Stylistic devices in english film titles containing the words “heart” and “soul” with reference to vietnamese equivalents

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MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING HANOI OPEN UNIVERSITY QUACH THI PHUONG STYLISTIC DEVICES IN ENGLISH FILM TITLES CONTAINING WORDS “HEART” AND “SOUL” WITH REFERENCE TO VIETNAMESE EQUIVALENTS (CÁC BIỆN PHÁP TU TỪ TRONG CÁC TIÊU ĐỀ PHIM TIẾNG ANH CÓ TỪ ―TRÁI TIM‖ VÀ ―TÂM HỒN‖ VÀ TƢƠNG ĐƢƠNG TRONG TIẾNG VIỆT) M.A THESIS FIELD: ENGLISH LANGUAGE CODE: 8220201 HANOI, 2018 i MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING HANOI OPEN UNIVERSITY QUACH THI PHUONG STYLISTIC DEVICES IN ENGLISH FILM TITLES CONTAINING WORDS “HEART” AND “SOUL” WITH REFERENCE TO VIETNAMESE EQUIVALENTS (CÁC BIỆN PHÁP TU TỪ TRONG CÁC TIÊU ĐỀ PHIM TIẾNG ANH CÓ TỪ ―TRÁI TIM‖ VÀ ―TÂM HỒN‖ VÀ TƢƠNG ĐƢƠNG TRONG TIẾNG VIỆT) M.A THESIS FIELD: ENGLISH LANGUAGE CODE: 8220201 SUPERVISOR NAME:ASSOC PROF DR NGUYEN THI THANH HUONG HANOI, 2018 ii STATEMENT OF AUTHORSHIP I, the undersigned, hereby certify my authority of the study project report entitled Stylistic devices in English film titles containing words “heart” and “soul” with reference toVietnamese equivalents submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master in English Language Except where the reference is indicated, no other person‘s work has been used without due acknowledgement in the text of the thesis Hanoi, 2018 Quach Thi Phuong Approved by SUPERVISOR Assoc Prof Dr Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong Date:………………………………… ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS iii This thesis could not have been completed without the help and support from a number of people First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Assoc Prof Dr Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, my supervisor, who has patiently and constantly supported me through the stages of the study, and whose stimulating ideas, expertise, and suggestions have inspired me greatly through my growth as an academic researcher My sincere acknowledgement also go to all my lecturers and officers of Faculty of Graduate Studies, Hanoi Open University, who have facilitated me with the best possible conditions during my whole course of studying Last but not least, I am greatly indebted to my family, my friends for the sacrifice they have devoted to the fulfillment of this academic work iv CONTENTS STATEMENT OF AUTHORSHIP i ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS iii LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES vii LIST OFABBREVIATIONS viii ABSTRACT ix CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION .1 1.1 Rationale 1.2 Aims and objectives of the study 1.2.1 Aims 1.2.2 Objectives 1.3 Research questions 1.4 Methods of the study .3 1.5 Scope of the study 1.6 Significance of the study .4 1.7 Design of the study CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Review of previous studies 2.1.1 Previous studies in English 2.1.2 Previous studies in Vietnamese 2.2 Review of theoretical background 2.2.1 Definition of film and film title 2.2.2 Film types 2.2.3 Characteristics of film titles 11 2.2.4 Functions of film titles 11 2.3 Review of theoretical framework 12 2.3.1 Review of stylistic devices 12 2.3.2Review of syntax .22 2.3.3Review of translation 25 CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY 29 3.1 Subjects 29 v 3.2 Instruments 29 3.3 Procedures 29 3.4 Statistical Analysis 30 3.5 Summary 30 CHAPTER 4: 31 TYPICAL STYLISTIC LEXICAL AND SYNTACTICAL DEVICES INENGLISH FILM TITLES CONTAINING THE WORDS ―HEART‖ AND ―SOUL‖ 31 4.1 Syntactical features of English film titles containing ‗heart‘ and ‗soul‘ 31 4.1.1 English film titles in the form of phrases 31 4.1.2 English film titles in the form of sentences 34 4.2 Typical stylistic lexical and syntactical devices in selected film titles .39 4.2.1Stylistic lexical devices in selected film titles 39 4.2.2Stylistic syntactical devices in selected film titles 46 4.3 Evaluating selected film titles rendered into Vietnamese 50 4.3.1 Titles containing or referringto film character 51 4.3.2 Title containing the film‘s message 55 4.3.3 Titles containing film location 56 4.4 Implication 59 4.4.1 For English Learners 59 4.4.2 For English Teachers 59 4.4.3 For Vietnamese translators 60 4.5 Summary 60 CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSION 62 5.1 Summary of Findings 62 5.2 Conclusion remarks .63 5.3 Recommendation for further study .64 REFERENCES 65 APPENDICES 68 vi LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES Table 4.1Functions of the word ―heart‖ and ―soul‖ in noun phrases titles 30 Table 4.2Common structure of English film titles containing ―heart‖ and 32 ―soul‖ Table 4.3Film titles with and without lexical stylistic devices 44 Table 4.4 Frequency of Lexical Stylistic Devices in selected film titles 44 Table 4.5 Frequency of Syntactical Stylistic Devices in selected film titles Chart 4.1 Common structures of English film titles in the films containing 33 the words ―heart‖ and ―soul Chart 4.2 Common structures in terms of phrases and