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Ngày đăng: 15/09/2019, 22:19

DAILY MAGAZINE WRITTEN BY: UYEN NHI Earth’s burning lungs: On Amazon’s rainforest fire The world is praying for the Amazon Rainforest fires #PrayForAmazonas The world has been in panic over the last couple days knowing that the Amazon forest, the lungs of our Earth, has been continuously ablaze It is widely believed that this state had been hidden from social media by the Brazil government, appearing to trigger off these awful events, until they could no longer hold it The local Brazilian residents seemed to be encouraged to use slash-and-burn agriculture which is culprit of blown wildfires in Amazon forest Moreover, the wildfires have demolished the ecosystem and biodiversity of Amazon forest resulting in immolating thousands of animals Not only were their habitats cruelly deprived but their life as well Besides, smoke from forest fires traveled nearly 3000 km to black out Sao Paulo in middle of the day causing many discommodities for the inhabitants The alert fact is that smoke contain a tremendous high amount of carbon monoxide, believed to persist in the atmosphere for about a month, that can have dreadful impact on residents According to the Mayo Clinic, after overexposure to CO fumes, your body may replace oxygen in your red blood cells with CO, preventing oxygen from reaching your bloodstream and leading to brain damage and even death -On the other hand, tens of thousands of Brazilian troops in 'unprecedented' operations strived to fight Amazon fires Also, a firefighting plane from California made its way to South America on Friday to help local authorities fight the massive wildfires burning up in parts of the Amazon -The Amazon fires have sparked alarm all over the world about environment Can we, in the future, see an beautiful Earth without pollution, trash where ecosystem, in particular animals are not threatened anymore? VOCABULARY: - trigger off: gây - slash-and-burn agriculture: đốt nương làm rẫy - culprit of: thủ phạm của - ecosystem: hệ sinh thái - biodiversity: đa dạng sinh học - immolate: giết chết cháy - discommodity: điều bất tiện - strive to st: gắng hết sức để làm gì
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