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Bài tập tiếng anh về phát âm, trọng âm,adj, câu tường thuật,...................................................................................................................................................................... *Adjective: 1) There are toxic levels of chemicals in the water A tropical B fertile C poisonous D threatened 2) Most people who live in apartments are urban dweller A famous B of a village C of a city D wealthy 3) Air pollution is now a global problem for all countries A serious B difficult C dangerous D worldwide 4) It is customary to eat banh chung on the Lunar New Year in Vietnam A important B traditional C often D unusual 5) As a school girl, she was very mature for her age A behaving like an adult B behaving like a child C very young D very clever 6) I was so relieved after I had a short nap A rested B tired C hasty D sleepy 7) Once we have all relevant information, we can make a decision A confidential B correct C connected D available 8) Tet is a grand and important occasion in the year A necessary B colored C excited D great 9) The miraculous invention of telephone has revolutionized the way people communicate A normal B surprising C magical D disturbing 10) The police are determined to free the town of violent crime A make arrangements B try to find a solution C make a firm decision D are interested in 11) Music plays an indispensable part in human life A various B interesting C important D exciting 12) The residents are going to be removed when they build an airport nearby A very far B remote C distant D not very far 13) Music is very much an integral part of our life A encouraged B unnecessary C essential D impolite 14) Psychologists encourage their patients not to get upset about trivial matters A uncertain B unexpected C unusual D unimportant 15) He emphasises that ability at Maths is essential A remarkable B necessary C excellent D optional 16) Some music makes the atmosphere more joyful; other makes it more solemn A serious B furious C delighted D cheerful 17) Solar energy is not only plentiful but also infinite A without limit B limited C rapid D strong 18) Some high school students take part in helping the disadvantaged children A uncomfortable B disabled C dissatisfied D deprived 19) People from diverse cultures may misunderstand each other A ethnic B similar C different D western 20) Bill can’t read yet He seems retarded for a child of ten A very clever B slower in development C very slowly D unclearly & imperfectly 21) If there were no plans, water would run off and take away valuable soil A important B worthless C essential D precious 22) During the war, the shipping lanes proved vulnerable to attack A dangerous B susceptible C feasible D futile 23) I was born in a rural area A a moutainous area B a suburb C the countryside D a big city 24) We really not like his sneaky behavior, which has make us feel uncomfortable A doing things carelessly B doing things carefully C wearing fashionable clothes D acting in a secret or deceptive way 25) Man and animals need a constant supply of water to live A inadequate B regular C rare D short *To V/V-ing 26 Nam suggested (talk) the children to school yesterday 27 They decided _ (play) tennis with us last night 28 Mary helped me (repair) this fan and _ (clean) the house 29 We offer (make) a plan 30 We required them (be) on time 31 Kim wouldn’t recommend him _ (go) here alone 32 Before (go) to bed, my mother turned off the lights 33 Minh is interested in (listen) to music before _ (go) to bed 34 This robber admitted (steal) the red mobile phone last week 35 Shyn spends a lot of money (repair) her car 36 It took me hours _ (buy) the clothes and shoes 37 Do you have any money (pay) for the hat? 38 Would you like (visit) my grandparents in Paris? 39 Don’t waste her time _(complain) about her salary 40 That questions need _ (reply) 41 Viet is used to (cry) when he faces his difficulties 42 It’s time they stopped (work) here 43 Will she remember _ (collect) his suit from the dry – cleaners or shall I it? 44 Jim forgot (send) this message last night 45 Hung stopped (eat) meat yesterday *Pronunciation 46 A hear B clear C bear D ear 47 A heat B great C beat D break 48 A blood B pool C food D tool 49 A university B unique C unit D undo 50 76 A A.mouse generous B could suspicious C C.would constancy D put sympathy 51 77 A A.rough acquaintance B sum unselfish C C.utter attraction D union humorous 52 78 A A.noon loyalty B tool success C C.blood incapable D spoon sincere 53 79 A A.chemist carefully B B chicken correctly C C.church seriously D D century personally 