give our own idea or to share and update our knowledges To sum up, watching games show is not only relax but also learn a lot Your friend is between his/her mind about choosing one of these sports: swimming, football and boxing Which you think is the best for him/her? I think, swimming is the best sport for her Firstly, swimming is better than other sports It helps maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs It’s help her reduce stress as well She will have a good body build if he swims regularly It builds endurance, muscle strength It lowers risk of diseases like heart disease, stroke or diabetes Secondly, swimming is suitable for her Due to her hectic schedule She doesn’t have much time for activity She can go swimming on weekend She can go swimming alone without partner or teammates like boxing and football Boxing is too hard for her because she have to practice regularly Football is more suitable for man than woman Speaking_B1 By all means, she should take swimming to have a good body and healthy You are thinking about getting a partime job to earn some money for your study Three jobs you can are suggested: a tutor, a tour guide and a waiter Which job you think is the most suitable for you? Being a tour guide is the most suitable Firstly, I am sociable and outgoing As a tour guide, I can talk, discuss, joke and share experience with tourist While teaching or working in café is more formal Going some where while working inside if I am a tutor Secondly, when I am a tour guide, I have opportunities to discover my country and the world I can spend vacation exploring new places, learn more about the culture, language, food…whereas the same things everyday as a tutor or a waiter In summary, being a tour guide is suitable for my personally More interesting to go sightseeing and earn extra money Your father would like to give you something relaxing for your birthday Three things you need are suggested: computer, a television set, an MP3 player Which you decide to take? I will take a computer Firstly, a computer has more functions than a television or MP3 player I can listen to music, watch video, play games or even phone and chat with my friends and relatives While just watch some TV programs with a TV set, or only listen to music on an MP3 player A computer is the most suitable for me to relax Secondly, I not only relax but also work with a computer I need a computer to study and my research whereas not work with MP player or television set Listen to music and work on the computer as the same time, while listen to music on an MP3 player, I still need a computer to work with In conclusion, a computer is the most useful for both relaxation and work Part 3: Deverloping a topic (4d) Topic 1: Discuss how to have a healthy life Currently, people pay more attention to health We can easily find the instructions for a heathy life on books, magazines, and internet According to me, to have a healthy life we should exercise every day to improve our physical health, maintain our weight and keep lower the rick of disease We can swimming, walking, cycling so on Speaking_B1 Besides, we should eat on time and get enough sleep and have a balance diet, eat lot of vegetable, fruit and nutritious food, reduce fatty food, soft drink, alcohol beverage and no smoking Moreover, to have a good spirit, we should spend time with family or friend We can have meals, watch TV with family or go out for a drink, travel with friend To sum up, I think if we those things we will have a healthy life Topic 2: Discuss the factors that affect people’s choice of job We often choose job for different factors In my opinion, there are three main reasons: Firstly, the job must be suitable for their person abilities People can work more effectively if the job fits their personality For example, sellers will sell a lot of products when they are extrovert and prefer to communication Secondly, people choose the job that they like If they like it, they will happy when they work But they will it badly and finish it as soon as possible Finally, money earning is important to choose a job Because we need money to support ourself, our family Moreover, salary must be equivalent to what we To sum up, we often choose our jobs which those reasons Topic 3: Discuss how to learn a foreign language more effectively Nowadays, learning a foreign language very important It is necessary for our life But how to learn a foreign language effectively There are many ways to learn foreign language effectively, I want to talk about ways: Firstly, communication is the best way We should speak with our classmate, teacher or friends and take opportunities to communication with foreigners This way helps us improve speaking skill the same way we learn Vietnamese Secondly, listen to a foreign language is necessary We can listen to the radio, music or watch movie, news in foreign language It helps us improve listen skill Finally, we must practice regularly They should spend at least one hour studying to remember To sum up, we will quickly learn foreign language well if we follow the above ways Topic 4: Discuss the benefits of watching TV As we know that television has bad influences for our life especially for children But it also has good influences In reality, television give us many benefits Speaking_B1 Firstly, we can learn a lot from TV game show, television program Example Natural life program, geography program… Secondly, we can update the information by watching TV We will know about what’s happening in our country or in the world from news We can update fashion trend with fashion show on TV Finally, watching TV can entertain us We can watch the movies, music show or funny show after work to relax To sum up, Television not only for entertaining us but also for giving us many knowledge or information of our life Topic 5: Discuss the reasons for traveling Nowadays, the tourism industry has developed, people travel more and more They travel for many different purposes In my opinion, there are main reasons: Firstly, travelling is a good way for relaxation People want to travel when they are stressed They go to new place to forget the pressure of work, to enjoy the beautiful scenery or the fresh air Secondly, we can make discoveries when we are travel We are visited other countries with interesting places We can learn about the tradition, culture, cuisine and people Besides people is also travel to get more information for their own purpose Finally, people would like to travel because they could make new friends When traveling, we could meet other people who also have interests in common that we could share together to become friends To sum up, I think people travel because traveling is the best way to discover life and enjoy it .. .Speaking_ B1 I like some flowers and best wish from my husband What is the most important day of... husband, my son and me Do you have a large or small family? I think it’s a small family because Speaking_ B1 How much time you spend with your family? I am quite busy I always try to spend all... where you live: I like the people here They are friendly and helpfull Part 2: Situations: (4d) Speaking_ B1 A friend of yours wants to take a short tour around Hoi An, an ancient town in Viet
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