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Lương Thị Thảo Quyên DH15AV My name is Quyen I’m 20 years old I’m come from Cho Moi district and An Giang province I’m the third years student at An Giang university My major is English Teacher Education I choose english because it is an essential language now Moreover, English is considered to be the most common and important language of the world today If we understand and use English in every part of the world, we can find jobs more easily So I need to learn English in other to have a good job for me I have learnt english for 10 years and I have already learnt four important skills such as speaking, reading, writing, and listening In addition, I have also learnt teaching method and pratice Besides, I also join in english club, english speking zone at university In the future, I want to work as a teacher at high school because I really like teaching children and students At present, I am researching about that the method teaching helps students improve speaking skill I choose this area because speaking skill is one of the fourth important ones in english Moreover, this skill is very essential to communicate effectively Today, almost of companies require candidate who apply for job have to use English proficiently Therefore, if we communicate well, we will have chance to find job better I also find out some researching journals about this area It is Improving Students Speaking through Communicative language Method at Mts ja-alhaq, Sentot Ali Basa Islamic Boarding school of Bengkulu, Indonesia written by Dedi Efrizal It appears on The International Journal of Humanities and Socical Science on October 2012 In his research, the method which he used to study is action research He conducted the research and expressed result through four cycles and tables The result of his research showed that the level of students’ speaking increased positively from failed to excellent Therefore, communicative language teaching method which he studied can help students improve speaking skill In my research, the object who I research is students at grade 10 The research is conducted through a survey only class at high school The survey includes questonaire and interview In this research, it will help students communicate more effective with other persons and foreigners Students will know more ways to improve their speaking skill and feel more confident about this field Besides, teacher also get experience and find out more method during teaching process In conclusion, I hope that this research will appreciate objectively about the effective method to improve speaking skill for students Both teachers and students can support together to complete the research best References Dedi Efrizal, State Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN), Bengkulu, Indonesia The Special Issue on Arts and Humanities , Centre for Promoting Ideas, USA International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol No 20 [Special Issue – October 2012]
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