54 80 A A.thought excited B tough interested C C.taught confident D bought memorable 55 81 A A.pleasure organise B heat decorate C C.meat divorce D feed promise 56 82 A A.chalk refreshment B B champagne horrible C C.machine exciting D D ship intention 57 83 A A.knit knowledge B hide maximum C C.tide athletics D fly marathon 58 84 A A.put difficult B could relevant C C.push volunteer D moon interesting 59 85 A A.how confidence B town supportive C C.power solution D slow obedient 60 86 A A.talked whenever B B naked mischievous C C.asked hospital D D liked separate 61 87 A A.month introduce B B much delegate C C.come marvelous D D home currency 62 88 A A.wood develop B food conduction C C.look partnership D foot majority 63 89 A A.post counterpart B though measurement C C.how romantic D clothes attractive 64 90 A A.beard government B bird technical C C.learn parallel D turn understand 65 91 A A.false Pyramid B laugh Egyptian C C.glass belongs D after century 66 92 A A.camp construction B lamp suggestion C C.cupboard accurate D apart hi-jacket 67 93 A A.genetics dedicate B generate impressive C C.kennel reminder D gentle descendant 68 94 A A.cleanse remember B B please company C C.treat technical D D retreat interview 69 95 A A.mechanic electric B machinery computer C C.chemist fascinates D cholera fantastic 70 96 A A.thank domestic B band investment C C.complain substantial D insert undergo 71 A faithful B failure C fairly D fainted 72 A course B court C pour D courage 73 A worked B stopped C forced D wanted *Stress 97 A confident B influence C computer D remember 98 A optimist B powerful C terrorist D contrary 99 A government B destruction C contribute D depression 100 A institute B consumption C specific D encounter *Preposition 101) Your father is very kind (with/for/to/in) David 102)Hurry or you will be late (for/at/on/from) school 103) Were they present (in/at/on/about) the meeting? 104) She was confused (with/on/about/in) the dates 105) His book is different (about/from/for/between) mine 106) Your plan is similar (with/to/of/for) his 107) The boy is afraid (of/on/in/about) snakes 108) She is accustomed (with/to/on/of) getting up early 109) He was successful (in/with/of/to) his job 110) That student is very quick (with/at/for/about) mathematics 111) Iraq is rich (on/for/to/in) oil 112) Are you aware (with/to/of/for) the time? 113) Are you acquainted (to/with/in/of) this man? 114) He has been absent (from/of/to/with) school lately 115) They are interested (in/on/about/with) buying a new house 116) Smoking is harmful (for/with/to/about) our health 117) She is serious (with/about/of/for) learning to be a doctor 118) I couldn’t believe what he said It was contrary (to/with/for/in) his thought 119) Our study is very important (for/with/to/about) our future and useful (for/to/with/in) our country 120) Don’t give up your hope Be confident (of/about/in/with) yourself 121) I have some tickets available (for/to/of/with) you 122) Are you capable (with/of/for/to) that job? 123) He is accustomed (to/with/for/in) driving fast like this 124) Are you confident (with/of/about/in) what she has said? 125) The room was available (with/for/to/on) people 126) Finally, Jack is successful (on/in/at/to) his trade 127) This theatre is often crowded (with/to/on/about) viewers 128) Your bag is similar (with/to/about/for) mine 129) The bottle is full (with/of/in/at) water 130) Poison is harmful (to/with/for/about) humans 131) Cheques are useful (with/to/for/on) travellers 132) Are you successful (on/in/at/to) your experiment? 133) She got back safe (for/from/with/to) her adventure 134) It was very lucky (to/for/of/with) me that my bag was found 135) He seems friendly (on/to/for/about) everyone in the village 136) She was sad (about/for/with/to) my refusal 137) Quang Linh is popular (with/for/to/in) folk songs 138) The student is quick (with/at/on/to) understanding what the teacher explains 139) The story is very pleasant (to/with/for/in) us 140) He is very kind (to/of/with/for) me 141) I’m capable (of/with/for/to) speaking two languages 142) She is never late (to/for/with/from) work 143) It was very nice (to/of/in/for) him to give me a lift 144) Yesterday Nga was absent (with/from/to/for) class because she was ill 145) Contrary (to/with/for/about) his doctor’s orders, he has gone back to work 146) Don’t worry (about/with/to/for) the money! I’ll lend you 147) They have been waiting (for/with/to/at) the bus for half an hour 148) Why don’t you ask (with/to/for/on) a pay increase? 