sentences in both 34 films Chart 4.3 Common structures in both films 34 Chart 4.4 Film titles with lexical and without lexical stylistic devices 45 Chart 4.5 Frequency of Lexical Stylistic Devices in selected film titles 45 Chart 4.6 Relationship between film titles and film plots 54 Chart 4.7 Evaluation of some of English-Vietnamese film title translations 54 vii LIST OFABBREVIATIONS N Noun Cs Subject complement Adj Adjective O Object SDs Stylistic devices V Verb A Adverb viii ABSTRACT This study investigates the stylistic devices used in English film titles which containing the words ―heart‖ and ―soul‖ with reference to Vietnamese equivalents The purpose of this study is finding out syntactical, lexical stylistic devices used in selected film titles and syntactical features in these titles as well About one hundred and seventeen English film titles containing the words ―heart‖ and ―soul‖ and their main contents have been collected from Internet, printed material Various methods have been adopted but descriptive and analysis method is the main method to find out the common structures used in titling a film, as well as figure out syntactical, lexical stylistic devices used in selected film titles because it is synthetic or analytic in its approach Besides, the study also uses qualitative and quantitative approaches as supporting methods which make analyzing data become reliable Then, the quantitative methods are applied to find out the frequent occurrence of these stylistic devices in these titles The findings show that most film titles are written in the form of phrase, especially noun phrase Moreover, lexical stylistic devices are more frequently used in titling films than syntactical stylistic devices After that, some of these translated film titles from Internet have been evaluated This study hopes to give better understanding and appreciation of stylistic devices in film titles as well as contribute in teaching and learning stylistic devices and translating English film titles into Vietnamese through its implications ix CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Rationale Language is an indispensable tool in communication It‘s considered to have miraculous power in conveying the ideas, purposes and messages With the globalization, Film industry is really becoming an integral part in the modern life It brings the audiences not only happiness, entertainment but also experiences in life No usual day goes by without seeing the films on TV, at the cinema, on the Internet Films really become a preciously spiritual form to satisfy all senses, and it also makes an emotional connection in conveying the life messages, thrilling experiences, excitement and awareness through its main emphasis aspects Sometimes, the films can bring back optimistic thoughts for unhappy person, enrich people‘s knowledge, and enhance people‘s analytical thinking Films make our life more vivid and exciting Movie is so important that it has become the first arts of the human world Moreover, it‘s very clear that film titles are always the first impressive things come into the viewer‘s mind instead of the characters, director or the content of the film A good film title certainly helps not only grab the viewers‘ interest but also bring the prediction about the content of the film, the main characters as well as its general view, even it helps to stimulate the audiences‘ curiosity and excitement for film goers It‘s also true in international environment when more and more English films are being watched in Vietnam in particular and in all countries all over the world in general As a result, the proper use of language in the film titles and their translated film titles must be taken into consideration carefully because the movie in target language is accepted in association with target cultures A good way into coming up with a great movie title is to consider what the core essence of the story is What‘s it really about? What‘s the core conflict? What‘s the overall emotion screenwriter wants to convey in the script‘s title? Then, it is stylistic devices that assist screenwriter to create a unique and memorable title because ―stylistic devices‖ just means ―fancy ways of saying or writing something‖ Therefore, in the practice of the writing film titles as well as film title translation 55) comedy Hukabees Coalition" One of their current projects is an attempt to stop the building of a new Huckabees store, a chain of "big-box" department stores possessed by Brad Stand I ♥ Huckabees follows a couple of detectives hired by Albert to investigate the meaning of the life of their clients In the heart of the sea: action Biển sâu dậy sóng While at sea, the Essex crew, led by young captain George Pollard (Benjamin Walker) and experienced fishing captain Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth), were attacked by a giant whale Nobody expected, the gentle whale so hateful human beings so However, the story behind the whale attack is even more terrifying In The Heart of the Sea focuses on exploiting the process of capturing the lives of the survivors on board They go through a scary 90-day journey, both