149) He took advantage (of/in/about/for) this opportunity to explain why he had done that 150) The weeks went slowly (by/with/of/for) *Passive Voice 151 My father waters this flower every morning => 152 John invited Fiona to his birthday party last night => 153 Her mother is preparing the dinner in the kitchen => 154 We should clean our teeth twice a day => 155 Our teachers have explained the English grammar => 156 Some drunk drivers caused the accident in this city => 157 Tom will visit his parents next month => 158 The manager didn’t phone the secretary this morning => 159 Did Mary buy this beautiful dress? => 160 I won’t hang these old pictures in the living room => 161 The German didn’t build this factory during the Second World War => 162 The Greens are going to paint this house and these cars for Christmas Day => 163 Ann had fed the cats before she went to the cinema => 164 The students have discussed the pollution problems since last week => 165 Have the thieves stolen the most valuable painting in the national museum? => 166 Some people will interview the new president on TV => 167 How many languages they speak in Canada? => 168 Are you going to repair those shoes? => 169 He has broken his nose in a football match => 170 Have you finished the above sentences? => 171 The waiter brings me this dish => 172 Our friends send these postcards to us => 173 Their grandmother told them this story when they visited her last week => 174 Tim ordered this train ticket for his mother => 175 You didn’t show me the special camaras => 176 She showed her ticket to the airline agent => 177 He lends his friend his new shoes => 178 She left her relatives five million pounds => 179 The shop assistant handed these boxes to the customer => 180 The board awarded the first prize to the reporter => 181 Have you sent the christmas cards to your family? => 182 The committee appointed Alice secretary for the meeting => 183 He hides the broken cup in the drawer => 184 They keep this room tidy all the time => 185 They all voted the party a great success => 186 We gave Ann some bananas and some flowers => 187 They moved the fridge into the living room => 188 She bought some cups of tea to the visitors in the next room => 189 They find the new project worthless => 190 The secretary didn’t take the note to the manager => 191 I had my nephew paint the gate last week => 192 She will have Peter wash her car tomorrow => 193 They have her tell the story again => 194 John gets his sister to clean his shirt => 195 Anne had had a friend type her composition => 196 Rick will have a barber cut his hair => 197 I will get the dressmaker to make a new dress => 198 He had a mechanic repair his car => 199 She often gets the technician to maintain the heater => 200 They had the police arrest the shoplifter => *Reported Speech A are you planning B is she planning C was she planning D if she was planning 207 Nam wanted to know what time A does the movie begin B did the movie begin C the movie begins D the movie began C where has he been D where had he 232 Martin asked me _ A how is my father B how my fathe C how was my father D how my fathe 233 The host asked Peter _ tea or coffee A whether he preferred B that he prefer C did he prefer D if he prefers 208 I wondered _ the right thing A whether I was doing B if I am doing C was I doing D am I doing 209 The scientist said the earth the sun 234 She asked me _ my holidays _ A where I spent / the previous year B where I had s C where I spent / last year D where did I sp 235 He advised _ too far A goes round B is going around C went around D was going around 210 Peter said that if he rich, he _ a lot A her did not go B her not go C her not to go D she did not go 236 John often says he _ boxing because it _ a cruel sport A is/will travel B were/would travel C had been/would have travelled D was/will travel 211 They said that they had been driving through the desert A the previous day B yesterday A doesn’t like/ is B did not like / C not liked / had been D had not liked 237 Nancy asked me why I had not gone to New York the summer _ A before B ago C the last day D Sunday previously C last D previous 238 He asked _ him some money 212 He asked the children _too much noise A not to make B not making C don’t make D if they don’t make 213 The man said that money _ the passport to everything A will be B is C was D can be 214 The teacher said Columbus _America in 1942 A discovered B had discovered C was discovering D would discover A her to lend B she to lend C she has lent D she lends 239 Andrew told me that they _ fish two _ days A have not eaten/ago B had eaten/pre C did not eat /before D would not eat 240 Jason told me that he _ his best in the exam the _ day A had done / following B will / prev C would