in ocean and inland Human limitations, beliefs, moral values are pushed to the bottom when they face the ocean, storms, hunger, fear and despair Lonely hearts : crime Sát thủ cô đơn 57) Madonna : Rebel Heart tour : documentary Madonna: Các hát Rebel Heart Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour spans all decades of the iconic superstar's illustrious career, including songs from Rebel Heart to classic fan favorites like "Material Girl" and "Holiday." Memorable highlights from the tour include her first-ever live concert performance of "Take a Bow," acoustic versions of "Like a Prayer," celebrity guest dancers during the song "Unapologetic Bitch" such as Katy Perry, and many more unforgettable moments 58) Music of the heart : drama Âm nhạc tim Story of a schoolteacher's struggle to teach violin to inner-city Harlem kids 56) Based on the true story, Raymond Fernandez (Jared Leto) is a man who meets single, rich women through personal ads Upon meeting Martha Beck (Salma Hayek), he and Beck decide to join forces The two begin traveling the country, eventually murdering at least 12 women who responded to their ads Detective Robinson (John Travolta) and Detective Hildebrandt (James Gandolfini) are the homicide detectives who bring the couple to justice 81 My foolish heart : romance 60) Navigating the heart : romance 59) Con tim ngốc nghếch After being visited by an old friend, a woman recalls her true love, the man she met and lost years ago Đƣờng vào tim anh An unlikely romance between a cosmopolitan career woman and a small town fisherman When sophisticated New York journalist Edith Iglauer is assigned to go to British Columbia to write a frivolous piece on the fishing industry, she butts heads with local fisherman and notorious loner, John Daly While she thrives on the fast-paced life of Manhattan, he loathes pretension and could go days without speaking to anyone But when the two are caught in a perilous situation, they are forced to put aside their pettiness and re-examine their lives With external factors stripped away, they begin to fall in love Ultimately, Edith must decide between staying in the glamorous world she has always cherished or leaving it all behind for a chance at love 61) None but the lonely heart: romance Chỉ có trái tim cô đơn In this film, Cary Grant plays a restless, irresponsible cockney who seeks a better life but doesn't want to work for one The hero's shiftlessness extends to his love life; musician Jane Wyatt genuinely cares for him, but he prefers the company of fickle gangster's ex-wife June Duprez 62) One from the heart: comedy Ngƣời tình mộng Hank and Frannie don't seem to be able to live together anymore After a five-year relationship, lustful and dreamy Fanny leaves down-to-earth Hank on the anniversary of their relationship Each one of them meets their dream mate, but as bright as they may seem, they are but a stage of lights and colours Will true love prevail over a seemingly glamorous passion? 63) Paper heart : romance Tình yêu sáng Real-life sweethearts Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi star in a fictionalized version of their romance in this indie semi-documentary comedy, written by Yi Playing themselves, Yi and Cera embark on a scripted version of their own story In the movie, Yi has agreed to be the subject of a documentary about her quest to discover if love really exists, since she's never experienced it As part of her participation in the project, she has a film crew follow her around throughout every new development in her love life -which gets complicated when she starts dating fellow 82 comedian Cera 64) Pizza my heart : romance Pizza, mối tình bị phản đối It tells the story of a son and daughter of two rival pizzeria owners fall in love, much to the disapproval of both families.[2] It is a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in modern-day Verona, New Jersey.[3]Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending 65) Places in my heart : drama Vị trí tim em In central Texas in the 1930s, a widow, with two small children, tries to run her small 40-acre farm with the help of two disparate people 66) Playing by heart: romance Yêu This film weaves together interlocking stories about finding love in Los Angeles The film's theme is spoken by young club-hopper Joan Taken by the mysterious Keenan, she tells him that "talking about love" is like "dancing about architecture," meaning speech is not the medium to express the details of love If romance is a mystery, there's only one way to figure it out 67) Purple Heart war Purple Heart A stock WW2 era drama which was produced for morale purposes 68) Shot through the heart: war Bắn xuyên tim The horrors of war are examined from the view points of lifelong friends, who end up on opposing sides in the war in Sarajevo One is an expert marksman, who trains the snipers used to terrify the city and the other becomes a freedom fighter, who rejects his friend's offer to gain an escape from the city As might be expected, the two eventually have to face-off against one another and only one survives 69) Silence of the heart : drama Sự im lặng đáng