do/ following D was going / p 241 John asked me _ in English 215 John said he _ her since they school A hasn’t met /left B hadn’t met/had left C hadn’t met/left D didn’t meet/has left 216 The woman asked get lunch at school A what does this word mean B what that wor C what did this word mean D what that wor 242 The mother told her son _ so impolitely A not behave B not to behave C not behaving D did not behav 243 She said she _ collect it for me after work A can the children B whether the children could A would B did C if the children can D could the children C must D had 244 She said I _ an angel 217 Laura said that when she _ to school, she saw an accident A was walking B has walked C had been walking D has been walking 218 He asked, “Why didn’t she take the final exam?” - He asked why the final exam A she took B did she take C she hadn’t taken D she had taken A am B was C were D have been 245 I have ever told you he _ unreliable A is B were C had been D would be 246 I told him _ the word to Jane somehow that I _ to reach her during the early hours 219 Ba said he some good marks the semester before A gets B got C had gotten D have got A passing/will try B he will pass/tr C to pass/would try D he passed/hav 247 Laura said she had worked on the assignment since _ 220 They told their parents that they _ their best to the test A try B will try C are trying D would try A yesterday B two days ago C the day before D the next day 248 John asked me _ interested in any kind of sports 221 She asked me where I _ from A come B coming C to come D came 222 She _ me whether I liked A if I were B if were I C if was I D if I was 249 John asked me _ that film the night before classical music or not A ask B asks C asked D asking A that I saw B had I seen C if I had seen D if had I seen 250 The guest told the host that _ 223 He asked me who the editor of that book A was B were C is D has been A I must go now B he must go no C he had to go now D he had to go t 224 He wants to know whether I _ back tomorrow A come B came C will come D would come 225 I wonder why he _ love his family A doesn’t B don’t C didn’t D hasn’t *Relative clause 251 The men _ lives next-door are English 252 The dictionary _ you gave me is very good 253 Do you know the girls _ are standing outside the church? 254 The police are looking for the thieve _ got into my house last night 255 The chocolate _ you like comes from the United States 256 I have lost the necklace _ my mother gave me on my birthday 257 A burglar is someone _ breaks into a house and steals things 258 Buses _ go to the airport run every half hour 259 I can't find the key _ opens this door 260 I gave you a book _ had many pictures 261 I don't like the boy _ Sue is going out with 262 Did you see the beautiful dress _ she wore yesterday 263 The man _ she is going to marry is very rich 264 This is the bank _ was robbed yesterday 265 He wore a mask _ made him look like Mickey Mouse 266 He arrived with a friend waited outside in the car 267 The man mobile was ringing did not know what to 268 The car the robbers escaped in was a BMW 269 The woman daughter was crying tried to calm her down 270 The postman works in the village is very old 271 The family car was stolen last week is the Smiths 272 The cowboy is wearing a red shirt looks very funny 273 A bus is a big car carries lots of people 274 The volunteers, enthusiasm was obvious, finished the work quickly 275 Children like music are often good at mathematics 276 The engineers designed the building received an award 277 The girl recited the poem is my niece 278 The townspeople, pride in their community is well- known, raised enough money to build a new town hall 279 The Pacific Ocean, might have been crossed by raft during the Stone Age, is the world's largest ocean 280 The newspaper to we subscribe is delivered regularly 281 He worked for a woman She used to be an artist => 282 They called a doctor He lived nearby => 283 I wrote an email to my sister She lives in Italy => 284 Linh liked the waiter He was very friendly => 285 We broke a car It belonged to my uncle => 286 Ba dropped a cup It was new => 287 Nam loves books They have happy endings => 288 I live in a city It is in the north of Vietnam => 289 The man is in the class He is wearing a blue hat => 290 The woman works in a hospital She is from India => 291 My sister has four sons She lives in Japan => 292 The man was rude He was wearing a red shirt => 293 The phone is on the table It belongs to An => 294 The TV got broken It was my grandfather’s => 295 The radio was stolen It was bought 35 years ago => 296 The girl gave Binh his phone She is his daughter => 297 This is the laptop My mother has just bought it => 298 That’s the man His car is a Ferrari => 299 I know the woman She lives upstairs => 300 It’s the dog I always talk to him at night => *If clause 301 If I see him, I _ (give) him a gift 302 If I had a typewriter, I _ (type) it myself 303 If I had known that you were in hospital, I _ (visit) you 304 You could make better progress if you _ (attend) class regularly 305 If I _ (know) his telephone number, I’d give it to you 306 If you _ (arrive) ten minutes earlier, you would have got a seat 307 If he worked more slowly, he _ (not make) so many mistakes 308 I shouldn’t drink that wine if I _ (be) you 309 If I _ (find) a cheap room, I will stay a fortnight 310 A lot of people _ (be) out of work if the factory closed down 311 I (have) ………… plenty of money now if I (not/spend) ………… so much yesterday 312 If someone (give) …………….you a boat, what you (do) …………… ? 313 If you (press) CTRL + S, you (save) the file 314 The children (be) happy if he (teach) them English 315 If she (buy) a new hard disk, she (not/ lose) all data 316 If you take my advice, you (be) happy 317 What would you if you (be) me? 318 If you (lend) me some books I will give them back in two weeks 319 I (send) her a letter if I had found her address 320 She (not/steal) the bread if she hadn't been hungry 321 If she (come) here I will tell her about the film 322 I will be unhappy if you (leave) me 323 If you hadn't been so crazy you (not/buy) this expensive house 324 If the sun (shine) I will go to the beach 325 If I (win) the lottery I would leave my country *Phrasal Verbs 326 Could you a moment while I see if Peter is in his office? A get on well B get on C hold on D stand on C come you through D break into you 327 Extension 286? I’ll A put you through B get you through 328 For me, the film didn’t all the enthusiastic publicity it received A come up B live up C turn up to D live up to 329 Jack and Linda last week They just weren’t happy together A broke up B broke into C finished off D ended up 330 I’m Tom’s address Do you know it? A looking on B finding out C looking for D getting for 331 I can with most things but I can’t stand noisy children A put aside B put on C put up D put off 332 If we don’t something now, the birds are going to soon A die of B die with C die out D die on 333 If you really want to lose weight, you need to eating desserts A give away B give up C put off D take off 334 I had to her request for a loan Her credit was just not good enough A turn on B turn off C turn down 335 I need to _ from work and take a holiday D turn into A go away B get away C relax on D run on C turned on D turned off 336 It to be a beatiful night tonight! A turned into B turned out 337 I want you to _ every bad word you’ve said about my brother A take back B say again C take off D give off 338 When I was turning out my cupboard I this photograph of my uncle A came over B came round C came across D came into 339 He in German, but moved to the US at the age of 18 A brought to B grew up C turned off D went to 340 He the club on recommendation from his friend Jack A got in B got on C got by D got into 341 He _ unleaded gas and left on his journey A poured on B filled up with C filled up D poured with 342 He spent the entire night thinking and in the end _ a brilliant idea A received with B got up C came up with D came out 343 We’re not ready yet, we are going to have to the meeting until next week A take off B put off C take on 344 Let’s _ the grammar one more time before the test D go off A go through B come over C go on D go over 345 Look Jack, I’ve _ your bad behavior long enough! A put up B put through C put up with D get on well 346 Make sure to _ pick-pockets when you go to the market A watch out for B come along C take to D look at 347 My sister _ my cats while I was away on vacation A.looked after B looked for C looked at D looked on 348 Our flight was delayed, but we finally _ shortly after midnight A took off B took on C took up D put off 349 Our school _ for the summer holidays on the 10th of July A breaks up B breaks down C breaks off D breaks in 350 She promised to _ her cigarette smoking to five a day A cut down B give up C give away D cut up 351 The bus only stops here to _ passengers A get off B pick up C alight D get on 352 The child was _ by a lorry on the safety crossing in the main street A knocked out B knocked down C run out D run across 353 The exact questions she had prepared perfect answers for _ in the exam A came out B came in C came through D came up 354 There is just too much work to be done We’ll have to _ some new employees A get on B take on C