sợ Skip Lewis (Chad Lowe) is a 17-year-old boy who has been having academic problems A girl named Andrea, whom he has been pursuing, has told him that she has no interest in him He tries to talk to his parents (Mariette Hartley & Howard Hesseman) about this but can't bring himself to, thinking that they won't understand He commits suicide by driving his car over a cliff onto rocks Now, his parents are in denial saying that his death was an accident However, his best friend, Ken Cruze (Charlie Sheen) who was the last person he saw before his death, was told by Skip that he was considering killing himself and is feeling guilty that he didn't try to stop him Skip's sister Cindy (Dana Hill) tries to bring her family out of denial so they can 83 heal The film was considered groundbreaking for the time period and heralded a coming trend of films that dealt with teenage suicide, a topic previously not discussed in family film,[2][3] with an emphasis on the surviving family of a teenager who commits suicide.[4] 70) So dear to my heart : drama Những thứ quan trọng This heartwarming classic tells the tale of a country boy who adopts a mischevious black lamb and learns valuable lessons about love and dedication 71) The call of the heart :action Tiếng gọi tim Molly O'Day and her brother, Josh, are homesteading on and trying to make a living on a piece of government land, but local rancher Dave Crenshaw claims the land is part of his holdings, and he and his henchmen try to drive the O'Days off Cowhand Jerry Wilson and his dog, Dynamite, come to their aid against Crenshaw 72) The courage heart of Irena Sendler :war Trái tim dũng cảm Irena Sendler The story of Irena Sendler, a social worker who was part of the Polish underground during World War II and was arrested by the Nazis for saving the lives of nearly 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw ghetto 73) The hasty heart Trái tim vội : war vàng 74) The heart is a lonely hunter: drama Trái tim cô đơn When deaf mute Singer moves to a small city to be near his only friend confined in a hospital, he grows attached to his landlady's sensitive 16-year-old daughter 75) The heart is a drum machine: docu Trái tim , máy đánh trống điện tử What is music? Many of today's top artists and scholars grapple with the question in this cinematic look at a uniquely human obsession The Heart is a Drum Machine is a new feature documentary film project from the producers of Moog 76) The heart of a follies girl : comedy Tình yêu t A clerk falls in love with a beautiful dancer with the cô gái hát đồng Ziegfeld Follies Not being able to support the girl in the manner to which she is accustomed, he commits ca In the final days of WW2, in a M.A.S.H unit in Burma, a severely wounded corporal watches in dismay as fellow soldiers pack-up to return home but a caring nurse and five remaining soldiers bring him solace forgery in order to get the money to buy her an 84 engagement ring Complications ensue 77) The heart of the game: documentary Tình yêu bong rổ A documentary Roosevelt Roughriders, a girls' highschool basketball team in Seattle, and one player's fight to regain her eligibility to play 78) The heart specialist : comedy Chuyên gia tình yêu Suave Harvard Medical School grad Ray Howard seems destined to specialize in womanizing That is, until he heads to Florida to intern under the tutelage of chief resident Dr Sidney Zachary With help from his girlfriend, "Dr Z" sets out to mold Ray into a caring, responsible doctor Along the way, he shares some important truths and a whole lot of humor in this sexy romantic comedy 79) The hired heart Ngƣời tình : romance đƣợc thuê 80) The wild heart : romance Trái tim hoang dã A small-town, country doctor has been a widow for two years but is still in love with her dead husband, Michael Despite the best efforts of her father in law to marry her off to the local eligible bachelors, she still remains so The week-long county fair is approaching and her father in law traps her into an unfair deal involving the feeding of her bull and her attendance at the fair with a suitable escort She decides to call his bluff by hiring a male escort to attend the fair as her lover However, things don't go quite according to plan as he smells a rat and investigates the new boyfriend and even worse the escort starts to fall in love with her! Things come to a head at the Bison Hall dance, the highlight of the fair, when the girlfriend of the escort arrives in town and the escort forces her into making a choice between him and her dead husband Michael! Hazel Woodus (Jennifer Jones) is a child of nature in the Shropshire countryside in 1897 She loves and understands all the wild animals more than the people around her Whenever she has problems, she turns to the book of spells and charms left to her by her gypsy mother Local squire Jack Reddin (David Farrar) sees Hazel and wants her, but she has already promised herself to the Baptist minister, Edward Marston (Cyril Cusack) A struggle for her body and soul ensues 81) The machine heart :thriller Yêu qua mạng A man begins to suspect that his long-distance girlfriend whom he met on the