take off D get off 355 We’d better stop soon Otherwise, we’ll _ of gas A run out B go off C get off D get on 356 We _ at six in the morning on our drive to the Grand Canyon A set off / out B take off C go off D run off 357 When I was staying in German last year, I _ quite a lot of German A picked up B picked over C picked out D picked on 358 After Joe’s mother died, he was _ up by his grandmother A brought B taken C grown D drawn 359 Unfortunately, I had to _ Bob for his poor performance A tell off B shout at C tell about D talk to 360 Unfortunately, our school had to _ the music department because of lack of funds A give up B away with C get away D take back 361 We are going for a drink now Why don’t you _ ? A follow up B follow after C come along D come with 362 When you go to New York, _ the bad restaurants offering cheap food A look for B look out for C look head D look on 363 Don’t worry about trying to catch the last train home, as we can easily _ you up for the night A take B set C put D keep 364 I am late because my alarm clock didn’t _ this morning A come on B ring out C go off D turn on C clear away D clear after 365 He furiously told the beggar to A clear up B clear off 366 He tried to join the army but he was because of his poor health A tried out B put out C turned off D turned down 367 I was very unlucky My car was _ on my way home A broke B broken off C broken D broken down 368 Many elderly people have to live on the money they _ when they were working A laid up B put back C set up D put aside 369 Old Mr Brown’s condition looks very serious and it is doubtful if he will _ A pull through B pull up C pull back D pull out 370 The police disturbed a gang of men who were _ a chemist’s in Central London last night A breaking into B breaking out C getting through 371 A new study group has been _ by the United Nations D talking over A set up B set on C put up D put on 372 All his plans for starting his business fell A in B through C down D away 373 Come _, children! Get your coats on or you’ll be late for school A along B to C across D over 374 Don’t _ up yet, you will soon be able to play the trumpet well A give B catch C break D turn 375 If it’s raining tomorrrow, we shall have to put _ the match till Sunday A off B away C in D on 376 The act of _ should be prohibited under any circumstances Everyone all has equal rights to vote (FRANCHISE) 377 The boss ordered his staff to be with each other in dealing with the company's end-of-year burden (LABOR) 378 It is such a _ story that the mom lost her child when her family immigrated from Africa into Europe (LUCK) 379 The mayor was determined that he would everything in his power to _ the murder case (MYSTERY) 380 The government stressed it was not abandoning its tough policies (INFLATE) 381 The woman detected her conditions soon after she felt ill in her body (CANCER) 382 I cast my eyes and saw the geese flying in V-line (HEAVEN) 383 programs are offered to those who want to professional training while being paid to work (SERVICE) 384 It is inhumane to sell limbs of the animals, such as rhinoceros or elephants, in the market place (MEMBER) 385 He was regarded as a _ winner as he beat his opponents in three straight sets (RUN) 386 Although some hold out hope for a sea wall and land reclamation programme, it is admittedly nothing more than a mere (STOP) 387 A(n) is implanted in the body to prop up the heart (MAKE) 388 She is gorgeous in that gown (DIE) 389 His behavior at the party was _, which went beyond everyone's expectations (ERR) 390 The advent of computers was one of the _ milestones in the mankind's history (NOTE) 391 His condition was so serious _ as he had to stay in hospital for a month (MUCH) 392 Pending the _ of KFC, the manager had to catch up on a huge number of backlogs (TAKE) 393 It is to be waken up by the noisy music from the neighbor's house (IRK) 394 Like many other of my age, I dread to use hi-tech gears (TECHNICAL) 395 Bacteria derived from disease can be contagious among people having reciprocal contact (MENINGES) 396 The woman is getting older She is now in the year of her age (LIGHT) 397 Chemicals are easily if they are laid open in the atmosphere for a long time (ACTION) 398 The spectators booed as the referee did not disallow the _ goal (SIDE) 399 The government must work at full tilt to promote the economy and reduce the (EFFICIENT) 400 The Earth is experiencing a major in the climate (HEAVE) ... 399 The government must work at full tilt to promote the economy and reduce the (EFFICIENT) 400 The Earth is experiencing a major in the climate (HEAVE)
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