Internet has been living 85 in the same city as him, and he sets out looking for her 82) The normal heart : drama Trái tim giản đơn This drama tells the story of the onset of the HIVAIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s, taking an unflinching look at the nation's sexual politics as gay activists and their allies in the medical community fight to expose the truth about the burgeoning epidemic to a city and nation in denial -(C) HBO 83) The price of a broken heart : drama Cái giá phản bội A woman learns that her husband has been having a very open affair with his secretary and has promised marriage The wife sues for divorce and also sues the secretary based on an obscure law on alienation of affection, which was created to protect married couples from home wreckers This sets a new court room consideration, as the culpability of the other woman must be defended and removes from consideration the fault of the married partners 84) The tell-tale heart : drama Trái tim thú tội After years of being subjected to verbal and emotional abuse by his master, a young weaver decides to murder him Before the elderly man dies, he predicts his killer eventually will succumb to an overwhelming sense of guilt and betray himself Shortly after the man's death, the weaver begins to hear various sounds - a ticking clock, a dripping faucet, and rain falling into a metal pan outside the window - that convince him he can hear his victim's heart still beating beneath the floorboards where he buried him When two deputy sheriffs appear at the house the following day, he confesses to his crime to clear his tortured conscience Thunderheart thriller 85) Quả tim sấm A young mixed-blood FBI agent is assigned to work with a cynical veteran investigator on a murder on a poverty-stricken Sioux reservation Mocked and ridiculed by the locals (being called a "Washington Redskin"), including tribal police officer Walter Crow Horse, Ray finds that he has an unaccountable standing with some of the tribal elders such as Grandpa Sam Reaches The natives recognize Ray as "Thunderheart", a Native American hero slain at the Wounded Knee Massacre in the past, and now reincarnated to deliver them from their current troubles.[3] 86 86) True heart: adventure Trái tim chân With the help of a Native American Indian and a legendary wild bear, two children struggle to survive the wilderness - and evil poachers - in this beautiful, action filled adventure The children are eventually reunited with their parents, who then mistakenly accuse Khonanesta of being a poacher The man refers to "Grandfather" a bear, as a member of his people The children clear him of the accusation 87) True heart Susie : romance Susie, tình u đích thực "True Heart Susie" (Gish) lives with her aunt (O'Connor) and loves stupid William Jenkins (Harron) Her love is so great that she sacrifices the family cow, a pet of hers, and other farm produce so that he can go to college, but the benefaction is a secret one, and he finishes his theological studies without suspecting that she aided him After he becomes a minister, he cruelly consults Susie about the policy of taking a wife, and almost breaks her heart The young wife fails to satisfy her husband with her cooking, with William finding the dishes Susie makes more to his taste Betty's fright and her soaking bring on a fatal sickness, and it is after her death that her husband learns of her escapade Although he swears never to marry again, he finds that True Heart Susie has given the one opportunity of his life, and he returns to her with the offering of his hand in marriage 88) Untamed heart: romance Trái tim hoang dã A waitress hardly notices a shy busboy who secretly loves her; until one night she's attacked and he comes to her rescue From there a relationship sparks but one secret could mean disaster for these fated lovers, While Adam is recovering, Caroline learns that he has a heart defect and will die without a transplant he has a baboon's heart he refuses to transplant because of his love for her is in this heart On the way home from the game, Adam falls asleep next to Caroline, but it is only when they reach her house that she discovers to her horror that his heart has given out and he has died in his sleep 89) Voice of the heart :romance Tiếng lòng The story of two unique and brilliant women, and the charismatic men they loved and lost, and to whom they ransomed their hearts 87 90) When calls the heart : drama 91) Where the heart is : romance Privileged Elizabeth Thatcher (Poppy Drayton) becomes a schoolteacher in the prairie to assert her independence, and uses her adventurous aunt's secret diary as a compass for mapping out her new life Nơi tình yêu bắt đầu A pregnant 17-year-old rebuilds her life after being abandoned by her boyfriend at a Wal-Mart in Sequoyah, Oklahoma Stewart McBain is a successful self-made demolitions expert who blows up buildings for a living In the midst of one such project, a group of protesters stops the last building on a lot, the Dutch House, from being demolished When McBain appears on TV to dismiss the protests, he is made to look foolish Returning home, his three college-aged children–Daphne, Chloe, and Jimmy–ridicule him for his television appearance Feeling his children are spoiled, McBain kicks them out of the house Giving them each $750, he drops them off at the Dutch House, which is dilapidated and on the verge of collapse In order to finance their new lives, the children take on housemates These include a fashion designer named Lionel; a homeless magician, Shitty; a stockbroker, Tom; and Sheryl, an amateur occultist Chloe is commissioned to finish a calendar for an insurance company Lionel has to complete his designs for a fashion show Chloe uses her roommates in the calendar and Lionel ends up using some of them to model for his show A stockmarket crash brings McBain to ruin He desperately attempts to stave off a hostile takeover of his demolition company and fails He loses his home and becomes destitute Ultimately, his children take him in and he starts to see the world in a new light 92) White hunter black heart :adventure Thợ săn da trắng tâm đen A thinly fictionalized account of a legendary movie director, whose desire to hunt down an animal turns into a grim situation with his movie crew in Africa He has become obsessed with one particular elephant and cares for nothing else In the early 1950s, world-renowned filmmaker John Wilson travels to Africa for his next film bringing with him a young writer chum named Pete Verrill Part of his travel plans include hunting elephants and other game, which he prioritizes ahead of making the film This leads to a conflict between the men on several 88 levels, most notably over the idea of killing for sport such a grand animal Even Wilson concedes that it is so wrong that it is not just a crime against nature, but a "sin." Yet he cannot overcome his desire to bring down a giant bull, a "tusker" with massive ivory tusks Wilson's final realization that his is a petty, ignoble pursuit comes at a late point and with a tragic price, as the local animal tracker Kivu is killed protecting him from an elephant Wilson decides not to shoot 93) Wild at heart : crime Tình yêu cuồng say Young lovers Sailor and Lula run from the variety of weirdos that Lula's mom has hired to kill Sailor Lovers Lula and Sailor are separated after he is jailed for killing a man who attacked him with a knife; the assailant, Bobby Ray Lemon, was hired by Lula's mother, Marietta Fortune because the mother disapproves their relationship After released, Sailor and Lula continue their love the mother hires another gangster to kill Sailor while the couple escapes California.Then, Sailor is in prison once more While Sailor is in jail, Lula has their child Upon his release Lula decides to reunite with him Overcome many difficulties , Sailor Lula and their child hold a happy family 94) With a song in my heart :biography Tình yêu ca hát After landing a job singing on the radio, Jane Froman Jane gratefully marries her agent Don Ross (David Wayne), but soon both realize they're not truly in love Under Don's management, Jane rises to stardom and is invited to perform for the troops during World War II En route, her plane goes down, leaving Jane with serious leg injuries While on the mend, Jane begins a romance with John Burn, a wounded military pilot She intends to return to singing, but with two men in her heart, life is ever more complicated Unable to walk without crutches, she nonetheless goes on to entertain U.S troops during World War II 95) young at heart :drama Trẻ ngƣời non The lives and romances of three sisters in a musical family; the youngest daughter's life is complicated by the subsequent arrival of a charming composer and a cynical music arranger 96) A beautiful soul : drama Nội tâm tiềm ẩn R & B superstar Andre Stephens (Deitrick Haddon) is on top of the world He has success, fame and fortune 89 but spiritually he has lost his way However, his "perfect" world is shattered when his entourage is brutally attacked, leaving Andre and his best friend Chris Johnson (Robert Ri'chard) clinging to life As his very existence hangs in the balance, Andre goes on a spiritual journey in a place that is neither on Earth nor in Heaven where he is given an opportunity to reevaluate his life, his faith and discover a beautiful soul 97) A free soul : romance Tâm hồn phóng túng An alcoholic lawyer Stephen who successfully defended a notorious gambler on a murder charge objects when his free-spirited daughter becomes romantically involved with him Jan is Stephen‘s daughter She is engaged to Dwight After that she falls in love with Ace and breaks relationship with Dwight Stephen objects to her new boyfriend Gradually, jan recognizes what really kind of Ace is, and she sneaks away Dwight kills Ace, and Stephen successfully defends him Dwight is acquitted and, as Jan prepares to leave for a new life in New York, promises to follow her 98) Body and soul : Thể xác drama-sport linh hồn A young man struggles to become a boxing champ, but success blinds him It is only through the love of his girlfriend that he is brought back to reality , is considered by some to be high among the best films about boxing, [4][5] it's also a cautionary tale about the lure of money—and how it can derail even a strong common man in his pursuit of success 99) Carnival of souls : horror Lễ hội linh hồn After a traumatic accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival Young woman whose life is disturbed after a car accident It appears that all are drowned, until Mary, quite some time later, amazingly emerges from the river After recovering, Mary accepts a job in a new town as a church organist, only to be dogged by a mysterious phantom figure that seems to reside in an old run-down pavilion by souls of the Man a ghoulish stranger who stalks her throughout and his ghouls in the final scene, the woman‘s body and other friends are found in the car 100) Dark night Linh hồn đêm A skeleton faced death cultist recruits new members 90 of the soul: horror u ám into his bizarre drug cult by indoctrinating them into his wild occult beliefs A Satanic mind control film that is up there with the great oddities of the 1970's Into the cold – a journey of the soul : adventure Xuyên qua băng giá- hành trình tâm hồn Into The Cold A Journey of the Soul retraces the personal and harrowing expedition of two men on foot to the North Pole in sub-zero temperatures to commemorate the centennial of Admiral Peary's reach in 1909 It is a journey of endurance and commitment into the depth of the soul against the backdrop of the magnificent, unforgiving and rapidly vanishing Great North Island of lost souls: horror Đảo linh hồn lạc lối an obsessed scientist who is secretly conducting surgical experiments on animals on a remote island to make them become humanlike The others escape by boat as the island goes up in flames, presumably destroying all of Moreau's work and eradicating the beat-men Lost souls : horror Các linh hồn yên nghir A Catholic teacher meets an atheist journalist, whom a group of Catholics and priests believes has been chosen by the devil himself to be the Antichrist My soul to take : horror Kẻ cắp linh hồn A serial killer returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same birthday as the date he was allegedly put to rest 101) 102) 103) 104) Nightworld: Thế giới đêm: lost souls : linh hồn drama 105) As a family moves into their new country home, strange events occur, making them believe that their autistic daughter is communicating with the spirits of two murdered children A man believes that the spirits of two murdered children are trying to communicate to him their killer's identity through his autistic daughter, after they find an antique device in their basement that the previous owner allegedly had used to attempt to speak with his late wife Our souls at Hai tâm hồn night : romance đêm 106) Fonda and Redford will star as Addie Moore and Louis Waters, a widow and widower who've lived next to each other for years The pair have almost no relationship, One night, Addie visits Louis to suggest that they spend the night together, non-sexually, to counter their loneliness Although Louis is initially somewhat hesitant, he soon agrees and they start 91 spending their evenings and nights at Addie‘s house Life, love, soul: drama Tình yêu, sống, tâm hồn The tragedy-to-triumph story of Roosevelt Jackson (Robbie Tate-Brickle), a seventeen-year-old honor student coping with the sudden death of his mother (Tami Roman), his tumultuous relationship with his previously estranged father (Chad Coleman), and his own journey to manhood It's the story of a young man who loses everything and triumphantly finds himself To love the soul of a woman: drama Để yêu tâm hồn ngƣời phụ nữ An abusive woman who stops at nothing short of murder to get her way Monee Kinyard emasculates, humiliates and physically abuses her ex-military fiancee', Earnest Anderson, who does all he can to appease her R.L Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls: horror R.L Stine's Monsterville : Lễ hội linh hồn Teenage friends must resist the spell of an evil showman staging a house of horrors show in their small town Six souls: horror Sáu linh hồn After the death of her husband, Dr Cara Harding's faith in God has been shaken, but not her belief in science In an attempt to open her up to accepting unexplainable psychiatric theories, her father introduces her to Adam, a patient with multiple personalities who takes on some of the physical characteristics of his other personalities Cara quickly discovers that Adam's other personalities are murder victims and the more she finds out about him and his past, the closer she and her loved ones are to becoming murder victims themselves Soul in the hole: documentary Tinh thần bóng Soul In The Hole is a 1997 documentary film about aspiring basketball coach Kenny Jones, his playground rổ Soul food : comedy Món ăn tinh thần One person can keep a family together and, when that one person is gone, a family can be torn apart Soul man: comedy Ngƣời đàn ơng hồn hảo Mark Watson is the pampered son of a rich family who is about to attend Harvard Law School along with his best friend Gordon Unfortunately, his father's neurotic psychiatrist talks his patient into having more fun for 107) 108) 109) 110) 111) 112) 113) dream team "Kenny's Kings," the relationship between him and his players (particularly playground phenom 18-year-old Ed "Booger" Smith) and life in Brooklyn during the summer 92 himself instead of spending money on his son Faced with the horrifying prospect of having to pay for law school by himself, Mark decides to apply for a scholarship, but the only suitable one is for AfricanAmericans only about a white man who temporarily darkens his skin, in order to pretend to be black and qualify for a black-only scholarship at Harvard Law School He meets a young African-American student named Sarah Walker whom he first only flirts with; gradually, however, he genuinely falls in love with her As it turns out, she was the original candidate for the scholarship which he had usurped, and now she has to work hard as a waitress to support herself and her son George while studying Mark declares to his professor (Jones) that he wishes to pay back the scholarship and charity work to make amends for his fraud When asked what he has learned, he says that he realizes that he could have changed back to being white at any time and so does not really know what it means to be black Soul men : comedy Tâm hồn hai ca sĩ nhạc Soul Though it's been about twenty years since they have spoken with one another, two estranged soul-singing legends agree to participate in a reunion performance at the Apollo Theater to honor their recently deceased band leader Soul‟s midnight: horror Linh hồn lúc nửa đêm Soul's Midnight is a present day vampire horror based on a historic cult who delves into ancient rituals revolving around the legend of St George The Eve of St George is upon them and they must find the perfect sacrifice, a child with an untainted ancestry to St George, to resurrect their ancient leader 114) 115) In 1975, a pregnant woman escapes alone from a dangerous sect that worships St George in Guthrie, Texas, protected by her husband that shoots against the masked members Thirty years later, her son Charles Milford receives his will and a letter calling him for the funeral of his father, and he travels with his pregnant wife Alicia back to Guthrie They lodge in a fancy hotel owned by Simon and they are introduced to his mistress Iris in the Eve of St Geoge Festival Sooner they discover that Charles is a descendant of St 93 George and the blood of his unborn baby is necessary to resurrect the leader of a vampire community Soul plane : comedy 116) Chuyến bay tinh thần Things get raucously funny aboard the maiden flight of a black-owned airline, thanks to some last-minute passenger additions Determined to make good with the money, he creates the full service airline of his dreams complete with sexy stewardesses, funky music and a hot onboard dance club Departing from the all new Terminal X in Los Angeles, this voyage gives "Fly" a whole new meaning, taking its passengers on its comical maiden voyage Soul surfer: biography 117) Nhà vô địch lƣớt ván tay Teenage surfer Bethany Hamilton overcomes the odds and her own fears of returning to the water after losing her left arm in a shark attack She recovers and learn how to surf with one arm Bethany was born to surf A natural talent who took to the waves at a young age, she was leading an idyllic life on Kauai, participating in national surf competitions with her best friend Alana , when everything changed On Halloween morning, a 14-foot tiger shark came out of nowhere and seemed to shatter all her dreams Soul Surfer reveals Bethany's fight to recover from her ordeal and how she grappled with the question of her future Strengthened by the love of her parents, Tom and Cheri and supported by her youth group leader Sara (Bethany refuses to give in or give up, and begins a bold return to the water 2) List of Vietnamese translations to be evaluated No Name of films Translated version Resources A mighty heart Tráitimquảcảm vi.wikipedia A warrior‘s heart Tráitimngƣờilính Angel heart Tráitimquỷdữ Bleeding heart Tráitimứamáu 94 Buster ‗s mal heart Ámảnhtiềmthức Crazy heart Tráitimnóngbỏng Heart and souls Thiênthầnhộmệnh Heart beat Nhịpđập In the heart of the sea Biểnsâudậysóng 10 Lonely hearts Nhữngtráitimcơđơn 11 Music of the heart Âmnhạccủatráitim 12 Playing by heart Chơihếtmình 13 The normal heart Tráitimgiảnđơn 14 The tell-tale heart Tráitimthútội 15 Untamed heart Tráitimkhôngtến 16 Where the heart is Nơitìnhyêubắtđầu 17 White hunter black heart thợsăn da trắngtâmđen 18 Wild at heart Tráitimhoangdã 19 Lost souls nhữnglinhhồnyênnghỉ 95 ... SYNTACTICAL DEVICES INENGLISH FILM TITLES CONTAINING THE WORDS ―HEART‖ AND ―SOUL‖ 31 4.1 Syntactical features of English film titles containing ‗heart‘ and ‗soul‘ 31 4.1.1 English film titles in the. .. hopes to give better understanding and appreciation of stylistic devices in film titles as well as contribute in teaching and learning stylistic devices and translating English film titles into Vietnamese. .. the study 1.2.1 Aims To help learners of English mastering stylistic devices in English film titles containing the words ―heart‖ and ―soul‖ and common structures in these English films with reference
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